Female logic----aaaaggggggghhhhhh

pete41(9ab FL.)June 13, 2007

``When you come home with a lot of fish,you can get a new rod".

And just how am I supposed to catch a lot of fish without the rod that would be just what I need?

``What about the dozen other rods out in the shed ?''.

Obviously they aren't the right one or I would be coming home with a lot of fish.

You would think women would be able to understand a simple equation like that,I mean its not rocket science.TIC-gist of recent conversation.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Catch 22.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Oh Pete. What do I do here, defend my gender or my love of fishing. I think I have to side with you and go for a new rod if none feel quite right. Only thing is, I have a lot of luck invested in what I already have and have trouble letting go of those :) Or loaning them.

On the other hand, my fly fishing brother has more invested in high tech gear than I've got sitting in my driveway. Sometimes simpler is better - I've caught a lot more pounds of fish, just not in such exotic places as him.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

In Oklahoma we can get fish at the store without a rod.

Missed you, pete.


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HearD of Mrs Paul?

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rofl at sammy and labrea

(pete--I do sympathize)


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The endless search for the perfect fishing rod--you'll end up with a rod collection to rival your rose collection!

Don't mean to be non-supportive, but Fran sounds like a sensible soul to me.


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ROTFLOL at the fish in the store!! Why not make a deal - every new rod means a new rose??

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Pete, that's just the female I guess. Is there something new that Fran wants? Maybe you can make her a deal.

now go fish

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

OK Pete, I'm gonna have to learn you a few things:

Now, once a woman becomes a wife, you stop trying to connect the words "female" and "logic"

The word "husband" has a unique meaning in Latin: "One who takes the brunt of all negative female emotion"

As my son says "you're allowed to have fun, you're just not allowed to have fun without 'em"

So, therefore, no fishing rod for you.

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LOL at the fish at the store thing, too. Sounds like an older friend of mine, who would say, "Dear, is it that you can't afford to buy food?" ROFL She doesn't get it.

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

My older brother asked if I would do a favor for him. He needed to store part of his gun collection. I thought it would be just a few. Instead, he unloaded a 500-lb. gun safe, enough weapons to fill every nook and cranny of said safe and several large totes of ammunion. At that point, I asked a typically female question: How many guns can you shoot at one time?

BTW: I have informed my closest neighbor that, should my house ever catch on fire, he should run away as fast as he can.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL with so many of you! Very funny [and a few yeah yeahs ;]

Nope - can't buy a new rod till you're better at fishing! [ducking] Hey that logic comes from my dad, btw, but it's all me, too!

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Hi Pete ...besides from being obsessed with growing roses I am also a passionate flyfisherman. I just bought this light 2 handed SAGE fly rod. Only Madame Issac pereire gives me the look about the price tags on my fishing rods. You can see on the price tag that I paid 6695 DKR /or calculated in dollars...$ 1175:

She has to understand that we needs these things and that the only difference between boys and men is the price of their toys.

Now a Rosegarden is also a nice background for the pictures of some of the fishingflies I tie. I tie flies during the vinter for salmonfishing in the summer: here a pic of a Black Green Highlander:

I have not had much luck this year. Only caught a few searun
brown trout in the salt, but not a salmon in the rivers yet. Last year I caught this big 29 pounds Atlantic Salmon:

So show her these pictures and tell her you need a good fishing rod to catch the big ones. She will understand!

I love to go fishing in my local rivers, the rain we are having will make more salmon and Sea trout run the rivers:

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cajunrosegal(10 south florida)

Being a fisher my self I can understand. I moved to Florida two weeks ago and my friend that Im staying with until I can find an apartment has a canal behind him.
Needless to say I went to wal-mart and bought me a fishing rod or two and some um goodies to go with it.
I dont like a stiff rod and feel every one before I buy it. Tell Fran that you will stay home every day and help her do what ever she needs you to do, follow her around on her heels dogging her every step. Trust me SHE will buy the rod!!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Stiff rods have their use.However I am a jerk bait fisherman and go with a semi-soft.

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