Walating in the rain

michelle_zone4August 6, 2009

A few shots of the butterfly garden. The first are double cosmos.


Secret Garden

Front garden which is somewhat bare.

Queen Lime Red Zinnia

Periwinkle chair

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Michelle, I always look forward to photos of your garden, they never dissapoint. As far as the bare look in the front garden , I see that as an exciting new pallette for ever more plants !

Re: Queen Lime Z..you mentioned that it was not what you expected ? I'll have to look at some catalog pics for comparison..

I hope you will continue to share photos of your garden with us as summer progresses.

Kathy in Napa

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Such happy photos! Lush and gorgeous says it all.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

How absolutely gorgeous Michelle!!! I love all of it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could move right into your garden. I think our brains think alike with plant combinations. How fun that you've made a coleus standard. It looks fantastic. What variety did you use for that? Your pottager is stunning. It's amazing how much has filled in since the last time you posted a picture of it. ~~ What is that chartreuse shrub in the front of the yellow and blue border? What a great block of color that makes. ~~ Is that Purple Emperor sedum and Little Joe eupatorium? I love that combination. Thanks for taking the time to share your gardens with us.


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I love it!

The curves on your front walk and beds are perfect! I never am able to get the curves right....

I love the chair (as I'm always trying to get rid of a chair!).

I too wondered what the chartreuse foliaged shrub was in the front of that long border.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The rain certainly makes your gardens look lush and special! How wonderful to have a new look at Kenzie's Secret Garden! I love all the colour in the curved border but I think the potager is my favourite spot.
I marvel at your bare area. This year there is no bare area for me as everywhere is filled by weeds! The blue chair is so sweet! You've been having a lot of fun there Michelle!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I echo re the so lush -- all your rain has created much bounty and beauty (with a little help from you of course, Michelle). I can see why something for awards is on its way -- your combos have really matured. I can't believe how gorgeous the potager is this year; it's really come into its own too. Everything is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the walk, Michelle.


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Thanks, I'm pleased with the gardens lately.

Deanne, the shrub is a berberis 'Moniers' It is a nice little shrub that always seems to catch people's attention. It has a very tight habit compared to most berberis. The sedum to the left is 'Vera Jameson' a favorite of mine. Behind it is agastache 'Golden Jubilee' I planted 'Little Joe' last fall in the front door garden but it failed to return.

Kathy, check out the picture of Queen Lime Red on Johnny's Seeds website.

I'm disappointed to say that we got just under 1/4" of rain last night.


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Michelle, I always enjoy your gardens too. The front walkway and curvy bed is real nice. Is that a full sun area?

The borders and and secret garden are so pretty.
What is the intense blue flower on the front left of the the third picture?

I like the double cosmos too. I plan to add more cosmos next year to complement the daylillies.


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Norma, the front garden is full sun and faces south. You can just see the top of the trellis a friend gave me. I've got 2 clematis on it. I'm taking it slow on this on as I want most of what goes in there to have a nice impact and be plants with nice foliage all season long (the daylily might have to come out LOL) The blue flower is 'Butterfly Blue' delphinium which is a bush style delph.

Deanne, I actually started 5 coleus standards last summer. Unfortunately the wind recently knocked the biggest over and the top broke off. I'm not sure I remember this ones name. I do have several made from 'Witch Doctor' and I believe a 'Kiwi Fern' I was amazed how well they over wintered.

I really should have show the potager's front 1/2 circle with its deer foot prints and Bright Lights Chard and beets that have all their foliage eaten. Of course that's supposed to be the ornamental end.


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Hi Michelle. Your garden is beautiful, I especially like the yellow outbuilding pictured there. A ground hog ate most of my potager while I was in Florida a couploe of weeks ago. It even climbed up the sunflowers and ate every single leaf! We caught it in a live trap, and it was a cute little baby one, but boy did it do a lot of damage. Every bean and leaf on the beans, one bite out of the pumpkins and brutalized the watermelons. I think it all happened in one day, because my daughter was watching/watering it all week, but the day before we got back, she didn't go back there to look at it. Glad I am not depending on it to live this winter:) Thanks for sharing your pics!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Michelle....I have to agree with Denise, your gardens are looking especially lovely this year! I like that first photo with the double cosmos and the coreopsis and liatris behind. And the second photo...is that phlox 'David'? I have been eyeing a stand of echinacea in front of Joe Pye Weed, that needs a little something and wondering about moving 'David' to join the party. Looks great together! I was going to ask the same question about what that bright yellow plant in the middle of your border was. Very eye catching. I also enjoy Vera Jameson along the front of one of my beds. The secret garden has had a swing added? It looks very cute. I still love that front area. You did a great job with the curves and the pillars. What is in the pot by the door?

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PM, thanks! The phlox is 'David' on the left and a peegee hydrdangea on the right. The pots by the door have a cordyline, variegated fuchsia, e. 'Diamond Frost', white allysum and coleus 'Aurea'.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

What a lovely WALAT! Everything just looks so...lush. Lol, has that already been said??

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im enjoying the "pretend" rain views, Michelle - these photos offer a nice respite from the swelter of the humidity and heat we're getting here -- everything looks so lush and cool -- your gardens have really matured into lovely combos. I'd love to see in person one day.

Thanks for the lovely "memory implant" of walking in your garden in the rain!


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