The August Garden

michelle_zone4August 8, 2010

Since the garden is looking quite lush this year with all our rain and I've recently spiffed it up along with Kathy and Deanne's requests for a tour, here goes.

Coming on the yard you will first see the Welcome Garden

The front door garden is slowly coming along. At least one shrub, leptodermis oblonga will be moved out. It wakes up too slowly in the spring. I want this area to be early rising and look good until winter.

Over to the left is the patio garden. We are skipping the raised bed since those pictures didn't turn out well and summer isn't that beds turn to shine. (I need to remedy that)You can see 'Arabella' blooming her heart out in the 2nd picture and in the 3rd you see the trellises with the 'Polish Spirit' clematises that I planted last year. My SIL said you sure are into clematis. I laughed since my collection is very small compared to 'bugs.

Next we walk past my Grandparent's gate that covers the dryer vent. The hosta 'Golden Tiara' is from Deanne's garden. I usually throw my extra coleus cuttings in here.

Just to the north of the house and patio garden is this garden surrounding 2 spruce trees. You can see our grilling area and a water barrel in the background.

Looking along the north side of the house. Do you see why I get distracted while grilling? I think I'll just pull a weed or two and I forget the food.

This is in the spruce garden just across from the grilling area. This rose, 'Carefree Beauty' is such a performer for me.

Around the spruce garden we find the potting shed and outdoor potting area (the area to the left of the shed) It's the former basketball court. I'd like to remove the hoop, uncover the window and make it a stained glass window. Someday when I have time :o) You can see just a bit of the 'Illustris' alocasia in the shed picture. From that pot you can step up into the potting area. This is where I have the old sink and alot of my pelargoniums since it is so sunny and the patio is not. This is also the pot ghetto. If they sit along the north side of the board fence, they can be in the shade. The green pot in the picture of pots is my "free" pot. These are all plants that I got free at the farm store last week. All their plants that were left were free. There is a lantana, some salvia and a couple bacopas in it. We will see what it looks like in a few weeks. The banana was only $6.50 and the coleus $1.99. The pots are all new and were 1/2 price.

Also, in this area is my bakers rack and the blue chair which I posted a picture earlier. To the left of the potting area is the tropical garden that I posted that a day or two ago.

We can swing around to the east side of the house next.

We'll sneak back and peek into the Secret Garden. To do this we have to go around the potting shed and past the potager. (which you also saw fairly recently) We will also skip the Butterfly Garden which I post fairly regularly.

I hope you enjoyed your tour. I wish you all could join me on the patio for a glass of lemonade or wine.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What fun Michelle! I think I'll spend my time on the swing...or perhaps the swing in the Secret Garden.
I think the 4th photo is my favorite this time. :)
I agree about your future project. I'd be antsy to remove the hoop once DS is grown and away. One of your stained glass projects there would be fantastic! I bet Kenzie would like to learn how too! She's getting close to the age to appreciate them. I was eight when I saw my first stained glass windows in France.

Thanks for sharing. I have a better idea of things now.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

What a wonderful tour Michelle, I've already been through the photos about five times and see something new each time. Your welcome garden is so lush! Looks wonderful and inviting. Perfect for a welcome garden. I especially love the seating area in the sixth photo. Where is that in relation to the patio garden? The trellis against the house add so much to that vignette. Those Polish Spirit will totally fill those trellis next year. Fantastic! ~~ In the second to last photo is that Weigela French Lace in front of the My Monet? Love those two shrubs together.

Many thanks for taking the time to share your gardens. They are so very beautiful!


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How wonderful to take a garden tour with my cup of decaf this morning!

I agree with Deanne, your rainfall winfall shows in the Welcome Garden as it is so lush. What a welcome that is!

I just love your gates. I found a little gate for 20 bucks and bought it because of your garden (it was the butterfly that did me in). Now I have to find a home for it.

Thanks for taking us along :)


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

That's it! I'm outta here! I'm coming to live at your house....So beautiful, so well thought out and so well maintained! Thanks for the gorgeous fantasy trip!!



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Splendid Michelle , and you gave us some new perspectives too !The entry garden is coming along just grand, and I do love seeing pics of your welcome garden.

I wonder who will be the next to post an August garden tour ?

Kathy in Napa

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We don't see nearly enough of some of the Idyll gardens, hint, hint - Kathy, Julie, Saucy, Brenda and the rest of you - you know who you are.

Julie, I'm not sure about the well maintained part. There are weeds, I promise.

Deanne, your right that is Weigela 'French Lace' The table and chairs are on the west side of the house and the patio garden is on the west side and north side of the patio. Behind the shrub on the left side of the picture is the tuteur with 'Arabella' on it. If that makes any sense.

Thanks everyone - its fun to share with those who "get it"

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I thought I had posted on this thread already...

Things are looking great as usual Michelle! I love that butterfly gate - where did you get that? What is the name of the yellow hostas with the golden forest grass? I've been adding some of that grass and have been thinking I need a yellow companion for it - those hostas are perfect with it.

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Fabulous Michelle, each area is so well put together. You have done a wonderful job. You have a knack for design and knowledge of plants.
I love it all, but the secret garden always makes me smile.
I agree, something to look forward to, the removal of the hoop and adding a stained glass window.
Since I am intrigued by rusty items I'm curious about the one in the pelargonium picture. Is that a piece of culvert pipe? It has given me an idea.

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Woody, the hosta on the far left is 'Sum & Substance' and the one in the middle of the picture is 'August Moon' The gate was found at the tree dump by my dad, who can't pass up anything. He gave it to me before Kenzie was even born and when I decided to make her garden I knew it was perfect.

Norma, I would say a culvert but I'm not really sure. You see Rick has what is called his scrap metal pile and anything metal that wasn't needed over the years has gone there. I picked it out of there. Last year I actually had a pot of elephant ears in it. It does add some height.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I just now got the chance to wander thru here, Michelle -- how lovely -- I'm amazed how lush everything looks at this time of year (altho I know it has something to do w/ that extra 9 inches of rain you folks got).... Lots of new perspectives.

I too love the secret garden and the butterfly gate - o my.... so much for both child and adult to look at and love.

Thanks for taking the time -- I've got to try harder to find those two weigelas... they're gorgeous.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

I must have been asleep all weekend! Great photos. I think MY favorite this time is the Spruce garden and the gate in front of the vent. You and Woody with her cloister pics have made my day!

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Wonderful tour, Michelle. I have to say that the silo photo may be my favorite! I do love how you scale your plants in size. They always look like they fit together perfectly.

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