The columns, The Secret Garden, Etc.

michelle_zone4August 28, 2008

A few new pictures from The Secret Garden:

A few shots of areas that are looking pretty good:

The pots all gathered for their vacation watering. I meant to count them but forgot. The first picture is the shade containers and the second the sun.

The new backdoor sidewalk.

The front yard before:

After: The porch got a new column to replace the very bent wrought iron one that the kids would climb to get on the roof. Notice the pile of cardboard to go under the mulch. There are parts that need some tweaking yet, but this is it so far and we are planning on getting the seamless gutters on the lower level and they will extend along the garage and have a downspout there. Now the down spout comes down along where the column is.

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Wow, Michelle! what a great spiff-up on the entry way. It looks smashing. I laughed at the mental image of the the kids bending the railing as they clambered onto the roof. :)

As usual, Kenzie always looks so serious when she's in the garden, probably lots to think about after opening the mail, huh?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

The front entrance is looking very nice... and so is the secret garden with its little princess :-)

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What a fabulous makeover and it doesn't even have plants yet!

I, too, had a total mental image of kids clamoring up the previous post - you know, the easiest way to get in the house!

Kenzie's marigolds are giant! Tell her that I'm sure she has a green thumb on one of those hands :)

Thanks for sharing your columns! As usual, they're nothing like my imagination dreamed up, but twice as fabulous!


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Maybe columns isn't the right word, pillars didn't sound right either. I think I must have had my head cocked as the house and everything seems to be listing to the right LOL

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Our satellite is at half speed so I can't see all the photos today. Tonight that should correct itself...all because DH had to try to watch the convention on his computer and he timed us out...ARGGGH. Personally I consider the convention just another Olympics show....Doesn't he KNOW forums are more important? So I'll catch up later.

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Pillars describes what I'm thinking of (linking the page)....

We need Chelone in here to tell us what the proper word is (though column does it justice, me thinks).


Here is a link that might be useful: Little and Lewis Columns

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I love it!!! It's opened up the front entrance trifold. Great installation job, too. Kenzie is looking like a queen surveying her garden's growth. I've said it before, but it's worth repeating: she is one lucky child to have such a hands on nana. The back door sidewalk is also looking great.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kenzie and her spot win my heart...

The front looks fantastic, but with my present outlook, I see more work! I should be thinking more FUN. Your DH is such a great helper...and you have tools and machinery which make a big difference.

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What a difference in the front approach to the house, Michelle. Coming home on the former narrow path, I'd be head down, thinking about chores, responsibilities. Coming home on that new broad, winding new path: Ah, it's great to be home! I wouldn't make it to the door for 20 minutes, a great way to "decompress" after work. Can't wait to see what you plant. And the stacks/columns are perfect. That's the 'crete work you've been doing? Wow, the possibilities are endless. Did you do the pavers too?!! Gotta get me some crete and a wheelbarrow...

Kenzie always looks thoughtful or delighted in a garden, definitely a gardener in training!

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Fantastic photos. I love Kenzie absorbed in her garden. The front make over is superb. What a difference and what fun you will have planting it up. Coming home must be a real treat!


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Hi Michelle, great picture! You can just tell by Kenzie's face how much she loves her Secret Garden. The mailbox is such a nice touch to the playhouse. And her marigolds are very yellow and very beautiful.

I LOVE the succulent sink! And the shots of all your pots gathered together too. I haven't counted mine this year either. I haven't had the courage. You and Rick have done so much work and it's all turned out so nice. I'd say the front yard redesign will give you great curb appeal if you had a curb:) Can't wait to see it all planted up!


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Bravo Michelle ! What a nice job on the front of your home..very clever of you to come up with the idea to make the 'columns' out of pavers. And look at all the new planting space you've created ..and the succulent sink !

Kathy in Napa.

P.S. Oh yeah, I guess Kenzies pretty cute too..

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow! everything looks fabu-fabu and I just love the new walkway with the columns. Beautiful! The photo of Kenzie with her mailbox in the secret gardeen made me chuckle.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Michelle....I looked at your photos a couple of times yesterday and just loved them. You are doing such a great job on the Secret Garden. I was surprised at how much progress you've made. Photo #3 is a great shot with the sun on Kenzie's hair, all the tons of marigold in the background. The air looks so clear and love the evergreen background. Did you start the marigold from seed? Your succulent sink is really filling in and you do have a lot of containers too. Your new walkways front and back are perfect. You are really making a lot of progress and must be feeling so satisfied. Especially that hardscape stuff, is sometimes such a holdup to get that finished. I am amazed with the front transformation. What a difference! I agree with 'Bug, that you are so lucky your DH is able to help you in the hardscape department. LOVE the curve in the walkway, and the running pattern of the pavers, I think makes that front area look larger. The pavers as columns was brilliant! All the paving looks professionally done. Great job! Is that a stack of cardboard I see there? [g] I love that you have already added the paving all around the perimeter. It looks ready to what are you putting in there? DH must be very pleased with it too, no?

Thanks for sharing your photos...just love those before and afters.


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What an amazing transformation! I like what you've done with the curve (wish we had room for one, too!!!) and you'll have a blast filling in those beds.

I'm ever grateful that kids have places like this to "be". I share Kenzie's love of yellow marigolds :-)


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I must clarify, DH did all the block laying. I could barely lift the things. Now that he isn't working in town he has a little more spare time in late summer before harvest starts. One summer he worked with a landscaper laying pavers and he has always wanted to do a project. The old sidewalk was low and had puddles on it when it rained and ice in the winter plus it was so narrow. I think the curve makes the area more balanced and the garage not so massive. The idea with the curved bed on the left is so that we can run the mower over the pavers and no extra trimming. See 'bug I am planning for the future. I had 16 shrubs in that area and I may bring some back. Otherwise I have no idea really what will go in. I'm not a big planner that way, it depends on what I spot. I intend to get matching containers, but at this time of year these were all I had. I picked these up on clearance for $6 ea. I planted them for fall with a gold mum, a small piece of Tiger Eye sumac, red irsene and several coleus.

PM, I did grow the marigolds from seed that I had collected from last year. I have the same ones around the front curve of the potager. Yes, the cardboard will go under the mulch. I doubt I'll plant much until next year but who knows. LOL

We actually saw the paver pillars at a local place similar to home cheapo. They had a huge display with all different uses for pavers.

'bug, DH may be helpful, but sometimes too much. Somewhat like V's DH. Last night he was pointing out which plants he thought needed water because they were declining. I politely told him that I've been gardening a long time and don't need to hear it and that at this time of year some plants naturally start their decline and that he should be commenting on how nice alot of other stuff looks.

Thanks for all the nice comments. The nice thing about the Idylls is that you don't point out the less than perfect areas ;o)


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