I'm back and still complaining----LOL

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)June 27, 2009

Just stopped in to see how everyone is doing---I still have the same old complaints--

Lots of pain and difficult to walk.

The back operation in 2005 seemed to be successful --then in 2007 had the second hip done with the stress fracture and it has been a painful 2 years---Epidurals help for a while but they wear off--

So the next thing on Mon I will have an MRI (which I hate) Will the Valium Help??

to determine if there is scar tissure from the back surgery or as I usually say "guess again Doctor"

Anyway that is the status with the pain

As for my daughter's divorce--that is still dragging out and her DH is being unbelievably nasty and difficult---He is the one who left ---You would think he would try to be a little helpful with my daughter.

Needless to say it has been a tough two years for all of us.

I just keep telling myself there are so many poor souls much worse off than I am.

My roses are doing well in spite of the neglect---lots of rain here. Haven't had to water yet this year--Thank Goodness.

How are all the old friends here on Conversations---I've been dropping in now and then.

sure wish it could be like it was a few years ago.

It is close to bed time but I think of all of you often

Take Care and drop a line if you have a moment.

Compassion with a pillow of Paul's Himalayan Musk


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Yikes, Florence, what a lot you have on your plate!

The thing that you have to do with doctors, I think, is grab 'em by the whatevers & smile & say, "There now. you fix my problem, & your problem'll be allll taken care of."

& it seems like husbands sometimes don't realize what divorce is all about;
they think it's a football game, & if they keep being aggressive, they'll win.
So encourage your daughter to not play the game & to not do anything that would encourage him to think he's winning.
no crying, no "reasoning" (it's interpreted as begging), no nothing.

Your roses are gorgeous!

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It seems like we all take our health for granted until we no longer have it. My mother was in good health and discovered she had a brain tumor. After surgery she is disabled, losing hearing and sight in one eye and in danger of a recurrance of the cancer. I break my ankle, the original surgery is botched and I'm out of commission for five months instead of three with a lot of recuperation ahead. My two sons are both remarried after being devorced and my daughter and her husband are separated. Can't anyone get along anymore? Life is about how you cope with problems. Getting older and being able to take it easy isn't all it is cracked up to be.

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LAst week I had an MRI----I have Stenosis in L3 right above where I have the plate and scews---
Had to make an app't with the Neuosurgeon who did my original back surgery----My app't is October 8th---that is a long time to wait when you are in pain

Where is everyone??


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carlota(So. Calif. z.9)

Living with the pain of stenosis is horrid. I thoroughly feel for you.
My doctors are trying to convince me to have surgery, if you are up to it I would like to talk with you privately about the pros and cons. I've been against it so far.
Try and convince your doctors to order open MRI's in the future, they really help if you don't like MRI's.
I wish I had read this earlier, I'm so sorry that you are suffering.
I always found that soaking in a tub helped with my pain temporarily as does a heating pad. I actually bought a heating blanket and lay on it when the pain gets terrible.
I will keep you in my thoughts,
Rosy wishes for a pain free day.

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Carlota-----it make me really sad to hear of someone so young with serious back problems--At least I did well until I hit 70 years----since then it has been mostly pain-

Robyn is visitng this week-end----I will get in touch after she leaves---I'm sure we have much to talk about---

thanks for your concern,


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carlota(So. Calif. z.9)

Thank you. I seriously hope that your visit with Robyn brings you joy and an emotional break from the pain.
I look forward to talking to you. Being able to share with people who know what you're living through really can help.
Keep a fragrant bloom nearby, I do.
Rosy smiles,

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Florence, sorry to hear Robin's ex is still like that.
Sorry you're still in pain. I know what it's like. I'm 44 and barely go out.

Carlota; back surgery all depends on who does it; what exactly is done and your own body. When I was fused at L5S1 the 1st time back in 2001, I only had an LT Cage, no rods. It never fully fused. Had i had rods added back then, who knows?

Another surgeon put rods in, did something to the original fusion to help it along, plus fused a deformity in my sacrum; I am still feeling movement (feels like metal rubbing bone) as I walk plus I get pain where the rods are. They are trying to figure out what to do with me.

I have horrible spasms in my muscles from my waist to my toes. One muscle deep in the butt is so very painful.

I'm looking to possibly get the rods out; but that will be major surgery - when the rods went in, I didn't really drive for 8 months plus will go in for a pain pump trial again where the Dr will add something to calm the spasms. If I can get the pump to work this 2nd time I don't doubt it will help for a while.

Right now, and for the last year, I haven't really had any quality of life. Imagine being in excruciating pain all the time. Meds only do so much.

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carlota(So. Calif. z.9)

Have you heard about a Median branch block? I have heard that they are fantastic. I had a diagnostic done and unfortunately I didn't respond to it. Some do and some don't. It's worth it if it does work. They use radio frequency to interrupt the nerve(s) causing you pain. Lasts for approximately 18 months.
I rarely go out either. Trying not to sound pathetic but I miss living my life on my terms. I miss gardening when I want, dancing, even cleaning!
My doctors told me that the spasms and pain walk hand in hand. They are treating both. Spasms cause pain and pain causes spasms. Again, I recommend the heating pad for spasms.
My advice, make them treat the spasms. Mine are so horrible I can't move for hours or days when they get bad. Maybe we should start a rosy pain support group.
I hope you find relief.

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