Idyll # 508..Cleaning Up

dodgerdudetteSeptember 4, 2011

Seems to be a flurry of clean-up activities going on with my imaginary friends, September is a great month for it. Carry on Idylls...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"Spring flowers are long since gone. Summer's bloom hangs limp on every terrace. The gardener's feet drag a bit on the dusty
path and the hinge in his back is full of creaks."
- Louise Seymour Jones

Here at the farm my catalog of "to do" activities is long, and clean-up appears on both indoor and outdoor lists. The daily rains are no longer helpful to my plans. I'm swamped...literally and figuratively!

I look forward to getting out with my friends for a new season of book club. Yes, escape from all my duties and "should do" lists.

And Monday will be Debbie Day!
Nana 'Bug

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What a charming picture!

I am once more discouraged about the sluggish pace of improvements here on the Compound. Seems that things always move so slowly when you are DIYers and you "pay as you go". Lesigh.
1.) The plan is to continue with planting the screening shrubs along the road. At 30" below road grade anything we plant will have to put several years worth of growth under its belt to be of much use; even if we "plant high". And there is the crumbling stonewall to address. There is no way we can afford to have it reconstructed so it's simply "damage control" to keep the collapsed portions under control while maintaining enough space in front of plantings to access it for trash pick up. :(

2.) The east side of the bahn needs to be addressed too. It's been 4 yrs. and the pile of loam is still there, shrouded in plastic. I've not yet formulated a plan that really jazzes me for that area. It is visible from the road and is the the "welcome" to the Salon... talk about a swell first impression. :(

Thanks for the information on JMs, Woody. It's the east side of the bahn that I have in mind for a JM. The overall concept is for a neat planting that isn't perennial intensive. I love JMs and a smaller variety would nicely fill the northern portion of the semi-circle and break up a rather large expanse of siding. I am willing to put down some money for a nice specimen, but obviously don't want to do that if I'm unsure of success in the site. Your words of experience are heartening.

I'm half way through the ragged off silver glaze on the latest floor cloth. This one is destined for a kitchen. It's pretty funky in a weird, Art Deco (even '50s) kind of way. So it's best to get back to work right now.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - cute picture of the kids. Skyler is growing up fast - he's losing the 'child' look... I'll bet he'll be a 'fun' teenager!

Chelone - it sounds like you and helpmeet should take up dry stone walling... I'll bet it'd be a skill you'd pick up easily! Re JM - we tend to buy ones on the small side as we find they settle in best when they're small. We also always use mycorrhizal fungus supplement when we plant (anything, but particularly trees and shrubs...) and I'm convinced that it really does work to get things off to a good start.

Cyn - that's quite a stretch of fence! How much light does it get? It looks like there's a lot of trees... What are you planning on growing on it?

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Twin spite fences !

I�m taking a break from the 3rd shrub dig-out of the weekend. Today it�s a spirea that has worn out it�s welcome. I�m still working on the foliage and branch removal to get it down to digging size. I may have to use the saw for the roots on this one.

In the PNW Chelone, the Japanese Maples are seen in all sorts of exposures , both sun and shade. Here in my area , the more delicate varieties, i.e. the threadleafs and variegated for example are much better served in morning sun only or as understory plants. Your eastern BaHn garden sounds like a perfect exposure to me.

Ok, back outside.

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Take a look here Chelone. Ontario and Maine aren't all that different to a JM!

Here is a link that might be useful: sight selection and care of JM

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Love that picture, 'bug. Happy kids!

Woody, I may let the Virginia creeper cover the fence. It keeps trying to cover everything else! We seem to have a morning glory already creeping up it. I will need to walk closer to it to be sure that is what it is, but if so, very cool-I didn't plant it. I have several shrubs ready to plant and one tree (that yew in the picture). I just want an evergreen background and then I will put in the deciduous stuff in front. I bought five camellias today for in front of part of the fence. Two are fall blooming whites (c. oleifera 'Snow Flurry'), two are spring blooming whites (c. japonica 'Victory White") and one is a pink c.japonica 'Japanese Fantasy' which is also spring blooming, I think. The neighbor's new evergreen trees will give height to the garden, so I don't need to put in more trees on our side.

Yes, Woody, we do have lots of trees, but the area at the top of the hill to the right of where the older greyed-out fence is gets at least six hours of sun at this point. The bottom of the hill where the wooden fence ends is in full shade. No place in our yard gets full sun really, but I try to make do with what we have. Your mention of the mycorrhizal fungus supplement is timely. I ran out last year and should probably get more before I plant all these new babies I have hanging around. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

Kathy, I like the title of this Idyll thread.

Chelone, that floor cloth sounds remarkable. I love Art Deco and mid-century modern, so I can't wait to see a picture of it-hint, hint! Have you been watching the more recent Poirot episodes? They are on here on Friday nights. The sets are all amazing Art Deco design. Makes me want to redo our whole house inside and out. Of course, since we are also DIYers, that ain't gonna happen. Oh, and I think the tumbled stone wall look is really quite charming. ;)

Yeah, Kathy, Julie and I are twins. Lucky us-teehee. All in all, I know I will get used to it, but it is irritating. I will buy some Round-up tomorrow, too!

All for now. Time to dig around the kitchen for sustenance of some sort. Not much to choose from right now. *sigh* I am thinking I need to become a vegetarian or something. We went to our neighbor's for brunch and I thought I would wear a pair of slacks I bought 7 years ago that I rarely wear. Not only could I not button them, the waistband was at least two inches too small-couldn't even get the side with the button hole close to the button. So pathetic. This is what comes of always being too thin as a kid/teen and never developing any self-control. Menopause is not a pretty sight! ha. Maybe I'll just gnaw on a carrot...

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Spirea removal failed. It's cut back to sticks but the shovel goes in and the plant won't budge. Tomorrow morning I'll try the boiling water treatment. I was however successful in removing all the flesh-tone Daylilies.

Yeona, good for you losing 30 lbs ! What an accomplishment.

Cyn, I've dug up every Camellia I had except for the whites. Hmm, that's not quite accurate, I do have one that was planted by the previous owner at this house that is to large to remove by myself. I hate the color too, and would love it to be gone. At least it provides some sort of color over the winter.

DS has been given a role in a small San Francisco theater companys' production of 'Zorba' . This is the musical version of Zorba The Greek . I'm pretty sure it was on Broadway in the 60's because I think I was still in high school when I saw in in LA.

All for me tonight, I feel lazy about dinner .. an artichoke may be just the thing.

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cyn: "We seem to have a morning glory already creeping up it." I bet it is bindweed which blooms now. VERY hard to get rid of, but try!

We just had a short but strong rain. Now things seem cooler. I hope tomorrow I can get to more "cleaning up"! Today I accomplished more errands for Haiti, baked garden peppers (filled with refried beans, rice, and salsa and topped with cheese), weeded by the garden gate and in the vegetable garden, and transplanted a clematis. DH has been doing lots of business by phone and also walked Phoebe on a trail where they discovered beautiful mushrooms.

Who knows tomorrow?

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Uhoh, I should have known better, 'bug! If it is thriving in my yard, it MUST be a weed. That is exactly what it is (looked up a picture). I will go get it out today. Too bad-it is really pretty! Off on errands now and will add a trip to the hardware store to get Round-Up! Thanks for the heads up on that.

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Bindweed is a drag (ask me how I know). And it is tough to get rid off; on the plus side the roots are white and easy to identify. I pull it to get hunks of the root and I will use herbicide on it, too. Most of all, we have adopted a "zero tolerance" policy and work to keep after it. (Remind me of this as I undertake the planting on the east side of the bahn where it happily making a living now).

I've put the first border coat on the floor cloth and am about to put on a second. I have taken pictures as the project progresses but if you think I can find my stash of clip art motifs (for stencils) you'd be wrong. I can't imagine I'd have tossed it out, but it's nowhere to be found in the usual and "logical" places, so maybe I did!

We've put in two hrs. "lumberin'", and have quite a stack of firewood to show for our efforts thusfar. But wowee! we have a lot of wood still to split; the 4 trunked maple was a very big tree, indeed. We also noted that it was taken down at a good time, several of the centres of the big rounds have had rotten/punky cores which indicate systemic weakening.

The helpmeet and his brother have decided to go sailing so I'm left with another coat of paint on the border and then some lawn mowing. Yippee.

Woody, I think the crumbling stonewall is beyond our ability. The rocks are huge and that sort of work is best left to young backs... the sort that like to drink their paychecks on Friday night. ;)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Kathy, why did you get rid of your camellias? Just curious if there was a reason other than just not particularly liking them? I am not crazy about them when they are really columnar, but I tried to choose ones that are supposed to have a more open, spreading shape. If there is something about them I don't know, would love to find out.

Chelone, today is supposed to be a break from work. Too late now, but I would have advised you to hop on down to that boat and get out on the water!

I really am sad that those pretty blue flowers are attached to a weed!

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Silly! it's Labor Day. You're supposed to work on Labor Day! I really like hanging out on the Compound more than the boat. Besides, it was the time for the boys to bond... ;) . We just finished splitting some more wood and are up to a solid cord and a half, with at least as much to go on the ground. Feels good to get it done and see the area that I want to plant once more revealed.

If I clean the brush I forgot to clean I could even get one more coat of black on the border of the floorcloth... hmmm, what to do? (good way to kill time until shish kabobs).

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I don't have anything in particular against Camelias Cynthia, in some cases I got rid of them because I needed the space for other things , and changing exposures was a factor too due to tree deaths/ removals. I'm down to one aforementioned hated -but to big-to-remove model, and my three whites; one is a sasanqua the other two are japonicas from the Nuccio series. The best thing about them is I never ever have to water them, they only get the winter rains and that's it. Petal blight is their only affliction, and it can ruin a seasons bloom.

The no-bloom azalea has been removed this morning. I don't know what took me so long to dig the thing up- it's been in-situ for at least 10 years and as yet to produce a single flower. The first boiling water treatment has been performed on the Spirea.

Maybe some good old Yankee barter there Chelone- a floor cloth for a stone wall..

Back to the garden...

Kathy in Napa

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I don't think young, ox-like guys who swill beer are going to be very interested in swapping a day's hard labor for something as "frou-frou" as a floor cloth, Kathy. Would that it was so simple! ;)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Would they do it for a group of middle-aged women watching and cheering and bringing them beer? We could all be there by the weekend. ;)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Talk to their wives or girlfriends - they'd be more interested in the trade and in a position to do the necessary arm-twisting on the guys!

Chilly morning here this morning - Labour Day definitely seems to mark the end of summer in more ways than one.

Here is a cute picture of Blue and Misty labouring hard yesterday :-)

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Awww, so cute and peaceful!
Chilly here too for the first day of school. TCS refused to wear a jacket "After all, I'm in grade FIVE now!" and the doggies didn't stay out very long at 6:30 a.m. either...

Thinking of Chelone and her 4:30 mornings....wonderful in the summer, but hmmmm....not so much in the winter.

True to my promise to myself, I started shovel pruning my basement stuff today, and, after watching an episode of "Hoarders" last week, DH deigned to help me. I was very amazed at the amount of stuff he parted with today. I hope to spend two weeks on dejunking. I will start debugging the outdoor plants and bringing them in after that. Just in case it gets cold quicker, I have rearranged the furniture to make room. I am really cookin'! and then it's on to Christmas (sorry, I do get carried away sometimes).

Not much to report here - all is well and spirits are up. My moon must be in somebody's house or however it goes.

Cheers, all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just back from Book Club where we chose 9 book selections for the next 9 months. I will host October's meeting because no one wants to drive out here in winter time.

Today I planted 3 plants from the ghetto shelf...four more to go, not counting about 10 baby clematis seedlings. Maybe more will go in the ground tomorrow, but I MUST deal with weeding & edging Reed's garden tomorrow. Also need to get the car to the shop and then get the key to my friend Elizabeth's place so I can visit her cat Zoe and feed it while she is in Maine.

Life is very full these days! And CHILLY! We had our first dinner by the fireplace experience last night. We need to order our wood supply now so that we have time to stack it in the barn before the S word begins.

Oh! And this Leo news from DD:(His first birthday was Sept 2nd)
In the last 2 weeks Leo has just taken off. He's getting into everything, pulling himself up on everything, stood unsupported for a few seconds yesterday, is chatting up a storm, is starting to interact with Ivy in a fun way (chasing her, jumping at her), giggling uncontrollably, and tons of other things.

He went to the day home on Friday for the first time and didn't cry once! Not even on drop off or pick-up! Amazing! I know he is relaxed and happy, but not crying at all? WOW! We'll see how it goes today.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

What are the 9 books gb...?

Chilly and damp here today too. Randy brought most of the houseplants inside and cleaned up up where they had been on the porches and the patio. I did some deadheading.

Randy took some nice pictures of Dawn at sunset last night. I like this one - except they should have taken her off the leash before taking the picture :-)

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Hola Idylls..

Awfice time is pretty hectic right now, and another two business trips on the agenda in the next several weeks. I might even enjoy hunkering down this winter-at least in the first month, lol.

I'm wondering where Michelle is ? Was she going on vaca ? I haven't seen her on FB either for the last several days. Sending out a yoo-hoo here !

What a dramatic photo of Dawn ! You're right Woody, the leash is distracting. The new photo management software I am learning right now could actually get rid of that, (Adobe Lightroom) but I have many more tutorials to master at this point. Lightroom is what Deanne uses and she showed it to me when I was there last month , so I downloaded a demo version. Really like it so far , but a lot to absorb !

Yes 'bug, we need the book club list. I am trying to line up my winter reading, and I think it's going to be a non-fiction year for me. I used to read about 5 to 1 novels to non-fiction, but I seem to have reversed that ratio in the last couple of years. I'm going to try and get back to my book-a-week mode this winter.

Back to watering I go -we have finally gotten some heat here, and the evenings have been so pleasant the last few days..I'm enjoying spending dusk outside.

Waves to all ! Home some mia's will check in soon !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here is the list of the books we have chosen for this year's Book Club

Oct 17 to be hosted at Marie's
Practical Jean by Trevor Cole

Nov 14 to be hosted at Judy's
Short History of Tractors in Ukraine by Marina Lewycka

Dec 5
Midnight At the Dragon Cafe by Judy Fong Bates

The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence

After the Falls by Catherine Gildiner

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer

Extensions by Myrna Dey

Palace Walk: The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 1 by Naguib Mahfouz

Here are the other books we spoke of. Quite a list and tough decisions..

Haiti After the Earthquake by Paul Farmer
The Heart Does Break: Canadian Writers on Grief and Mourning by Jean Baird and George Bowering
Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World by Timothy Brook
The Spinster and the Prophet: Florence Deeks, H.G. Wells, and the Mystery of the Purloined Past by Brian Mckillop
The House of Special Purpose by John Boyne
Four Wings and a Prayer: Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch by Sue Halpern
Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke
Thirty Acres by Ringuet and Antoine Sirois
A Shadow on the Household: One Enslaved Family's Incredible Struggle for Freedom by Bryan Prince
Global Forest, The by Diana Beresford-Kroeger
A Good Man by Guy Vanderhaeghe
The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje
Sea of Poppies: Book One of the Ibis Trilogy by Amitav Ghosh
Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards

(I think I'll need a trip in March to avoid reading that book!)

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A quick post from me. We�ve returned from a lovely 10 day vacation to the UP of Michigan. It is lovely country. Of course you can�t go without visiting Mackinac Island. I do enjoy the quaint houses with their little gardens. We also walked around the grounds of the Grand Hotel taking in their gardens. Since there are no cars allowed on the island and about 600 horses the flower beds look great since they compost all that manure and use it on the hotel�s beds. (Yes, I asked)

Since we are going to be out of town again this weekend we decided that enough time had gone by without seeing our sweet McKenzie so we went over and took her out to eat and then to the park. She was more interested in looking for nature items for the nature display table we are planning on making than she was the play equipment.

The exciting news is that my son called on Saturday and announced his engagement. They have been dating for 5 years. I�m thrilled as I like her a lot. She really is already a part of our family.

Cyn, I often post pictures in my Facebook albums and then link them over here. It works well to share with FB friends and Idylls and only uploading once. What a bummer the fence issue is.

Julie, your fence looks great with the Virginia Creeper.

Ah, bindweed � I have one garden that it got started in and really is hard to get rid of even with RoundUp. It just seems to pop up somewhere else. I actually have two different types. One is much easier to control than the other.

I was just going through the huge stack of mail. Amazing how much mail one still receives. I got a summons for District Jury duty. They gave 5 days to respond. Totally stupid. Don't they think that maybe people could be out of town for a week? I filled it out on line but was a day late. I'm a big rule follower so this really just peeved me.

Night all

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Hi Michelle ! I hope you will have some photos to share of the gardens you saw. I am floored by the jury summons time frame. Ours here in Napa County are usually 2 months (at least ) in advance and you are allowed 3 postponements. I was summoned last year , postponed once and was excused by phone before I even had to report. I don't see how any business person could arrange the schedule in 5 days. I think we have a month to postpone or otherwise respond.

Ok, time to hit the sack..

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - thanks for the book list. I'll keep my eyes open for the ones I've not read. The Robert Sawyer books are great. Once you read Hominids, you'll want to read the rest of the series. Your DH would probably enjoy Sawyer's 'Wake' Has he read it?

The David Adams Richards books are very powerfully written. They particularly resonate for me because they are set in NB, where I'm from. I recognize some of the thinly disguised people that form part of the backgrounds in the books.

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Presently reading Upton Sinclair's, "The Jungle" and enjoying it very much! Interesting that the basic precepts of the novel are eerily similar to today's political debates. ;) Also read, "Kabul Beauty School" recently. Fun, interesting, not really a plunge into erudite literacy but not all reading must be so, lol.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A strange day here with the gravel pit making too much noise. Instead of taking it in stride, I was furious that they are so rude to their neighbors....

I did manage to retrieve my car. Of course that was nearly $600, so that too was annoying. My gardening friends came by to help tidy up this place. I weeded along with them and cleared up Reed's garden. The place looks much better. Then they took me out for a fish & chips lunch which was sweet of them.

Have you noticed that pets are now taking up more than their share of the bed with the cooler weather's arrival? I took photos, but the system is down once again. I'll share another day.

Glad to see Michelle is back playing with Kenzie...and that others are reading books. How many of you read the real thing and who prefers an e-book reader?

I bought plums for a tart as well as wild blueberries today. I also bought myself a September Spy apple...which I love!

Time to consider tonight's dinner now, but before I go I want you to watch this video from the land of lemurs...near Madagascar. I want this teacher! He manages to put smiles on childrens' faces...and mine too. Mind you, they already live in Paradise, but nearby, this is not so. (Don't worry if you can't understand a word...)

Here is a link that might be useful: Nosy Komba

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Spent a little time digging up a few shade plants for DIL that I will bring along this weekend. They live in one of these new "bare" neighborhoods. Var. columbine, a nice pulmonaria, Lady's Mantle and lysmachia 'Golden Alexender' where the ones I chose. A few more plants got moved as well. I'm trying to keep a list of all those that I've moved so I can keep them watered. I've given up on relying on my memory.

Kathy, the 5 day deal is just to respond with all and I mean all your personal info. Would you believe they ask what websites you visit regularly. I didn't give up the Idylls though. To be summoned to appear the letter says they give 10-14 days notice. Which still isn't much. I think you can postpone as well but I figured Oct, Nov and Dec at this point in time wouldn't be too bad.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Do take a look here for a big update on DS's work. The excitement builds....

Here is a link that might be useful: Building a Model Community School

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle, I'm so glad to hear of your son's engagement. Terrific that you like her so much too.

As to asking about the websites you frequent...isn't that some sort of invasion of privacy? I'm surprised they are allowed to even ask.

I'm curious about the nature display table. Where will it go and what will be displayed? Gonna need photos!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Some old and new replies and news all mixed together.

I've been working as much as possible, to offset the no money thing, as I was heartily sick of hearing my own voice, complaining, and doing nothing about it. I try for 10 hour days and that happens quite a bit right now, as I start my first job at 6:35 a.m. By my third job of the day, I'm at the 10 hour mark, or close to it. At least for every other week. Now to fill up next week and have the same results. I wondered if I could work 5 days in a row like that, but I'm doing it. The resiliency of this old body astonishes me.

The only problem I'm having so far is leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night. My glucosamine chondroitin mix cream stops that almost immediately, thank goodness. The cramps are very painful. I also do exercises which seem to have lessened the number and duration of the cramps. Can you tell I hate pain of any kind.

Cynthia I do the carpal tunnel exercises and they help the pain in my wrists and hands a lot. Devil's claw helps my sister with her arthritis, in her hands. I hope your DH feels better. I hate pain! There's also theraband for elbow pain too, but the other exercises helped me just fine.

Become a cleaner/dog washer/cook/organizer, and you too can offset menopause. I'm still stunned I lost an ounce. Four years at the gym did nothing. Who knew working on my feet for 5 to 10 hours a day is all it would take. ;)

Cindy it sounds like Isla bounced back in time for cake and partying. I still remember the birthday with chicken pox. I think I was 9. Sorry Isla had such a difficult time.

Woody thanks for the doggy stories, and wonderful pics. I love the jockeying for beds. At least they don't try to kick you out of yours.

One thing that makes work way more than bearable is seeing the pets around while I work. Dogs or cats or birds etc, I'm happy as a pig in mud. Just seeing the pics of your dogs and visiting dogs does the same thing. I love animals, and for the most part they act like they know it. Sorry Chelone. ;0))

My doggie story is about what started out as a typical, for me, cleaning job and ended with my now looking after Bodhi for six weeks. I was called by a desperate woman two weeks ago, on a Tuesday, who was leaving the country Friday, (for 6 months) and was nowhere near finished packing or cleaning or arranging for storage etc. She said she needed a mom for a day. Which, not surprisingly ended up being for three days. I primarily work for pet owners for the cleaning part of my jobs, and this was no exception. The difficult boyfriend was unable to take little (male 3.5 year old) Bodhi for six weeks so I volunteered. Bodhi is a cute nervous curly tailed gray and white dog, a shih tzu, which is okay with Leah and skittish around human people and our cats. He likes to sleep on furniture, so will be disappointed when we shoo him down to his very comfy dog bed, which is covered in cloths from his family. We're enjoying having 2 dogs in the house again. Six weeks goes surprisingly fast, though.

The sad news is that we never got our wolf mix pup. :( The owner kept jacking up the price and refused to tell us what dogs he had left, so we suspect he sold ours to another person. It all turned very strange in a nano second, so we, very sadly and reluctantly opted out. We are carefully searching for another wolfy or husky mix. Hopefully we'll find the right one this time.

Michelle sounds like you've had a great holiday and McKenzie time. I love that she's interested in the nature display table. Sounds like she's a budding nature/garden lover.

Congrats to your son! I'm glad you feel DIL's a family member already. We really love our SIL, to, so no evil MIL tactics from me. :)

I've never been summoned for Jury duty. Could it be that they don't ask poor renters to do jury duty? I'll bet that's the case.

You've not mentioned any results from your tests. I hope this means that health wise all is good.

Someone once mentioned here on GW that they took a bottle of RoundUp and stuck a few growing bindweed stemtips into the bottle and let it drink deep. That killed it dead according to them. I haven't tried it on my bindweed from hell in the back yard. Maybe next season.

Marie, glad the see you have some interesting selections there. You inspire me to read a wider range of topics. Oprah has helped bring about more interest for TV watchers. Marie and others here influence Idyllers to read more. As an avid reader I love it. I'm especially a Sci fi fan. I'll have to read Hominids, as I haven't yet. Do you have a favourite genre?

What wonderful work your DS does. You must be bursting with pride, mixed with worry. :)

Kathy I love artichokes. How do you prepare yours?

Congrats to your son! So much fun hearing about his theatre work. Is he interested in Movies or television, or is that harder to get for a singing actor?

Deanne thanks once again for showing your beautiful gardens. I read somewhere that taking pictures of a garden is usually not as picturesque as just photographing the individual flowers. You certainly show that to not be true in your garden! It seems that every inch of it is a delightful photo op in the making. It must be your artist's eye.

I'm considering revamping the whole back yard next year. The strictly veggie garden just didn't keep my interest as much as the mixed garden does. I love carrots growing beside phlox, or in my case in my front garden, beside caryopteris. I haven't been able to keep a fuchsia alive yet, but I keep trying, and hoping. BTW I used to think I was going extreme in my garden, but now I think I'm just loyal to any and all of my plants. ;)

I'm off to eat breaky. Have a great day everyone.


Here is a link that might be useful: Theraband video

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The university has fixed things once here are a couple of photos.

"Why I didn't make the bed"

The weeded garden. The dogs (Phoebe and friends Mia and Morgan) think the bird bath is their drinking bowl.

Back to removing creeping Charlie from around the vegetable garden. Blargh....

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Hi every one.
Thought I would check in. Sorry to be such a bad Idyller .
Clean up is keeping me busy for sure. I didn't even take many pictures this year things did so poorly. We are getting some light showers today but things are so powder dry that it would take a week of this to dampen things again.
The trees may just lose their leaves before they can color up.
I would love to get some things divided but I think it is impossible to dig.

Other than watering to try to keep things alive we have been doing dirt work by the barn to level out a spot for the corral. I am looking for the right horse to suit me. They were really high all summer but the prices are coming down now that pastures are burnt up and people don't want to feed any extra horses through the winter. Hoping to find one soon. They are predicting colder weather here early.

Cute picture of the grandkids Bug.
I am looking forward to reading a book coming out soon that Sue recommended. Following Atticus.

Woody, love the picture of Misty and Blue and the one of Dawn is great. The chain could easily be photo shopped out.

Kathy I imagine you will be ready to veg out at home when your traveling is over. But you have had some fun trips other than business.

Julie you have done a good job of covering the spite fence. I'm happy that you are liking the privacy.

Cyn, I'm sure you will be able to make yours look great too.

Michelle, my granddaughter and her dh took their first real vacation to Mackinac Island last month. They had such a good time.
I am looking forward to have horse manure to add to my compost again.
Congratulations on your son's engagement.

Yeona, what a disappointment you didn't get the wolf pup. I bet something better is in the offing. It usually works that way. Good to hear you have plenty of work to keep you busy.

LOL Bug, I've been known to delay bed making for kitties too.

Niki has discovered she can get up into the house soffits by jumping up on the car and then onto the opened garage door . She loves it in there. Sometimes she pretends she can't get down, but left alone she finds her way.
I had to give her a bath day before yesterday before we could let her in the house. Her and Rebel both love to roll in the dust, and for some reason it just won't brush off of her.

Rebel and I have been taking our daily hikes. He knows when I am in the laundry room putting on my boots and he starts whining/getting excited outside the door.
DH killed a good sized copperhead on the driveway and I saw one down by the creek. I threw about a dozen rocks at it and didn't come close to hitting or scaring it. So I called Rebel back and we went another way.

That's about it for now.


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Why wold anyone want to disturb that lovely pinwheel of kitties to "make the bed" Looks to me as though it was wonderfully made already!

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Happy Friday everyone.

No air travel this weekend , but I am meeting DD over yonder in Sonoma County to attend the Cottage gardens Nursery annual fall sale. They have some awesome succulents there and also a very large selection of Clematis. We have selected a local BBQ joint for lunch . Next Wednesday I'm back on the road again to Spokane on business for a few time zone change this time ! By mid Oct my travel schedule should be put to bed for the year and I can hunker down at home.

'bug, I enjoyed reading of the progress in Haiti. I couldn't help but think of how long it takes to re-construct areas hit by that kind of natural disaster-New Orleans comes to mind-and how much worse it is in areas that have minuscule resources . Your DS is really a hero !

Yeona, so glad to see you ! So many jobs ! You have my admiration for sure. I work ten hour days but most of it is at a desk, and I've been doing it for so many years that it seems quite normal. All the travel of the last couple of months takes its toll though. I'm lucky however, to have a job that is secure and a modest safety net in the bank.
DS is working in live theatre, this is what he loves . Film is very different, and theater people are different animals than movie/tv people. I started taking my kids to the theater as soon as I felt they were old enough to sit still and watch quietly. He will be in rehearsal or performing 6 , sometimes 7 days a week for the next few months.

Artichokes : I steam them and make a mayo based curry sauce for dipping.

�lol GB, I can't tell you how many days I dont make the bed because I don't want to disturb Ted ! So peaceful and content, who can bear to rock the boat ?

Hi Norma ! I haven't even seen you around on FB much lately. That clean up is a killer isn't it ? I've hardly made a dent in it. Will you ride your new horse ? Maybe a silly question.. but I know a few folks out here who have horses that are 'pets' in a way and never ridden.
All from me tonight. I hope to have some photos to share from my garden center visit tomorrow...

Nighty night !

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Norma - Photoshopping the chain out of Dawn's picture is beyond my limited Photoshop skills:-) How exciting to be shopping for a horse! Does your DH - or anyone else in the family - ride too? I'm glad I don't live where Copperheads - or any nasty snakes - share my territory!

We have a new doggie guest today. Dexter is just visiting for today to see how he gets along with Misty. If all goes well, he'll be here for a week or so later in the month. He's Randy's brother's dog. So he knows us well for us visiting at their place, but he's only been here briefly a couple of times. He's still young and just emerging from the crazy adolescent stage. The first time he visited as a puppy he immediately assumed Misty was a squeaky toy! When he arrived this morning with BIL, he was bouncing all over the place on the driveway. Misty was not impressed :-) After BIL left, we immediately went for walkies. When we came in the house, I took them out to the backyard first thing. Dexter marked territory on the hostas at the corner of the patio. Misty immediatedly over-marked it with her scent! Then I had trouble getting Dexter to come back into the house :-) He's being remarkably timid in the house and hasn't hassled Misty at all. BIL has him well trained but he hasn't spent any time at someone else's house without BIL/SIL with him. When they've gone away before, he's went to a kennel so this is a new experience for him. All their other Airedales they've had have been very confident dogs so his shyness in a new situation surprised us. I'm sure he'll settle down soon and it's a relief that he's not hassling Misty. I'm sure the little dogs across the back fence are going to scare the dickens out of him!

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Kathy yes I will ride whatever horse I buy. I have really missed riding and only gave it up after losing my last one to colic. The problem was we didn't have a barn near the house and our fields are down a steep hill and across a creek which made it a real pain to feed in the winter months. Now that we have the barn I figure I have a few good riding years left before I get to decrepit.

Woody, DH does not ride anymore but one son and DIL will, also another granddaughter and the neighbor boys will want to I'm sure. So I have to be sure the one I buy is suitable for all.

Dexter is bound to love it at your house as soon as he knows the routine.

I don't like snakes either but we rarely see them. Just have to be aware.

Morning walks were so peaceful in the woods after the rain. Very quite. We did see a coyote in the corner of the field and Rebel gave chase for a bit.
It's raining again now and it is desperately needed.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This morning DH helped plant 3 clematis with me, then I edged a stretch and mowed a bit. All the while, the sprinkler was running as some areas are very dry.

After lunch I'll be off to feed Zoe, my friend's cat. yesterday she thought I was particularly stupid because she asked and asked for me to let her out and I didn't seem to understand. (Elizabeth doesn't want her to go out during her absence.) When I didn't open her cat door, she tried another door, but once again, I didn't understand. We did play a few games, though she was still annoyed with me.

Tomorrow DH drives to Detroit to pick up DS at the airport around midnight. He's been at a mapping conference in Denver. What we don't do for our kids! The'll get back around 5am...and DH has a 4PM class to teach. I'm sure there'll be a good long nap around 6am! The week will be hectic as we do last minute shopping for the Haitian school, have a BBQ for his friends and stuff things into the limited amount of carry on permitted. I have him scheduled to give a presentation at the Unitarian church and also made a date to talk with the 2 room schoolhouse teachers across the road for ideas. The grade 5-8 teacher there actually did a work program in Haiti back around 2003. Should be fun. Might be able to set up a post card exchange.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It was after 2:00 this afternoon before I could get Dexter to join Misty and me in the office. It took me a while to figure out that he was concerned with who that doggie was that he could see just outside the office door...

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Silly boy Dexter.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Two years ago I moved my Heptacodium (seven sons) tree to a brighter location. It stayed alive, but that's about all. This year it finally produced its first buds and now flowers. Perhaps Woody's is also in bloom? Hers is more mature than mine. I hope mine looks like the one linked below in a couple of years!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - no bloom on my heptacodium yet - lots of buds though. It usually starts blooming after the middle of the month or so. I was hoping it would bloom early this year so an old friend from NB could see it. She and her DH arrived at lunch today and they'll be leaving tomorrow so, unless it miraculously starts blooming overnight, she's not going to get to see it in bloom :-(

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I spent most of today viewing tutorials for y new photo management software..not much brain power left ! I managed to get the containers fertilized too, it�s been few weeks and they show it.

Only a couple days in the awfice this week and then off again to Spokane.

I bought Betty Corning yesterday ..30% off too ! Now where will she go ?

Kathy in Napa

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Dexter's reaction to "that dog" made me smile. I recall a kitten we had spending a good deal of time circling behind a mirror leaned against the wall to see she could find the "other kitten". :)

It will be fun to see what you decide on for a horse, Norma. Don't rule out a Thoroughbred, they're cheap and the slow ones likely ran fast enough to hurt themselves. ;) How big does a Copperhead get? Snakes around here aren't likely to be venomous, though it is possible.

I really like Heptacodium; I know Les and Monique have a beautiful one in their yard.

The helpmeet is working on levelling the "bowling alley" between the gahden and the hedge and getting it planted so there will be time for good germination before cold weather arrives. I would be happier working on firewood and getting more screening shrubs in place but I wasn't asked, lol. It will look really nice when it's done.

Here's how I've been spending my time:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OOO La La! The silver 'medalion' in each diamond is fantastic! Where is this one distined for?

DS & DH arrived here at 4:30am. Phoebe announced their arrival. I am letting them sleep now. It is a misty morning here, one of the last warm days I suspect. I'd love to get the last of the ghetto plants in the ground. We'll see how much time I have for weeding to make that possible!The starlings descended on our lawn the other day in the thousands. Charlotte used to chase them away, hated them invading her territory. Phoebe could care less.... I don't like the sound of them. Quite eerie.

Meet Miss Zoe. Today will be my last day visiting with her. Two other friends will care for her until 'Mom and Dad' return from holidays. She's very different from my 3 cats. They each have distinct personalities though! She is a very small Bengal, much smaller than Deanne's guys.

She's very quick, hard to get photos of! Here she is playing with DH's keys.

Happy today to all!

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This one is destined for a kitchen with cool grey countertops and sleek white cabinetry. The place needed a shot of "warmth" and the paint was cheap. Win-win.

What a pretty cat. The spotted nature of the coat pattern is interesting. Radji has the spots but Luke seems to have a darker, more swirled pattern to his coat. Our Vera has the same sort of swirled pattern, but is redder. (I am very partial to tabby cats, in any color!).

Funny that the remark about the "last warm" days was made here the other day, too. The days are lovely and warm, but once the sun sets the temperature begins to drop quickly.

Did anyone else note the gorgeous Reed moon last night. I watched it rise and was amazed... as I usually am. (perhaps I should begin a habit of howling at it). :)

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good morning all! Although the mornings feel like Fall, later in the day it is still hot here. So the hose dragging continues...

We are putting away the pool today. Last week we drained in one day - 15,000 litres of water. Drained onto the back lawn, which sucked up that water like a sponge. Not one puddle and not muddy either. We could not believe it! The hard dry brown stubble of a lawn turned green overnight though.

Today I will mow and trim the front, water, apply fall fertiliser, and mulch the side garden. I will also move the huge geranium closer to the house just in case it gets colder. The rest of this week is supposed to pretty cool at night, 5 C, about 40 F. Might be time to think about orchids and Ms. Chiquita (banana Ensete) coming in.

Yesterday we took TCS to Ottawa so he could spend the day with his Dad. DH and I went to the National Gallery of Canada to view the Caravaggio exhibit. It included the artist's own works and that of those who followed him and who somewhat emulated his style and painted much the same subject matter. We were astounded at the talent and mastery of Caravaggio - we were amazed at the detail, the light, the depiction of folds of cloth, the hair of the subjects. That will stay with us a long time!

Garden stuff is winding down now. A bountiful grape harvest means that we and all of our gourmet (LOL) friends have larders full of grape jelly. Bags of garlic hang in the pantry. Apple jelly is already being consumed. Pickled beets will occupy me next week, and Herb jelly will be finished today.

Several years ago I received a Hagley Hybrid which turned out to be a Sweet Autumn. It bloomed profusely on a large trellis and I looked forward to it again last year. Alas, nothing. Not even a sprout. So of course I planted other clems there, A Hagley Hybrid, a President, a Henrii, all of which grew and flowered. Then I noticed.....several stong clem vines that hadn't bloomed. You guessed, I now have a covering of tiny white blloms brightening up my yard. Maybe a seedling from the original, or maybe the original just took a rest last year. Either way, I am greatly pleased to have it.

Beautiful floor cloth Chelone! I love your work! I mentionned frog tape to DS who works in the reno business, and he agrees that it is fantastic for precision work. Three times the price of regular painter's tape here, not so great if you buy it by the case as he does, but just right for the projects I do. I must try it!

Such nice pet photos too. Lots of cats this time around! I have been known to leave beds unmade as they were still occupied by four legged friends! Sadly, DH and I agree that Paws will not likely make it through another winter. Decisions, decisions. Still thinking....

Better get to it while the day is still cool and the coffee is still hot!!



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Staging area for my trip to Spokane is open. Only business this time, so computer gear is needed, camera gear is not. I�ve hauled out my little Nikon point and shoot just in case !

�bug your DH has my admiration ..there is no way in hell I could have schlepped to the airport and stayed awake to drive home at that hour. I�m pretty sure I would have popped for an airport hotel room . Lovely Zoe ! I took a few photos of his highness Rahji when I was at Deannes-wish I�d had the camera ready when he emerged from the driveway garden with a vole in his choppers !

The weather is so so fine here right now, but still a concern for the wine harvest. Red wine grapes prefer higher temps than humans do. My garden looks so dreadful though-our marine layer mornings have brought on the mildew . Just as the Dahlias are peaking, the foliage is turning to crapola. Sigh.

All for tonight. From 2011-08-23 From 2011-08-23

Kathy in Napa

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Chelone , the copperhead is a shorter kinda stubby looking snake. They can get to three feet I think but the ones we see are more like two. We haven't seen anymore this past week. I did read that they have their young this time of year and that they may reproduce for a couple of years and then skip several years which may be why we see more some years than others. I wonder if Owls and hawks prey on them as they do non posionus ones. We have been having both hunting in the yard lately. We have been overrun with moles and voles this year.

The floor cloth is amazing.
I did notice the Reed moon.

Bug, Interesting that Zoe's dishes are elevated. Looks more comfy for eating. I read an ad for someone wanting to re home a Bengal cat to a place in the country. I was so tempted to call about it.

Warm days are limited here again too. Me thinks Rebel will get a bath today.

Julie I can understand the ground soaking up all that water. We have been drilling post holes and the ground is so dry and compacted it is nearly impossible.
I didn't get to make any jelly this year. It will be missed.
My Sweet Autumn is blooming now . It is huge on the swing arbor. I hope yours doesn't choke out your other clems.

Kathy. If it isn't foliage problems here it is some kind of insect. I'm surprised I ever have anything. Some kind of bug stripped all the leaves off of my Roogucci (I know I butchered that sp) But it leafed out again and has a few blooms.

I always enjoy the kitty pictures.

Yesterday I blazed a new trail through an unused portion of our woods. It turned out well and it's like having a new piece of property. I will have to spend some time this winter limbing up the trails for clearance on horseback.

Need to get moving so I can get outside early and make use of the warm day. I have some hostas that need to get planted.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Life is entirely different with DS around. I get nothing ordinary accomplished! DH is off to meetings at the university. I'm frantic about the garden too, but will just have to take it in stride and realize that most guests will be oblivious to what disturbs me out there.

By the way Kathy, tiny Ms Zoe has a most powerful voice! She also has a respiratory illness that is controlled by the vet, but it makes her sound asthmatic. Fortunately she's a very VERY loved and happy pet!

I'm the last one ready for off I go.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning to one and all. How fun to pop in here with my morning coffee and see pics of beautiful Bengals. That Zoe is a lovely girl. Great pics of Rahjii Kathy!

Looks like some colder weather will arrive with the next front that comes through so I'm going to be busy getting cuttings in the next couple days. I've already started bringing in some of my calathea and vrieseas. Time to step up the pace with getting the very tender things in. The coleus won't root well if I wait any longer.

Chelone, that floor cloth is beautiful!!!!

Woody, that Dexter is pretty funny. Love the pic!

Kathy, did you decide to go with LightRoom?

Bug, I just love Heptacodium and want to include one here somewhere.

OK time to get my day started here. Have a great day everyone.


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Checking in here-I'm on the road again tomorrow and am likely only to be seen on FB. One nice thing about traveling this time of year if the lowered urgency for watering before departure. We are know to have 100 degree temps in Sept, but continued mild temps in the low 70's are predicted for the next few days, so I've watered a few containers and called it good.

Deanne, I downloaded a 30day trial of Lightroom, and also bought a set of tutorials that were highly rated. I really like it, much more powerful than what I am using now. I particularly like the lens corrections and perspective fix features-I'm notorious for taking crooked photos. Of course this has opened a new can of worms, my desktop computer is at least ten years old and I am confident that a beefy program like lightroom will bring it to it's knees, it seems futile to try to add more memory to an old clunker. So Im looking into an upgrade. Im flabbergasted at how prices have come down-its almost a no brainer

OK , waves to all back in a few..

Kathy in Napa

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Home again! We spent the weekend with Rick's youngest son and family in Minneapolis MN. My pots have been gathered around the sprinkler for close to 3 weeks. Last night I started to move them out to the garden but now they are talking a low of 30 tomorrow night. I've not taken any cuttings yet either.

We checked out a nursery in the city that was quite interesting. Very creative with lots of interesting garden art and plants. I could have spent much more time there but of course the non-gardeners that I was with weren't as interested. There were fabulous plantings in the hell strip as this place was on a corner lot. I did take some pictures and will try to share some later.

The kids were happy with the free plants especially after visiting the nursery.

Again amazing work from Chelone!

'bug, Reed's garden is looking great! I like the way you have kept it small and not so many flowers but more textures.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good afternoon, it is Wednesday, or "hump day", when the work week is half over.

Didn't get the fertliser on as we had a dandy thunderstorm blow in. Significantly cooler here now.

Today I cut back/brought in the Amaryliss, who will now rest in the basement for a while, as will the Callas. The Mandeviila, which is huge, was debugged and brought in as well this morning. Too heavy for me to lift, it was wiggled onto an old mat and pulled in. Oh, my back!!! The orchids have also been sprayed with soap to at least control the scale that affects them occasionally. They will come in this week although they like a cold night or two to remind them to bloom.

Yesterday while watering I noticed, too late, that Ms. Chiquita (Banana Ensete) was whelping or whatever you call it and I accidentally broke off the sprout. I didn't think this kind of Banana laid pups or whatever you call them ,unless it blooms, but it is broken off now. I also didn't expect four and a half foot leaves and an eight foot plant....fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, DH loves this plant and is planning on bringing it in to spend the winter in our dining area, which we don't use as we eat in the sunroom.

I also clipped the nails of both dogs, bathed them, fed them, and threw toys for a while. I cleaned up the house, hung out laundry, and baked DH's cardboard bran muffins that he likes.

I am done!

Also a small victory: I have succeeded in convincing the school board that it makes sense to pick up the three kids in our neighbourhood at their homes instead of driving all around the whole subdivision to go past homes that no longer have any kids in them. This means, that, after six years, I will not have to walk TCS to the bus; a treat bonus as I then don't have to look presentable by eight in the morning.

Saw a beautiful Reed moon this week, and thought of Bug et al.



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today DS and I teach at the 2 room schoolhouse across the road. We are doing a mapping activity with the grades 1-4 in the morning, and with the grades 5-8 in the afternoon.
We also hope to set up a card exchange between this school and his Haitian school. We'll see!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)




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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

How'd the teaching session go gb?

Risk of frost in the forecast for tonight here #$@&!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The sessions at the Mennonite school were an amazing experience. So much was shared that I am sure would not be allowed in a regular school system. Why would anyone allow us to march in and teach a day of classes? Yet they welcomed us and we all had a wonderful time. No photographs, but perhaps I can take some of one of our projects next week. We worked with 39 students across 8 grades, with 16 local families represented. They were so kind and generous....

Tonight the men folk kindly took a load of sheets to the garden to protect what they could against the frost.

I made hot chocolate after dinner, with marshmallows, and we all rested and chatted by the fire. I received two books in the mail written by long time friends, which are their diaries over the years. I devoured her book tonight...

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Lots of Haiti work to complete, garden work to do, preparation for a large BBQ, and some translation work for a friend.

Not sure life will ever return to normal!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We were lucky and the frost missed us last night - did it get you gb or wereo you lucky too?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lucky here too. Maybe again tonight we'll need to do the sheet covering exercise though....

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Sorry to be such an absentee Idyller. My only excuse is my chaotic life, but even in the midst of chaos, I find myself able to maintain health and happiness. That is good, I think.

I just returned from a trip to TN to visit a friend. She recently moved back to her family farm and we enjoyed some lazy days there together. Her home feels like home to me, as I have such fond memories of the time I spent there. It is a gentlemen's farm, with animals like emus, Watusi steer, goats of some sort, lots of exotic-looking chickens, and various jacks, jennets, mules, and burrows. It is always fun to visit and just walk.

Today I am painting Sarah's room. She's going from a lovely shade of lavendar to a canteloupe orange. Her comforter is sky blue with orange poppies on it, so I think this will be very cute. I am a little concerned about how it will look from the hall, but most of you will recall that Jake's room is acid green, so....

I'll leave you with a picture of an old mule. Did you know they turn white with age? They seemed surprised at his or her longevity:

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Only greys turn white with age, Saucy. Grey is an interesting genetic variant. It was an Italian geneticist (Federico Tesio) who first proposed that the "grey" gene was actually linked to a genetic disease; dunno about further research in that vein, but greys DO lighten with age. The famed Lippizaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School are all born nearly black (with a few bays tossed in and the bays provide interesting genetic trails!).

Exciting that the resources of Canada are brought to Haiti via the internet. I feel so isolated sometimes, and yet that's not so, really. Sometimes I think that isolation is as much of our own mindset as it is lack of "connectivity". Are the two not one and the same in some strange way?

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54 degrees, cloudy and breezy doesn�t really make me excited about going outdoors. I should though as this is the first Saturday I�ve had in 4 weeks. Kenzie will be here next weekend. I think I will plant my Tri-color beech today.

The frost the other night was very patchy and the garden remains 99.9% in tact.

It was so cold yesterday that I stayed in and made chicken soup after work. I think next week will be a bit warmer. We are incredibly dry here though, so it wouldn�t hurt to run the sprinklers a bit.

I�ll leave you with a few shots of the entry garden which is slowly maturing. Although I plan on moving a few things out this fall. Only stellar performers may be in this garden since it is viewed by all that come up the walkway.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle, a couple of questions. Your purple flowering plant, what is it? LOVELY late flowers! It looks like a sage leaf. Is the blue flowering plant on the right a gentian?

An odd question is about your roofing material. Is it new? Are you happy with it? I'm considering something similar, but they tell me that snow can slide off of this type and damage plants. (and people!) It seems there is something that can be added to prevent this. Any thoughts from your experience?

Chelone, the resources for Haiti are coming from far and wide. They are not only physical items, but vast quantities of knowledge being shared. It is an amazing age. The folks helping this particular school come from Canada, Boston, New York City, Vienna and more. Their experience has been in Mongolia, Ruwanda, Haiti, Kenya and more. Their talents are in varied fields as well. Fortunately they are used to the strange frustrations they will need to face once their feet land on the ground. Their talents should be able to help them adapt to the circumstances they find.

Saucy, we have a donkey sanctuary not far away. Donkeys live far longer than their owners expect when they give one to their child as a pet. They often live to around 75 years, and hence the need for this sanctuary. Often the donkeys are abandoned and found by others. A sad tale... This morning I saw a flock of turkeys crossing the road as i was returning from errands. Several adults and quite a few "teenagers"!

We may go for a canoe ride this afternoon. I hope there's time for a nap for me first! Lots of stress these days.

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In for a short break. The beech is planted!

'bug, the plant is celosia Pink Parfait. That is 5-6 plants that I grew from seed. I like the tall celosias and also grow Purple Feather Purple. I usually can find that as plants. The blue is a nice large clump of Salvia Black & Blue that I've been overwintering for a few years now.

The roof is new just this summer. We had such poor luck with our last shingles that DH wanted this. It turned out much better than I expected. As for the snow issue There are snowbars that can be put up. We have one yet to be installed for by the door. Not sure if we will use any others since in the winter we aren't around the other sides much. As for the plants we will have to see how that works out.

Still cool and windy. I plan to do some caulking on the garden shed which should be out of the wind.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I just came in from and hour of hand watering with the hose in the backyard. We desperately need about three days of steady rain but that's not in the forecast!

Michelle - that entrance garden looks great.

gb - I didn't know donkeys lived so long!

Saucy - it sounds like you might need sunglasses to go into the kids' rooms :-)

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The before picture:

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Autumn, Idyllers -- I've been in the same frenzy of trying to catch up on many things, getting ready for what seems to be an early Fall, and craziness at the awfice... luckily I don't have work travel on the agenda as Kathy does. And I'm much relieved to be off long hose duty, even if the price is autumn weather.

Michelle, - congrats to you on the DS engagement - what fun that you like the potential inlaw too. Your entry gardens are gorgeous - it all looks stellar - I wonder which plants/shrubs are not performing there? It's just gorgeous.

I think I'm fairly up to date on the goings on here; I know I tried a couple times to read with the idea I was going to post and then time got away from me...... all too common a problem any more. I do feel somewhat schizophrenic - split in many directions these days, LOL.

Chelone - that floor cloth is pretty fab -- I know you could create a number of commissions to pay with the right marketing gig.

Succulents got deloused and pulled into the house last weekend -- the one thing I was determined to get done - of course, now it will get hot again, right? Still need to put them in their permanent winter locations, but they're in at least.

Kathy, I had to laugh - when you said you were going to Cottage Gardens sale I immediately thought you were going to NY -- that's the name of the daylily nursery that some of the Rochester/Buffalo folks got their incredible daylilies from, and I did manage to order and plant a few of them that I just "had to have" -- we'll see how they do or how much sun I end up with next year -- that seems to be an increasing problem, less sun.

Yeona -- good for you to be working so hard -- my hat's off too to you -- nose to the grindstone is tough but at the end of the day you feel some sense of accomplishment -- I'm with you re pain tho -- old age is setting in on this body and arthritis is yelping..... I think much as we all hate pain, women are pretty tough at "sucking it up" and pushing thru it when they have to.

Those spite fences are a sad commentary on modern life, arent they? the renter neighbor next to me would pull one from me, if I didnt already have a fence in the back... he's a slob, among other things. It looks like gardeners tho (like Julie and Cynthia) at least are creative on how to make fences look pretty or disguise them as best they can.

Enjoying your photos, 'bug, of the late season garden.... I need to find someone to do some weeding for me too, LOL, but they'd likely pull half the plants out too..

Woody - what a cute airedale, even if he's shy... I've noticed Stella is a social butterfly with people, but she's starting to be quite shy around dogs too -- I've been challenged recently with trying to find a harness she'll "tolerate" -- I think I'm on #5 style; but she really needs one - crossing my fingers this one will suffice and Ms. Prima will live with it - I'm running out of options!

Okay -- going to try to get back more regularly -- and hopefully life won't throw any road blocks to that goal!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Please take a look below and see what we've been up to!

Here is a link that might be useful: Before take-off

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Good evening friends, and a warm one here-after all these months we are finally getting some heat. It's 85 right now , at almost 8pm. Though I have learned that warm nights are quite normal out yonder with my midwest and east coast friends, it is not usual here unless we are in a heat wave mode. Looks like we're in for a few days-good news for the grape guys. Flew back from Spokane Saturday and spent what was left of the weekend trying to catch up on chores. Only one more trade show to go and I'm done for the year, thank goodness.

Insanely jealous of Michelle's Celosia spicata ! Do you direct sow them Michelle, or start indoors ? Mine germinated okay when started under lights, but I got the distinct impression that they didn't care to be transplanted. It took them forever to get growing after planting out and never did achieve any size to speak of. I still have seeds so I'm going to give it a go again next year.

Lol Cindy, I remember Cottage Gardens on the dentists plant list he gave to us. We actually have a couple of Daylily growers in Norcal, one in the south bay down near San Jose, and another is a couple hours drive east of me in the gold rush country . I've never visited either of them , though I have ordered. I've taken out two of the 'flesh tone' varieties so far , and have a couple more that I plan to discard.

Such worthwhile tasks for you 'bug ! I hope the results are all you hope for. Your DS is to be admired.

Speaking of DS's , mine has another part , one of the principals this time in the Sprekels Theatre production of The Fantastiks , which will have it's run this winter. So, he has three paid jobs lined up in a row; he's not getting rich, but he's certainly getting a lot of experience and exposure.

Ok, time to go sit with the new FG which was in my mailbox today.

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Did I say how much I like your entry gardens, Michelle? It's really amazing how wonderful they look - I think one major thing where you opened up right at the door/stoop and changed that area gives it a whole different ambiance. And of course the windy walk and pavers -- great redo.

I'm struggling with that in my front myself right now -- it's hard to find the right mix of "intrepids" that will thrive and can have 3 feet of snow thrown on them (or ice -- as 'bug worries about from the roof), but still get a lot of great blooming things. I fail at the seed sowing thingie - and while I'd love to have a bunch of conifers in front, they'd all get so overgrown (the 20 yr old ones there now need to be removed, but I'm hesitant to do so; I hate starting over!).

For the first time in about 10 years, I did not place any fall orders for bulbs -- I feel oddly like I'm going to feel naked in the Spring; on the other hand, I should feel relief since it was so often a struggle to get them all planted -- as always I often ordered too much -- well, this year it is going to be too little, LOL.

That's great that your DS has some more theatrical gigs -- like building up a portfolio in any creative endeavor I suspect.

Congrats, Julie, on the victory re the bus stop -- I would bet a lot had to do with perseverance on your part. I've never understood some of the decisions public schools make re kids' routines.

Well, I'm glad it's a big warmer - we've gotten a few showers the last couple of days and I think I heard more for the next several -- another thing to be thankful for -- no hose chores in the immediate future -- yeeha!

Hope the rest of the awfice week goes quickly!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A very strange lazy day here. Cloudy and humid.
We are down to two people, with residue mess to handle...later! I am very eager to hear how DS and his friends begin their grand Haitian efforts. I hope to have photos and news soon, but must be patient...

News from DD is that there has been LOTS of illness, not uncommon when kids return to daycare and school, but this has been a real struggle. Not only terrible colds with serious coughing, but walking pneumonia for Skyler, completely undetected while at their place, but 'in full bloom' at his mom's home. This is a big issue with his upcoming heart surgery. The biggest worry has been Leo whose coughing will not stop. Add pink-eye to all that and the fact that DD is training a new employee at work - and life is unbelievably busy and filled with stresses.

Today's surprise was a roscoea bloom!

Wood has been ordered for stacking in the barn, but for now, I'm taking a break from a hectic time at the farm.

Time for a rest. We drove DS to the airport last night and only got to bed around 1:30am.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - I hope Sarah and family get well soon!

Randy came back yesterday from a week in Calgary visiting his father and sister. An hour after he got home, he went to pick up Dexter - Dexter was boarded at their vet's for a couple of days since he's too much for me to walk on my own. (BIL/SIL are vacationing in Greece for two weeks and Dexter is vacationing here :- ) Today Randy walked him over to Blue's so they could get acquainted. It's about a 2.5 mile round trip. Dexter was very thirsty when he got there and sucked down all the water in Blue's bowl in about 10 sec. flat!

He and Misty are getting along great - she's not in the least bothered by her newest active big buddy!

He sems to have got over being spooked by the doggie in the mirror and is happily hanging out in the office with us. His bed in the corner of our bedroom is also beside a mirrored closet door and he seemed to ignore it totally. He seems to be through the crazy 'teenage' stage and has settled down to being a charming gentleman. He's their third Airedale and they've all been lovely dogs.

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Thanks for the nice comments on the entry garden. It's still quite a "young" garden. One of the things to be moved out is a daylily as the foliage isn't good enough for this area. As for the celosia, I did grow it from seed that I planted out in the spring in milk jugs. I transplant into the garden when they are about an inch tall. I find this to be an easy way to start most seeds. I really don't enjoy the indoor deal at all.

It's been cool, cloudy and windy the last 2 days. They are talking 38 for tonight. I hope they are right as I've not taken any precautions other than move some of the succelents to the basement. I spent the evening priming the trim on my garden shed which needs repainting and some of the trim on Kenzie's playhouse. Not a fun job but old farm buildings need attention or they go to pot. I think I painted my shed 6 years ago. I think I can get by with touching up the body and repainting the trim.

The gardens are being sorely neglected while this happens. Kenzie is coming this weekend and we will pick the indian corn we grew. It has blown partly down from the wind. We might have to go to Grandpa's Fun Farm and check out their Fall Festival. Of course I may check the nursery that they have there for any bargains.

'bug, the roscoea bloom is pretty and interesting. I hadn't heard of it before. Is it hardy for you?

Cindy, I didn't order any bulbs either. I want to focus more on moving things this fall and of course the above mentioned painting project.

Kathy, I'd say 3 paid acting jobs is pretty good. Is your DS in college also? I don't recall.

I'll leave you with a couple of shots from the Butterfly House on Mackinac Island. I loved the turtle especially. His back was all mosiac.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hey, Michelle: no pics!!?? Could use some cheery photos today too.

First day of fall. A little too cold without the fire, a little too warm with it.

Not quite sure if it is wise to hang out the laundry I washed (before 7 a.m. due to Time of Use charges). If I am going to make an effort to avoid the high rates by doing my stupid laundry before 7, I sure as heck am not going to use my dryer at the higher rate. Time to get out the folding wooden racks...

I haven't done nearly enough cleaning up outside. I have told my family that I need them for a whole day next weekend if the weather cooperates to get the outside of the house in shape: we'll see. I hate to cut things down when they still look o.k. but they will brown up (or brown down?) pretty quick with some rain and a few cold nights.

I have made the call to the vet to evaluate my cat. I am not sure what to do, and I am so torn. She is thin and eats everything, even getting up on the stove, trying to get in the cookie jar, garbage, whatever,and also is fed about six times each day. She pees inappropriately and I am constantly cleaning up after her; may even have to replace a portion of carpet. She cries to go out, and then turns right around and cries to come back in immediately. And checks the food dish even if she finished eating five minutes before. And then she sleeps all day looking like a flat cat. I am thinking that she has become senile.

We are not sure of her age as she was a rescue, adult when we got her over ten years ago. She is not cuddly or affectionate. And I am thinking that for our own sanity she should go. Yet she is not "dying" in the absolute sense of the word, although maybe suffering. Oh dear. I do have serious concerns about her during the winter....Oh dear.

On this crummy note I am going to sign off.

Cheers (not very today)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Happy favorite time of year...even if it is cool and rainy at the moment. I love the combination of goldenrod and purple asters everywhere. The ornamental grasses are fabulous now too.

Last evening I was kept busy with emails about Haiti, so I know for sure that DS has arrived and is off & running with many projects. See below for "Day one" at the school. There are other postings on the site with photos of our BBQ etc....

Today I had a radical haircut. Variety is the spice of life. We'll see how it goes over the next week or so.

This afternoon I'm off to an open house to see the organ my friend has been building for the past year or so. This is an exciting time...before they disassemble it for shipping to British Columbia, where they will assemble it once more in a church. It is a bit sad as well, because I don't know what project my friend will be working on in the future. [Also, we won't be getting the amazing bits and pieces of wood for kindling. ;)]

I am missing photos of my grandchildren these days and am uncertain as to when I will next be seeing them. Great sigh....

Here is a link that might be useful: Volunteering at Ecole Shalom: The First Day

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

After a long conversation with the vet and a few tests, we have had to say goodbye to Paws. We are all weepy tonight....poor little thing. We miss her...


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Lots of hugs to Julie and family.

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Photobucket must be having issues as I check the album and the pictures are there and they were here when I posted. We will try again.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Weather here has definitely changed but I don't notice too much change in color in the gardens yet. Along the roads the trees have red and yellow tints. There's mist rising from our pond each morning and the dew sparkling on the inflorescences of the grasses is beautiful.

Today we will run errands in town: a wedding gift for friends, thank-you chocolates for the children at the schoolhouse across the road, a few groceries, etc.

Tomorrow we will attend a concert which is a fund raiser for a healing garden for the local hospital...then out to dinner with our friends.

We have heard a great deal of news regarding setting up power at the school where DS is volunteering in Haiti. The "guys" are sending rapid fire emails back & forth. This is good and exciting too. He is also working on mapping projects in Port-au-Prince, so there is lots of travel there and back.

One cute email described a EUREKA moment when Volunteer Nick discovered that one lady teacher understands sufficient Spanish to be able to communicate with him directly!

I just placed a small order for tulips yesterday. (Pink Floyd, Candy Kisses, Stunning Apricot) Something reasonable this time, only enough to easily get in the ground, but enticing enough to get me through winter and anticipate an early spring.

Happy weekend!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)


Michelle - that turtle is fantastic!

The heptacodium tree is in full bloom today and the purple asters are opening too - just in time for the arrival of the Monarchs on their migration south. There were only 4 Monarchs on the tree when we walked the dogs early this morning - it was cool still so the butterflies hadn't woken up yet! An hour later when Randy went out to do some shopping, he popped back in to say the tree was mobbed by Monarchs! Hopefully, he'll get some good pictures of it later.

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Hugs from me too, to Julie and family.

When my Pepper cat got cancer she lost all of her weight very quickly and before we knew it was gone. She was 12.

Michelle that turtle is is so colourfully pretty. It reminds of necklaces and gets the old beading juices going. I'm working on a few pieces and they're coming along very slowly. I needed the inspiration.

GB glad the work is doable in Haiti with language barriers down and lots of minds to help with challenges.

I can't wait to see the tulips you've chosen next year. Do you plant over them?

Woody I hope Randy gets a picture of the Monarchs too. I don't see them here like I used to and they're a favourite of mine.

I've been busy cleaning and organizing my way through pet owners' homes of Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland. This month I pet sat 3 cats that have various illnesses which make their little tummies not so cooperative. One is a scaredy cat that took 5 years to warm up to the previous cleaner, but was okay with me after 5 visits. I was gratified to have him warm up to me so fast. So was his owner. I also cleaned in a lovely iguana's home, who hissed at me at first, then grew curious and used to me quickly. Yesterday the cat was burnt orange in colour with a wonderful playfulness and curiosity with the curious name of Pumpkinhead. I love Halloween, so that name's fun to me.

Another place I worked at also yesterday has a golden retriever named Molly. She has the hugest eyes I've seen on a Golden in a melt in your mouth chocolate colour. I think she's sensitive to her owners' states right now and is a bit under the weather and groany. The woman of the house is pregnant with her second and is stressed, and the man of the house just had surgery for a deviated septum, and has been upset and worried ever since.

When he woke up from the surgery he was saying that we, in Vancouver, were going to have an earthquake on this Monday August 26th. He has told everyone, and is convinced it will happen and that there won't be much left of Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Everyone says he's crazy, but he's not letting that stop him from acting on it. He says he's leaving town with his family for the day, and that he hopes he's wrong. So do I! He says he's heeding this portent because his mother was scarey psychic. So if anything happens here, wish me luck. I can't leave town. Who would clean up Frances' place that day? And I wouldn't leave without my daughter, and SIL.

I've got to go pull weeds. Boy do they love the rain!

Take care all,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Awww Julie... Hugs! I think you'll be seeing Paws around the house for quite some time. At least I see our lost friends for weeks after their final trips.

Woody, we see Monarchs around Verbena bonariensis at this time of year. Not too many so far though.

I made a batch of curried vegetables. I used tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, etc, much of it from the garden. Smells good!

Yeona, I sympathize about the weeds. It has been a never ending process this year. It is time for me to take my wallflower cuttings any day now. You can see the tulips at the site below. I just plant them wherever I think that particular color might look nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy Kisses, Pink Floyd, Stunning Apricot

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Big hugs, Julie. We recently lost Zeus and I still wake up and think he's there waiting to go out.

Jake took a date (first girlfriend) to the homecoming dance this evening. He was a gentlemen, and I found myself very proud over his opening the door and putting on her corsage.

I have the chore of bringing in all the plants hanging over my head. It's been raining for days and so I need things to dry out a little bit, but then I have to get serious. I am melancholy about the season changing. It is good to have a job where I am out in the sunshine (when it's there). I hope I enjoy the winter more since I will be out in it, soaking up what little vitamin D I can get ;)

Happy Saturday, friends!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Saucy! Zeus was a big part of the Idylls for me. I'm so sorry....

And Jake! I guess he isn't so little any more... Time flies. How nice you take pride in his progress! I'm so pleased.

Our Sarah adores the winter. I hope you learn to love it as well!

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((Julie)) ..its hard to say goodbye. I have really appreciated the devoted pet owners here on the Idylls over the years. Everything is understood, and sometimes we even get to meet the pet 'in person' ! This summer I met Ginger, Zuzu and Twerp.

Which reminds me, Mary, are you out there ? We need a check-in !

I cleaned the house today. Not in depth mind you, but it was much more thorough than any cleaning this summer. Tomorrow I'll be able to spend some time in the garden, and next weekend as well. After that there will be a bit of traveling-again. There are many plant sales happening in October at various botanical gardens ..unfortunately the Ruth Bancroft garden plant sale is the same weekend as Digging Dog.

Saucy, Jake looked mighty dapper in the pics you posted on FB today. As did Ginger !

Nothing more to add tonight, waves to all. Perhaps a better post tomorrow.

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Sorry to hear about Zeus, Saucy.

I dream about my Jagger who passed last August, and wake up thinking the dream is real. In my dream he comes to visit us and stays for a few days, then goes off to where ever land and then comes back whenever my daughter starts to miss him. So I believe he's close by, even if only in my dreams.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

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Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and beautiful pictures. I did have a good day yesterday. The weather was pretty brisk but great for a morning walk. I started a book I recieved in the afternoon and finished it this morning. I took my walk this morning too but was definitely slowed down. I'm having a bout with acid reflux and not feeling to great today. The weather is still unsettled. I hope tomorrow will be better I have lots to get buttoned up outside.
I hope you all are enjoying today. Norma

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Great that you had a good birthday day Norma. Sorry about the acid reflux. Have you ever tried peppermint oil or DGL, Deglycerized Liquorice? ;the glycerine is what bothers people with heart problems, but the rest of the liquorice herb is very healing. DGL in pill form got rid of my daughter's acid reflux in a matter of months. Thank goodness.

GB I hope you battened down the hatches. We had high winds for a day and tree branches were down in a trice. I saw a few loose branches way up as I walked a tree lined street, and in hind sight should have walked down the middle of the road. Luckily nothing fell, but I hope everyone checks their trees.

Richea worked a half day, as did I, so we headed for the mountain for a walk for me, Leah and Bodhi, and a ride for Richea.


PS. Some pics of our boarder, Bodhi, and our Leah from our most recent visit to the Fraser river beach

Everyone has their thing they love to do. Leah loves wading in the water.

Bodhi loves leaping onto logs.

Richea loves to ride ride ride.

And I love to take pictures of the action.

Bodhi has the typical Shih Tzu overbite. He's quite a sturdy fellow, though, for all his small size.

Buds on the beach.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Yeona - I love those dog pictures! How old is Leah? Bodhi looks very Misty-like in coloring - very cute too.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That last shot is the sweetest....

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy Belated birthday wishes Norma!

Beautiful summer sequence Yeona! How well I remember the days of Motocross! Looks like all of you had a perfect summer day!

My photo is of my Josephine clematis - not very common here. It was gorgeous this year, although it wasonly its second full summer. I am so pleased! Looks like I get to close off this thread!



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Well, maybe not *anxiously* awaiting but awaiting nevertheless. For...
Winterizing perennials?
Just moved into a new home with lots of established...
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