peachiekean(z10A CA)June 30, 2008

Why do so many news shows have those annoying drums to make the news more dramatic and urgent? Drives me nutso! I usually just want to catch some local stories but between the silicone Barbie dolls and the fake tans reporting these days and the breathless way their reports are delivered, I am ready to turn it off and use the web exclusively for the news.

Does anyone else but cranky old me feel this way?


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I don't really like the news at all. They give just short tidbits and make big deals out of little stuff like what bonehead thing some candidate said without thinking. Also, it feels like every thing is violence and crime and some horrible thing that someone did. And so many "entertainment" shows about crime. Why should crime be entertainment? Is this ancient Rome? News seems to glorify it. I like to scan the news I want to see on the internet and avoid the news I don't want to watch. The best part of TV news for me is the weather! I know other people like it too because they keep teasing you by saying before all the breaks that the weather is coming up...any time soon....after a few zillion commercials. Sometimes, I catch a story that really interests me, but usually, I don't want to see all the crime they report. It gets so that people get de sensitised to it and I wish that wouldn't happen.

Do any of you watch Current TV on cable? Sometimes they have some really interesting news and world news that is made by local people or independent news journalists. It feels different than the major networks. More honest sometimes and less produced and glossy. I wonder if that is really the case. I liked the French news when it was on my cable. It was subtitled so I could understand it. I like different perspectives. I wish we could get the news from all the nations. I think it's good to have other points of view presented.

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