Antivirus Software--just wondering

kenzen(9b/Florida)June 23, 2008

Since you all use computers and surf the web, I was wondering how much trouble you all have with viruses and other malware. Have any of you found really good anti-virus and anti-spyware software. What about firewall "hardware?"


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i use AVG free and Ad aware. Works fine

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I use Norton internet security, it's an antivirus and firewall. I usually buy a 3 computer pack for $30. The only downside is you have 1 year total for all 3 computers, meaning the 1 year starts with the 1st install. They used to allow it as a full year per computer once it was installed on each computer, so I could install it on 2, then again on one a year later.

For free AV my hubby uses Avast, for a free firewall zone alarm is fine. AVG is not as good as it used to be according to computer magazines.

Make sure you do not install more then one of a certain type of program, if you want something for malaware, don't install more then one because you will then have problems.

You can go here, I started it at the post by Hackman. While he suggests AVG and does not like Norton, I use Norton and don't like AVG. I installed AVG on 2 neighbors computers a few years ago, they both ended up infected. Could be user error, back then I found AVG was a bit hard to use for a novice. Avast is easy, it's what we install when we build computers.

You can also check out the post free software. There are links for all sorts of free programs from AV & firewall to photo programs.

Here is a link that might be useful: avast

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I use Norton. But in addition I minimize my exposure to viruses by using Firefox with both Adblock Plus and NoScript. Quite a bit of the bad viruses hide in ads. Adblock Plus stops the ad from loading, and NoScript blocks java script from installing nasty things on my computer. My husband hates NoScript as he has to enable it on some web pages in order to see the page correctly. I also use a router so I have a hardware firewall, but I'm not sure that offers much protection. So far I haven't had any account info stolen or any credit card info.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I use Norton's and like it. There is no fanfare, it is just there. I do have a newer computer that came with Vista, so some programs are running on Vista and some on Nortons.

Many people hate Vista, but if you purchase a new computer that has it, I think it is great - except you have to remember to change to the year 2003 when you send a word document so that other computers can read it.


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