My Dyson vacuum sucks

purpleroses(SanDiegoCA)July 27, 2006

But not in a good way.

Yes, it will suck up everything in its path ... even small animals, but ....

In theory it sounds good, right. But if you are considering purchasing one... Run the other way FAST.

Why can't men figure out it's not the packaging, not the cool look or even the suction that's the most important thing.

I really miss my Kenmore canister vacuum. ... the type I used for 15 years.

It used to be a pleasure to vacuum the house ... the ease of use, the lightweight beater brush and fast attachment changing with my foot and hand in one quick motion ... heck, I could even vacuum under the beds in one fell sweep. So easy

Now, I just want to cry everytime I drag that big ol cumbersome heavy monster Mr. Dyson.

1, He is heavy ... have you ever tried to vacuum stairs with one.

2. My husband .. an engineer ... the master of overkill,... who knows nothing about the practical aspects of vacuum use ... bought it and brought it home. I had sent him to Sears to replace my broken kenmore canister.

3. Expensive ... approx. $500

4. It's an upright .... never like them ... never will

5. Aggravates my carpal tunnel syndrome to the point of tingly numb hands.

6. I cry every time I use it (did I mention that) I don't know if its from frustration or the knowledge of how much he spent on something I absolutely hate.

7. The on/off switch is not on the handle when using attachments ... If I can even figure out how to fit attachments or even pull out the hose.

3. The attachments fall off the housing and I never know where they are. As if I have time to use them ... It takes too many hand movements and too much time.

Do you all think I should sneak out and buy a new canister vacuum.

It sure would cost a lot less than a divorce.

Sorry about the RANT... You haven't heard from me in a while and all I do is RANT.

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ginni77(z 5)

Hi Denise!

I have the perfect solution...Make your DH do the vacuuming!

Seriously, I thought Dyson's were supposed to be good vacuums. We just about bought one, instead we got a Hoover Windtunnel-2. It's about $200 cheaper than the Dyson and had some features I thought I'd like(self-cleaning hepafilter, on-board extended reach tools, etc.). Ours was delivered late this afternoon so it's still in the box. We're going to try it tomorrow..I sure hope it does better than your Dyson! I ditched a Kirby because it was too heavy to push around, let alone do stairs with.

We'll see.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I have the perfect solution...Make your DH do the vacuuming!


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tandaina(WA (8))

I agree, make DH do it. :)

I'm a canister vac girl, grew up with one and have one now. I've never understood how people could stand uprights.

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Get a note from your Dr.----I'm not permitted to do any vacuuming------It is VERY bad for your back.

A couple of years ago we bought the cheapest cleaner we could find at Sears---(with the idea that it is cheaper to buy than repair the old one)---it is still working---or so I'm told--LOL

Seriously-----I recently had back surgery and the surgeon said no cleaning---Yippee---so did the Chiropractor.

I've hear Oreck is a good brand and very lightweight.


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PurpleRose I agree with you about the Kenmore canister. I had gone through so many vacuum cleaners until I purchased the Kenmore. My husband almost had a heart attack when I told him how much it cost. But than he used it and was so impressed that he stole it for work and told me to go out and buy another one for the house. Maybe you could sell the Dyson on Craig's list or Ebay and go out and buy a new Kenmore.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

I can chime in on the Oreck sweeper. I have one that was given to me second hand from a relative. It needed a belt fixed or something (which my dad did) and I have had it ever since (probably 15 years). Granted, it doesn't get a huge workout from me :) But I have a friend who borrows it all the time because she has managed to kill at least three brand new vaccuums in two years. She's planning on buying her OWN Oreck soon!


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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

I LOVE my bottom-of-the-line Miele Cannister vac. (The Naturelle--not even sure if they make it anymore.) I only have three rugs--so I do need the motorized head. (Bare floors everywhere else.)

I am sending a link of this thread to someone considering a Dyson...


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I love love love my Dyson, I will never consider anything else. But I do agree with you about vacumming the stairs, but I find the floor attachment works very well with the stairs. Having a very furry GSD and two cats, Dyson is a must in my house.

Talk about cats, I almost killed mine yesterday. 20 minutes after I left the house to work, the alarm co. called me on my cell, something triggered the alarm in the house and the police are there, great! So I rushed back only to find my cat had opened the door to the garage, he knows how to open doors, he jumps up then pull the handle down and uses his weight to open the door. It's my fault really, I forgot to lock the door when I went to the garage to get something.

Purpleroses, you can sell your Dyson on craigslist then buy yourself a new one, the one that you like.

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My husband purchased the Oreck a few years ago and we had nothing but trouble with it. After fixing it for the third time, gave it to my son. He enjoys it. Maybe I just got a lemon. I have an old Hoover Canister. Though kind of heavy, I liked it so much that I was willing to replace the hose - $120.00! Could have gotten a new one for less than that. I wanted to keep my old one because of all the attachemnts. Might still have to replace it because of my bad right arm. I
avoid the upright; I've always like canisters. They are easier to haul around.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Oreck fan here too - I've had it for years and have taken it a couple of times for 'annual' tuneup, but only because they are free and not because it needed work. Between that and the over-the-shoulder cannister that came with it, there's nothing I can't clean. I do faithfully change the belt twice a year as recommended, no big deal.

My carpet is 18 yrs old, when I have it cleaned (infrequently) the service always remarks about how great it looks and what good condition it's in.

My brother bought our Mom a wind tunnel type last year and she can't use it, just too heavy...anyone who has vacuumed for her has said the same thing no matter what their age - (my 29 yr old niece broke out in a sweat helping clean up after Easter dinner.) I've been thinking of giving her my Oreck and buying myself a new one, can't imagine having anything else.

Purpleroses, I think there is something really wrong with one partner buying an appliance, sporting goods, hobby type gift for the other if it's not something they use regularly themselves and have first hand experience with.
Like my 6' 230# brother buying my 80 year old mother a vacuum...I'm sure it didn't feel a bit heavy to him as he lifted it and put it in his car. But then, he has central vac and the housekeeper does the vacuuming :(

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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

This machine is very reliable. With several long-haired pets and humans in our house, we were going through vacuums like there was no tomorrow, and they always seemed to break down at the most inconvenient times. Dyson is the only machine that's stood the test of time. It really doesn't lose suction. There's no belt to change, ever. It is a bulky machine, I agree, but there is no lifting once you figure out how easy it is to pull out the hose. Accessing the stairs and other hard-to-reach places is easy because the hose reaches far and wide. I suggest giving your new Dyson a chance!

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purpleroses, you could show him the Consumers Guide mag. Kenmore canister was rated number 1.


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Kathleen Hanley

When did your DH buy the Dyson? I work in an upscale department store in housewares and we have a policy of taking things back(many Dysons by the way) up to 30 days later. If you have a box and receipt we would probably take it any way. Sometimes the managers are so obliging with returns it drives me crazy. If it hasn't been too long I would at least call the store and ask. I know every store is different, but it's worth a try.

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It was such a disappointing experience; I wanted something I could just plug in and go with, but the Oreck is just a lousy machine. It's cumbersome and doesn't perform well.
You have to use a separate clunky, ugly, uncomfortable vacuum unit, strapped over your shoulder to vacuum stairs and corners and such.

The Oreck didn't clean well on carpet or flooring. It's not comfortable to use and it's pretty noisy. I can't think of anything good to say about it, really, except that it was given to me, so I didn't pay for it.

When it broke, I got terrible service from my local store and then from the company headquarters. It took months to resolve the issue (among other things, my local store insisted that it was a rebuilt model, which it was not).

I finally got it fixed, but am looking for a new vacuum. I'll donate this one as soon as I replace it.

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I got sick and tired of vacuums that don't suck so I bought a Dyson even though I'd normally not want to spend that much..that was how sick I was of vacuums that don't work. I have enjoyed vacuuming with my Dyson and have less stress in my life because of it!!

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I just bought the new Sears Kenmore Cannister and
I LOVE IT. It is fun to use and easy to use and
really sucks in a GREAT way.
Purpleroses, you were right about your OLD vacuum,
the Kenmore, it is a GREAT vacuum. I hope it
lasts forever, but, if it doesn't, I'll buy another
My old Oreck sucked, too, in a BAD way.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Well, since this thread is still alive, I will pipe up and say I LOVE MY DYSON! We have three dogs and a pretty good sized house, plus I track in hay, dirt, and all sorts of stuff and the Dyson sucks it all up. The stair attachement works great, and the upholstery roller brush works really well. Important when you have a white hairy dog and dark upholstery. I have used it for construction clean up, even sucking up metal grindings, and for cleaning out the really dirty farm truck. It works great, and there are no stupid bags to buy!


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I used a Dyson at work and I have a kenmore canister at home. The dyson picks up everything but it is noisy, heavy and I thought I smelt dirty air when I used it so I wondered if it was making more dust fly around the room. But it did pick up hair and lint and objects very well.

I like the kenmore better. It's quieter and I think it does a fine job. I mostly use the attachments. I don't mind changing the bags. I never smell dirt when I'm using it.

My advice, get yourself the vac you want. Use that and leave the Dyson in the closet. If anyone asks, say " this is easier for me to use and I like it better". If someone else wants to run the Dyson and give you a break from cleaning, great!

My advice

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I forgot to mention, you really did give that dyson a fair try. Don't hurt your hands over this- your sweetie will understand.

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I use a Panasonic.

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I hate the disposible bags. Most the time you can't find the right bag at the grocery store and have to go on a treasure hunt to find them. My mother had this old vac that was made of metal. Yes metal, and it was light enough for a 10 year old child to use (mom had a FTJ so much of the cleaning fell to us children) and didn't take up a lot of space in the living room closet. That thing could pull up dirt like nobody's business. Nearly indestructible and the built in bag was a snap to empty. Just the right amount of attachments and only a few settings to choose from. It only ever broke down once when the belt snaped. Dad replaced it and we got another 5 years out of it. Heck, mom still had it when I went to college. Later she replaced it and has regretted that decision ever since. I'm 41 (ouch!) and have been through several vacs. Think about it. What would a light weight, easy-to-use, durable vac that lasted a lifetime be worth to you? Something tells me more than $500.

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I've had my Dyson for a little over 2 years.

don't like it.

I mean, I DO like the fact that the extension hose is inside the handle and somewhat easy to get to and use.

But it IS heavy. And I hate the bagless dumping. Doesn't work for me since all the crap blows back on me or around my clothes or whatever.

And I don't think (well, I KNOW) it does not do as good a job on my carpets as the Panasonic it replaced.

So I'm looking for something else, like Miele or Sebo.

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patrick, my friend has a kenmore canister that is bagless and light. Works fine but a little noisy.

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sorry...another Dyson lover here and i used to have a kenmore canister. I will never go back. DH and I have agreed that when this one dies it will be replaced with another dyson.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I now know why Oreck gives an Iron Man with a purchase of a stand up. The bags are so expensive, guess they're making a mint on bags. I would have a Meile if I could afford it.
I read once that cannisters suck better.


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We considered a Dyson because we have a Collie and a Cat. There is not a hairier dog on earth than our big ol' Collie. I had a Sheltie before him and regardless of what you purchase, the vacuum has a shorter shelf life. All of that hair burns out the motor.

We did not opt for the Dyson, because despite all of the hype, it is not in the Consumer Reports Top 10. There has to be a reason for that.

When we searched, I found most of the "modern" vacuums to be extremely heavy. I am a small person and it makes me less likely to want to vacuum. We opted for a Bissell. Time will tell.

I think upright vs. canister: you like whatever your Mother used.

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Love, love, love my Miele. Worth every penny and clean? Wow, the carpets and floors have never looked so good!


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Where was this thread when I was shopping for a new vacuum? All I could find were raves when I searched this forum before. I bought a Dyson DC-14 Animal. A big two thumbs down. What a disappointment.

Over priced and a pain in the neck to convert back and forth. Accessories are over priced if they are even available. One that I wanted is only available as part of a specific model package.

And the 18' hose----what a joke. Get more than 4' of hose extended and it takes two people. One to pull on the hose and another to hold the vacuum from flying into the user. Quite cartoonish but not practical.

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I LOVE my Dyson. It is a lightweight, bagless canister which I found quite by accident because I didn't realize Dyson made canisters. It is the Dyson DC21 All Floor - Stowaway and I found it at Sears - on sale! The only things I don't like are that the floor attachment doesn't store on the vacuum itself and the cord is short. However, those are minor compared to the fact that it is extremely lightweight, easy to maneuver, and cleans like crazy. Also, the cord is retractable and the whole thing when put away takes up about 2 feet cubed - much less than my last canister.

It kind of looks space-agey with its orange accent color and all but it really has made a difference on my carpet. The first time I used it my husband asked if I had steam-cleaned the carpets!

Oh, and the air vent blows out the top of the canister rather than from the back which is nice because the dirt I hadn't had a chance to vacuum doesn't blow all over the floor. I may have to empty the canister a few times but it is so worth it to know I'm getting all that stuff off my floors and out of my carpets. With two kids, a dog and a husband who is a mechanic, I need all the cleaning help I can get and this is on my top list of favorite cleaning items.

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New house / new vac.
We have 2 floors, there was no way I was dragging the Kirby Heritage II around so I broke down & bought a $50 vac from Walmart for the stairs. I ended up doing the whole house with it, I was amazed at how quick the canister filled with the new carpet. I had to empty it after every room. For $50, the Bissell Easy Vac was well worth it. The only things wrong are the shortish cord and small head.

We bought a Dyson DC25 ball next. I'd wanted the animal from Sears (came with the best attachments) but ended up with that. I was looking at the lighter one and after bringing it home wish I did get it but for the most part I'm happy with the Dyson.

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

We always consult the Consumer Reports before buying appliances. They rate the Kenmore Prestige upright at the very top of the list. Our only complaints are that the plastic foot lever that puts the vacuum in position to push broke and had to be replaced. Also, the plug had to be replaced. But it's got the power and the attachments to make it very convenient. DH mostly vacuums as I work and he is retired now.

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riku(Z3 Canada)

I bought DW a Dysan Exclusive for her "birthday" ($600) this week after she asked for one for years. Awesome vacuum. Not only does it pickup dog hair, particles, and this very fine dry almost ash like dirt it makes into a dry paste I had not seen before ... it also takes the carpet with it so the dirt has a green tinge to it with carpet fiber ... hahahaha ... people say I have a cheap carpet. She loves it ... mind you the most we ever spent on a vacuum after giving up on the expensive ones was $87.

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If you have pets, nothing beats a Dyson. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and more hair than you can imagine.

I agree with comments about the 'inconvenience' of using the attachments and figuring out how that stupid hose works once you pull it out of the upright. It is a two person job (at first) to figure out how to use the hose and not have the vacuum slap you upside the head when you're doing stairs/whatever. There is so much suction on this thing, it's unbelievable.

I had the vacuum for 3 years before I found a filter that needed to be taken out and washed occasionally. Since I started washing this filter out on a regular basis, I haven't noticed the 'smell' problem others have mentioned.

Finally, I agree, it is heavy to haul up and down the stairs. I would have two of them if I could afford it, but my solution is to keep the Dyson downstairs where the animal traffic is heaviest, and have a less expensive upright upstairs.

Prior to the Dyson, I owned Kenmore and Royal canisters. Both worked well, but trying to find the bags was a pain. This is the other reason I love the Dyson - when it's full, you dump it and that's it!

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I was visiting a local vacuum shop last week. I noticed a line of vacuums in for service. To my surprise, 30% were Dysons. I mentioned something to the man at the counter and he said that if it weren't for Dysons, he'd be out of the service business. He said look at Simplicity. I did that and $1500! ! ! ! ! ! !! But they are metal, made in the U.S., and will suck a Dyson right in. Miele and Kenmore as well, are much better vacuums.

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Our Dyson has outlasted all other vacs we have ever owned. We have 2 sons, 2 longhair cats, a greyhound, and (now deceased) had a whippet/lab mix. My eldest vacs his room every single day. The only problem thus far is the daily vac user yanked the hose and broke it. The unit still works flawlessly as an upright, but the hand tools are not usable due to the hose. I plan to order the $35 - 40 part.

Yes, I have purchased cars for less than my Dyson, but I have no regrets.


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I hate my dyson. It is worthless, the only thing it picks up is dog and human hair. Forget anything else. Half of the time the cord wraps around itself or around the furniture legs. I had a wind tunnel and it was not the greatest, but I take that over this piece any time.

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Worst customer service in history. Bought the Dyson 5 months ago and it is already broken. Our options are to ship it back from Afghanistan or pay $200 for basically a $2 part that is built into the cleaner head. A belt broke. How easy is it to replace a belt? Pretty easy if they would give us the dang thing! Will NEVER buy another Dyson product as long as I live and will warn anyone even eyeing one in the store. These things suck...and not in a good way...

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I just got a new kenmore intuition canister and its quiet and cleans well. Easy to manuever and the air coming out smells clean. Bags are pricey but this is the best vac. I ever bought. My old kenmore lasted and lasted. We got a shop vac from the same store and the old kenmore canister tools fit on it perfectly!

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Over the past few years I have gone through uprights, canisters, dysons all the way to a kirby .. and I couldn't believe that after running a vacuum across my carpet I watched it slowly wear out and get dirty! These things are supposed to pick up the dirt.. and they don't .. they just blow dust back out aggrivating my allergies ( even though they have hepa filters???) .. then my friend referred me to a company that SAVED me.. The floor cleaner that i received from them made my carpet look like new.. the amount of dirt that was in my carpet was astronomical given that it is only 3 yrs old.. and now it looks like the day I put it in.. there was no vacuum smell or dust blowing out.. it actually smelt like fresh air coming out of the machine.. after the thousands of dollars i've wasted over the years, I will never use another vac again! if you are interested email me directly and I can put you in touch with them.. I have a good friend that now works for the company.. oh and btw 85% of my dusting is gone now.. instead of 2 times a week I only dust once every month-month and a

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Dyson LOL! I will add my vote for Miele for making the best canister vacuum out there! Truly Mercedes-Benz quality if you appreciate German engineering and can afford the stiff price tag. Do you know they test their vacs to last for 20 years??

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buford(7 NE GA)

I love my Dyson.

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