Idyll #283 - the flowers of memory

gardeningmarySeptember 21, 2006

There's a very special garden where the flowers of memory grow,

Nurtured by the kindness and concern that good friends show.

The roots are cherished memories of good times in the past,

the petals tender promises that souls endure and last.

It's a place of peace and beauty where bright new hopes can start,

it's memory's lovely garden that soothes the hurting heart.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thank you, Mary, for a fitting way to start the next idyll. After all, she would want us to continue on.

It's only 37 degrees as I write. The tropicals and tenders are huddled in the garage right now and I have a blanket over my lap since I refuse to turn on the heat for one night. It will warm up again today and we should stay out of frost territory for the next week at least. I did decide two nights ago that the split leaf philodendron will have to come in earlier next year, as in when my DH is home to help with it. The dang thing is so huge now it's hard for me to haul around.

How about some good news? First, I saw the most amazing sunrise yesterday morning. When it gets so cool so fast in the fall, thick clouds will form over Lake Michigan because the lake is much warmer than the air temperature. This far from the lake, these clouds will look like the distant ridgeline of a mountain range. Yesterday morning, the sun began to make the top of this "ridgeline" glow as if it was gilded, and then the edge of the sun peeked over the "mountains". Within about thirty seconds, the sun rose above the clouds. A glorious show!

Monday, I posted about the DE taking off my head. I had a chat with her Monday afternoon and told her in nice words that her behavior had to change. Tuesday and Wednesday were much better days, and on Wednesday, she told me that my words were the best thing I could have said to her. Yay! Life will be better without all of this tension. She says she has reconciled the issue that was really troubling her, so I am very hopeful that we are moving beyond the situation.

That's all for now, but I will say hello to everyone!


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Thanks Mary for the poem for this thread. Lastnight I tried to come up with a new idyll title but I couldn't find the best fitting one for how I was feeling. In fact I had trouble falling asleep at night. I don't like that awareness of not being able to share my thoughts with someone who has left-it's like you feel a barracade is up forever. With the new day I have a different perspective. In the spirit of our friend I am going to carry on her gift to us all. No matter what happens her spirit of acceptance and nonjudgemental ways is a part of us all. She's a part of all of us now as long as we live. I plan to keep that part of her alive in my own actions and thoughts toward others(not sure I'm as good as it as her but it's worth a try: ) As she would say,--Go for it!

V we had very dramatic skies yesterday with dark grey fluffy clouds and a vivid blue sky-your sunrise sounds wonderful...I never seem to be near my camera when those things happen and when I do get to the camera the sky's effect is past: )
It is a glorious day here-the sun is streaming through the trees and everything seems brilliant green. It's colder than....well you know, but once it warms up things will shape up into a beautiful day I think. Yesterday I scurried to disassemble more pots and made a nice combo simply with coleus 'Sedona' and a bushy mum that I think has a redviolet bloom. I don't know if anyone else got a freeze but here I'm thankful for living near the lake since it didn't get as cold as they predicted. So now I have this mammoth clerodendron on my porch! I naturally would cut it back but it's getting tons of buds on it. I want to see how easy this thing is to propagate by stem cuttings-I would share if anyone was interested.

These next several weeks will be a challenge.Tomorrow MIL is having a bone spur removed from her stump and a reconstruction of her stump muscle. I am so worried that this is her third general anesthesia in two years and I do notice mental decline with her. Think of us tomorrow. Sheesh surgery is at 5:30am!!!

Have a good day~


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Have been out of the loop a bit here but see such sad news -- everyone else has been so eloquent about her that I know I cannot top it. But Mary, you've found a fitting way to honor her. She was truly a kind, wise spirit.

The changing of the seasons seems a fitting time ....

Babs - neat re the clero -- I am impressed. They are so gorgeous - I'd love to have a piece but I suspect I'd not honor it by keeping it going over the winter. I have yet to bring my houseplants, cacti, etc., in - way behind in too much stuff!! HAVE to do this weekend on Sat. (gotta come to work Sunday, boo hiss). Good luck re your MIL's surgery -- it's always worrisome isnt it.

Looks like some Idyllers have had a marvey time in Canada -- what great fun.

V - sounds like you handled your DE problem with finesse and great managerial counseling -- would that we could all have supervisors handle matters that way!! Hoorah for you.

Well, gotta get back to the mines -- but I did want to offer my sympathy to all - I did not have much chance to interact with the Idyll Friend, but I observed from afar for longer and she was a very wise person who had the chance to live an interesting life - would that we could all do that, it would be enough, wouldnt it?


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

What a beautiful, fitting poem Mary...thank you for posting it! Started to write yesterday morning, but never got the chance. Had wanted to thank Sue for setting up the video...That was a very special treat for all of us! I wish I could have heard you all play. Wish I could have had you guys play here. I am really looking forward to the next Idyllunion. I was such a wreck and nervous (meeting you all for the first time) that I didnt really get to relax and just enjoy you all like I would have wanted. No matter, I will always treasure those days together. It was such a pleasure to meet you all...finally! But next time IÂll be able to chat, chat, chat and *really* enjoy! :-) I canÂt wait to hear Joni's "Urge for Going" sung in Deanne's lovely voice. BTW Deanne, yes, I have known and loved Joni's music since I was a young girl. She is a wonderful singer and writer and I think, a brilliant poetist as well. Can't wait to hear Mary playing the violin either. Mary, I fear youÂll bring me to tears though with your violin playing (you play *wonderfully) and violin music always stirs something deep in my soul!

Babs  I didnÂt get much sleep last night either and though I couldnÂt fall asleep, did not want to get out of bed this morning. Meant to wish you good luck the other day, but I knew you wouldnÂt need it. Who couldnÂt love you?! Oh boy, I do feel badly for RyanÂs teacher too...poor thing! You must have felt so badly too to see her in tears. That *is* a challenge for any teacher and for the other children too. ThatÂs kindergarten; right? Is there any way she could get an assistant? ThatÂs seems like a large group of kids and to have 6 of them with problems! Although I know classes sizes are much larger than they were when *this* old lady had a child in school. :-) How sweet to bring the teacher flowers...I bet she loved it and what a thoughtful way to boost her morale. Yesterday I spent most of the day just planting things that were sitting around waiting to be planted. I planted 2 Caryopteris ÂSnow Fairy in keeping with my plan to lean more on the shrubs and trees and less flowers. IÂll be keeping good thoughts about your MIL. I know it is very challenging and hard to watch. It is so hard, seems every day I see just a little bit more of mom going, but I am so grateful to have had all this time with her and when IÂm with her I just really try to live in the moment and I am joy filled when she gets a little inside joke that I share with her. I think I am on the edge though a lot of the time. The other day when I hugged her goodbye, I donÂt know this overwhelming feeling came over me and I couldnÂt let go of her and was choking on tears (that I didnÂt want her to see). Sorry...happier thoughts....This morning perched on the porch rail are two little sparrows and they are just the sweetest things. I donÂt know if one is mom and the other a child (they are the same size) or if it is husband and wife. But they are so close to one another, preening, cuddling...a very sweet picture.

V Â meant to tell you the other day and BugÂs post reminded me. Before we left on vacation Trudi called me. There was some mix up where she thought I had left a message on her machine asking to come see the garden. It wasnÂt me, but we had a nice little chat anyway. She asked about all you gardening gals and said how much she enjoyed our visit and wished we could have all stayed longer! :-) She told me that she received a lovely note from you, V, which she enjoyed very much. I asked her if she had the chance to visit you yet and she said she hadnÂt, but wanted to. I told her how lovely your property and home were and that she should give you a call. She *loves* where you live....I do too! :-)

Eden...I was so glad to hear the good news about your mom. I am so happy to hear that! Half way through the treatment too...what a boost for her and will help her to keep that fighting spirit! My DS is doing very well and her hair is starting to grow back. SheÂs thrilled to be able to apply mascara again! :-)

Woody your EE picture is perfect....exactly how I pictured them to be in my head! Well actually, itÂs better than I pictured it cause IÂm not sure I could grow such lovely specimens...LOL! All your plants looks so beautiful, healthy and happy. What a grand entrance! :-)

Marian  Thank you for sharing the lovely pics of your deck. It is *superb!* There you guys...see I can find other words if I dig deep! :-) BTW Marian I will be posting more pics of the vacation on my "For Mary" post, since you asked...anything to make you smile, dear friend! I think I even have some pictures of our little boat trip (excursion) the one you took while there. IÂll try to get that done today, but maybe not till tonight, as I have a wake to go to this afternoon for a friendÂs father. But I am going to post the balloon ride again now,just for you! :-)

Well girls I guess I better be getting ready. Still wishing I could see you *all* and give you all hugs.

Oh...I just caught Cindy as I was posting...Hi good to see you...I've been thinking of you and it was great to see you too's great to see you all! Bye for now!


Sailing by Christopher Cross

Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility

Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.

It's not far to never-never land, no reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy of innocence again

Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be

Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Fantasy, it gets the best of me
When I'm sailing
All caught up in the reverie, every word is a symphony
Won't you believe me?

Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be

Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

I know this song is about actually sailing on a boat, but that's how it feels sailing in the sky too and the mood of this song is how I fact this song was what was playing in my head as I was on the balloon....

Thinking of you all...

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Thanks Ei-*THAT'S* what I keep forgetting to tell Eden!! I'm telling you Eden, ever since you wrote about your mom's good news I've been meaning to tell you how relieved I felt for her and you too.Isn't that funny how I don't know her but still get a feeling of relief-I guess I've been worrying as you've gone along through your mom's care imagining how hard this has been. Same for you Ei-being able to wear mascara seems like such a simple thing for us---but it IS about the simple things we tend to overlook. I'm so happy for your sis!

Ei I have more I have to comment back to you about but alas it's time to get ready for work; ) I just HAD to tell Eden though.


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It seems rather strange to go on, but I know that is the way of life.
We did have frost on Tues. night. I lost a few of the annuals but even most of them made it. Actually, my containers look more tattered from the winds that we had before that. Rainy today and rain predicted up thru Saturday. I planted the final item from the pot ghetto. I do have 2 blueberry bushes that I will carry over in their pots as they are intended for McKenzies garden. Now as long as I dont buy anything more. LOL Actually, I was thinking about making a total shrub border along the cattle yard fence. You can get such interesting shrubs and some are relatively inexpensive.

V, I have a moving cart that I use to haul large pots around. Your sunrise sounds ethereal.

Mary, what a lovely and fitting poem.

Babs, positive thoughts going out to your MIL, you and Chris.

Ei, what great pictures of the hot air balloon. What fun that must have been.

Later Idylls

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I would like to add to the good news front!

Yesterday our oldest nephew went in for testing of the brain cancer/tumours and lung problems that have plagued him over the past year. All tests came up CLEAR. His lungs look a total mess, but the doctors are convinced they can be kept under control. Nurses in the various departments got the high five and were ecstatic. They see very little good news in their line of work. The family is of course rejoicing. In three months, another review of his situation.

Friend Ed with pancreatic cancer has survived a full two years with his alternative therapy and is enjoying real quality living!

Now for Bruce, our long time friend with stage 2 lung cancer. We are all sending positive thoughts and hope for a November visit while he is in remission. All digits crossed.

In all of these cases an optimistic outlook has been the key. The lesson is to find joy in every day.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yes, life must go on!

I will attempt to answer some questions and comments.

First, thanks to all for the lovely comments about my plant-covered deck.
Yes, Sue. This is dispite the deer and raccoons. No, I am not expecting frost, but you never know when nature will throw us a curve.
Sue, I installed that Flash site so I could hear your video. It's great...just not enough. :-) Thanks !

Babs, you can stop holding your nose now! LOL ! My feet were clean! I hope things are getting straightened out at the school. How sweet of Ryan to take a bouquet to the teacher.
I had trouble falling asleep last night too. Too much going through my mind! A nap pretty soon will help.
Ooooo, your comment about your MIL's bone spur makes me cringe! I'm not good at all with things like that. I understand about the anesthesia. It is a tricky business. I had my bigest problem with dental deadening!

Deanne, how did your visit with the dentist go? Hopefully no ill effects. No, I have no place ( other than on the deck )to set and see the full view. I stand at the utility room's door and look out the window to see it all. The pot with the Sedona coleus and potato plant is in view from one of the livingroom chairs. I never tried singing alto. Just always sang soprano. When I was in High School I was in the chorus class. Then at the same time I attended a church where the chorus teacher led the choir. He chose me as a first soprano along with a gal named Charlotte! ( She is the only 'Charlotte' that I ever knew, before Marie's.) :-)
It wasn't too long ago that I was asked to sing at a funeral, with a group. I did , but I am having much too much sinus and larnyx problems.

Woody, I hope your doggy walking isn't hurting you. I don't think I could do that. Thanks for the answer to my plant question. I have never tried the upright Alocasia. My canna isn't even 3' tall, but suits me fine. It has several blooms each year. It ( they )are in a tall plastic trash can that has a cracked bottom for drainage. It will eventually need to be divided and repotted. It gets filtered sunlight through the bladdernut, and some full sun, all in the forenoon. I don't have much success carrying EE bulbs over.

Teresa, Taryn,and all... thanks for being so gentle with my goof-up.
Taryn, I'm glad you mentioned the pink agastache again. Somehow I missed what you said on the other thread. I need to reread it. Yes, I too will cherish that plant. It is a long ways from setting seed, but is in a small enough pot that I'll bring it in. Maybe it will even live over winter indoors?

Mary, that is a beautiful poem, and a lovely title.Thank you.

V, I have a split-leaf phil, but it isn't too big for me to move. In fact it is pretty anemic looking,( although it was repotted in supposedly good potting soil). I moved the original plant from Idaho in a moving van. It was taller than the inside , so had to be folded.It has never done well here. My present plant is a start from it.

I was busy all morning cleaning and preparing the utility room for the bringing in process. I was doing fine, and had all the hangers inside, then hurt my back lugging in a jade tree. ( If I would have taken it out of the tub full of rocks, it would have helped! Dumb de dumb dumb! ) So now I am awaiting the comfort of the pain pill. :-)
I wish you had a pic of that sunrise. I love such pics.
I'm glad you have worked things out with the DE. How gifted to be so tactful. I am having to work on that trait.

So good to hear that both Ei's sis and Eden's mom are improving with the aid of chemo.

Eileen, "superb" is a neat word! Thanks. And thanks for returning the Balloon pics. You are a dear. I didn't take any pics on my Ferry ride, so yours can jog my memory.:-)
When did you go in the Balloon? And where?

Michelle, I have a small hand cart that I bought at Wal Mart just for moving plants. It sure is a back saver. Now why didn't I use it to move the jade? :-(
I'm sure you know you will have to keep those shrubs back a ways from the cow fence. Otherwise they will be well pruned on one side!

Marie, that is great about your nephew and your friend Ed. Now I pray that your friend Bruce will have equally good news. I haven't heard any more about Tim's friend Marvin. I seems I am surrounded with ailing friends. I don't think it used to be this way, and they are not all elderly either. My dad always thought you couldn't be sick unless you were old. It did seem to be pretty much that way in the 'olden days' .

Okie doakie, nap time!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Naps over! I feel better. I forgot to mention that I mowed the rest of the yard before working on the plant room. (I hadn't mowed all of it last week.)

Here are some pics of things the deer spared...taken today:

The large clump of lespedeza that I grew from seed:

The only sedum that escaped almost unscathed:

Garlic Chives ( very prolific! )

And the Penta that the deer pruned ( thanks deer! )


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Here's another video clip of Mary doing a violin solo. Short, I know but hopefully it showcases her talent to the extent it deserves. As part of the audience I want to say how entertaining it was to watch Deanne, Mary and Ric play and sing together. We certainly have some accomplished musicians and vocalists among us. I do have a longer clip(compliments of videographer, Doug) of the Idyll trio singing but can't get it to upload. The file must be too big. I'll try again tomorrow from work.

V's cold is coming here tonight-upper 30s F-hopefully not much colder because I haven't taken any steps to protect anything. Since the temps have been cooler than normal for the past month or so the tropicals and tenders are really slowing down. Time to take some coleus cuttings, I guess. We have the CT plant swap this Sunday and I plan to bring some cuttings to that. Something tells me it will all end early this year. In fact, you could say it already has with the passing of our good friend and philosopher.

Tom is off to his first ski club meeting tonight. Eeek! We join the club for the opportunity to pre buy ski tickets at a reduced rate. I told him not to get too

For some reason I'm out of sorts this week and it's getting me into trouble with the boss at work. Oh well, at least tomorrow is Friday.

Survivor is on. Nite all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening everyone,

Thanks to everyone for getting this thread going.

I taught today and have three more days so I'm a bit whipped and not too chatty tonight. I'm teaching that still life with the teapot design on it. You probably remember it? Anyway it really is a challenging piece and the day started out with lots of things just going wrong including my forgetting several colors of paint and the class sample at home. Arrrggghh... Then four of the students forgot it was a four day class instead of a three day class so when we called them at 9:00AM, when the class was supposed to start, they were still in Maine and northern Vermont. Well one of the gals (VT) decided not to come at all including the next three days so I lose the tuition for her and the other three didn't get to class until 1:00PM so were very late getting started so I had to play catch up with them for the rest of the afternoon. A difficult day.

Needless to say I'm a bit out of sorts myself tonight!

The gardens are looking so bedraggled since I've not been able to prune things out or deadhead for over a week now and there are a few things that are pretty dead looking from not getting enough water while I was gone. Oh well, the season is moving along and I guess it's time to let go a bit and start getting the house in order for the cold months ahead.


PS Sue I got that Fine Gardening article and Steve Silk's article doesn't say which plants get which treatment for wintering over. I wish it had been a bit more specific, especially for the banana's. From what I read it sounds like he treats it like the brugs. If he comes to your place would you ask him exactly how he winters over his bananas? LOL

Marian, lovely photos! Your lespedeza is especially beautiful.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi Woody, so sorry but I've forgotten several times to answer your question. That plant you asked me about is a Plectranthus 'Vanilla Twist'


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Just got done having a wonderful tour of Mary's & Marie's beautiful gardens.

No time to chat this a.m....I am already on the run, but just wanted to let Marian know that I have posted more Washington pics for her on the "For Mary" post.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


We dodged the cold last night-it only got down to 43 F at my house. This morning a hummingbird nearly flew into my face as I was walking to the garage to go to work. Last year I had them until October 1st. Gotta love those tender Salvias.

No time this morning...enjoy the day!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good chilly morning! It sure feels like fall today. I hope we have a little more warm weather, my brugs are loaded with buds and I am looking forward to the show. Sue, didn't yours bloom into October last year?

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all in NY and Canada. Mary and 'bug, I glanced briefly at the picture threads this AM, you both have wonderful gardens. I enjoyed hearing the musical interludes also - isn't technology wonderful? I'd love to hear an Idyll concert, but I would not participate - I love to sing with the radio, but I guess I am bad at it; my kids won't even let me sing in the car.

Saucy, I am looking forward to meeting you! So sorry to hear about Jake's arm. It is so hard when they are suffering and you can't make it go away. Shame on that school nurse for changing his meds, I hope you straightened her out.

V, glad things are turning around with your DE. It sounds like you handled things well. I was a manager briefly, and I would not want to be in your shoes.

Taryn, nice to see all the pics of your new home. Sounds like you are all settling in nicely. Hope you are finding time to garden too!

Deanne, in Sydney Eddison's book 'Gardens to Go', she says that Steve S. winters the bananas in two ways, both in the basement (cool, dark, little water). He either brings them in before frost with the leaves intact, or lets the frost kill some of the foliage then cuts it down. He says that both ways work, but the plants that are cut down "tend to be shorter and stockier than those that have been stored in their entirety." You would have loved his garden, especially the wall of tropical pots on the patio. You must go if it is open next year.

I do have to run off to work now, waving hello to everyone I missed!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi! Me again....

Wendy, I just read your post and I *knew* there was someone else who was growing brugs too. Was wondering if you ever overwintered yours before or if this is your first year with them? Would like to know how to overwinter them and also how to take cuttings....Anyone who can help me?...please?

P.S. Great to see you Wendy! :-)

Thanks! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL) again...last time, I *promise*! Meant to say in my post before how beautiful all of Marian's pics are. I *love* the color of your pentas. Yours looks to be a perfect happy, healthy, and lush. Any tricks to growing them well? I tried growing them one year, but mine were very sorry looking....maybe I needed to water more? I'm not much of a waterer. I also love your Lezepedza (sp.?). Doesn't it just tickle you to think those lovely...large shrubs were grown by your own hands from seed?!!? Beautiful!

Okay, now I really do have to go.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I too loved the shots of Marian's Lespedeza. My nursery offers 3 types, so I am wondering which one you have!

The reason I too am eager for a drawn out Fall is that my Vitex is about to bloom. The buds have been teasing me since before we went west for the wedding, and they still are not showing colour! I'm so eager to see them for the first time!

This morning I have already partially wiped out the mildewed basement with disinfectant. Tonight is French Club at the Mill in town where a friend will be singing French songs to another friend's guitar accompaniment. Then tomorrow...a gravel watch meeting at 8:30. Sigh....

Hoping that Taryn's new beds are started, that planning of her new gardens is coming together.

Today promises to be a long one for Deanne, but I expect things will come together much better than yesterday. Enjoy your students!

40F here last night, 60F expected tonight! Hoping to get some vegetable garden clean-up done today, perhaps some mowing too.

Enjoy your Friday! October is coming soon.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Will check in later w/a more fitting post. But heres my post from Tuesday:

The visit to the surgeon Monday went well. Both of us feel comfortable w/him and he answered all our questions. DD is scheduled to have her gallbladder out on 10/4.

Thanks everyone, for your comments and suggestions on the front landscaping project. Saturday, I dug in the huge boulder next to the driveway while Dh was in doing paperwork and its a huge improvement. Then after several unsuccessful creative strategies and tries, we used GDs snow saucer to move the boulder by the garage over by the maple and I dug it in as Deanne suggested.

The 9 "Limeglow" junipers, and a couple mums are planted, the sumac went back to the ghetto and Ninebark Summer Wine replaced it, and I moved 3 common hostas from the back to fill in the top of the boulder wall.

Oh Saucy, Im so sorry to hear about Jakes arm. Thank goodness he didnt need surgery! Im sure hell want to use it as an excuse to get out of homework. Itll be interesting to hear what solution you come up with.

((((Yeona)))), what challenges youve been having. Im so sorry to hear about your DS and the problems on Richeas side. Schizophrenia is such a terrible disease so hard to understand and deal with. My SIL was diagnosed after the wedding as bi-polar and DD has problems coping w/him. And my DS has threatened suicide several times. Thats bad enough. I know what youre dealing with is worse and my heart goes out to you. It is just so scary and heart-wrenching.

Oh, it sounds like another successful IU full of gardens, great food, chatter and friendship. Was Taryn taking the photo? I know youre really shy, Taryn, but we want to see your smiling face!

Ei, welcome back. What a fabu-fabu trip you had! I love the NW and would have been over the moon if I had visited where you did. Yeona, barbinbc if youre lurking, how about hosting an IU?! Wed need a week up there!

Marian, could those be flea bites? I had something similar a few weeks ago and think it was from a neighbors dog laying on my feet. They itched like crazy and took forever to go away. Hope youre feeling better soon.

V, Im sorry about your DE, Could it be the big-M making the problem worse?

Woody, so great to see you post. Welcome back. Im having a hard time with our puter being slow. Im wondering if somethings trying to take over our puter. Thanks for the info.

Michelle, Eden, I cant believe your GDs and my GN are all going to be 2 soon! They are such treasures and its so wonderful seeing them discover new things, isnt it.

Good luck, Babs, with the nurse supervisor. What a very responsible job youve taken on.

Glad to hear the travelers have all made it home safe and sound. Gotta run and get in the garden before the rains move back in this afternoon. Hi to all. TTYL,


I wasnt able to log in Tuesday. After I finished this post, DD phoned and asked me to meet her at Urgent Care. She had a severe gallbladder attack. They have her some meds and as I was taking her home, she had a scary reaction pounding heart, white as a sheet, pinpoint pupils, etc.. So I whipped the car around and flew back to Urgent Care. Her heart rate was all over the board. Scary for a Mom to see. Tests and hrs. later, they transported her to the hospital and scheduled surgery for Wed. am. That went OK and I brot her home yesterday pm.

Hope to check in later. Im off to the shower for my haircut appt.

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Hi everyone

a pensive day yesterday has lingered into this morning. As well as the loss of our dear friend, yesterday was also the anniversary of my Father's death. I spent time thinking of the bonds we share and honoring both their memories. Dad was a devoted and caring husband and father, loved music (he sang with the local Choral society) and was a passionate gardener. I feel the joy I get from the children, pleasure in music and delight in growing plants are things that bring our spirits closer. A great regret is that he passed away long before I married or had planted my first seed. What a time we would have now sharing those things together!

Our dear friend touched my life in a different way. Her sharing with us was soemthing that had a profound effect. Whenever I think of her special wisdom and tolerance I make a vow to try harder to be more like her. I like to think her spirit will linger here, helping us smooth out miscommunications, embrace our differences, laugh together, share and support each other.

Deanne - sounds a trying day indeed!

Honey - very scary indeed with your DD's heart rate. I'm glad her surgery has been scheduled and hope she is pain free till then.

Eden and Ei - that is the most fantastic news that both your loved ones have responded so well. I'll still keep thinking of them.

I have lots more to comment but I need to run to a meeting. Hope to be back later


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Quack, Quack! LOL Another cold rainy and windy day.

Thanks Sue, I enjoyed hearing the Idyll music jam. Mary is a wonderful player. Id love to hear Deanne sing though.

Marian, does all the garlic chives deter the deer? Despite the deer, things are looking very nice at your place. About the cattle yard, it really is the former cattle yard, as we no longer have any livestock.

bug, great news for your nephew and friend Ed, I hope all continues to go well for them both. Bruces situation sounds pretty serious, I hope that he can find the type of treatment that will give a good quality of life. Cancer is such nasty stuff.

Deanne, I hope today goes more smoothly for you. Working with people can be very frustrating at times, but there are the fun and rewarding times as well. I hear you on the bedraggled gardens. With my busy week last week and this week being all rain, I havent been the gardens for 2 weeks.

Ei, I was wondering how you overwinter the A. Illustris

Honey, what a scare with your DD. Did she have the surgery this past Wednesday?

With the talk about Steve Silks article in FG and his interest in Sues garden, I was curious to see the article when my FG arrived this week. Funny thing was my magazine didnt have the article. I read on the perennials forum that the Dec. issue is out. When I checked FGs website it shows the Sept/Oct issue as the current issue, but does say that US subscribers should receive their issue by July 23. Funny that mine shows up almost 2 months late. I cant help but wonder if my mail lady is a gardener???

Tomorrow Im off to a tree and shrub sale.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

All I have time for is a quick hello! Just about an hour to go 'til I head up north to my friend Dawn's cottage in Parry Sound, with another friend Vickie and my sis. YESSS, girls weekend!!! I am sooo looking forward to a fun getaway with my buds (pictured with me on my house thread) and my sis.

Honey, so scary about your DD but glad it went well, and hope she finds relief now..

Mary, perfect poem to remember a special lady with. Thank you...

Hi Wendy! Yes, I'm finding time to prepare gardens at least, before the plants actually go in the ground. Have lasagned a new curvy bed (enlarged existing bed) and so far have done cardboard, peat and grass clippings. Aged manure and garden mix next, then we're good to go. Neighbors must have thought I was quite the site shoveling cow dung down off the back of a pick-up truck, lol. Oh well, they know what I'm up to, even supplied the grass clippings. :) Taking before and after pics to track my progress.

Okay, boys are going to be home soon, Glenn leaving for work, sitter on way and I have to pack food, wine and clothes (in that order!).

Have a good weekend, and don't take the pics down! No time to load now...


PS I did see Ei's hot air balloons yesterday, and that looks like SUCH fun!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just in for a quick lurk & hiho. . . .

First, to say to Honey so scary about your DD I feel for you as a Mom I hope she gets relief Fast...and it was a good thing "Mom" was there to watch & safeguard her!! Sounds as usual in meantime youve done a tremendous amount of work what a work horse you are.

Nada from me in that area my day job has taken up all the time and nites & now this weekend... gotta do it but am hoping the worst will be over by Monday when our big "project" is due. . . .

Yeona my heart goes out to you and your family troubles I too have family members who have suffered from depression it is as horrible as any cancer or other life-threatening "physical" illness -- I wish the insurance community would recognize it and make it such that it is easier for all afflicted to the fastest best, proper treatment they need. But there are no "magic" bullets that work immediately so lots of family understanding support and perseverance are vital. Sounds like you do that in a most excellent way.

Marian Ive been loving your photos too and have probably been remiss in not commenting on them its looking so lovely. I just dont have time to sneak in all my comments to everyone so its a hit-or-miss affair. Love your autumn look though you really do have a lot of color going on despite the deer. Glad youre feeling better too.

I too only got to take a quick peek at the great CA union photos so wonderful I know the rest of us are all envious!! Woody, its wonderful to see & "hear" you but wow, what a pain for you to access this site youre a dear to have persevered & tried to do. Wish you had an old computer you could hook up just for us! so if it got infected you wouldnt loss your vital stuff.

And so great to see Eis trip photos all these things are like a good book to me it takes me away & lets me forget about the daily crapola a great way to daydream. I like to say how annoying it is for my job to "interfere" with my personal life!! But it does pay the bills so I best not complain too loudly.

Michelle I too got my December FG mag w/ the Silk article whats up with yours? how strange you should phone them & complain!! Ive had mags send me another issue (I definitely used to have neighbors who "copped" my Newsweek all the time but thankfully they must have moved). Heres hoping your rain stops (& p.s., a package is finally!! on its way to you...dont feel bad if you cant do anything totally my fault).

I wondered how frosty it had gotten at Sues w/ her Silk visit & tropicals its been cool here too but supposed to hit 80 the next 2 days I have yet to bring anything in; so thats the chore for Saturday (my only weekend day), absolutely mandatory! Then office on Sunday.

So hope all have a restful peaceful weekend (P.S. Taryn great to see you back gotta check out your photo thread; havent had chance to do but hope to see this weekend!).

Toodles -- Take care all


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Hi Cindy! Hey if you want I can see how rooting the Clero goes and I could send you a cutting in spring if you want. It's such a cool plant and vigorous grower I think everybody should have one: )

OOOOH!Mary you are an EXCELLENT violinist-how fun to see and hear you! Thanks Sue for setting that up.Mary,what was the name of that piece? You have such a nice rich sound. What age were you when you started? Have you played continually since then?
You and I are so alike-with our connection to our dads through music(Did your dad play an instrument?)and gardening. I too started gardening after my dad was no longer able to but in my case my dad didn't have the mental capacity to discuss gardening so it was such a let down for me at the time. Still I do feel him very nearby when I play my clarinet and garden(and use his old composter lol). I agree that I would have enjoyed discussing gardens/plants/trees with my dad if it were possible. Taryn has that same dad/music connection-I wonder if her dad was into gardening(taryn I'd be interested to know that).

Ei, Ryan's teacher has an aide working with her for such a large group(personally I think she needs two aides). Class size for early childhood classes is a hot topic with me. I think class size is a very crucial part of having a good introduction to school-I just can't imagine how they can run the class smoothly with SO many kids-I suppose if there weren't so many badly behaved kids it would be a little better but not much IMO. Ryan has been fidgety and talks more than he should so hopefully he'll settle in soon.Lol actually since the bad group of kids is so disruptive I don't think Ryan seems as much of a problem(silver lining? lol)
Sorry about your mom's gradual decline-hard to watch I agree. I know your mom appreciates all you do for her-you're a good daughter.

MIL's surgery went well and I'm glad the duration of surgery was only 45 min. They also did a small incision to do the work so that hopefully means recovery is shorter. She seems less groggy this time so I'm optimistic about things. Thanks for all the positive vibes from Michelle,Ei,& Cindy.

Deanne-sorry you've had a tough go of it with your students-it's sounds like such a frustrating situation...I would feel crabby: )

Marian-that lespedeza is impressive-how old is that plant? That must feel good to have a seeded plant do so well. As far as sedum and deer go-I don't mind if they prune my sedums in spring because that justs let them grow fuller but I would be miffed if they ate them this time of year since they offer nice color right now. That Penta is nice and healthy looking.

Honey that is so scary about your DD's gall bladder! I hope she's doing better now after her surgery. I guess that nurturing feeling toward our kids is just as strong even when they are adults-they are always our 'babies' when they get sick. I'm so glad you were with her when she had the reaction-imagining what could have happened is scary.

Lol Michelle's a Puddle duck; )-and Taryn's a Lucky duck getting to go on a girls' weekend out! I'm jealous: )

Tomorrow is AJ's CC meet-with MIL in the hospital and all the backed up stuff I need to take care of...I am secretly hoping the meet gets cancelled by thunderstorms that are predicted.Bad mom. Bad,bad mom :O)

What a week. While I do enjoy my job,it's quirky in that I get kids who I think just want to visit me more than get medical care and in between flurries of scrapes,bloody noses and tummy aches I am actually making progress in my filing(I think-unless there's something I'm forgetting to do!-I always have that feeling). It's nice that the secretary has a wonderful sense of humor-humor is a necessity I think.

Longest post from me in a while : )


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Mary, I just want to say how I admire you for being able to state so eloquently how you feel about your dad. Be secure in the knowledge that he is very proud today of the woman you've become.

So far no go on uploading the longest video clip of the Idyll trio performance. It's well under the length requirement of 5 minutes at the Photobucket site but every time I try to upload it, both at home and at work, it totally shuts down my internet connection. Jerri, are you out there? Help!

I heard from Steve Silk again today. He's shooting for a visit sometime next week. Michelle, you need to contact Fine Gardening. Although I think it's crazy to send out the December issue now, it is a bit late to be receiving July and there has to be something between. Deanne, I believe Steve stores his bananas dormant in a cold cellar area.

Honey, I'll bet you wonder how you you ever worked. Glad to hear the DD is OK. My mom had her gallbladder out a few years ago. Isn't it fairly non invasive surgery now? My mom likes to descibe her surgery by making these sucking sounds like she's getting the end of a drink through a

Taryn, enjoy your weekend away!

Big garden weekend ahead...tomorrow I need to dig plants for the CT plant swap on Sunday but I received a postcard in the mail yesterday that one of my specialty nursery haunts is having an end of season sale this weekend. The nursery is a 40 minut drive one way. Now I'm wondering how fast I can dig. From the swap I have to run to a 2 PM lunch reservation for my MIL's BD. She likes to celebrate on the actual day and when you're 82 who argues? lol As luck would have it she lives more or less out in the same direction as the swap but I will have to bring a change of clothes.

Babs, the kids no doubt want to visit you because you're nice and show interest in them beyond the scrapes.

OK, I'm toast. Have fun and enjoy what few hours are left of summer


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I've tried to speed read as I was scrolling down but I'm missing most of the details. So forgive me as I share a very V-centered post tonight.

It's been a whirlwind week at work, but it was a happy whirlwind. Yesterday my boss asked me to go to an awesome conference next week, "...and if some of the office work gets behind, so be it." I am so, so excited, and I will see some former customers while I am there and will try to recruit them as new customers. I already spoke to one woman today and she was so excited on the phone that I am almost over-the-top happy. I did three days' worth of work in one today and feel very energized.

And if that isn't enough, last night DH and I were honored at the annual banquet for our county Soil and Water Conservation District as Conservation Land Owners of the Year! Lots of photos were taken, so I will try to link to one as soon as possible.

I'm taking my laptop on the road with me, so I hope to catch up with reading and comments. In the meantime, a big, happy hi from me!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, I dont have a lot of time here but I wanted to pop in and say hello.

V. Congratulations!!! That is just wonderful and you are so deserving of that honor. Cant wait to see your photographs. What a great time you are going to have at that conference. Im sitting here smiling to seeing your happiness. Thanks for sharing the good news.

Wow Sue, sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend. I could use some of your energy right now. Thanks for the banana info.

Babs, you are one of those special people who really listens to children when they talk to you. That is why they want to visit. You take them seriously and make them feel special.

Hi Cindy, I hope you get everything accomplished today that youd like to.

Taryn, have a great weekend with the girls!

Michelle, youll have to let us know what you score at the shrub sale. ~~ Bummer about the magazine. I agree with Sue, you really should contact them and see whats up with that.

Mary, thinking of you and sending hugs. You should be a writer. You are so gifted at putting powerful feelings into words simply and beautifully.

Honey, how scary about your DD. Mine had to have hers out when she was only 19 years old!! I was so surprised because I really didnt know that could be a problem for such a young girl. I hope your DD is doing OK and feeling well soon. ~~ I didnt mean that you HAD to move that rock!!! I felt guilty for recommending you dig it in when I read about how much trouble it was.

Thanks Bug, you are right, yesterday was a much better day in class. Things are going well and the ladies are doing a wonderful job with their paintings.

Wendy thanks very much for the info about wintering the bananas. I think Im going to hack out a pup, pot it up and keep the little one under lights then chop the top off the big one. Unfortunately I dont really have enough room to keep it intact over the winter. Im looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

Hi Eileen!

Hi Marian!

OK Im out of time and I have to get myself ready and off to work. Have a great day everyone.


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I've started and stopped this post 100 times in the past week. It seemed better to read along than post something quick and quirky during an emotional time for the Idylls.

Do have some good things to share:

Woody: The little roses are still blooming and will stay in the ground for the winter. The first ones to pop in February are definitely the doubles!!! Actually have a double white. It was a treat to see all the pics from the Idyll visit ...

Deanne: Your 'Jean Pasco' brug will be sent by UPS early next week. In your honor, I have nurseried a Rugosa to give a standard a shot. I'll let you know how it works in 15 years or so :-)

To all who have posted pics of their various travels: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This has been a stay at home few years and to visit places vicariously is wonderful.

Marian: I have uncovered my nose and instead buried it in the pics of your deck. Wonderful! Aren't deer smarter than us sometimes? I could never get Penta to bloom until a critter pruned mine :-)

It's a dank day here. Need to reorganize my office and am making it a point to get to my Mom's and Dad's with some tomatoes. Kyle mentioned that he is one of the few people his age he knows who has all four original grandparents alive. With the loss of many important people, lately, he's seeing the treasure in the wisdom of those who love him.

Taking a deep breath, now .... Getting here each day was certainly a worthy vow but seems next to impossible. Hoping my popping in and out won't disrupt the flow. I doubt it; there's no other group like this in the world.

Am going apple-mad today and will be adding several more pies to the freezer. There are so many varieties available out there and, of course, we need to see what each one tastes like both raw and cooked. Poor Us!! LOL

Also -- we Finally got the pavers for the walkway abutting the main bed!!! Will take pics as we go along. The plants can finally be put in place (at least in my mind until next Spring).

Best from Connecticut --


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Just going to pop in to say we are between storms, and I shut down every time one comes through. We have been under storm warnings since early yesterday afternoon, including tornado warnings. They are passing through thick and fast ! I have heard of no damage in our area, but we have had some hail, and some gusty winds. We have received over 3 inches of rain during the night! I brought in a lot more of the plants thursday evening, when I heard the word "hail" in the forecast. The thunder was constant...all night long. I know I am weird, but I find it exciting! The biggest problem, so far, is that Tommy absolutely will not go to the 'bathroom' indoors, and will not go out in the rain, so he becomes one very uncomfortable cat! Finally, between storms, Nolon took a walk up the driveway, and Tommy went far enough to 'do his job'... :-). ( His 'bathroom' is up the driveway).
Our power has only went out for a couple of minutes yesterday eve. I need to praise the power company. It has sure improved since we first moved here.
No thunder, even in the distance. Seems quite strange for it to be so quiet!
I won't press my 'luck' here, so I'll talk to you all later.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Random thoughts from skimming the past few days Im sure Ill forget something/someone

V - congratulations! From the pictures posted from the IU, its easy to see why they selected you.

Honey - I hope your DD is OK now. What were the symptoms prior to her getting to the point where trips to the hospital were necessary? Barbs youngest daughter (15) has been having repeated bouts of nausea for the past two years or so and is currently waiting for results of a number of tests. It occurred to me that maybe she has the same problem as your DD - although 15 sure seems young for that.

Martie - Im glad the seeds produced some good plants for you. I dont think Ive seen any double white ones in mine although there are lots of white ones and some double pale pinks. Part of the fun of growing the roses is you never know what is going to pop up but I like them all! Mine are starting to move on to their fall color phase (hips) now. Heres a picture of the oldest ones in the garden this morning:

Babs - Im feeling my age - your classroom tales are making me remember my odd early school years. We lived in a rural area that didnt have a big population so schools were a bit non-standard. My sister, who is two years older than me, actually started grade 1 in a one-room school with grades 1-8 in one room - in 1961! It was the same school, and pretty much the same conditions, that my mother had attended in the 1920s (in fact, my grandfather had donated the land for the school so it was actually at the far end of his farm) By the 1960s, young school teachers were not trained to cope with such conditions and my sister had something like 5-6 teachers in her grade one year because they kept quitting! For her second year, the school board had hired an older teacher who had taught in those conditions early in her career and knew how to cope. The teacher boarded with us so my sister got some much-needed personal tutoring to help make up for a bad grade1! By the time I started school the next year, they had closed that school and bused us to the next school down the road. Big improvement - 2 room school with only grades 1-4! gr. 1&2 were together (about 30 kids in total) gr. 3&4 together. That school also closed after my grade 4 year. Grade 5 was spent in a slightly larger school - 6 rooms; one for each grade! That school also closed and we were finally bused into town but the pattern continued of fitting the kids from the Grove into whatever school had some space for us - resulting in some very long bus rides. By the time my sister and I each finished high school, we had attended 7 schools! It didnt do us much harm; most of the kids from the Grove turned out OK. I still keep in touch with some people I knew before grade 1. I hope Ryans classroom situation works out OK but I think good attitudes about education at home can make up for a lot of deficiencies at school - not a popular attitude perhaps but one I lived through fairly successfully.

Marian - Wow! Thats a lot of rain! Good thing you had the roof done not so long ago ;-) Thunderstorms are not so dramatic without the noise, so I dont find them a big deal anymore. I mainly worry about not knowing one is near and going out for a walk.

Sue - the Silk visit sounds like a pretty exciting thing to look forward to! Hopefully, well hear all about it, right.? I like big-leafed plants and Id be tempted to try to grow a banana in a pot but I dont know where to find one. I have seen them sometimes sold as houseplants, although Im not sure if they would be the hardier type - is that how you started or did you find a source for the hardier ones?

Deanne - thanks for the name of the plant - Im likely to forget the long part, but Vanilla Twist should be easy to remember Im not sure whether Ill use it again next year of get some perennials in where it is now. Ill probably aim for perennials but I havent decided what yet. You cant quite see it in this picture of the north alley I took yesterday afternoon. The begonias will likely be replaced with perennials next year too.

Mary - we tried the lemon chutney with the curry I made for supper on Thursday. It was good - but not as good as our homemade tomato one :-) Well try to other one next week.

Marie said all of you had like the heptacodium tree in the front bed. Its still not fully in bloom - very slow this year for some reason.. - but the butterflies and bees are enjoying it. No butterfies on it this morning though when I took this picture:

Hi to everyone I missed.

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Its wet again, but only lightly raining and fairly warm, so I am in the garden. The poor containers were still in the shed from Tuesday night. We have gotten over 5" of rain in 2 weeks.

After the shrub sale we went on to the city and picked out a new dryer. My Maytag was 29 years old. Hows that for service? Needless to say I got another Maytag. I also picked up some alliums and tulip bulbs. We hit 3 states after work. Talk about traveling.

Martie, we have several apple orchards within a couple of miles of our place. I love to go apple picking. A fall tradition here. My DD used to shimmy up the trees to get the big ones. I miss that now when we go just the 2 of us. Maybe in a few years Kenzie can shimmy up for the big ones;o)

Woody, the heptacodium tree is lovely. I have never heard of it.

Deanne, I ended up with 4 shrubs that were 5 bucks each and 8 perennials for 2.50 ea. The perennials were 5 hostas, a clematis, a yucca golden sword and lysimachia golden alexander (you have that one dont you?) The hostas were all nicer named varieties that I didnt have. I have a fair amount of shade space that is empty.

V, congratulations on the award. It sounds like you had a great week.

Sue, I just have to say it again, the fact that Steve Silk wants to visit your garden is just so exciting.

Taryn, have fun on your girls weekend. I know I did a couple of weeks ago.

Babs, that is so sweet that the kids want to visit you. I would too ;o)

I will probably call FG and find out whats up. The issue that I got was the Sept/Oct The funny thing is that I hadnt gotten it for a year or so and then signed up again. I was supposed to get a "free gift" of a plant combinations issue. Well I got the first issue and then the bill but no "free gift" So I called and complained. They said their records showed that it was sent but they would send it again. It still didnt come so I called again and they sent another. I did finally get it and then another showed up. The 2rd time they were starting to get a little snotty to me. Maybe they are trying to get back at me. My name is probably on a list of troublemakers. LOL

Later Idylls

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi guys-

What a damp, gray day today. I can't seem to get motivated, this cold I've been fighting is dragging me down. I started to box up some of the summer clothes, but I "ran out of huff and puff" as my Nana used to say.

Honey, what a scare with your DD. Good thing you were there with her. Hope she feels much better now and recovers quickly.

Mary, I meant to tell you how much I admire you for taking your son camping. What a testosterone-filled weekend that will be! I don't like camping at all, don't really even know how to do it. My DH was in the army, so he knows "too much" about it and doesn't enjoy it (that is why we vacation in a cottage) but he goes to the scout events for DS. I guess when they get older, the scouts do winter camping, and DH has already said to me that is where he draws the line - he won't sleep in an igloo!

Hi Woody! Nice to see you back here. Your gardens are looking great, BTW. Is that north alley the same one you were working on last year? It looks great!

V, amazing how things can turn around, huh? Contrats on the award - what an honor. So nice to have all of your hard work recognized. The conference sounds like fun, a change of pace for you to be able to get out of the office.

"Blabs", nice to see you. So, were there thunderstorms? I used to wish for thunder at DD's soccer practices too. You should be flattered that the kids want to visit you - my kids don't like the nurse at the elementary school, she just isn't very friendly I guess. Hope your MIL is doing well.

Ei, the brugs I have were from cuttings that Sue gave me last fall when I first met some of the NE Idylls. They were about 8-10" long I think. I kept them in water all winter as Deanne advised. I potted them up in April or so, and brought them outside a few weeks later. I am debating about wintering the whole plants over this year, I may just take cuttings and start over. I loved looking at your vacation pics, especially the rainforest. There is something pre-historic about those huge trees, they are amazing.

Well, I think I'll go curl up with the new Fine Gardening mag. Speaking of which, you should complain Michelle - I e-mailed them once when my magazine was chewed up by some postal equipment and they promptly sent me a replacement via first class mail.

Have a great rest of the day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We were off before 8am to a meeting today but I did try to post a message to all here first. Obviously that failed somehow....

First I am wondering how Doug's foot is after his hike here last weekend.

So once more, happy news from so many is a treat to read: Congratulations to V & her sweet DH on their award, to Taryn on a get-away with the gals, to Babs on success with the kids at work (I'm sure their evaluation of your work is the most meaningful), to Sue on her big garden weekend and forthcoming Silky visit, Cindy on her hard earned riches (LOL!)working 6 days a week, Honey on being there for DD when needed, and everyone else I have missed. The intricacies of a day in an ordinary life amaze me.

My ordinary day involved a 6 hour long meeting of amazing people working for the common good. So much time commitment and energy from every one. Personally I needed to stop at the nursery on the way home, even though I knew Charlotte was impatient to see us. I collected a fringed poppy, another caryopteris and some more of my favourite bulbs. I am so tired, time for a rest now. Happy weekend to one and all!
Integrifolia seedheads

Helenium in the wind-

Anemone Charlotte with Cotinus-


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We were off before 8am to a meeting today but I did try to post a message to all here first. Obviously that failed somehow....

First I am wondering how Doug's foot is after his hike here last weekend.

So once more, happy news from so many is a treat to read: Congratulations to V & her sweet DH on their award, to Taryn on a get-away with the gals, to Babs on success with the kids at work (I'm sure their evaluation of your work is the most meaningful), to Sue on her big garden weekend and forthcoming Silky visit, Cindy on her hard earned riches (LOL!)working 6 days a week, Honey on being there for DD when needed, and everyone else I have missed. The intricacies of a day in an ordinary life amaze me.

My ordinary day involved a 6 hour long meeting of amazing people working for the common good. So much time commitment and energy from every one. Personally I needed to stop at the nursery on the way home, even though I knew Charlotte was impatient to see us. I collected a fringed poppy, another caryopteris and some more of my favourite bulbs. I am so tired, time for a rest now. Happy weekend to one and all!
Integrifolia seedheads

Helenium in the wind-

Anemone Charlotte with Cotinus-


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Marie, all the pictures are great but that picture of the Cotinus and Anemone is just exquisite. You certainly have an eye for the artistic shot. They're so good, they should be seen twice.

I'm just finishing up my food contribution for the plant swap tomorrow-whoopie pies, of course. People are actually requesting them Naturally I had to sample a few just to make sure they were OK.

Where did the day go? I slept in a bit later than usual and lingered over coffee. After that I decided to take the drive out to Carol's Collectibles, one of my nursery haunts. I hadn't been there yet this year but actually thought she had maybe gone out of business because her website has been down. As it turns out she is still very much in business and I certainly contributed to the cause today. Usually when I go there I'm the only customer because the nursery is at her home and that is out in the boonies. Today the place was crawling though and with interesting people. Dr. Nick Nickou was there with a bunch of his cronies from the CT Rhododendron Society. Dr. Nickou is a well known CT plantsman who is known for his extensive collection of woody plants. I'll bet he's not a day younger than 80 and he got a kick out of it when I told him I had been to his garden. His friends, all men, were trying to convince me I needed to join the CT Rhododendron Society and attend their meetings. They said if I joined I would bring the average age of the membership down by at least 10 They were a funny bunch. I don't think I've ever seen that many men at a nursery at one time before.

Halfway through my visit a woman arrived who everybody seemed to know. She asked me where I lived and when I told her she said she did too. As it turns out she lives near me at a house that I drive by everyday and have always wondered who the gardener was. She is also very involved in all the plant societies and hort clubs. So, with all this socializing and plant shopping I ended up staying at Carol's for hours. What amazed me is how many of these seemingly extreme gardeners didn't know about Gardenweb. I gave out the web address to most of them. One guy gave me his business card so I could e-mail him some info. More garden friends...just what I need, right? lol.

Anyway, by the time I got home and had lunch I barely had enough time to dig the plants I promised to people for the swap tomorrow. Then I had to water all the containers, workout, make dinner and bake. Tom ran out to the fish market and picked up fresh swordfish for dinner. He grilled it and I tossed a salad together and steamed some fresh zucchini from the local farm stand. Quick, easy and delicious. I want to get up at 5 tomorrow morning so I'd best get to bed soon. This morning I stripped the bed and never remade it so there's something else I have to do before I can crash.

Michelle, I can't imagine you would be on anybody's troublemaker list.

Woody, the hardy banana I grow is Musa basjoo. I got mine from a mailorder place in New Jersey called Fairweather Gardens. Logees Greenhouses also sells them but I don't know if either place ships to Canada. You might try asking the banana forum here at Gardenweb. I love the Heptacodium. Mine has only been in the ground a little over a year but already shows lots of promise. Monique has two of them and the older one is getting quite large. Late blooming plants are always at the top of my list.

Allright, pumpkin time again.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, I'm late, late, late so only have a moment to say hi and wish everyone a good day.

Have fun at the plant swap Sue!

Marie, love your pics. I need to get a Cotinus.

OK must be outta here.

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'bug -- The seedheads! Which C.integrifolia is that or do all of them have that habit? I have a obelisk (?sp?) in the center of the main bed. Was put in for a climbing Peace rose that is at least 12' tall but never threw a bloom. I need something with long interest there and this may be it??? Full sun but can easily throw some shade at the bottom.

Sue -- I need to hear all about the swap. AND all about Steve Silk. I'd need to go back through about 200 posts to figure it out. LOL Can you give a rebrief lowdown??

The meeting for DS's study in Osaka was a bit disheartening. I give them credit for getting everyone together and explaining, though. The financial side alone would have been a nightmare to figure out and this meeting really did help. It's looking less and less like Osaka will be involved in the exchange for this school year. Everyone's readjusting thinking to UK in Fall '07. Hmmmmm, Scottish gardens in October ...... LOL and here's to a glass half full.

Have been following along with everyone's ups and downs and lefts and rights. Here's hoping there's always something to look up for .... :-)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, quiet here today. We had a windstorm blow through this afternoon while I was teaching and I got home to find quite a few of the containers blown over. What a mess! I feel for all those who had to deal with the more violent part of this front.

Class was a challenge today. ONe of the gals changed colors then wanted to know how to balance the colors in the painting and there was no way to do it because of her color choices. Hmmmppffff.... YEsterday a few feaked out because I had one more scallop in the drawing than there was on the real painting. Crimminies.... I'm to old to deal with this stuff anymore. I used to just smile my way through it and now I just get cranky. LOl I told Doug I needed to do some theraputic nursery shopping.

So Sue, how was the plant swap? Did you have any whoppie pies left? Did you score anything good at the plant swap?

OK I think dinner is ready. time to run.

Have a great evening all.


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Hello everyone

is it Sunday evening already? This weekend really zipped past. We were busy with music lessons Saturday, and an evening at the theatre for me with friends to see a new production of "Dial M for Murder". Today I escorted David selling popcorn, followed by a Den meeting where the Cub Scouts bowled while we planned out the years activities. My assignments are to lead the songs at October's campfire and arrange a Fencing class for the boys in April. I think I got off quite lightly;0)

In between running around I was testing out the new smoker I bought. Inspired by the delicious home smoked salmon I had at both Deanne's and Woody's I went on line and found a very reasonably priced smoker. It arrived Friday and I tried it out with a piece of salmon, which was very good, though not up to the standard of Doug's or Woody's DH's. Would you guys mind sharing your recipes? Today I set the smoker up again and smoked a fresh picnic ham I had been brining and a turkey. The ham was absolutely delicious and we all enjoyed it with new potatoes and homemade applesauce for dinner. The turkey looks and smells good, but after 12 hours still isn't fully cooked. Good job I don't have a table of hungry Thanksgiving guests waiting! I might have to finish it in the oven in order to get in in the fridge by bedtime. I aiming to have a freezer full of good things to heat up for when I'm working longer hours.

Deanne - treat yourself to a nice glass of wine to unwind after your trying day! That would test anyone's patience.

Sue - I bet the Whoopie pies were a hit.

Wendy - I agree about winter camping being over the top. Our older Scouts do ice camping too. Like you I know several parents that have passed on that one - anything that night result in hypothermia is not my idea of fun.

Martie - that sounds dissapointing that the Japan study might not work out.

Taryn - hope you are having a lot of fun with just the girls!

Marie - more gorgeous shots from your lovely garden.

Babs - Hope your MIL is doing OK. What a lot for her to go through. I started playing the violin when I was 7. I've always played with an ensemble, though right now my quartet playing is down to once every month or so. Over the years I've played at weddings, with community orchestras, chamber groups, accompanying choral groups and in the pit for musicals. In High School and college it was a fun way to make some extra money. I'm rather out of practice now but still love to play. I'm glad we're rounding up some music making Idylls!

Marian - your soprano voice would be lovely with Deanne's deep Alto!

V - many congratulations!! Hearing news like that is always a treat.

Michelle - what great plant bargians you found. You'll inspire me to check out the nurseries for end of season bargains.

Woody - the Heptacodium looks as great in the photo as it does in real life. The fragrance was so wonderful too.

Cindy - you must be in the home stretch for you big work project. I bet you're looking forward to having some time to yourself again. Are you enjoying nice fall weather?

Hi Ei, Honey, Eden, Teresa, Drema, - are you out there? And anyone I might have missed.

have a good evening


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Jeez, it's been quiet around here lately. At times I feel like I'm talking to, maybe I am.

The plant swap was a big hit as usual. We don't get as many people in the fall but have just as much fun. In addition to plant swapping we eat some incredible food and of course gab away for hours. Unfortunately I had the 2 PM lunch reservation and had to pass on the main courses but I did sample the baked goods-homemade everything-pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, blueberry cake, was like somebody looked up all my favorite recipes. Between those treats, lunch and a piece of BD cake I'm still stuffed. No dinner tonight. I generally don't take much home from the swaps. At this one I got a Rhododendron, a couple of daylilies, and some ferns. Hopefully I can start reworking some garden areas next weekend and get the pot ghetto cleaned out. I was really good about plant buying this year up to a week or so ago. Now it seems like I've gone off the deep

Martie, Steve Silk contacted me after I visited his garden a couple of weeks ago and signed the guest register. Apparently he lurks on GW and had seen some pictures I posted. He asked if he could come over and see my garden in person before the season ended. He's shooting for a day this week.

Where did the weekend go?


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Hi Sue - just to let you know you're not alone. It sounds like a really fun day. Mmmm - pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting... I almost went back to the nursery for a Little Honey today but there simply wasn't a spare moment. Probably just as well as I need to do some clear up before anything else goes in. I wonder if our Honey has a Little Honey?

Looking forward to hearing about Steve Silk's visit


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Im here too. We had a very laid back relaxing day. I really needed it after the last couple of weeks. I took a nap, watched a little TV and spent a little time outside.

I was just looking at some of the videos that I have taken of my garden. The oldest was from 2002. I couldnt believe how much things have changed in 4 years. The containers that I did 4 years ago were absolutely pathetic. LOL When I look at these videos I realize that I have grown as a gardener. (I have a long way to go though)

Sue, I actually had my plant ghetto basically cleared, but Friday night I got 4 shrubs and 8 perennials. I also picked up a bunch of bulbs. Im hopeless, but at least Im not alone. It sounds like theres some pretty good food at the swap. There arent any swaps around here that Im aware of.
Would you mind posting your whoppie pie recipe? It sounds like its always a hit. Your nursery visit sounds like it was quite interesting.

Mary, the smoker sounds like something fun to experiment with. My parents have one and so holidays always have smoked turkey or chicken for sure.

Deanne, I looked out the bathroom window this a.m. and saw 2 containers on their sides and it wasnt that windy. I think that at this time of year they are just so full that the wind catches them easier. Some of mine are pretty beat up from the wind. That gives me more desire to dismantle them.

Martie, sorry to hear things arent shaping up for your son to go to Japan.

bug, that anemone is fabulous and the clematis seed heads are intriguing. Although, I believe you could photograph a homely flower and make it look beautiful. You certainly have a good eye. I got a kick out of its name.

Have a good evening

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

So Sue, what am I chopped liver???? ROTFLOL I know what you mean about feeling all alone out here.

Anyway, had a good sleep in last night and am on my way to the gym and am actually looking forward to getting back into my exercise groove. Between the Canada trip and the class over the weekend Ive not gotten any regular aerobic exercise in almost two weeks and Im feeling like a slug. Id rather be a hurting puppy from exercising too hard than feel tired and cranky from lack of exercise.

Things outside are really looking bedraggled now as they usually do this time of the year but Im going to get out there today and do some major cutting back in the gardens and start digging out all the stuff that needs moving. If I get enough of it done before the weekend we can play on Saturday instead of digging. He he he Ive got that gift certificate for The Mixed Border from the container contest to use. Im thinking of replacing the dying weeping cherry on the front corner of my house with a Abies koreana Horstmanns Silberlock or a Picea orientalis Skylands and am hoping they have one or both there. Ive also got two of those H Little Honeys to plant and have no clue where Im going to put them at the moment. Im also thinking of replacing the Mountain Ash tree in the back with a Heptacodium but want to get a bit more info to see how it would do here.

Thanks Woody for those pics. Your Heptacodium is lovely and after seeing it and one at Maries Im really wanting to get one.

Michelle, yes Ive got that L. Golden Alexander and I quite like it. Ill see hoow it does over the winter and see if its as well behaved as the regular variegated L.Alexander. ~~ Sorry about your containers blowing over also. I know what you mean about wanting to start getting all these things dismantled. Id really like to take some time and document which ones did well and what combinations worked the best and put down some thoughts about what to do for next season while it is all fresh in my mind. ~~ Oh yes, I wanted to ask you if youd post the list of the plants in that fabu container you have as the first photograph on your fall garden thread? I just LOVE that combination.

Mary, I asked Doug to email you his smoked salmon recipe. How neat youve gotten yourself one. I just know you are going to love it.

OK Ive really got to get out of here and get to the gym. Have a great day everyone.

Marian, have you been flooded out? I was concerned when I saw the news about all the flooding from that last front that went through. Hope all is well.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Here is the whoopie pie recipe:

Whoopie Pies

Sift together:

2 C flour
5 T Hersheys Cocoa
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

In a large bowl beat together until smooth:

2 egg yolks (separate eggs and reserve whites for filling)
1/2 C shortening
1 C sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Add the sifted ingredients alternately to the creamed ingredients with 1 C Milk. Continue beating til batter is smooth.

Drop batter by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets and bake at 375 F for 7-8 minutes or until done. When cool make sandwiches using the filling recipe below:

2-1/2 C confectioners sugar
2 egg whites
1/2 C shortening
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients and beat with an electic mixer until filling forms stiff peaks.

Also, if anyone is interested there is a link to pictures of the CT plant swap below.


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Just a quick goodmorning to everyone. I have been browsing the CA photo posts. A wonderful way to start the day. It promises to be a really nice one so I am outa here to take advantage. Need to go buy apples at some point to make DH a birthday pie too. So have a good one. I need to do a catch up post soon. Norma

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning all......No Deanne, there is no way we can be flooded out, unless it was a flood of biblical proportions! We live on top of a mountain, and have no low water bridges any where between us and town. We 'did' get 3 and 1/2 inches of rain Friday night, and some folks around Harrison got 6" ! I have heard of no loss of life from someone trying to cross a flooded bridge. ( It does happen frequently in nearby areas. )
I have brought in most of the potted plants that I will carry over. Only the hardier ones are still out. No frost is in the forecast.
I started a fire in our heater this morning, to knock the chill off the house. It feels good!

Sue, thanks for another video clip of Mary playing her violin. She is great!
I haven't seen a hummingbird for a couple of days, but they may still be here. They love the large abelia outside my bedroom window.
LOl on your mom's discription of her gall bladder surgery!
Thanks for the banana info. I think I will try the cutting back this year. I have been just setting the 2 pots inside in their entirety, but they are not looking too good.

Eileen, the 'tricks' to growing Pentas, is to let the deer 'prune' them, then you prune them into shape,and fertilize great! LOL. Mine was "sorry looking" for several years, until the deer got into the act. :-)

Deanne, it sounds as though the teaching sessions are getting to be too much for you. It seems rudeness is becoming more and more the norm.
Speaking of plectranthus, my common one always starts blooming right at the time I bring it back in. It is coming into full bloom now. If I had more room I'd love to have some of those fancier ones that you all mention. I do have a variegated one ( unnamed).

Marie, the lespedeza is just the common variety, L. thunbergia. There are more than one plant least three. I got the seeds from J.L. Hudson, seedman. I like yor pics, espacially the first. None of my clems have those type seedheads.

Honey, how scary about your daughter! I am so glad it has turned out well. No, I am sure it wasn't flea bites. They are finally well now.

Mary, sorry about your "pensive" day. My father passed away in September, 44 years ago. I have never dwelt on the date, (or that of anyone else's passing). He was the vegetable gardener in our family. He also was very accomplished on a harmonica and a jew's harp.

LOL Michelle.."Quack Quack" ! No, the garlic chives does not deter the deer. The mass of them in that location was not by choice. As I said, they are very prolific! I mow hundreds of them down every year. They are another that I started from seed. It seemed like a good idea at the time. :-(

Taryn, I hope you and the 'girls' had a lovely weedend. I bet your neighbors will soon be shoveling manure on their own gardens soon. You will be a good example. :-)

Cindy, our "autumn look" hasn't started yet. Wait til all the lovely fall colors arrive. I'll share pics of them. Some of the trees and shrubs are already coloring, espacialy the Japanese Viburnums and Bladdernut.

Babs, I'm happy to hear that your MIL's surgery went well. How great that the docs have developed less invasive surgery. Sure differant than 'my day'!. The lespedeza is several years old . I usually cut them back in the spring, but didn't this year. I like them this way. I am really surprised that the deer haven't eaten them. They have sure pruned everything else in that area of the yard, even a forsythia! The nibbled sedum do not look so good. Maybe I should have cut them back more after the leaves were nipped off. I think they are still snacking on the ones in the east bed, with the purple coneflowers.

V, That's great about the conference this week. I hope you have as good a time as you are anticipating. And how nice that you and your DH were honored at that banquet! link to the pics of it.

Thanks, Martie...both for the 'unburied nose' and the compliments on the deck! LOL ! There are still several beautiful potted things out there, but most are inside now, including the Penta. Don't feel bad about not getting here every day. That can become 'too much' for any of us to do. How great that you are adding apple pies to you freezer. Can I come eat with you? :-)

Woody, I grew roses from seed. They were an old fashioned species, similar to Harrison's Yellow, ( I don't remember the species. I got those seeds from Hudson's also. )Man, are they thorny! Like all of my roses, they are not doing well either. Two or three wild species grow along our driveway,( White and pinks), and some short pink ones volunteer in our yard.
I am surprised to hear of a one room school house in the early 60s. Mine was in the late 30s and 40s. It was closed down long before the 60s. Our school had a teacherage next to the schoolhouse.
I was thinking the same thing about our roof! No sign of a leak!
Your alley is looking good!Your hard work is paying off. Is that a fleece flower vine on the fence? I see them blooming in Harrison. I had never heard of a Hepticodium either. Nice. It would look good by our fence. I wonder if it would be deer food?

Wendy, I hope your cold is improving.

Sorry about blown over containers. I have escaped that happening, this year. Not even the bananas have blown over! I guess that is to make up for the varmint damage...:-)

Wow! I just checked back to the other page that I have opened, there are 5 threads with new posts awaiting me!

Sue's Whoopie pies look yummy, but guess I'd better pass...too rich for Nolon's border line diabetes!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Just a quick pop in from me. After my Friday post, things have been up and down here w/DD. After my haircut appt, I brot DD lunch and groceries she could eat and spent some time w/her. Shes an impatient patient and not tolerant of discomfort. She didnt take her pain meds as prescribed and it got ahead of her. Had to explain about pain mgmt. She was afraid of addiction so had eased herself off the meds. After I explained that it would take awhile for them to take effect again, she calmed down. Marian, I guess you asked if she had laparoscopic surgery. The answer is yes. However, as with any procedure, the more organs they move around, the more discomfort in recovery.

Then 5:30 am Sat., DD phoned in a panic. Her feet and legs had swollen and were like tree stumps. Being frightened about possible blood clots or surgical complications, we rushed her to Emergency at the hospital she had surgery 30 miles away. 6 hrs. and tests later they were going to release her w/no treatment. We were upset and she was becoming belligerent and mouthy to all of us. Like V, I had to have a talk w/her about it and sent DH in to wait for the Dr. DH talked to her as well. They finally did give her a diuretic pill and sent us on our way.

Im quite upset w/her treatment. They didnt give her a contact to phone if she needed it, instructions on what to expect, precautions she should take, what conditions warranted immediate attention and what was normal, etc. I finally phoned a physician friend of ours. He told us to get her some surgical socks at the drug store and for her to elevate her feet. He also assured us that her feet swelling was common and was surprised to hear that the hospital didnt use surgical socks on her. Lastly, I asked him what she could eat b/c we were told: she had no diet restrictions, then that she should be on a soft diet, then on a fat free diet, then on a low-sodium diet. So she was afraid to have much more than soup, pudding and tea. He told us she could eat what she wanted, just dont go crazy with fats and no salt.

Five minutes w/him on the phone really eased our minds. We have no medical training and a few minutes of our friends time was worth gold to us. Why werent we told same by the hospital, nurses, dr. or physicians asst.? Grrrrrr.

In between all the trips to emergency, etc., Ive been moving and planting but didnt get much accomplished. Ive barely been sleeping so Im pretty weary. Im hoping to catch up on zzzzzs this week.

As I was writing the above, I couldnt help but think of EP and shed a tear. What a loss of a dear, thoughtful friend. She would have shot me a post and told me not to worry, and give some of her sage advice. What a gift she was to all of us. Im missing her.

Mary, I so enjoyed hearing you play the violin! What a treat for all the IU3.5 folks! I would love to have heard the group in concert!

Im so glad to hear that Edens Mom and Ei's sis are improving.

Deanne, you were so right about those stones and I had already planned on digging them in. I just had to wait until I had the energy to fix them so I didnt hurt myself by overdoing.

Sorry I dont have much more to say today. Time is getting away from me here and I have to go to get supplies, instructions and sealer for our pavers. Im hoping I can complete that today. Tomorrow nite were having friends from Texas over for dinner, Wed. I have to go out by Edens to measure the rootball and then dig the hole for the magnolia that will be delivered Thurs. Mulch is being delivered Thurs. as well. I also have to figure out where to plant my tulips, improve the grade away from the house, etc., etc.

I know I wanted to say something to Woody but my brain doesn't seem to be on full-function this am. Thinking and saying Hi to all. TTYL,


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

No time to chat now....need to pick up mom and get caught up here at home.

Thought I'd show a quick peek at what I was up to this week-end...LOL!

Spent the week-end at "Lake Donce" (with the younger crowd of garden gals I've mentioned before). We had a blast and were very silly. :-) A good time was had by all and I will share more when I can catch up. BTW, for those who have met her before, yes, that is my sweet friend Dottie on the far left! :-)

Did want to tell Honey how sorry I was to read of DD's surgery. Glad you were able to talk to your doctor and that he was able to ease both of your minds a little bit. Hope DD is feeling a little better now and will be quickly on the mend.

Enjoying all the pretty pictures *and* the delicious recipes...Yumm!

Hi Deanne! :-) Sorry I flubbed and gave Sue credit for your pictures of Mary's garden....Anyway they were great pictures and really appreciated your sharing Mary's lovely garden with us.

LOL Marian...guess I'm gonna have to get me some of them deer! :-)

Michelle...can't wait till I get done running around here so I can *really* enjoy your latest picture post. Did take a quick peek and the color was a wonderful lift for my color deprived eyes! :-)

Have a great day all!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Honey...I am so sorry about your DD's follow-up problems! More scary stuff! I can well imagune how weary you are. I can also understand your DD's reluctance to take very much pain meds. I forgot to take mine this morning, and hope to make it thrugh the day without it.

Eileen, are you in that pic? I don't recognize one as you, maybe it's 'cause I can't see your hair?
I'll be happy to share 'our' deer with you. :-)

Another view of the utility/plant room:

And another:

I am still in the process of rearranging it. More to bring in, and more to come into our living quarters. The caladium should be dying down soon, and their containers will be moved to beneath the little porch in there, as well as the Achimines. I have apparantly moved a little froggy in also. It has been serenading us. :-) I need to find it to put it outside. I want to bug-bomb that room, and sure don't want to hurt froggy!
The woven stand in the right, under the shelf, was my mother's.
More plants are across the room, on a counter,on a shelf over the washer, and on the retired freezer( which is now a storage unit for gardening items), and on the side-by- side (which is in use out there). :-)


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Its a fabulous day today.

Deanne, Im glad you like the container. Its in a challenging spot under the porch with full shade. The plants are the copper leaf plant (Acalypha wilkesiana) , hibiscus Maple Sugar, Calibrachoa 'Tequila Sunrise', several coral colored impatiens, variegated creeping charlie and coleus Show & Tell. Since it is on a stand and the vine almost reaches the ground the whole thing stands about 6 tall. It really fills the corner nicely.

Marian, your utility room looks like a good place for overwintering plants with all the windows. I grew garlic chives from seed one time also, but dug them out when I heard that they are pretty aggressive. My regular chives stay in a nice clump.

Ei, what fun to get away with your gardening GFs.

Honey, sorry to hear that things have been so hectic for your and your DD.

Thanks for the recipe Sue.

Busy day here at work as it usually is on Mondays.


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Hi everyone

Ei - its always fun to see gardeners having fun. I'd guess you are second to the left, next to Dotti. Please say Hi from me.

Sue - I'm going to try a Gluten Free version of your Woppee pies - do you think that will be a first?

Honey - what a worry with your DD. Days like that are exhausting. Thank goodness your family friend was there with sage advice. I think some Doctors should take a mandatory course in communicating with patients. I remember the Dermatologist who treated David a year ago had the disconcerting manner of talking to a spot in the floor rather than looking at anyone. I was never sure if he was addressing, me, the nurse or talking simply to himself.

Marian - what fun to have an indoor plant room. Mine are relegated to lights in the basement, or fighting for space on the one windowsill that gets sun. I'm sure they provide much pleasure in the dark months of winter.

Hi Norma - hope your DH enjoys his birthday apple pie!

Deanne - good for you for getting back to your workouts.

I need to make tracks as tonight is my first book group of the year. I'm leading the discussion on The Time Travellers Wife, but its been 18 months since I read the book. My mind is like at sieve when it comes to remembering details - guess I'd better not drink too much wine.

Have a good evening everyone

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi all
I just wanted to pop in and send a hug out to ya all. I lurk through when I can to see how everyone is doing. I can't be very consistent about posting, so I've just been quiet. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to read the news and you are all so eloquent, I'm at a loss for words. Hugs to everyone-

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I am truly sorry it's been so long since I checked in. Losing EP is like losing the grandmother that I never knew.

My Cherokee grandmother passed away in my teens and EP embraced my heritage and showed me things I didn't know. She was so kind. In fact, my grandmother hadn't known much about her past and it was nice to talk to someone who was so happy and fulfilled by their heritage.

I am sorry that I didn't do more to cultivate our friendship.

Like everyone else here, I am moved by her passing.


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Marian your plant room is pretty neat. Lots of color. Is that the plectranthus that is blooming?

Gosh Honey I bet you are worn out from all the worry with DD. Hope she is all better soon.

I know I have missed commenting on several happenings with many of you. Please know I am thinking good thoughts for all.

The grandsons and I went for a walk yesterday. Here is a picture of Wyatt. The batteries went dead and I didn't get the one I wanted to take of Jake. But I wanted to show this picture of his found objects birthday gift for Papa. All items found on the walk. An old bottle(whiskey I'm guessing) leaves, sand,acorn and a twisted root that reminded him of a curly straw. LOL . Papa thought it was a cool present.

I'm turning in early, my eyes are tired and I want to get an early start outside tomorrow. N

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hey Brenda! Don't just pop in...come back! We don't care if you can't post regularly. Every time we get together, your name always comes up as an idyller everyone misses.

Jeez, Honey, it's amazing how many people have tales like yours to tell lately regarding health care. Glad you had the medical "in" and were able to get on a better track. Hopefully your DD will be up and around soon.

Marian, you don't waste any time getting those plants inside, do you? I wait til the last possible minute and even then the plants go in kicking and screaming. I guess a quick death to frost is preferable to a slow death under my care for months on end in the

Ei, you are too much!

Mary, as far as I know whoopie pies have never been made gluten free. One of the people over on the New England forum asked if he could substitute butter for the shortening. I told him to give it a try. Gluten free might work but I don't think butter is a good idea.

Hi Saucy and Norma!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all! Just a quick check in this AM. Doug took the day off and I think we're going to try to do a nice long bicycle ride.

Brenda!!!! How absolutely fabulous to hear from you. I wish you knew how many times people have been asking about you and saying how much you've been missed. I sure hope you can pop in more often.

Hi Saucy, you still on for a visit to NH on Saturday? Wendy is coming and I think Sue is thinking about popping up here as well. Should be a lot of fun.

Sue if you do come up on Saturday would you please bring me some of that P. 'Painter's Palette'? if you've got extra. Your 'babies' are all doing well and are looking pretty nice on my back steps at the moment. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten one of those Acers. Yours is lovely.

Thanks Michelle for the ID's on the plants. I especially wanted to know what the Acalpha was. I think Sue has quite few of those and they're wonderful. Definitely on my list for next year. I've alreday taken cuttings of a couple of her Alternantheras and they've rooted. I actually want to get them potted up today if I can squeeze out some time.

Mary, how did the book discussion go? I don't think I'd be able to do that if I'd read the book that long ago.

Marian, I can't believe how much you've gotten done with getting yor plants in the house. I'm like Sue and seem to put it off until the last minute. I'll be hauling all these containers into the garage some night soon just as the frost is settling in. It is so nice to see you posting so many pictures lately.

Honey, what a terrible and stressful situation with your DD. I had a similar thing happen to my friend after her knee replacement. They sent her home when she had absolutely NO WAY to get around and take care of herself. I was appalled that she'd been released in the shape she was in.

Norma, great to hear from you too. Love the pic of Wyatt and the creative gift.

OK I've got to get my day started so Doug and I can hit the road and get some miles on our bicycles. Soon it will be too cold to cycle.

Have a great day everyone,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What beautiful birthday cards I see here this morning! And what a treat birthday celebrations are here!

Another beautiful sunny morning...which will no doubt deteriorate as the day progresses, as have the other days recently. We expect lows of 37F later this week, and since they are not trustworthy, this could mean frost. Unlike Marian, I have accomplished little in terms of bringing in plants. I had best at least collect some coleus today! I think the change of seasons has me in paralysis rather than energized. Part of the problem is that I have not been able to exercise since the plantar's fasciitis struck my right foot. There is only one place that will deal with this problem in the neighbouring town and they are only open on Tuesdays and Fridays. This just doesn't mesh with times I can use the car due to DH's teaching schedule. We think that next week it may work, so I am phoning for an appointment later today. I really need new footwear and my exercise routine!

Autumn seems such a busy time. I remember well getting the kids organized for school and the expenses incurred at this time for clothing, books, etc. Then before you knew it, Christmas arrived! Well of course this year it was wedding and travel expenses for us, but fortunately we have moved on and no longer have tuition fees for university etc.

Looking through the photos I was happy to see Ei's friend Dotti! What a great trip that was! I checked out Sue's plant swap too and duly noted Sue was the only one with a beer bottle in hand....LOL!

And so before more phone interruptions, I am off but wishing everyone a happy day!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I don't have time to say much, but want to wish Norma and Wendy a very Happy Birthday!

Sue, I used to wait until the last moment also, but discovered both I and my plants appreciated it very much if I brought them in ahead of cold weather. My plants no longer suffer from the move, since they have time to adjust to the interior before the heat comes on, and I no longer about kill myself off getting them in!

Brenda, I agree with Sue...come back. At least check in more frequently so we will know you are still 'among us'. :-)

Norma, Wyatt is precious! Can I adopt him for a greatgrandson? His collection is neat, and matches your tablecloth perfectly. I don't think you can see the plectranthus blooms. They are too small. I took a pic of the plant, but it is too tacky to post. The visible blooms are : achimines, penta,and impatiens ( if you look closely).


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Sorry about your foot, Marie. I know how that can limit your activities. Are you feeling like my friend here?

That's Myrtle. She was passing through our back yard yesterday. :-)

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Happy Birthday Wendy1 Have a great day.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

One more comment...:-)
Norma, I am such a dufus...also in the pics is the pink agastache and the angelonia. They are in front of the window below the achimines.


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Thanks for the cards and Birthday Wishes. I'm off for a brisk walk to get the energy flowing for some digging.
Be back later. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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Marian, this was my first year growing angelonia. It is in a mixed container and has bloomed non stop all summer. I love it.
So it overwinters ok for you?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Norma, I have never tried overwintering it. I just moved it in to see how long it lasts. It is in a strawberry jar!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Birthday, Wendy and Norma!

Sue, I'm in awe of your garden photos! No one would ever know those areas are new! You are truly an amazing gardener. As always, Deanne, your photos are true artistry.

Thanks, everyone for your comments on DD. I spoke to her last nite and the swelling has subsided and she's rapidly recovering. I'm feeling so relieved. Sue, Deanne, I think what happened is typical of the health care system these days. She had to go to that hospital b/c of her health insurance. It wasnt first choice. If wed had a written list of what to expect after surgery telling us what to do if, or a physicians asst. number to call if we had any problems or questions, all the worry and upset could have been precluded. Instead, they left us adrift. Its just maddening.

Mary, how awful that Dr. wouldn't look you in the eye. It's so true, they should have a mandatory course in communicating w/patients. We have a friend who raised the roof b/c they couldnt understand the foreign Dr. they were assigned and they thot he didnt understand enough English to determine the correct diagnosis. Our health care system these days is hit and miss and pretty scary.

Marian, Im in awe and so jealous of your utility room w/all those windows! Lucky you. DH is baulking at my taking over his basement workshop (he never uses) for wintering over some plants.

Oh deer, there are 6 deer in my back yard! Luckily, I doused the garden w/Liquid Fence last nite.

Yesterday, I used up the last of the topsoil and regraded the area in front of the garage, and shifted the plants some. Marie, I gook your advice and put Frosty Morn next to and in front of Ninebark Summer Wine. I cleaned the pavers, got the sealer and matls. It should be dry enough to seal after 11 am. Its supposed to be able to dry 24 hrs. w/out getting wet. Its supposed to rain at 11 am tomorrow so Im on a tight schedule. Then I need to whip thru this pit and get it ready for company tonite and stop at the grocery. Lastly, I need to do something w/myself so I dont scare our guests away.

Hi to all. TTYL, Honey

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Happy Birthday Norma!

Happy Birthday Wendy!


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What a treat to have 2 Idyll birthdays. Norma and Wendy my wish for you is that you have a very special day. Pamper yourselves. I really like having a birthday, I know that many see it as another day, but I love feeling special at least one day a year. If nothing else I treat myself.

I lurk and occasionally post on a couple of other forums and I must say that the quality of the gardens and photography skills here are unmatched. I know why we have so many lurkers. I also know why Steve Silk wants to visit Sues garden:o)

I see they are predicting mid 30s again this week. I should just give in and dismantle the containers tonight. At least take out the things that I really want to save. Theres just too many to cart in and out of the shed. Im like Marie and dont really trust the weatherman when he says a low of 35.

Brenda, how great to hear from you. Please drop in whenever you can even if just a few words. We miss you and your wonderful sense of humor.

Marian, I love the turtle picture.

Norma, Wyatt is absolutely adorable. I just love the grin on his face. What a fun gift for his papa, its quite artistic.

Deanne, I have read that the Acalypha is quite easy to overwinter as a houseplant.

Have a fabulous day all, Ill post some birthday pictures when I get home.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I hope you have a lovely day!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I hope your day is magical! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL...QUICK HONEY! Seize the opportunity...go buy yourself some Pentas! :-) Sorry...couldn't resist. Glad to hear DD is doing much better.

My, my what gorgeous pictures everyone. I tell you, Idylls birthdays are the best! :-) I swooned at the color in yours Norma! That Wyatt (I *love* his name)is a real cutie...what a smile! :-)

So sorry to hear about your foot Bug.

LOL Marian...*love* your turtle. OMIGOSH! Love your utility room too. How wonderful that must be to have...makes your feel like there is "life" in your world, even when the cold winds are blowing outside! You are quite the plantswoman. Wish I could keep *anything* growing indoors! BTW, not surprised you didn't recognize me, the lighting was bad and the pic isn't really flattering is it? The only gal you can really make out is Dottie. It goes from left to right (as you look at the screen) Dottie, Me, Karin, Donce & Sue. But it's fun!:-) I am the "sheep". I wanted to be a goat, but no goat to be had.

Mary & Bug...I'll tell Dottie you said "Hi!". I really love this group of garden gals, but it makes me miss the "old" ones even more. Wish they all still lived close and we could become one big group of garden friends. That would be so fun! BTW Mary, Dottie was laughing when I told her how you and Babs were making fun of my mushroom. She has a suggestion for a photo op of that mushroom. She thinks I should move a couple of nice round rocks over to it and a little irish moss. You know you guys ruined that mushroom for me?...LOL! I just don't see it as a mushroom anymore. your container! Don't you love that Thai Beauty EE (I *think* that's what they are called)? I definitely plan to save those and use them again next year.

Deanne your roses are gorgeous. I especially love the 2nd cabbagey roses. Do you know the name of it?

Beautiful butterfly pic the way the orange in the Monarch brings out the orange "eyes" of your butterfly bush! :-) Meant to comment on your previous pictures too....wonderful! How cool are the seed heads on that clematis? I love that!

Eden I *love* the combo of solidago with the cosmos too. What is that pretty plant with the white variegated leaves...looks like it could be a sedum?

Hmmm...I guess I'm doing a lot of "lovin" today.

Anyway, already back from taking mom to get her stitches out (the carpal tunnel surgery). Now starts PT, beginning next week, 2 x a week.

Well, can't stay and chat like I would like to, as I need to pick up some prescriptions for mom and then out to dig up some of my coral peonies for the girls. Also need to empty all the dreadful looking hanging baskets. Everything else seems to be doing fine still.

Oh! Which reminds me Wendy, before I forget. Thanks for posting how to make cuttings of the Brugmansia. Will prepare some for all the garden gals here. BTW, do you know if I should let a mild frost get the mom before I bring her in and store her or should I bring her in now before we get into the 30's?

Brenda it is *so* good to see you! Hope you had a productive and happy farming season!

Great to see you *all*!


Im sure youve all heard this one, but I got such a kick out of it:
The Silent Treatment

A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day, he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight.

Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper, "Please wake me at 5:00 AM." He left it where he knew she would find it.

The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed.

The paper said, "It is 5:00 AM. Wake up."

Men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.


Uh oh...Now I got the feeling that someone shared this before.... Oh well....Have a great day all! Ei

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

You guys are like a warm, fuzzy blanket and a fresh cup of coffee-thanks for missing me. I apologize for going AWOL without notice. Not nice and I'll make it a point to bob in and say howdy, at the very least. It's been the-summer-from-nowhere-good here, and I've tended to pop in from time to time and read, but didn't have the heart to post. You're a very soothing bunch ;)

I won't go into a total blow-by-blow of the summer, but the climax was when my son wrecked his car. In one way and another, it's why I didn't make it to the Idyllunion. Another apology to V for not letting ya know what was going on. Fortunately, even though he rolled his car THREE times, DS is fine. Got bumped around pretty good, but was wearing his seatbelt, so was just good and sore, and his shoulder was a bit dislocated. Nothing the chiropractor couldn't fix. He was taking a friend to the ER, the friend had cut his hand pretty badly. Both had been drinking. I can't even begin to tell you how crushed I was to find that out. I live 3 miles away from him, and have told both of the kids since they were teenagers, that no matter where they are, or what time it is, call me rather than drink and drive. You'll probably get an earful at some point, but I will always be there, and you'll be safe. I saw his car, and there is NO reason for him to have walked away from it, other than he got a second chance because he is a good and kind human being. BOTH of those boys walked away from it, and to me that's the main thing. The rest is just crap to deal with. And, Phillip has done some long hard thinking. He didn't realize until I came and picked him up how devastated I'd be if something happened to him. I don't believe that drinking and driving will ever be an issue with him again. We come from a huge family, and it hit home with him just how many people would be beside themselves if he were hurt or killed. Criminentlies!!!, as Sue would say :)
During our spare time, MIL wrecked HER car. She's also fine, but totalled the car. Mom has been in and out of the hospital, but is fine and dandy. DD had a fairly emotional breakup with her BF. It was painful for her, but she did the right thing. A month or so later she got a puppy (wink, wink, see a substitution here??) Cute lil lab mix guy that ya just fell in love with. Three weeks later, he died of Parvo.
Our neighbor (MIL's place is between ours and his) passed away. He was in his early 90's, and had a massive heart attack coming back from the mailbox. It was two days before he was found. The guy who farms across the road from us found him. I'm so thankful it wasn't one of his daughters. There was an estate sale, and we ended up buying the farm. The buildings are in horrible shape, so they'll be torn down and we'll farm all of it. The daughters are to be commended. They could have gotten a lot more money if they had split it off and sold the house lot, farm ground and woods separately. Jim has farmed it since the early 80's, and they knew thier Dad would want him to have it, so they sold it all to us for the price of farm ground.
SO, all that being said, Jim and I took off for Michigan last week and got out of this NUTHOUSE ;) We went to St. Ignace and took the boat out to Mackinaw Island. Did a lot of walking, and had a deck off our hotel room that looked over Lake Huron. It was wonderful and peaceful, and just what we needed before harvest kicks in.
I only have 6 plants to get in the ground, and I'm pretty sure that's a record for me.
OH, and I DO have good news!! I've lost 50 pounds and exercise every day. Deanne, are ya proud of me??? I've taken up yoga, which I dearly love, and do the treadmill and rebounder every day. We cleaned out all our junk from the biggest room upstairs. Took it to the estate sale, and it all got bought up-and brought enough to pay for vacation-woo hoo! Now, all my exercise stuff is in one room with a tv and dvd player to boot. It's been my sanctuary :)
Okay, looking back, I see that I said I wasn't gonna give you a blow by blow account, then went ahead and did anyway--I'm such a dork, lol! I'll end by saying that I missed talking with ya, I promise to do better and at least touch base, and thanks a million for missing have no idea how good that makes me feel.
PS..just refreshed. Ei, I've read it before, and it still makes me laugh-thanks :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Brenda...your priorities are in the right order! Everyone is in good health in spite of the trauma. Than goodness!
So good to have you back! Keep it calm for a while, OK? Congratulations on the new land too.

Norma, your little guy there is a super cute kid. Home made gifts are the real treasures! Keep it up Wyatt!

Say hi to Myrtle for me Marian!

Eden, I just love Fireworks! Yours is a beauty..and so are your asters.

Beautiful white fluffy clouds here on a blue background. :-)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Some roses for the birthday girls:

Hot Cocoa for Norma

and Queen Elizabeth for Wendy

(or you can switch them if you prefer.:-)

Brenda add me to the list of people who missed your posts. Youve certainly had a rough summer! I hope the rest of the year is easier on your nerves! And congratulations on the added land.

Sue that was a fabulous view of your tropical yard Im awestruck! And what is the variegated plant in the picture for Norma? Not the one with pink, but the two-toned green one I really like that one.

Marian what a great utility room! I regret not having the living room windows run all the way to the floor here Im not sure why I missed doing that in the renovations If we ever lose the ash tree that sits just off the patio (its old and itll probably come down eventually and maybe take the living room with it!), Id be strongly tempted to build a sunroom where the patio is now.

Re the north alley - yes, it is the one we were working on last fall last summer it was all grass out there so its a big improvement in my opinion! There are annuals filling in some bare spots this year but next year it will all be perennials I think. I seeded a lot of columbine there that are all sprouting now. The fluffy white vine on the fence is a clematis. Ive lost the tag. It looks like Sweet Autumn but has smaller flowers than the one on the south alley fence and blooms a bit before it. It is highly scented though almost overpoweringly sweet. Its almost finished blooming now.

DHs parents are at his brothers this week, minding the kids while his brother and SIL are in Italy visiting SILs sister. When his DB and SIL return, his parents are off to France for their annual vacation there. None of us think they should go this year. MIL has definitely gone downhill a lot this year Im not sure she entirely recognized me when they came by today but she did recognize Misty and has been wanting to see her ever since they arrived at the end of last week! She is also very shaky on her feet and I fear a fall is in her future hopefully not in France and hopefully she doesnt take FIL with her when she goes down! All we can do is hope that all goes well on their holiday but well all be very nervous until they return!

Tomorrow were meeting a possible replacement for Chelsea. Shes a 3 ½ year old Black Lab x Border Collie that is an orphan of a marital breakdown. Sounds cute but not well trained re walking politely thats an important consideration for me so well see how things go (Im a sucker for a cute dog so I fear my judgment will be impaired J

Hi to everyone I missed Im sure that there was other things I was going to comment on but my memory is as bad as my MILs at times.

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and pics - I love birthdays around here!

Brenda, good to see you back here. You've had a lot going on! Good thing your son wasn't hurt badly; sounds like the accident might have been a good wake-up call for him. Congrats on the weight loss - that is awesome. Your getaway sounds nice too.

Honey, how awful that your DD was treated that way. Hope she is feeling better today. That's terrible that the doctors didn't inform her of what to expect.

Deanne, I'm looking forward to seeing you and hopefully Saucy and Sue - I thought we had said Sunday Oct 1 though? I can't make it on Saturday, and Saucy has her big yard sale Saturday if I remember. We can re-schedule if Sunday is not good for you.

Well, just another day around here - I "treated" myself to grocery shopping this afternoon, LOL. DH usually does it on Monday since that is his day off and the store is less crowded, but his car was in the shop yesterday. I was serenaded at work today by SIL and FIL, and we are going out to dinner tonite - DS is picking the restaurant - there is a whispered conference going on in the other room - probably DH trying to talk him out of pizza and burgers.

Later all!


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Happy Birthday Norma

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Happy Birthday Wendy

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Just popping in to wish Norma and Wendy a very happy birthday. I hope the day has held many happy moments and blessings for you both!

My best,

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good evening to all, WEndy, yes, you are right, I spaced it. We are planning on Sunday, Oct 1. For some reason I thought the 1st was on a Saturday.

Got to run, for some reason I can't get into GW today. The page is taking forever to load adn sometimes it doesn't load at all. Jeesh!


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Oh my, I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite of all the pretty cards. Thank you all for Bithday wishes.

I spent most of the day outside enjoying the warmer weather. I would like to say I got a lot done, but most of what I did was piddeling. I enjoyed it anyway.
I treated myself yesterday while out an about to a Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls. I don't have it planted yet but can tell I am going to love it in that spot. It just glows there.

Brenda, rough as it was for you, I'm so glad things turned out as well as they did. Congrats on the weight loss. You have to be feeling pretty good about that.

Ei that swan picture is very pretty. I picked you out as the sheep right away.

Deanne, How did the bike ride go?

Thanks T.

Sue,that container is gorgeous.

Woody That Hot Chocalate is a pretty color. It's so good to have you posting again.

As I said, they are all pretty. I want one of everything in my garden. LOL

Thanks for the comments on Wyatt. That was a cute smile he gave me. Not one of the fake ones. LOL

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It sounds like the birthday girls had an enjoyable day.

Brenda, what a rough summer you have had. I so glad you DS wasnt hurt. What a scare. Hopefully it was for him too. What fabulous news about the 50 lbs. That is quite an accomplishment. The land purchase is great news as well. Around here not a lot of land comes up for sale. Im jealous, I love Mackinac Island. Its so quaint. Did you stay on the island?

Ei, everyone in the office was wondering why I spit Dr. Pepper all over my computer screen. (I was reading about your mushroom. LOL)

I hear this buzzing noise, I guess its the new dryer. I have to spend a little time reading the manual and I havent even really figured the new camera out yet. No wonder I dont like getting new things.

Good night

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Greetings from the "Wasted One" this past week has been tough, too many late work nites and stressful days. . . . . Project finished at 11:00 pm Monday nite to get out the door. . . . yesterday was spent picking up the pieces of work (&and me). I crawled home and went to bed early its amazing what a real nites sleep does to the body I actually feel human again and like I might recover after all!! Im hoping to coast the rest of the week (can I fake being awake at the computer?). . . . . I might test that theory out!

A quick glance shows me that Ive missed idyll birthdays, Ill try to make up a bit later if I can sneak back in!

Wow, Marian thats a great utility room; more like a garden room!

I in my madness managed to take care of my houseplants I did something soooo stupid I cant believe I poured water that had some bleach in it on the plants outside well, I dont have to worry about bringing in the plumbago, maybe the agapanthus, 5 yr old ivy geraniums, or a couple of the cacti. . . . . aaaeeeeiiiioooo. . . . ..Im embarrassed to confess my stupidity but it makes the wintering chore pretty easy . . . . . Ive decided to be philosophical about it I get to buy all new ones come the Spring. . . . .but it definitely falls in that category of "can you believe" or "major stupid things you've done in the garden"

Honey youve had a tough week for sure an all too common tale Im hearing about health care these days and hospitals we all have to be educated and aggressive to belligerent in our relationships with hospitals, etc., it seems a sad state of affairs. Good thing your DD has great parents to assist & support her.

Sue, those shots of your garage & the tropicals wow totally hides the area and the house disappears into your wonderful plant combos I bet Silk LOVES what youve done!!! Such a magical island wonderland.

Brenda welcome back sounds like you had a tough time but have come thru w/ stars! 50 lbs that is sooo neat. Im still on a plateau at my half-way mark for losing weight and have done nothing in about 3 months its terrible. But the good part is at least I did not Gain anything thats fantastic and you should be so proud of yourself and all youre accomplished! Hope you find more time to post; I have the same problem sometimes too much other "stuff" or just no energy to do...

I hope all have a terrific day Im hoping to do a couple belated pics for those birthdays I missed.


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Cindy, Thats a shame about your plants. Just shows how tired you were. Hope things settle down for you now.

Michelle, you make the lovelist boquets. Do you use a perservetive to keep them fresh? If so what do you use?

Well Bob didn't need the Skid loader at work today and left it home for me to use. So I'm going to take advantage and get some heavy chores done today. I may dig out a couple of large grasses that tend to reseed about. I'm tired of worrying about deadheading them. Its a shame because now is when they are pretty.

Have a great Day everyone. Norma

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Ouch! Sorry Cindy, what a terrible thing to happen. I know you must be very disappointed, especially because obviously (5 year old geraniums) you have the knack for growing things indoors. I'm so sorry. Well, I kill my plants sometimes, but I think it's unconciously on purpose. Like when I know I should bring a plant in if I want to keep it and I keep on telling myself I will bring it in any day, but then "forget" and the frost gets it. I think it's a subconscious reaction to my houseplant inadequacy. My problem is that I'm not very good with carrying over "growing things" in the house. Coleus is pretty easy, but I have an Abutilon that I know I should bring in now, but haven't done so yet. I know I'm only going to end up killing it right about March or April, just before I would be able to bring it back outside. I am good with storing *dormant* plants though! :-)

Hmmmm...embarassing things we have done in the about this? When we first moved into this house in late winter/early spring we took an assessment of the yard. There was an area with no grass growing, just some funky looking green blades (that definitely *weren't* grass) just beginning to pop out of the dirt. Hubby decided we needed to plant some grass there, since it obviously had died out. He rototilled the whole area (about a 15 x 5 space) and we removed the funky growth with the ugly roots. I found out later from a neighbor that the person who lived here before me was an iris grower and those were all her *prize* iris that we had turned into compost! :-O The worst part is that those irises were the *only* things she grew. The rest of the yard was totally naked, nothing, with the exception of 3 silver maples, an elm and a very sad looking lawn . LOL!

Well, I need to cut this short, but speaking of dormant plants, you had asked Michelle and I realized I never told you what I do with my EE's. I store EE's, Caladiums, Begonia, Cannas, Dahlias all exactly the same. When a cold enough evening (but not hard frost) causes the leaves to collapse, I dig out all my bulbs for storing. I hose them down and get as much dirt off them as possible. I split the ones that have made decent sized babies and then I leave them all on the deck to dry in the sunshine (watch out for those squirrels!). Next I store them all in cardboard boxes filled with hamster bedding (wood shavings)and move them down into the "unheated" part of our basement. I use hamster bedding cause I can get a large sized bag of it for very cheap. You can use just about anything though, peat, perlite, vermiculite, shredded newspaper, I don't think it really matters, as long as the product is "clean". After filling the box with bulbs and bedding I spritz the whole thing with a little water, close the box and "forget about it". In December I'll inspect the boxes to make sure bulbs aren't dried out (if they are too dry I'll spritz the bedding again). I'll check them again in about Jan. and Feb., again misting if I think they need it (though usually they don't). Bulbs should be firm and not soft or moist at all. Right around March many of the bulbs, tubers, rhizomes (etc.) are starting to make some shoots and I pot those right up. By the end of March I usually have all of my "dormant" plants potted up and under lights. As soon as the weather allows I start planting them outdoors. Anyway, I find dormant plants *so* much easier to deal with then trying to grow them along. I did once grow an EE all winter long, but found it did no better come spring (actually worse with my houseplant inadequacy) than the EEs that were stored dormant.

Okay, gotta get moving....Have a lovely day all!

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Cindy, your week sounds pretty demanding. Hopefully you can now relax a little. Sorry to hear about the garden diaster. I did a dumb one yesterday too. I had a video tape of my gardens dating back to 2002. I accidentally taped over a 1/2 hours worth. I had actually done that before, you would think I would learn.

Norma, have fun with the skidloader. They are handy for big tasks, although my skill with it leaves quite a lot to be desired. LOL
I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers. I don't use any perservative. I find they usually last about 5-6 days. I sometimes add peroxide to keep the water clear.

Ei, thanks for the overwintering advice. I'd love to keep those fabulous 'Illustris' that you so generously shared.

I started dismantling some containers last night since they are predicting 35 tonight and 32 tomorrow night.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well it seems that I can get into GW again. I think it is that stupid South Beach Diet add that takes over your screen that was causing the problems. Anytime that one tried to pop up my computer would lock up. Sometime the adds on this site make me crazy. And you notice that they never put the collapse or close buttons in the same place and you have to hunt for them while the dratted adds you dont want are playing away.

Eileen, thanks for the information on how you winter over your EE. Ive never had any luck with caladium and am not even going to try this year. Actually, I dont quite know what I did wrong this year but none of my caladium did well at all. BTW, you really should think about getting that abutilon in. They are as easy to winter over as coleus. Last year I dug mine out, root and top pruned them, stripped off all the leaves, repotted then sprayed for bugs. Here is a pic of what they looked like when I brought them in. The plant in the upper right of the pic is the abutilon. They all survived the experience and that way I didnt have to try to winter over a gigantic plant. Those other plants in this pic are fuchsia and plectranthus.

Cindy what a bummer about bleaching the plants. So sorry! I did something like that one time but it was with too much fertilizer. I killed a few things and am more careful now.

Brenda, so sorry youve had such a stressful summer. That is just terrible about the accident. So glad to hear that your DS is OK. Thats a bad way to learn a lesson. You must have been devastated. ~~ RE the 50 pounds!!!!! Fantastic!!! Good for you. That is just so terrific and the fact that youve made yourself an exercise room is just wonderful. You go girl! Ill bet you feel 100% better. It really is terrific to hear from you.

Michelle, I just love that flower arrangement! So pretty. Ive not brought in flowers for a while now but really should pick some today to enjoy in the house. The dahlias are looking pretty right now.

Norma, thanks for asking. We did a nice little 16 mile bicycle ride. There was quite a head wind and it slowed us down a bit but it was a lovely day for a ride.

Mary, I just LOVE that yellow, double datura! So very pretty and you are right that it will look great in my yellow container arrangement next year. Isnt it fun to dream?

Wendy, is that fuchsia Lena? looks familiar. LOL Very pretty and well grown I might add.

Eileen, oh yes I almost forgot, that rose you asked about is Bonica.

OK time to hit the shower and get some work done.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Beautiful day here - as soon as "our" math homework is done I can go out and play!

Ei, overwintering the abutilon is easy, even if you are not the Queen of Propagation like Deanne. I just dragged mine inside in the pot and cut back the top. It stayed in the basement all winter, not under the light but near it. I planted it in the ground this year, it is huge now - like a shrub. I think I may have to let it go this year, I'm not sure if I have a pot big enough for it to winter in.

Deanne, yes that is Lena - I put 2 of them in a hayrack, and they are wonderful. I think I'll start getting them ready to come in after my fuchsia lesson on Sunday. I love all of the fuchsia, but I think Sunray is my fave.

Sue, Saucy & Deanne - I have extras of these if you are interested: Dianthus 'Tiny Rubies', geranium 'Biovko' and geranium machorizm, white Siberian Iris, some tall bearded iris and a Hosta 'Gold Standard'.

Well, I think DS has finished his math, so I am free! Bye!!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Happy Late Birthday to Wendy and Norma!

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. In retrospect, DS has always learned his lessons the hard way. If I told him not to touch the stove 'cuz it was hot, he had to touch it to make sure. Sad thing is, his mother is quite a bit the same way. Guess the hardest lessons are the ones we remember the longest.

Cindy-giant stupid gardening mistake that is haunting me to this day. Planted a bunch of Lombardy Poplars that QUICKLY grew into big ugly trees and are dying. And, I planned and executed that fiasco intentionally.

Deanne, I DO feel 100% better. I didn't realize what a funk I was in until I got eating right and taking better care of myself. I feel at least 10 years younger, and am not having any trouble sticking to my eating plan. Even DH is dropping some weight, and now notices how crappy he feels if he eats junk. Lol, it's kinda been the summer of introspection around here and that's good for everybody once in a while.

Gotta cut and run, DD is coming for supper, and DS was here first thing this morning, so I haven't exercised yet. Thanks again for being the awesome bunch of folks that you are!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Has everybody using Internet Explorer done an update lately? If not, do it now! What follows is an extract from an article in todays paper about a patch to fix a problem that allows someone to take control of your computer. The warnings my security software was giving me on GW were referring to something trying to take control of my computer! I had e-mailed GW about it. They never responded but the warnings stopped. I hope than means that they eliminated whatever was causing it. But I think it is wise for everyone using IE to make sure youve run a system update today!

Microsoft rushes to fix IE security flaw
Associated Press

Seattle Microsoft Corp. rushed out a fix Tuesday for a security flaw in its Internet Explorer Web browser after attackers had begun exploiting the vulnerability to take control of computers.

The Redmond-based software maker said it was putting out the fix ahead of the next scheduled security fix release date on Oct. 10 because of the severity of the problem. The flaw carries Microsoft's highest "critical" rating.

The vulnerability in Microsoft's browser is particularly worrisome to security experts because computer users could come under attack just by visiting a website that had been manipulated to take advantage of the flaw. That, in turn, would give an attacker complete control of a user's computer, including access to e-mails, personal information and other data.

Johannes Ullrich, chief technology officer with the security research organization SANS Institute, said it appears that a couple of thousand websites have already been manipulated to launch such attacks. The attack also seems to be spreading via e-mail, he said.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Many of you are bringing in cuttings to keep over the winter. "easy as coleus" is a phrase seen often.
OK, so I managed to kill all the coleus cuttings I took last year. I brought in a few yesterday and they are in jars of water so far. Any hints what to do so that I have a few left come spring?
Remember, I hate coleus...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello from the Circle City! (now let's see how many people know where that's at.) I am having a fabu-fabu time as well as learning lots here. Oh the stories I could tell if this weren't such a public place! I might have to do an email to you all because some of these are just too good to keep to myself.

Today we did a tour of several nurseries and garden centers. It was a drop-dead gorgeous day until about 5:00 pm, but by that time I was sitting in a Starbucks with a buddy, catching up on my caffiene ration for the day.

I see I missed Wendy and Norma's birthdays. Belated wishes to you and I will do a card when I'm not on a "borrowed" wireless signal. My hotel uses an ethernet connection and this laptop is not set up for that, but when I carried it over to the window, there were four other networks in the area that I can get access to, so I have to use the 'puter on the bed by the window!

Cindy, my sympathies on your watering experience. That sounds so much like something I would do; in fact, I'm amazed I haven't done it already.

OK, I'm waiting for someone to call me with dinner plans so I'm going to keep this one short. BTW, all of the former customers that I've contacted have been very receptive to me visiting them tomorrow, so that should be a chock-full day, topped off by a long drive home. Anyway, I do miss my daily visits here and am looking forward to getting back into my routine soon.

Ei, I saw your post about Trudi. I'm planning to go to her presentation at her farm on October 22nd. Any chance you would be interested in hiking out this way? I'd love to have you go with me and I think you would enjoy Autumn Drive - it's about two miles of farms on a beautiful country road, all selling all sorts of goodies and treasures. Let me know! And if anyone else is interested in heading this way you're also welcome to join me!

Hi to everyone!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

It is 50 degrees out and foggy this AM. It reminds me of our mornings at Maries farm. The sun is just beginning to break through. I should grab my camera and do something with this light.

Brenda, I feel for you. My DD was the same way. Always having to do things the hard way. I mentioned recently that she had to have her gallbladder out when she was only 19 years old. Well, she didnt go on to college and lost her job (she never got to work on time) so was without health insurance after age 18. Doug and I bought her a three month policy to tide her over until she got a job with insurance. Well, she didnt bother to pursue getting a job and was just lying around this house for months and when she got a job she opted not to pay for health insurance. (Arrrrggghh can you imagine my frustration?) Anyway, sure enough, she wound up having this surgery with no insurance and by gum after all the warnings and bail outs wed done up to that point we didnt pay for it. A very expensive and awful lesson for a 19 almost 20 year old to pay for. ~~ RE your weight loss, that is so terrific that you are feeling so much better too. I tell people that I feel 20 years younger than I did before I lost the weight. I was seriously incapacitated with my knees and back and now I can hardly remember what that was like. Every once in a while I get a back twinge to remind me to keep up with my ab and back exercises.

Marie, as soon as I get some roots on the cuttings I pot them up in two inch pots and pinch them out. When I first take the cuttings I refresh the water and check the stems daily because you can get some rot on some of the stems and one rotten stem will ruin the whole jar full of cuttings. If I get one that is going bad I cut it back to healthy tissue and put it in a separate glass of water so even if I lose it I wont lose all the rest of the cuttings. I think that Eden doesnt bother with the water step and just starts her cuttings in soil. I dont know if she does community trays or separate pots. Well have to hope she sees this and gets back with some of her culture tips. Oh yes, one more thing. Try not to ever keep coleus where it is going to get below 60 degrees. They absolutely HATE the cold.

Hey V! Sounds like you are having a fabu time there! I wish I wasnt teaching that weekend of the 22nd or Id try to fly out and go with you. Wouldnt that be fun?

Oh yes, Wendy and Saucy and maybe Sue, it now is looking like it is going to rain on Sunday. They are saying intermittent showers so Im still game if you are. Wendy I could use a geranium thanks. If the weather is looking really bad Ill get your stuff dug out Saturday. Maybe we can pop over to The Mixed Border and see if they are having any fall sales? What time looks good for you to get here?

OK Ive got to get off my bum and get to the gym. Ive somehow managed to gain about four pounds with all the socializing Ive done in the last month or so and that MUST come off.

Later all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Morning all!~

Well reviewing Deanne's coleus comments was a help. Yup, our house is kept around 60F all winter, so that must be what happened. I'll have to think about all this and see if it will be possible to heat one area of the house on a steady basis. It would have to be a place where the cats are not allowed!

Last night was full of thunderstorms and the satellite dish was out of commission periodically. What a pain. Seems a tower for broad band is impossible geographically in our situation.

Having a daughter far away has me in a new found agitated state. I cannot be a part of the family in a way I want to be. Visits at Christmas look impossible, financially and strategically. I spoke to young GS by phone yesterday, but that is certainly not as satisfying as being there! Both DD and GS were home with bad colds. :(

Yes Brenda, having another rural Idyll is lots of fun! Good to have you back!!!

More work on the mildewed basement today. Oh joy! We aren't even remotely near the stage of beautification.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks everyone for the praises on my uitily/plant room. I am appreciating both it, and Nolon's abilty to build it with all those recycled windows. :-) And the cement floor with a drain for the water to run out.
I keep rearranging plants, and am keeping my back in a constant turmoil. Trubby didn't help it any when he made me almost fall this morning. He has taken to hanging around my feet too closely, and I don't notice him until I almost fall over him. :-(

Honey, sorry that your DH is reluctant to having your plants in the basement. I would have a problem if Nolon wasn't so tolerant of all that I chose to do.
Yargh! 6 deer in your back yard. I can sure identify with that. I have never tried any commercial repellents. I would rather tolerate them than go through all that chore of spraying everything, and getting chigger bites in the process.

Eden, your birthday pic to Norma looks like it could be one of my flowerbeds, except I no longer have any volunteer cosmos.

I'm glad Myrtle the turtle's pic was enjoyed.

Eileen, I love your swan pic! Lol on you wanting to be the goat. I have always said I am the scape-goat. :-)
I am so ashamed that I never thought to ask the friend about her carpel tunnel surgery. I just cannot remember things. And I see her regularly! She even was at the Golden Year's class tuesday, and I also forgot to pass on a message to her. I wish she had internet so I could e-mail here . ( She has a computer, but is not on line. )
Yep, that husband/wife joke is funny. I have heard it before too.

Brenda, what a nice discription of the Idylls..." a warm, fuzzy blanket". Very apt!
Wow! What a trying summer that you had. I am so glad that your DS is okay! I do hope he will have a lasting memory of the accident, and be very careful from now on.
And it's so good that your MIL was uninjured in her accident. Sorry about your mom's health problems, and your DD's romance woes. What a drag that the puppy died!
But then, there is the good news about the purchase of the neighboring land. So nice that the man's daughters cared enough for you too lower the price.
Yey! on the weight loss! Good for you! And your 'get-away' sounds special.
I am glad you shared all this with us. You are not a "dork" ! And we missed you, too.

Re; the plants indoors. There are more, all over the house. Only a few rooms have none in them. I counted the other day, and there were 60, but I have brought more into the livingroom since then...:-) I have 23 african violets. Twenty of them are in my bedroom.

Woody, I hope you can get the sunroom. I have long wished for a 'real' plant room off our dinningroom, but have about gave up on that ever happening. Oh, the white-flowered vine is a clem. It may be a Virgin's Bower. I have one, but it doesn't get as full of blooms as yours, and it isn't least I have never detected it.
That is scary about your MIL. It could become a real tragedy if she wandered off while on a trip, or suffered a bad fall. Funny about her remembering Misty.

Wendy...are you teasing me with those lovely fuchsia blooms? LOL !

Mary, that is a beautiful passion flower !

Sorry I didn't post any Birthday pics. I have been fighting the doldrums, again. My pain med has not helped as I had hoped it would.

Cindy, I'm sorry about your plant snafu. I try to keep labels on jugs , so I won't do something like that. It would be very easy to do( the mistake, not the labeling). I hope you can replace those that you lost.
I hope you've got a better night's rest.

Eileen, what a shock about the prize iris tubers! Live and learn! I'll bet you know what those "funky leaves" and "ugly roots" are now...:-)
That is very good advice that you gave on the storage of dormant roots.

Deanne, I have never had the courage to strip all the leaves off the plants I bring in, but I understand why you do it.

Woody, I checked for updates on my computer, but it is done automatically on this new computer. There were none available to be done. But thanks for the warning.

V, I did a Google on "Circle City" and found more than one, but I am presuming it is the one in Indiana that you are speaking of?


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Oh, Deanne-Your DD and my DS should probably never, ever cross paths, lol! With everything else that happened since spring, I forgot to mention that DS lost his GOOD job with GREAT insurance.......because he couldn't get his fanny to work on time!!!!! It took him a month to tell me. His sister had already clued me in, she figured it was something I'd ought to know, bless her heart. So, I just kept waiting to see how long it would take him. When he did tell me, he told me not to worry, he had enough money saved up to take care of all his bills for a month. Gee, a whole month-no reason to worry, right?!?! Said it was going to be "the summer of Phil". Now, anyone who's a Seinfeld fan might recall that George ended up in physical therapy during the Summer of George. I pointed that out to DS, and he told me I worry too much. And, it was about 6 weeks later that he called me from JAIL after his wreck. He sat there for several hours to work up the gumption to call me. Bless their hearts...I guess as long as they're okay and they learn something, that's the main thing, but geesh!
My brother (a year and a half older than me) is engaged to a lady who has a nine year old girl and 5 year old triplets-two boys and a girl. Plus, DB has a 13 year old daughter. My hat is off to the both of them, I don't think I could do it again. The thing that kills me, is I have GOOD kids, lol! I know some of the kids that graduated with mine, and they don't have it together at all. Don't know if their parents are just numb with insanity or just don't care. One has got his checkbook overdrawn $400, and keeps going to a check advance place to keep things floating along, and paying tons of overdraft charges.

'bug-I've often wondered what I'd do if one of the kids moved far away. Lol, even tho they drive me crazy sometimes, I'd sure miss being able to see them often, and it's gotta be hard to not be around for the grandkids growing up :( ((Bug))

V-okay, I'll bite. My guess for the Circle City is Madison, WI. I only guess that because once on a trip we got off course, and ended up in Madison, and DH was grousing that you can't get outta that city, it just keeps running around in a circle :)

Just finished exercising, and need to run to the chiropractor's office. I had some inserts made for my walking shoes and I need to go pick them up.
Take care, all!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

See how easy it was to come back, Brenda? Now don't go away without a peep for that long ever

Kids can be stupid but most, like your son are usually lucky. I work with a guy who lost his son and only child in a drunk driving accident. His son, a SR in HS at the time was the driver and the drunk. Not only did he kill himself but a carload of friends and a person in the other car that he hit head on. His parents had to suffer through years of lawsuits while grieving for his loss at the same time. If kids gave any thought at all to what kind of pain they would cause their families in a situation like this maybe they would think twice about drinking and driving. My co-worker's wife deals with her grief by going around and speaking to HS groups about drinking and driving drunk.

I don't have alot of time but just wanted to pop in and say hello. Tomorrow Steve Silk is coming over to see the garden in the morning. I'm counting on him being a real gardener and understanding that things don't usually look their best around here at the end of Once he leaves I'm going to start some serious reworking of a few areas. Best to do it now while all the problems are fresh in my memory.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hey Sue, a photo please of you & Steve together please!

Thanks Brenda for the hugs. I needed those today. Both kids have lived away for years, but it never seemed so important before! Even with phone calls, email and a couple of visits, I'll never participate in this family's life the way I would like. GRUMP!!!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

((((((Marie)))))) I feel your pain, and empathize! My GDs have never lived close.

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I cannot STAND missing my idyll time!!I am going nuts-no time to blab: ( BUT....Ei I just have to tell you since IU3 I have a newfound love for mushrooms!lololol(snort)...In fact when I was at that last nursery in Chicago before the margaritas I did buy a pair of mushrooms and two weeks later while on vacation I bought ANOTHER. Your friend Dottie has a great creative mind-be sure to tell her that: )...ask what she thinks of some wooley thyme for that combo. If the rocks aren't huge, w. thyme will eventually cover them. Oooo I'm getting inspired: ) We didn't ruin your mushroom-we just made SURE you'd never forget us each time you pass the shroom by!lol

I'm not sure when I'll have time to get back here...Chris rented a video so I'm off....

WONDERFUL to see Brenda and Woody back! Brenda your story of the summer you had was unbelieveable-how scary about your son. I always hope my boys will be responsible-don't we all.

I am so bad I even still owe Deanne and I think V? a bday card...hopefully I can get into my card factory in the next couple days...sorry guys.


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