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michaelalreadytakenJuly 9, 2007

Just some photos of wheat fields and wind turbines off Shiloh Road, about fifteen miles from Vacaville. There's also a redo of sunflowers. I am happy to report that I sold it!!!!!!! (no one is more amazed than I am--trust me!!!)

The Shiloh Church is something out of Little House on the Prairie. There's a rose garden in the front courtyard. It's adjacent to the wind farm--kinda sorta--more or less.

Some barbed wire and a padlock.

I hope you enjoy them.

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great shots! the turbines look like art, don't they? Congrats on selling your picture - do we see the birth of a new career?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Wonderful Michael. So my assumption is true about your career. Not to sound stupid but I never thought of corn fields in CA. Only movie stars and swimming pools!


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Wow again Michael! Fabulous shots. Terrific depth, almost feels like 3D. Congratulations on selling some of your pics. I love the softness you created with the sun flowers - very romantic and a contrast to the original. But the origial one too is wonderful.

It looks like you are enjoying your photography. Thanks for posting them.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Michael, you do have a talent.

You lost me for a minute at Vacaville. I have a script of a silly story in Spanish that I tell to the kids. In the story the person goes to Vacaville. I did not know that it was a real town, I thought the word Vacaville was part of the silliness of the story. (Vaca is cow in Spanish.)

You are not being silly at all and I think you may have a new career in photography.


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Thank you all.

Sammy, you'll have to email me that story some day. Yep, I live in cowtown. LOL. "Vaca" does indeed mean "cow," in Spanish but the name comes from Juan Vaca who originally decided there should be a town here. Some of my coworkers tease me about it on occasion.

I used to think Long Island got it's name from being long, so I understand completely :):):)

Pauline, thank you again. Glad you liked them!

Pagan and Carla. I don't know about the whole "career" thing. I'm keeping busy with the things already in front of me on that path. Still, it's fun (and healthy) to dream a little bit, isn't it?


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I like the pictures, esp. the 1st and last. Always thought wind turbines were sculptural and kinda majestic.

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Michael, I so rarely post here, no one knows me, but the photo of the sunflowers took my breathe away. I have to congratulate you on it.


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Gee.. Ansel Adams has returned.
Peppi, you are right.. they absolutely took my breath away.

So, who bought the sunflowers?

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Beautiful shots the windmills always make me nervous!

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Thank you guys!

Sorry for not responding sooner but I have a houseful of company from back home.

Joe, the windmills do have an unnerving quality about them, don't they?

Rosie, it was a friend of a (former) coworker in New Orleans.

Peppi, very nice to see you and thank you!

Hoov, thank you!

Got to run.


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