pagan(8b)July 13, 2007

Watched a disturbing documentary about the KKK yesterday - gave me shivers. The worst part (OK, one of the worst parts!) was that one of the head dudes looked JUST like my dad!! Big floppy ears and hate filled eyes and all!!! And my dad always said his family had to change their names when they moved from NC to SC cus his dad killed somebody.... what an awful heritage, to be related to such a creature! It would be like being related to Hitler!

Much as I love living in the south, it is embarrassing to be associated with such a history of bigotry... checking out internet KKK stuff now. There is actually a gift shop that sells little ceramic KKK figurines with light-up eyes - they look like little ghosts. Serves them right to be made into silly-looking objects.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Ooh, I always didn't like movies and such with the KKK in them. They spook me big time. I would like to see the figurines with light up eyes though!
Girl, you need to be thinking of roses and that great big ocean out there!
Send me the link please


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There is racism and bigotry everywhere, not only from the KKK and certainly not only from the South. Massachusetts was the first state to embrace slavery and it's up North. No wonder it was called the slave state.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Let's hope that fellow was just a look-alike and not actually your relative. Even so, it would be no reflection on you.

I think of the KKK as a kind of gang/cult, established to make the members feel like they are better than other people. They brainwash their kids, too.

I'll never forget when one of the teacher's aides at our school dressed in a KKK outfit for the Halloween parade. In her ignorance she thought she was being funny. The principal sent her home right away (before the parade, thank goodness).

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