Pardon Me, May I Crash Your Party?

shymilfromchiNovember 28, 2011

After skulking through the forum as far back as the Village

allows, I found an intelligent, caring cast of party goers. But

I've looked in vain for a mention of where the party will be

held. Will it be in the Al Fresco room in Big Bad Ben's Bar

and Grill, (Barkeep, a glass of Merlot please), or maybe a

finger-licking barbeque on a patio where no mosquitoes are

allowed on a lovely July evening. Oh, but since its gotten

pretty cold for that now, perhaps it will be in an elegant

sitting room where petit fours are served on exquisite crystal

plates, the sugar is cubed, and tea and coffee are poured

from sterling silver urns.

What's that? You say the party is just here on the computer

screen and the only garden involved is the view out of our

own windows? That would seem to make dancing and

hors d'oeuvres a bit tricky. But its just as well, my party

dress is quite out of style, and now I won't have to change

out of my baggy jeans and comfy Minnie Mouse shirt.

A while back, someone wrote that they would like some new

young participants to bring new ideas; sorry, I can no longer

qualify in that regard - I'm so old that some people who don't

know me, seem to think that I am fragile, offer to carry my

tray in the cafeteria, and call me Ma'am (hate that). Since

I may have just come from hoisting 35 pounds of used coffee

grounds � But if you could use a new voice in your choir -

I'm a sorta off key alto.

Many years lived, means many experiences � good and bad.

And many experiences means that some of them, like yours,

were interesting and some were funny (to me).

I've enjoyed your quotes, jokes, stories, and music, but most

of all, I've admired the way that you respect each other. There

is so much empathy when someone is going through a bad

time and delight with each other's successes and good times.

Its a good thing that there is no shortage of ((( 's and )))'s

on your keyboards, a delightful way of expressing your

concerns and support.

By the way gandle(s), my mother's name was Leone, a name

rarely given to baby girls after the 1940's. Every time I read

it, it takes me on a memory trip.

So, who am I? Shy in person, but not on a keyboard, not

very educated, and a bit weird. I have a husband who has a

very quirky sense of humor and keeps me laughing, a son

and a daughter who lead interesting lives, two tuxedo

cats, and one outlier, who are amusing and amazing. My

main interests are politics (I know, I know, a no-no),

gardening, children with learning "differences",

genealogy - which leads to history, and, and, and �

I love a good conversation and would like to crash yours.

May I come in, please?

(A disclaimer: - not affiliated with the Salahis, the

President's State Dinner Party Crashers Extraordinaire.)

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Hi - and Hi again!

Listen, I should not be the one to greet you first because of being so new here. So, very quickly she whispers, "You sound like a blast!"

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Bien venue! Welcome! Just give me a second to get used to your accent.....

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Good morning, dawn is just cracking in my time-zone, I am having my first cup of coffee, and it is lovely to be able to greet a new party-goer, love to have you!
I am one of the old Old members, remembering way back when it started, it is such a relaxing, leisurely venue and so good to relax and just take time to visit. I, like many, also hang out on Facebook, primarily to stalk my relatives and to hang out with some poets and writers, but my first visit in the morning - after the weather information - is the Garden-Party, it's like home.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi shy, from Opp AL. Assuming from your moniker you're in Chicago? Fun city. Been there a few times and always had a blast. Your post is very amusing and sweet. I enjoyed reading it and am glad you're here!

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gandle(4 NE)

Oh hi, shy from chi. Vitame vas or we welccme you. The party is rather loosely knit but the partiers care about each other. Pull up a chair or a rock or just plop down and chat.

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I think you're nifty! The kind of person I fully enjoy. And very welcome here if I do say so all by myself. I would bet the others would agree though.


-Robin or Rob

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I, also, am glad you've stopped in. The venue is wherever you are most comfortable... the hors d'eurve tray has a variety of nibbles, help yourself to whatever appeals while you chat.

I'm sitting on the steps to the patio, eye-level with the top of the grape arbor. DH put a feeder up there where it can be watched from the kitchen window. I'm told that serious watchers are very quiet and non-obtrusive; that's not me. My latest laugh was at two sparrows ganging up on a squirrel, first one then the other pulling his tail fluffs while he tried to stuff his mouth with the bird-nibblies; while they were harrassing him, a titmouse and a downy woodpecker tiptoed across the feeder and took the last of peanutbutter treats and then flew off to enjoy them in peace.

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you remind me meldy--

as I drove into the driveway the other day, I spied a very precocious squirrel. My housemates had a gathering of pumpkins set out right in front of their busy door, and he sat atop it, eating whatever he pleased under the walnut. It didn't even look real for a moment and I burst out when I realized what it was that I was seeing! Still making me smile.

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Welcome, shymilfromchi. Isn't this a lovely place?

I was a lurker for many years, but now I have a hard time keeping quiet! (If you see my message from yesterday under Lilo's *quote post*--at least, I think that's where it was--you'll see what I'm saying.)

Anyway, this is the first place I visit when I get on line--right after I donate at the Hunger site, (which also includes several other charitable sites) and the Free Kibble for dogs and cats site. I agree with Robin, you are very welcome, here.

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Welcome Shy.I come here everyday but I don't post often, guess I'm sort of shy as well. I also have a tuxedo cat,aren't they specal? Her name is Pandora.

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The garden gate is open, welcome.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

You are very welcome here!

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Thank you all for your warm welcome.

I would have answered sooner, but I decided to find out
why the GW hates my ellipses. So I grabbed up my trusty
axe to chop my way through the dense jungle of complex
computerese to find out. (Do the Nerds really have to talk
like they do on the web? I wonder if they're just showing
off.) Anyway, it turns out that Linux does not shake hands
with Microsoft when they process ellipses. I don't know
what Linux did to annoy you Mr. Gates, but I wish that you
two would makeup and get this straightened out.

I have decided that there are ways to get around this - short
of switching to Microsoft. Maybe if I just complete my
sentences without using an ellipise, but I rather like the
dangling, airiness of them. I could type out the word ellipis
or perhaps typing period comma space, period comma space,
period may trick the computer. But maybe it would be
easier just to get used to �. If this were audio, I imagine
its what the bleep used to cover up a naughty word would
look like.

Again, thank you

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shymilfromchi, we've had all kinds of "gremlins" hit the GP, sometimes we can figure out what's going on and other times they go away on their own, but we carry on.

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Huh? Can't you just insert a space on either side of three dots ... ? Just testing.

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Welcome. Nice to have new personalities.

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Hello Shy, glad to meet you. Sorry that I am so late, but the Gremlins decided to take a vacation in my computer and live it up. Sometimes I can post and sometimes not or it stops in the middle of something.

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anneliese, What a beautiful name.

Maybe our machinery is related. My printer decides when and if it chooses to work. Its gone on strike for now. Do you suppose that it wants more salary, better working conditions, or shorter hours? I'm going to ask for a meeting with the printer's union labor committee later today to see if we can come to some sort of an agreement, or maybe I should just hit it on its stubborn head.

Again, thank you everyone for your welcome. I feel like I walked into a room and made instant friends.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Welcome, shy. Do you like pets? That will get you megapoints on this Especially if you get pets from the shelter.

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