Monday Moaning...

pagan(8b)July 2, 2007

WAHHH, Darn, and sonofabooger!!! I SO do not want to have another surgery, I SO want this stuff to be over, I SO want my neck/back to quit hurting, I SO feel like throwing a tantrum!!

Anybody else wanna fuss a bit??

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Oh Sweetie, Cheer up. I am sorry you are feeling like this to day, but hopefully your surgery will make a great deal of difference and you will not look back. Hang in there.

Pauline - Vancouver Island

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I could fuss but what good would it do. I'm MADD this morning.
Pagan, I'm sorry to hear you need ANOTHER surgery. Please let me know when you're going. xoxoxoxo


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Pauline - what a gorgeous plunk of flowers! thanks and I'll stiffen my lip for sure now!

carla - good for you on taking action! Keep us posted on your daughter and what happens with the driver.

spoke with the surgeon's (Bonati's) nurse and I will likely be going back in late August/ early September. The doc needs to review the MRI and schedule me in for surgery... and he is out-of-the-country traisping through Europe effecting miracle cures by laying on of hands... the un-official dx is a thoracic vertebrea problem from the KCofD, which he mentioned way back when would likely have to be dealt with. I wish they could have taken care of everything in one fell swoop, but they only do 2/3 procedures at a time, and then wait a while before doing any more, in case one thing be masking another thing or in case something resolves itself when something else is fixed.

oh well, add some more zeros to the settlement check!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Well if misery loves company call me Mr. miserable.Got up at AM,gonna hit a new spot- 3 hrs of wading and casting and not a strike.Tomorrow the Dr. probes my masculinity with a 2 by 4.

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Pete, I guess not getting a strike on your line, was the worst of the two evils. Teeheehee!! Just kidding! Wish you well with the yucky precedure tomorrow! Hmmmmmmmmm a 2X4!!! You'll need all the luck you can get!!!

Carla, thinking of you!
Hugs to the three of you.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Ick... good luck Pete!

Pagan, your doc must be great if he minored in the laying on off hands! Awww, b*ch acknowledged... that s*cks and s*cks again. Did you ever smack the kiddo? Her momma needs to teach some manners!

Of course I have a Monday moan! After many flaming hoops of Bureaucratic Passport H*ll - and they WORK on firing up the hoops over the most assanine things like that the state of NC doesn't offer nice enough IDs in their opinion...

MY PASSPORT CAME!! Yeah! 'Course the overnight envelope was dripping wet, opened and squished between two sopping plant order boxes...

My birth certificate is a goner and the passport looks like I've been wading with it through Costa Rican swamps, but what can you expect these days, eh?

Ah, it's a Monday!

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