Kathwhit has a birthday!!!

carla17(Z7 NC)July 7, 2007

Kathy, Happy Birthday to you!!!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer, and best wishes for the coming year! We miss you while you are on vacation... I want a cake report ;]

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Happy birthday

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OOPS sorry I'm late Happy Birthday!

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Hope you had a wonderful day and have a great year ahead.
Pauline - VI

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Carla, lovely pictures. Please name them both for me. The second one is so unusual! The first one looks similar to one of mine. It was a carton purchase and got rid of the box too soon, hence no label and I actually forgot what I purchased - I think maybe Sexy Rexy but other pics of it do not seem to match up clearly enough to mine.

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ooops---I too am a little late but the wish is still sincere---
Hope you day was happy and full of roses

Carla----what is the first picture of that precious rose???

Happy Birthday,


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carla17(Z7 NC)

First picture is Centennaire des Lourdes. BS free and a very healthy shrub rose.
Second one is Fourth of July
Thank you Pauline and Florence. Now where is the bday girl. I know she said she'd be taking the summer off but I saw her post after that. Oh well, maybe she can see this in the fall.


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi Everyone!
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I am back working at the Community College for a few days, so I logged on and found this post. I had a great birthday on 7-7-07, and am so surprised and pleased that you remembered it! The cake was "Death by Chocolate" with red roses on it! My daughter got me a coffee grinder so I have been having fresh ground in the morning. It is nice to be 56. I don't feel a day over 30 (most of the time).

I am having a great vacation. I went camping with the band boyz, went to the coast to a beach house with DH, DS and Freddy, went to Portland to the Art Museum (Rembrandt exhibit) and the rose garden, had an exciting 4th on the lake watching other boaters and sunbathing, and just got back from Reno with DH and we even came home with money. I just love playing $3 blackjack.

I've even had time to enjoy peaceful mornings in the garden drinking coffee and wandering around deadheading. My midge cure worked, and I have had wonderful roses this year. But I have had to spray longer than usual, because we had some humid weather. Zephie got a bad case of rust, and I had never seen rust on my roses before.

The band is playing almost every weekend in August, and I am playing a gig with my daughter on Sat. at a local bank. We are doing an hour and a half set of our kid songs. It sure is fun to do music with her. Her singing and guitar playing make my singing and mando playing sound really good. That's my secret....play with people who have more talent that you!

It is very quiet at the CC this morning, and I'm catching up on email and gardenweb. I am delighted to see so many wonderful photos here. Let me know how it's going for you....I sure do miss you guys!

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