Good cell phone for family

sammy zone 7 TulsaJuly 27, 2008

Does anyone have a good cell phone that you could recommend for a family?

We have T-Mobile, and are very unhappy. They charge .10 for each message coming and going - including spam. In a couple of weeks the rates will go to 20 cents each way. My son has a "friend" who gets angry if my son does not answer immediately, and will text time and again.

I teach in a High School, and my kids told me that most of the cell phones anymore don't even charge for text messages. They laughed at one point when I said ours was 10 cents, and said they sent about 1,000 messages a month, but theirs was free.

I would like to get a family plan where I could give the phone to my grown children, and they could call me with no additional charge from anywhere in the country.

Are there any you like?

ATT is not at the top of my list since they sold out a few years ago, and the receiving company would not fix their phones, and would not give us new ones without our signing a new contract.


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Verizon. They have a family plan, texts are included. I wouldn't use anyone but them, have used them for years and won't switch

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Verizon is the one I have been wondering about, and I do think I will check them out.


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If your kids also have their own Verizon plan they can call you for free. You get verizon to verizon free air time.

Make sure you spend money on the phone and don't get the cheap crap. You usually get what you pay for. I have the motoQ and like it, daughter has the LG Voyager, which is the popular phone right now. My son uses the EnV.

If you plan to text getting a phone with a keyboard is nice.

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We have Alltel. For a base price of $59.99, we got a single phone. Added another phone for daughter for $9.99, texting for her of 750 per month for another $5.99 (they do have additional plans). Other miscellaneous taxes and surcharges bring it all to around $90 per month. However, we can call all Alltel mobile without using minutes from our shared plan (1000 anytime minutes), she can call the home phone without using minutes, and we can add 10 people to our "circle" without using minutes. Long distance charges do not apply to any of this, so anywhere in the country is good to go.

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Verizon is going to buy out Alltel.

I have ATT, I like it, but I don't text.

My dad (who incidently also has ATT) decided to forgo a landline and just use the cell. I think he was under the mistaken impression that just because he never used the phone that no one was using it! Apparently they burned through all their rollover minutes and got quite a sticker shock when they opened their bill last month :)


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