Help with bog please ?

SilverVixenApril 17, 2014

Im moving up from a 30 gal container pond to a medium size 4x7x2ft deep pond/bog area. Ive got everything planned and tons of research but regarding the bog im having one problem. Where the water flows into the bog from tube, what level of the bog should it go in? Currently I have it flowing into the very bottom of my little pond, but my bog is only 4in deep, and my water stays crystal clear. Since I want my bog at least 10in deep (for bigger plants than I have now) should I put the water flowing from the bottom, top, or somewhere in between? I dont want to starve my plants of nutrients since theyll start out small, but I also dont know how it would work for cleaning water if it was placed closer to the top. So any help is appreciated. And thanks in advance. (Im talking about the pipe with holes that runs along the length of the bog if I confused anyone.)

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I have a bog filter for an above ground pond. My outflow pipe from the bog back to the pond allows slightly less than 2 inches of standing water in the bog.

The photo is from late May last year.

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And that would be water standing slightly less than 2 inches above the gravel.

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