I got some new pearls today

rainlily_sisJuly 28, 2007

tee hee

Beautiful, isn't it? Spider web on the porch this morning, covered in dew.

Y'all have a great day!


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I don't even like spiders, can't remember the last time I wore pearls - and it's beautiful

Do you ever get to this coast? Do you give lessons?

Thanks for sharing!

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You're very sweet! Thanks...

I do a ton of studying and then practice, study some more, practice, pull hair out, haha, practice...

You get the picture!
Thanks again,

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I thought you were referring to pearly whites. Hahaha
Just kidding. I like the photo. Those spiders really know how to build things. Looks like part of a superstructure of a bridge.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Isn't that interesting?

I think spiders are usually a good thing around here. We have brown recluse, but they are usually hiding. The Black Widow are the ones that get me because their markings are on the under side of their abdomen. What do we do, pick it up and look? I saw a spider the other day that was gleaming black with red or orange on top. My husband said it was not a black widow. It's gone.

You captured real artwork with that web.

What do you study?


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haha, thanks, taureau.

Thanks, Sammy. I have a couple of photography websites I go to and read up on how-to's and such. I subscribe to 2 photography magazines. I also browse bookstores and camera stores for instructional books, and have about 5 or 6. I just bought one Saturday that I'm excited to have, and can't wait to give a try - it's about classic Hollywood portraits (from the 20's through the 50's) and how to set up the same lighting. My daughter has picked out a picture of Norma Shearer that she wants me to try to duplicate:

photographer George Hurrell

and I found one of Vivien Leigh that I want to try with her:

photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull

Wish me luck! haha

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