What's the trick to clear water?

aggieroseApril 1, 2013

I'm still very new to this. My pond was very clear for the first few weeks, even without a filter. Then it rained and it's been a disaster ever since. I finally got a filter and hooked it up last week, but it's not making a difference. My pond is 300 gallons and I have a mag drive 1200 gph pump and a laguna pressure flow filter with a uv light. What do I need to do to get clear water? Does the filter just need more time to clear the water? I can't see any of my fish which is taking the fun out of being a pond owner! :(

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If you're limiting dirt or leaves from entering the water and you have good filtration then you probably just need to give it time.

You can try adding beneficial bacteria. I keep a bottle around and work it into my weekly maintenance routine.

Most pumps have a fine filter that needs regular cleaning, especially if the water is dirty. You didn't mention if you have a skimmer like assembly so I'm going to assume that you do not. If you had this then there often is a large fine filter between the leaf basket and the pump chamber. I clean that filter at least weekly and more often in spring.

If you simply have cloudy water you may wish to try a product like AccuClear that helps bind particles suspended in the water. I really only use this on my water garden's water to help polish it once it has really settled for the spring / summer and fall.

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I use quilt batting in my settling chamber. It clears the water up quickly and you can rinse it out several times before having to replace it. Don't know if you can put a layer in your filter or in your skimmer if you have one. When I had a submersible pump I pumped the water back through a 10 gal bucket with holes drilled along the buttom edge. Bucket was full of quilt batting and that also worked but it was hard to get the flow right through the bucket.

My other favorite thing is koi clay which gets rid of algae, suspended particles, DOC's and doesn't hurt the fish or plants.

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If your water gets cloudy after a heavy rain you should check for rain water run off dumping into your pond. The pond should not be in a low spot that allows for water to drain from the surrounding landscape into the pond. This will cause dirt and yard chemicals to contaminate the water. It will clear up in time but it takes a while and will get cloudy again with the next rain.
If this is the problem, you need to raise the sides of the pond liner or divert the runoff away from the pond.
The problem with dirt getting into the water is that much of it will settle to the bottom and will cloud the water every time it gets stirred up by fish or your activity.

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I think the answer to your question is Plants. Lots and lots of submerged and floater plants. Filters are OK, Plants do the heavy lifting and are overall cheaper and easier. And as above, make sure you don't have fine dirt finding its way into the pond.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Actually it is common for a pond to get cloudy after a rain. Rainwater is not all that clean. Raindrops carry a lot of debris, dust, microbes, chemicals etc. that are in the air and also stir up the water.

If you have a decent filter system it will clear up. To see what is causing the cloudiness, scoop a jar of water out of the pond and let it sit for a couple of hours. See what settles out. Rain can also cause an algae bloom.

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PKponder TX(7b)

What color is the cloudiness? Every time I've set up a new pond, I got the 'new pond' green water until it balanced. Nice for Saint Patty's Day but not much else :-)

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joe_09(z7 ny)

good filter,and a settling chamber,mechanical filter before the pump.if the water goes to the pump first.the pump acts like a blender,and mashes up the fish poop making it harder for the filter.alot of plants,water lilys also.water changes every week.in a new pond it takes a few years for the water to age.dont remove the green growth on the sides of the pond i have a 7000 gal pond my water is gin clear.good luck

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How are you making out with your water clarity? Did you find any problems?


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