b/w cemetary photos - long - about 15 pictures

rainlily_sisJuly 27, 2007

Some people think cemetaries are morbid, I think they are peaceful. What is your opinion?

My friend Bonnie and I were practicing with our cameras in full sun today, which, to me, is the hardest kind of photo to take correctly, due to bright spots and harsh shadows. However, it really does work for tombstones, haha. and I think for all but 2 of these, I didn't mess up the exposure. One the 2 with blown white areas, I think it works.

Thanks for looking, y'all!


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I'll buy pick #3 & #4 from you Sis. Beautiful. I cannot resist lichen on stone.


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Thanks for the pics, Sis. I like cemeteries too. My favorite is a children's cemetery in north Texas with graves andstones from the 1800's. I sure like your photos; thanks for posting them. The toast n'rose photo on the antique gallery was hysterical.

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tee hee

Glad you enjoyed them (and the meal!), Annie!

Betty, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much!

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Hi Sis,
I think really old cemetaries are very interesting. I always want to stop at the old country ones around here and do rubbings. Also there is Forest Lawn here. It is a very famous cemetary. Lots of people get their wedding photos done there.
I think I like the full view shot of the tilted headstones the best. I also love the b&w. I wonder if my camera does that. It probably does, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forest Lawn Photos

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Oh, Remy, what a beautiful cemetary! Wow.

I'm glad you liked the photos - I love b/w too. If your camera doesn't have the b/w setting, you can easily convert it on your computer. What camera do you have?

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GOOD SHOW 5 & 6 do it for me!

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Thanks, Joe!
#5 is my favorite - I love the tombstones in it but I also love that weed! lol

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As an amateur genealogist, I've spent lots of time in cemeteries, often photographing headstones for people far away. My photography skills absolutely stink, but at least I can manage a decent record for people.

It's not weird to like cemeteries and they certainly are peaceful. :-)

It's interesting to see how "styles" of headstones change over time.

Except for the ornate Victorian period, most Yankee headstones tend to be rather plain, particularly those from the 1600s (of those that survive) and 1700s. Of course there are exceptions, but even the plain ones have different styles for different periods, especially in their transcriptions.

Not only are your pictures wonderful, they may serve as a historic record for people AND styles.

Keep up the good work!

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Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)

My grandfather, grandmother and aunt are buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier California. I always enjoy going there. They are buried right under a large tree at the top of a hill so sitting is very peaceful,the wind comes up the hill and is very cool. The highlight of the trip there is of course the rose gardens, they are so beautiful. I really enjoy going there, the best time to go is in april when everything is in bloom. I have also visted the beautiful Mausoleum of Christian Heritage at Forest Lawn Memorial in Covina Hills, which if you are familiar with this area of southern california it is not to far from Rose Hills. They also have some of the world's greatest religious art and the Mausoleum of Christian Heritage to view mosaic recreations of the greatest scenes from Michelangelo's immortal Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings and beautifully crafted stained glass windows.
The front of the mausoleum has a beautiful mosaic it is the world's largest religious mosaic, the Life of Christ Mosaic, so visiting cemeteries is not a morbid thing at all, I think.

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Portiemom(San Diego)

Wonderful photos! I have always loved cemetaries. I grew up in a small town in which my family had lived for generatons. When I was very young a dear great aunt would take me to the cemetary, armed with a picnic basket, and we would sit on a family grave and eat and she would tell me all about who was in that particular grave. Got to know my ancestors very well! I never found it morbid. Too bad they no longer do the elaborate, wonderful old
tombstones with real individuality,


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I enjoyed the photos. As an amateur genealogist, I visit lots of grave yards and take lots of pictures. most here are above ground, because of our high water table. I have noticed a lot that are stacked one above the other. Sometimes as many as three deep.
I like the effect of the black and white film. Kinda eerie looking.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I enjoyed your photos and would like to invite you to take a look at my post over on the Antique Rose Forum about my forgotten cemetery roses. My husband and I spend a lot of time searching very old rural cemeteries around my state (and beyond) for old, neglected rosebushes to save. I find cemeteries to be fascinating and peaceful and your photos captured that well. I always take photos of the tombstones that we find roses growing beside to document our finds and they have a beauty all their own.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I am so happy you are back in action Sis.


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Thanks, Lionheart, I never thought if it that way. Maybe I should be taking pictures of names as well.

Carrie, if I ever get out that way again, I'll have to get you to take me on a tour, sounds fascinating.

Jean, thanks. My grandfather's house butted up against an old cemetary in Alto, Texas, and when I was a kid, I would play hide and seek with my brothers among the headstones. Later, as a teen, I would just wander through. There was one particular grave of a young boy that I visited every time.

Thanks, taureau. I love the look of S. La. cemetaries - and the history, too - lots different from here in the north part of the state!

Thanks, Celeste - I will visit your thread in just a minute! I look for old roses every time I'm in a cemetary but I don't have much luck finding them around here.

Harry - thanks, :O) - you are too sweet!

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boisenoise(5/6 West)

Very nice. I like cemeteries; even had my senior picture for the yearbook taken in a cemetery, years ago.

We have a neat cemetery a couple of miles from our house that has all kinds of different trees. When my kids were little, we would always take a walk through it every October, when the leaves were gorgeous. The kids could collect all kinds of leaves and seedpods.

One year we had a really bad scare, when my two-year-old daughter reached up to touch a marble cross in the nuns' section, and it fell over and nearly landed on her! It was so heavy that my oldest son and I could hardly set it back upright . . . it was held in place only by a little hole in the bottom that set down over a short piece of rebar about four inches high-- not firmly, but with lots of room to wobble. Yikes!

My daughter is nine now, and last autumn I took her Girl Scout troop to the cemetery. The girls practiced identifying the trees, and enjoyed learning about the different sections of the cemetery, but we didn't even TOUCH any tombstones! :)

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Thank you, boisemom -

That's scary about your daughter, when she was 2! A good reminder to always be careful around heavy tombstones. Glad she was ok.

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