Im so jealous....

cajunrosegal(10 south florida)July 26, 2007

everyone has beautiful roses growing and I dont have one...


Im going to get me some pots and plant me some, I cant stand it but I dont know if its to late in the season to plant anything in pots but then again Im in South Florida...anyone got any suggestions?


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pete41(9ab FL.)

You are in Florida.Plant away ,plant away 365 .Best time to plant here is November and Dec. which gives them a chance to settle in before the heat.If you do plant now in containers be sure and let them harden off for a week before putting in sun.
If you use a commercial potting mix such as Scott's or any other you get at box stores,take the time to knead the mix with water and get every bit in contact with water.Trust me on that.
You ought to post on rose discussion.Not much happening here.
Go to Walmart and/or K-mart and look for some $5 jobbies.They do fine here as Rmv isn't a factor.Course if you intend to plant later,in-ground you will need to see if Fortuniana is needed in your area.

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Cousine, plant away chere, but remember they're in pots, they will need to be watered frequently. Bonne chance T

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I do much better with roses in the ground then in pots. In pots, they have to be watered every 5 minutes here in Charleston cus it gets so bloody hot. Throw some moisture crystals in the hole and plant away!! You'll have to water them til they get established, but after that they'll be fine!

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