Small town news?

rob333November 29, 2010

Ok, maybe Nashville isn't small, but we're sure not in the same league as say Chicago or New York. I loved this story. What's going on in your neck of the woods?

Here is a link that might be useful: hardly a sale after that!

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We live in a city of about 370K people.I read the published police logs and see that we have our share of people who did "disorderly conduct and resisting arrest". I have no idea what that means.

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I live in a town of 21,000. A recent lead story in the newspaper was the glueing up of all the locks on external doors at the High School.


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I live in a hamlet of maybe 1200 and a vast outback, most of the stories involve cannabis - legal medicinal - illegal recreational -

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This morning's paper has an article about a father letting his ten year old son drive the car home from shopping -- on the Interstate. Dad must have the Christmas spirit, already!

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west, disorderly is a pled down charge from public intoxication or it was just what it said, he was being disorderly by yelling, being combative. Resisting. Why of course! If they're disorderly (combative or drunk), why in the world would they go quietly??? That's just silly of the police to say that. I always laugh when I hear the two together; it's like saying "cute baby", redundant. HA!


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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

City, hamlet, town. 1200, 20,000, 370K. None of above; I really don't know the proper term for my area. Definitely not rural, and not city or town. Suburbia? Usually applied to those acres of cloned housing surrounding or near a shopping center of some sort. I'm outside city limits (pop 180,000 for Alexandria), inside a populous county (1,800,000), outside DC (source of newspaper), inside an old cluster of houses (120) which is surrounded by distinct suburbia segments, nearby *5* large shopping centers.

The DC paper subdivides its Metro sections (DC, VA, MD) which contain news listings further divided by crimes types within general areas (using voting districts). So there are regular listings of the various crimes, unfortunately in tiny, tiny print and without pictures. Do I read them? Sure, if for nothing more than to find out which is the most popular car to steal (as a Corolla owner, I'm surprised at how few of that make are listed).

I dunno, Rob: Disorderly Conduct is different from Abusive or Under the Influence. Any of which may not be a part of Resisting Arrest. Reports of plain ol' Resisting Arrest in my area seems to be when the suspect attempts to run from the scene. Disorderly Conduct usually involves fists and/or feet. Different charges, different penalties, and I dare say different reactions/responses on the part of officials.

Last time I saw someone attempt to cut into line, not only did the person in front comment, but so did the whole line and the lines to either side, and the cashier and the store manager. All very polite (Sorry, sir. These are first come, first serve lines. Please go to the back of the line.) I think there was something about 30 people all frowning at him that encouraged compliance. Maybe also because a bunch of those glares belonged to BIG guys (the local football team). Line-busting just isn't popular around here.

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"Abusive"? Never heard it. Whasthat? Sure, resisting occurs alone. But rarely is disordely not accompanied by resisting; gotta throw the book so something sticks! I'm sure laws vary from place to place and names of misdemeanors also vary, which would be why I've never heard of an abusive charge. Unless of course, you mean child abuse or domestic abuse. Very different than cutting in line.

Line busting isn't popular here either. I'm sure the line standing crowd didn't stand idly by and watch without comment.

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Latest small town news. The town had a wet/dry vote. The drys won 219 to 218.

A local preacher said the 219th dry vote was from God.

Only in a small town.

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I remember the wet/dry issues way back,some 45 years ago, when we lived in VA. The liquor stores and bars were closed on "Voting Day". Oh my, I don't know how God got involved in this issue.

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4700 in our rural township.Big news today was that a local hunter had been found shot in the chest and next to him on the ground was a shot deer. I hope it was a quick death for the deer.

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Good one, Marda...

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