who besides me uses skulls in the garden?

rainlily_sisJuly 12, 2007

This is the remains of Mustard, a faithful old cow who lived out her years at my dad's ranch. I have her leaning against a pot with a cactus in it. Please pardon the weeds - we were mowing today and hadn't moved Mustard yet to get her spot done - I thought the weeds added so much character to the photo! lol

Also, whenever we find an empty turtle shell in the woods, I put it in my rose bed. It fades out to a beautiful white.

Anybody else a weirdo like me? ha


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peachiekean(z10A CA)

I have a skull of a large dog in my office. One of the field crew found it and brought it in. I'll have to bring it home and photograph it. Wonder what my neighbors will think?

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

I do have skulls in my garden - elk, horse, bobcat, prairie dog. Plus cow horns, deer horns, elk horns, and an elk femur. However, I am my own special sort of weirdo, thank you very much! :-)


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oldblush(8a, MS)

I love it Sis but you better be careful. Those folks on the 'Pet Peeves' thread over on the Antique forum might take offense (LOL). BTW how long did Mustard lay there before the soft tissue decayed and left the skull? Just kidding but John (SIL) has a perfect 10 point skull of a buck he found that we mounted and hung in his den. Someone asked him if the taxidermist cured the hide before he stuffed it.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

No, but do dead hamster and guinea pig corpses work? LOL
Sis, you have such great imagination and a great eye, guess that's why your photography is such a work of art.


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Peachikean, come up with a wild story to impress your neighbors, like a wolf story or something, lol!

Michelle, you are now my hero of weirdness - I want to have more skulls like you! haha

Hamp, LOL! Isn't that thread a HOOT! I even had to put my $.02 in. Ah, yes, old Mustard - she's been gone a while, probably 10 years, I don't remember the length of decay, haha. I put that photo on a photography forum that I hang out at, on a "day in the life" thread, and the guy under me put a picture of his grill with 4 steaks on it - the next person was saying "is that her cow on your grill?" haha

Carla, if those don't work for skulls, they should be great fertilizer! haha
Thanks, girl - that was so sweet, what you said.

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May be a good idea to place some skulls on the edge of your property with a sign reading, "Survivors will be prosecuted."

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LOL! Ya'll are too funny! No skulls in my garden, but lots of live critters. I got up at 6:30 and have seen several squirrels, tons of birds, a cat, a wild bunny, a lizard, and a big orange fluffball! (Oh wait, that was Max, tinkling on my roses! No wonder they are not happy!)

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

You are not alone, rainlily sis.

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I have to find something to make grow out of my skull's eye socket now!

Thanks, catkim! They look GREAT!

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Have any like this?

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Oh, Jim, I GOTTA have a dragon skull, where did you get that?

I know, I know, on your last conquest, right?


That's so cool, I love it!

If I had one, I'd put it by Fairy Queen or Golden Unicorn, lol!

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Sorry Sis, but I can't claim that dragon skull. I 'borrowed' the picture from the web, The Garden Junk forum I think. I thought it was pretty neat and would really like to have one.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Just my own. It's pretty empty, tho not empty enough for epiphyllums. Yet.

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neroseman(6b NewEngland)

An interesting subject! A man who used to live in the neighborhood had a wonderful vegetable garden with a whole line of animal skulls which looked like cattle skulls. Is there possibly some gardening lore involved here I wonder?

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haha, you all crack me up!

hoovb, LOL!

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