Who is going to a Harry Potter party?

kittymoonbeamJuly 18, 2007

So many to choose from! We think we settled on the Borders bookstore at the Grove in Los Angeles. They are expecting over 4 thousand fans...woo hoo! Wish we could get to London or New York ....I think we will have a great time. We have one Slytherin, two Hufflepuff, a Dementor and a Gryffindor.

Let me know if you are planning some fun as well or are lucky enough to be in New York for one of the big parties.

Also, how many out there are planning to read Deathly Hallows all weekend?

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Hey, I went to the party at the Grove Borders last year -- It was lots of fun! There were many more grownups than children.

I'm going to the Borders HP party near my home this time and looking forward to it, even though it will be a lot smaller. I noticed the local Ralphs supermarket has cakes and cupcakes with HP decorations, jellied slugs, every flavor jelly beans and DVDs of the films.

Yes, I will get my copy of Deathly Hallows and start reading immediately, but I hope it won't take me all weekend.

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There are 2 parties we know of so far. One at a local giant supermarket, they throw a good pre-Harry Potter book party, and seems to attract the younger kid crowd, DH will take my 11 & 9 year old to that one. Just for the cupcakes & candy,

My kids, 15, 14, & 13 year old would like me to take them to the Border's party. It is "cooler" than the supermarket one, geared more for teens and, ahem, moms.

We will be purchasing two Deathly Hallows books since my eldest daughter & I will vie for the book and probably tear it in half trying to see who will get to read it first.


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Oops, I meant to say we'll go to the local Barnes & Noble. I mail-ordered one copy of the book which is due to arrive on Saturday and will pick up another at the party so DH and I will each have our own to read. Let's see who finishes first ...

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Sorry, my sister said it was a Barnes& Noble at the Grove, not Borders. Hope Harry can survive this last book. I don't think Snape will live however, I think he will sarifice himself. What a great character he is!

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Snape is a great character. He's got such a peculiar voice. That actor was also in "Sense & Sensibility which came out some a few years back.

Three of the actors in "The Order of the Phoenix" played together in Sense & Sensibility, I wish I knew their names but Snape and another one of Harry's teachers, the one who teaches Divinations class, & Dolores Umbridge were all actors in S & S.

The Divinations teacher played the main role, Snape played the loyal lover, & Umbridge played a lesser role. Talk about connections!


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Just got back from the Potter party. It was fun. There were about 400 people lining up for their books at midnight -- We were number 175.

We got the book and a goodie bag, plus we made a new friend. One girl who won the prize for best costume really seemed to think she was Luna, reciting long passages from the books by heart.

I'll sleep a little now and then start reading -- it will take me at least a day to finish, judging by the size of it.

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I went to the Border's party last night as well. The Ann Arbor Art Fair was in full swing right in the middle of everything so there were tons of folks in the store as well as witches of all sizes up and down the streets.

I saw many people & noticed that the scar they paint on the forehead is in a different position that previous years. Now it is off to the right side, & colored light brown, no longer that deep black in the middle of the forehead...interesting, I noticed that Harry's scar in the movie is now more off to the side & lighter in color as well.

I did not get the book last night but will try to hunt it down today w/ the kids. Fun!

Happy reading


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Finished the book before dinner. It was good!

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Done! It was very good. We ended up going to get it on Saturday morning as the last time we did a midnight release it was crowded and chaotic and not much fun. I was setting up the drip system most of the day Saturday, but I ended up reading all night and finished Sunday afternoon. I wanted to finish by Monday as I didn't want the ending spoiled for me. It's hard to avoid spoilers sometimes - we were waiting for the dvd of the Sopranos but they spoiled the ending the day after it aired.

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Bought the book Saturday morning. I'm halfway through. So far so good nobody has spilled the beans I still don't know what happens in the end!


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My friend -- and what a friend! -- and her husband already finished reading the book and she brought it to practice today. I didn't even ask her for it! How cool is that! I am a reading junkie.

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What fun we had! Thanks everyone for sharing. I just finished the book before my mom who is listening to it on CD- Seems to me the story took off like a bullet train right from the start. I could recognize Tolkien, Dickens, Bronte and C.S. Lewis in her writing. Any other authors seem familliar to any of you?

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I finished it this morning and thought it was really good!

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