perfect end to the day

rainlily_sisJuly 18, 2007

tee hee

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

You're making me hungry Sis.

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haha, really, Harry?

How about this?

or this?

or even these? HAHA!

Are you still hungry? :O)

Seriously, I'm taking some pictures that I want to have printed for my kitchen. I'm trying to take things that have a personal significance. The figs come from the tree at my parents, the coffee and biscotti is my once-a-week treat on Thursday afternoons, the cake is one I made from my mom's pound cake recipe, my dad grew the corn, my brother grew the tomato, and the bread is my favorite rye bread recipe.

What do y'all think? I know they are not magazine quality, but do you like them and think they would print ok?

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You know how to hurt a person....and make them hungry. Hehehe. Looks great! Enjoy them, chere. T

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

*Not* magazine quality? Whatever do you mean? I think those are very professionally composed photos and would look wonderful matted and framed for your kitchen. The fact that they all have such personal connections for you is terrific. What a neat idea!



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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

You will become the Molineux of Obesity.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Wonderful Sis. Have a mater samwich for me too! Remember when ya'll used to talk about tomatoes? I'll take the chocolate cake please.


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taureau, thanks! My whole family has been enjoying this stuff, all the rain has made for a bounty of veggies and fruits. My mom tried a new tomato this year, called an Italian tree tomato, and got one that was 1 ounce shy of 3 pounds! What part of LA are you from? I'm from the NW part.

annececelia, than you, you are so sweet! I am not using any lighting except the overhead fluorescent and I think that's where I see the difference between my photos and magazine photos - but you are so nice to say what you did! Thanks! When I have them printed, I think I'm going to do 3-picture collages, and have them framed and matted, like you said.

Harry, I burst out laughin - Molineux of Obesity! hahaha!

Carla, lol! Yes, I remember those conversations! Hamp has already informed me a month or so ago about his first mater sandwich of the summer! lol

You would be welcome to share cake with me anytime! That particular one is nearly gone - I have to make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting now, my older son is coming home tomorrow after a week with his friend in Texas, and that's his fav cake.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I love the pictures - they are going to look wonderful framed. The chocolate cake looks mighty tempting here at 7:30 in the morning :), I was going to ask to share with Carla, then have the tomato for my lunch. But yellow cake with chocolate frosting....Hmmmmm. Another fav!

There are some very accomplished photographers here, and you're making me feel so silly/clumsy. I bought a digital camera a year ago, have taken only a handful of photos, haven't used the photo dock at's just sitting getting dusty.

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haha, I did have a piece for breakfast! Shame on me...

Please don't feel silly or clumsy - just get that dusty new camera and start taking pictures! I am finally starting to feel like I know what I'm doing, after having a digital SLR for let's see now...4 1/2 years, haha. I finally got off the "automatic" button about a year ago and am loving it.

But believe me, I've taken literally thousands of photos and deleted nearly as many, haha.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sis, I love the figs!

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I love everyone of these

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nicely composed--and I love the concept--


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Awesome pics. Better (brighter and clearer) than magazines.
But, I have a question. We just planted a fig this year. Do you have a favorite recipe using figs that you could share. I haven't a clue and really want to utilize them in our diet. Thanks.


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Thanks, Carla, Joe and Pat!!!

Betty, thank you so much. About those figs - we eat some fresh, but mostly what I do with figs isn't healthy, haha. I make microwave preserves to put in the freezer - put a layer of clean, de-stemmed figs in a microwaveable dish that has a lid, and yes, you can cram them in there, and sprinkle a half cup or so of sugar over them, add another layer of figs, and another of sugar, then put the lid on and microwave for about 8-9 minutes. Let them cool a bit and then mash with a potato masher. Put a cup or so in each quart freezer bag and press out the air, seal, lay flat and freeze. We thaw them as needed and then eat them on hot biscuits.

I also made a fig cake the other day - basically, it's a spice cake recipe with 1 cup of fig preserves mixed in. I also added about a cup of diced apple to the recipe too. I did have to add a half cup more flour to the batter after adding the figs, because it became a little thin. Bake in a bundt or tube pan and it's absolutely delicious!

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Susan Serra

Wow, these are beautiful to say the least. But, it's really about your vision which is full of soul, yes, that's the thing. Nice work there!

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They are all so yummy!

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Thanks, Susan! Yes, food is usually part of any vision of mine....LOL! Seriously, I do like "connections" to my family, it's fun to discover them in daily activities and at first, this wasn't even part of it - but after 2 or 3 shots, I noticed that there was some special connection with the food I was using, so it became deliberate then.

You found me, Remy! Glad you like them!

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