Artificial Spinal Disc

michaelalreadytakenAugust 14, 2006

Someone had asked for this a couple of months ago.

Artificial Disc

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As it so happens, I spoke with one of the neurosurgeons at work today about this synthetic disc.

What he had to say, in a nutshell, is that he doesn't like it for the following reason:

If a repeat surgery becomes necessary for any reason, then it's extremely difficult to move the vena cava and other blood vessels out of the way due to scarring caused by the first surgery and the risk of death (should a second surgery become necessary) increases dramatically. I believe he quoted a figure of ten percent, which is "off the charts" for this type of surgery.



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Michael, I'd posted a while ago that I wanted to go to germany for this, but they used a different disc, not the cherite. From what I hear, the Maverick disk is superior to the cherite, and multiple levels can be done. I ran into someone that was 9 months out of having 3 replaced; she was doing awesome. I was very impressed at the way she walked, like she'd never had back problems

Here is a link that might be useful: Maverick in Germany

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I came across the Cherite site while I was perusing the Johnson and Johnson site looking for something else entirely and thought to post it here because, as I recall, you had asked for more information but I never answered you (because I kept missing the neurosurgeon on rounds)

We don't do them where I work so I don't know anything firsthand about them.

Anyway, the Maverick seems vastly superior to the Cherite in several ways, especially the ability to do multiple levels. I know L4,L5, and S1 are major breakdown points but it almost seems pointless to do just one if more is needed. Maybe not.

I do know, for a fact, that I never want to undergo a revisional surgery of any type for any reason, ever!!!; it (the Maverick) seems superior in that regard too.

Good luck!


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Thanks Michael. I appreciate what you posted about the cherite, especially if the degeneration takes more disks and the maverick never makes it here. Right now the cherite is fresh out of testing and in order to qualify, you can't have any other back problems, which was another reason for me wanting to go to Germany. When doing my research I came across all sorts of cherite pages and wondered when the US would catch up to Germany.

They have all sorts of different back surgery products, the lady I saw was supposed to get 3 maverick levels with something called a Wallis implant. She ended up with only the maverick.

The problem I have is doctors can't tell if my fusion failed. Looking at Xrays, they see what looks like incomplete fusion; so I'll get rods added next Wednesday to see if it helps. Germany never answered my question if they would try to pull the cage out to use the maverick, so I decided to stay local. I doubt I could handle the long plane ride there.

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Why not try Trans1 for spinal fusion? It is least invasive, can be done in an ambulatory setting and has faster recovery.

Here is a link that might be useful: TranS1

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