It could only happen to me

rozannadanna(8 TX)August 29, 2007

sitting on deck after work with a nice cold beer; take a drink and BAM - there was a wasp or a yellow jacket in the can. Before I could react it had stung the inside of my bottom lip. I could stil feel the stinger in my lip but of course couldn't see it so had to call a son to come and operate. Luckily I am not alergic but this morning my bottom lip is stuck out so far that it is hard to drink from my coffee cup; chin, and under my jaw; cheek and even eyes are slightly puffed out. Needless to say I look like I have been in a fight but no bruises. Doesn't hurt anymore though. I should have taken something but I can't take Benadryl and hadn't a clue as to what else I might be able to handle so I will just go around looking like a boxer for a couple of days.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Rozanna, Sorry this happened, must be very hurtful!


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That is horrible-------------Bee stings are very painful especially on a tender place like your lips.

Hope it feels better soon.


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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Thanks guys but actually it doesn't hurt now - I just look and feel funny.

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Ow ow ow.

I've had good luck using baking soda *immediately* on wasp stings.

don't know if it would help now, but you might keep a box of it on hand for future use.

...silver lining thought:
if you have any complaints to register, people might not want to argue with you if you addressed them (in person) today.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Ow! Pictures, we want pictures :)

I woke up once with a ganormous hive [singular] in my bottom lip and had to go to school! It looked hilarious, I must say.

Good thing you aren't allergic... but OW.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Sorry about the trout pout, and I hope you do feel better soon. Some of those Hollywood dolls pay a lot of money for lips that look like a bee stung 'em. :-)

I got hit by accident in the face with a baseball bat last year (some dork in EMT training hit me by accident) & I had a super fat lip and scab. The most disturbing aspect was that no one asked me what happened - not *one* single person - everyone was afraid that my husband had hit me! Even people in my family didn't ask!! People at the grocery store wouldn't look me in the eye - the psychological aspect of it was fascinating. I am interested to know how people react to your fat lip.

One of my friends & his wife went snowboarding in France, and she fell and got a fat lip and he said people in the grocery store and on the street shouted at him and told his wife that she didn't have to take that from him. :-)


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Had an episode with a dentist for two impacted wisdom teeth. The teeth proved problematic to remove so the dentist used my lower jaw as a fulcrum to extract them. Afterwards, I was barely able to walk out of the office. To add insult to injury, the next day, DH (at the time), informed me our checking account was a bit shy and I had to make a transfer from savings. No internet at the time, so I had to present my face to the teller: one eye swollen shut, cheeks and lips twice normal size, bruises down both sides of my neck from jaw to collar bone. She did not want to look at me. Jokingly, I told her I paid for the abuse. She almost fainted! A quick reference to the dental work and she regained her composure and could finally look me in the eye.


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sitting on deck after work with a nice cold beer; take a drink and BAM - there was a wasp or a yellow jacket in the can.

I almost had this happen to me years ago and after that, I will not bring anything but a bottle outside that I can cover. If I do bring out a can, I will use a small cooler so that when I am not drinking it, the lid stays closed and no bees or ants can get into it.

Target has a lot of nice coolers, much better then Walmart. You can find smaller ones there.

Hope your lip feels better. Last time I was stung was a few years ago in the hand. Killed me for days because the stinger was still in there.

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OMG, How AWFUL!! I have never heard of anything like that! Poor baby!!

Carol - too funny telling the bank teller that you paid for the abuse!! I woulda spit my Diet Coke all over when I heard that! She probably thought you were into S&M! DH has a bad habit of telling people I 'got mouthy' with him when they ask why I am wearing my neck brace, etc. I tell him he better watch it cus somebody is liable to deck HIM! Abuse is not something I can make jokes about!

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