Is Spike in disguise?

sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 1, 2007

I am having a luncheon here tomorrow, and it is time for me to prepare my classroom at school. My yard is a mess from the rough spring, 40 days of rain, and now high temps that force me to water. I am totally overwhelmed, but have a burning thought.

Is Spike around? He created these Forums and moderated them for years. He could be lurking or he could be here posting under another name. When he was in control, he could have been posting all over the place using other names. I wonder if there are many people who have access to more than one computer, who post under different names. In the past there were people who would start debates, then stop posting. Some would bravely get Disneyed. I just think it is an interesting thought that maybe Spike is still here, posting under a different name - even a female name.

Maybe I just need some rest.

Did you ever think of that? Were we not his favorite Forum? I think he used to get mad because we required so much attention. How could he have just walked away?


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carla17(Z7 NC)

I actually miss Spike. I know he did make some people mad but I liked him and thought he did a great job. We're floating out here now, LOL
Sammy, I think he received a better offer. I believe, if I am correct, he posted some reasons before he left. I think money was an issue too, meaning better money in new position.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I've always suspected Pete41 was Spike in disguise.

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harryshoe - too funny!

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I thought Spike did a great job---He kept us all safe .


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From memory he had a few (2 in addition to Spike) different names he posted under although I can't recall what they were.

I miss him too. I never had bad problems with him, was never Disney'd, but I was "Spiked" a few times.

One time, there was a guy from Bangledesh; he was "borrowing" rose photos and posting them as his own. I know I saved the posts, will have to look at them one of these days for a laugh but I'd made a birthday post to my friend Rosense for her birthday, he comments "not so nice" or something like that.

After that, we started watching what he was posting, looking up names of roses he would post, trying to find the sites he "borrowed" them from. We told Spike about it, I actually got in trouble.

I ended up not posting after that. One day he borrowed one of Anne's pics (IIRC), she complained & he was gone. I ended up emailing Spike about something on the computer forum. He replied about the Bangledesh guy, telling me I was right, but never apologizing for the Spiked email he'd sent me.

I didn't care because he did mention it eventually :)

The forums are lacking since he left, I will say that. The "mods" don't mod

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

With the guy from Bangladesh, I called him on a picture of (IIRC) Cajun Sunrise that he put up. The rose had only been introduced like nine months earlier and I asked how he got the plant and got such a large bloom. I got a really snotty answer back.
But what got him was that the original poster of the picture saw the rose (which wasn't CS) and emailed Spike and explained to Spike how the photo had been photoshopped (or whatever was used then). (The orginal poster sent me the stuff off line.)
That's how Bangladesh got himself banned.
And I did tell the story at the ARS in Philadelphia about how we couldn't always trust what was on the net nor could we trust the 'good' intentions of posters.

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I could see Spike banning himself for six months--it fits the pattern--


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

That was part of his cover.

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

I got sent to Disneyland so many times and had to beg my way back on my knees everytime... Then the best posters started being banned, and the place has never been the same since... I've always been of the 'good riddance' frame of mind... and if he is here posting under another name, why would he bother? I never felt he was much of a rose person anyway...

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