Remove wax from laminated posters

sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 3, 2007

I have to start setting up my classroom again, and wonder if any of you are handy with removing wax. I put my laminated posters through a wax machine, then put them on the cement block in the classroom, and roll them with a rolling pin. When I take them down each year, I do my best to put wax against wax, but always end up with wax on the laminated part of the poster.

Do any of you know of a product that will easily remove the wax, and not hurt the poster? Each year I try to scrape it off with a butter knife, but still there is some residue. Fantastic is good at taking pen marks off of desks, but I don't think it does the wax. I am thinking about trying nail polish remover.

I am going to post this on the Home Improvement Forum, but thought there may be more expertise here.



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Have you tried using wax paper up against the waxy part? It won't help you now, but when you take them down the next time.

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Have you tried using a warm iron over several layers of paper towels? That's what they recommend for getting candle wax out of carpet and tablecloths.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

These are huge classroom posters with wax on the back. I would need to first put them on the wall before doing anything. If the iron would work, then maybe a hair dryer would melt it.

Actually I can scrape them off, but the residue keeps it from looking smooth.

I wrote our media specialist, but she probably has not begun to access the school mail yet.

The wax paper idea is good, but it would take so much.


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