Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

gandle(4 NE)November 20, 2012

We have been invited to two different family dinners but will stay home. Oldest daughter will be with us. She had to drive her father-in-law near here to see his mother who is failing, she is 96. And she will stay until Saturday and then take him back to Arkansas, she and SIL live near there. We have one vote for roast chicken, one vote for brussel sprouts and corned beef and I haven't weighed in yet, leaning toward the corned beef but if either of the women lobbys hard enough I can be swayed.

She brought 5 pounds of fresh pecans with her and now they are talking about pumpkin-pecan pie. Told them to go light on the pumpkin and heavy on the pecans.

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We were going to go to Riverside but decided to stay home. The drive is normally 45 min. but 2 to 3 hours on a holiday. Neither of us are up to the stress. Not sure what the menu is yet.

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Staying home too. My oldest and mate are feasting with his brother and extened family, about 15 of them and my husband and I take it easy here.

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I am staying home, Joann will travel up the driveway to my house, Linda and DSL Brian and DGS Trevor will travel from Santa Rosa (125 miles) I will do the turkey and mashed potatoes, Joann will do appetizers and Linda will bring all the rest of the meal, including pumpkin pie made by Brian.
Linda will bring along the old family china, used to be Grandmother's and her knives and any other cooking-gear she wants to use...and the wine
We shall also celebrate Brian's birthday on T-day.

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We are traveling about 8 miles south, to a restaurant that seems to have a menu that has something for each of us. DH will have the Prime Rib, , they have plenty of veggies and other dishes for DS, who is a vegetarian, and I'll have the traditional turkey, with all the trimmings. They have Pumpkin pie along with a lot of other favorites.
They also have white table cloths, waiters and I imagine dishwashers.
After,some 50 years of making our own thanks giving, it's my first time going out to a "fancy" restaurant. I'm
looking forward to the experience.

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The kids will be here. They are bringing different things.
Neil and myself and Katrina. Dave,Pam and son Nolan (Pumpkin and Pecan pies)
Bill and Julie and son Will.(Ham, Squash Casserole, Mashed Potatoes). Kacie, Will's wife is working
so she can't come. Steve and his son Jared and Jared's
girlfriend Jessica. Steve is bringing a( propane tank) filled with propane for the turkey cooker.
Nancy (Broccoli Salad) her DH will stay and take care of the horses. It's hard to get horse sitters on a holiday.
My brother Ron and wife Val are coming from Virginia.
Ron is bringing a cooker and plans on cooking the (turkey).
I am making the (Dressing, Green Beans and Cranberry Orange Salad. Mike and Bambi and Nancy's David are the only ones missing but
hopefully they can make it for Christmas.

I am looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with my brother. This will be the first holiday we've ever shared.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

DH & I are driving separately to DD's, 18 miles. SIL does turkey, 2 types of dressing, mashed taters, gravy, brussel sprouts with chestnuts. DD does a pie or two, usually 1 pumpkin and 1 chocolate mousse. By request, I bring c3- corn (that's cream cheese and chili over niblets slow-cooked), creole green beans, mushroom balls, spinach squares and the new-try dish is a butternut squash and rice casserole. SIL's mom, and a long-time friend will round out the table. This is the smallest group in several years.

DH & I are travelling separately because he is going to join the others in watching football on SIL's new humongeous TV. I'm not a TV-watcher and not a football fan, so I'll come home early and either read my new Liaden book or start prepping for the next quilt project.

I did finally finish the green quilt for GS, just in time for his 11th birthday. Talk about learning and re-learning old skills! But he will be thrilled to finally get it. He's been watching its progress, one time coming out to whisper to his mom, ("It's still in a lot of pieces").

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Going to drive down to Ocean City Md (150 miles) for Thanksgiving breakfast at Layton's at 92nd St. Then to my son Verns house for 2pm dinner then down to son Franks house for another dinner at 7pm. Sounds like a full day to me.

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Yes I got up at 3:30 am and drove to Ocean City. Went to Laytons on 92nd street. Breakfasted on "Eggs Chesapeake" and was back home at 11:30 am.

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Lordy, I thought I was an "early riser" getting up at about 5:30, you got up at 3:30? Is that unusual and only for this occasion?

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When we lived back east, Ocean City was one of our favorite destinations. It was a low key ocean city. I've never been to Laytons, but other places like that. I'm glad places like that is still around.
We also went to Atlantic City, that was some 50 years ago, that was pretty much like Ocean City at the time. It has turned into a gambler's city. I have no interest in going back to Atlantic City, but I'll be glad to go to Laytons in Ocean City.

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Lilo the early rising was just for this event, I do enjoy driving.

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