Botox anyone?

rose_nutty(z4b)August 28, 2007

Does anyone have any experience with Botox, or have any other (read cheaper) suggestions for my problem? I have always been a "frowner" even when I'm not unhappy. I have a lot of headaches, and so my brow is almost constantly knit from that, as well as I tend to do it when I'm deep in thought. And like my mother, I also frown in my sleep. So my 2 frown lines abovt my nose between my eyebrows are very deep and pronounced. It's the only part of my aging face that I am unhappy with, because it makes me look like I am angry. I have considered Botox or some kind of filler, but I just don't know . . . Has anyone ever done this? I don't want to look young again, because I wear my age with pride, but I just don't want to look cross. HELP!

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my only Botox experience has been when it is used to help manage my neck pain. Rumor has it that the back of my neck looks very young!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I would probably do it but haven't yet. I have a friend who is semi addicted to it. I believe it to be safe also. Forget the botox though, If I get the moola, I'm going for a face lift!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Sounds like it's safe, given a great doc... they wanted to try that for my back pain but my insurance doesn't cover it and it's darned pricey for 3-4 months!

That's the ting, too, for the cosmetic side of things - 3-4 months? Good to try, maybe, but would you want to keep it up?

My sister tapes her frown lines smooth when she sleeps! They make some kind of tape for that. I'd do it, hey.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I know one person for whom it's a necessity. She has a problem that would keep her spine bent sideways at her neck line. With botox treatments in late summer, she's able to continue teaching and her students don't know there's a problem, nor are there any tremors. It's extending the quality of her life.

Now if I could just get real faces on television.......

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I take botox injections every 3-4 months for Blephrospasms. Usually about 5 or 6 injections over each eyelid. Yikes!
Rumor has it, I am now one of youngest looking patients.
I had a hard time at first, with the insurance folks; they kept saying it was cosmetic, but we were persistent and eventually prevailed. It is necessary.

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Maybe I should try taping my frown lines at night. That might keep them from getting worse. It sounds like several have used it successfully for other than cosmetic reasons, so maybe I'll get up the courage to give it a try. Thank you all!

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rose nutty,

You are describing my exact situation!!! I'm 44, have no wrinkles anywhere on my face except where you mention!

GET THE BOTOX, you will not, I promise, regret it. In fact, you will come to like it!LOl, I get it done only for that area every 5 months or so. It is so worth it. You go in, it feels like little pricks, not at all like bug stings BTW, but bearable,little pricks. After 3 days to a week or so, you will start seeing and feeling a difference. As time goes by the wrinkle fades. BTW, it does help with tension in general because you cannot scrunch that area, so you end up w/ much less tension related headaches.

It is funny to try to scowl once the botulin takes effect. You can't do it. So if DH or kids make me mad, I just cannot scowl at all! it feels good to always have a "peaceful" forehead!LOL,


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Betty - Thank you so much!! I think I will check into it. I was really hoping that somebody would have used it for the purpose I am considering. It is reassuring to know that it does work for that, and works well. Thank you again!

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