Water lilies

ogrefcf(5-6 UT)April 17, 2012

Okay, so I went and pick up some water lilies for a couple bucks from a lady and not quite what I was expecting. They look like iris rhizome and this is what I got.

What the heck do I do now! I'm guessing I need to pot them up and put them in the bottom of my pond? How do I go about doing that. Thanks for any help.


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maryo_nh(z5 SouthernNH)

yes, those are waterlilies allright! You could plant them in shallow plastic containers such as are sold for dishwashing or changing the oil in your car. There is aquatic potting medium, but you can also use old fashioned kitty litter, it has to be untreated and unscented. The crumbs are made of clay without organic matter. The aquatic potting medium is pretty much the same. Then add a few aquatic fertilizer tablets to the "soil", or broken fertilizer stakes of a kind that encourages blooming. If you can, attach some sort of rope loop to the container so you can retrieve it with a pole with a hook. Up here in NH we don't really want to get in the water in April, so the hook-and-loop method lets me bring the containers to the edge for fertilizing, repotting, or simply for giving the lily more light to get it started on growing. Then they go down in the hot summers and stay there for the winters.

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

Thank you!

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

Will the fertilizer hurt the fish?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I find "Oil drI" to hold up better than cat litter clay
Even better is a type called "Turface" have had it last for 5 years with little disintegration. Both are cheaper than litter. I use fruit tree spikes as fertilizer because the can be pushed to the bottom of the container.. Probably best to wait until you have strong growth, They won't harm your fish but be sure to bury thee ferts. Algae love it lol. gary

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

I was just going to ask if tree spikes were okay. They were the only ones I could find at wally world. I'll check out the Oil Dri and Trueface. Thanks!

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I drill a hole down the center of a wine bottle cork and put that on the loop so that it stay upright and I can easily grab it with the pole to move the pot.

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

Well, potted one up. Just used an old flower pot I had around. Mixed some slow release fert in the first few inches of litter. Then broke the stakes up and pushed them in. Starting it in a shallow bucket so it can get plenty of sun. Added the rope as suggested(Thank you! I see this saving a lot of trouble). Thanks again for the help!

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