Idyll #398: summer's winding down

cheloneSeptember 6, 2008

OK, this will get us rolling on the next installment of our very exciting lives. Let's roll!

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Good morning everyone.

GB, I really enjoy my "quiet" time....I think it's essential to my sanity. Since I'm home all the time, I think I need it more :) Plus, the kids do something with their dad that is special to the three of them :)

SunnyD and I are waiting for the weather to break before we head to Tower Hill to snatch up more plants. I plan to plunk them in the ground when I get home and let them enjoy a free drink from Hannah.

It dawned on me that we won't get a proper meal review because Deanne has a class over the weekend - she'll be too busy, I'll bet! Hmmm....Sue....Monique?



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"Here!", Kathy. (Rex should respond as quickly)

I actually did manage to read most of the Herbalissimo! Idyll, but naturally much of the information that made me chuckle has leaked out the other side of my head.

First of all (and with sadness) I want you to know, Eden, how very sorry I am that your Mom is so sick. It's been a long haul for your family and not a soul in the world should have to face it. I'm glad you will be able to visit with her and that Bella is going with you. It will certainly be a bittersweet time but also very, very special. Hospice is a wonderful organization; they made my aunt's last days comfortable you can't ask for any more than that. It will be hard, but it will be OK and you will find your way through it all. ((Eden)).

I am also very glad to see Cynthia resurface. I was getting worried about you, but figured that you (in your usual practical way) had simply "gone to ground" to be alone with your loss. I know how that can be, too. I have not pulled up your tribute to Katy, but will later today when the helpmeet fires up his computer which is MUCH faster than mine and has a much bigger screen (he uses it for recording/mixing music). I am certain there will be many smiles and some tears. I thought of you a few days ago when Rex came over and stood by my side; he has a habit of leaning his head against my thigh and looking up at my face that I really like. He's the perfect height for convenient ear scratches and patting ("beatings"). Nice to have you back.

Morning broke over the Compound with immediate activity. The helpmeet had a "late one" last night, finally rounding up "his" Polly sometime after midnight, after repeated trips outside calling. I sometimes refer to her as "feral Beryl" because she is the outdoor queen when the weather is warm. Anyway, he slept in the Rat's Nest so as not to disturb me (and "my" cats who were indoors by 8PM). ;) . I heard him tell Rex to "lie down" just as it was getting light outside and the tone was irritated. Next thing I knew Rex was next to the bed, snuffling and emitting little noises. I dutifully pulled on some clothes and took him outdoors, groggily following him around and swatting the ravenous mosquitos. He assumed the position for "dumpage" several times with doubtful success (swell!). Back indoors to make coffee and I heard the sound of gentle rain... back outdoors (with coffee) to wrestle with the covers for the woodpiles and give Rex another shot at "dumpage". And plenty of opportunity to remind myself that I should have forced the helpmeet to help me with the covers last night. I put the grill under the filon roof (should have done that last night, too),and cast an eye around for things that should be moved to secure, dry locations. So, here I am, watching the screen and listening to the rain pitter patter outside the windows.

Marty is back at work, I see. How nice that things are going smoothly and your time to recover at home was well covered, as well. You must feel like a million bucks about that. CoHnfield Park is going to witness a lot of work this fall, I'll wager.

All the "chillun" are back in school here, too. I see the buses in the afternoon and note the policeman taking stock of people speeding through school zones. I have to say I rather like the decrease in weekday traffic that usually follows Labor Day. I hope the first day of school nerves have vanished for those kids predisposed to them... and their parents who must watch and resist the urge to fuss and coddle. :)

And I see that Phoebe has taken up woodworking... hmmm, very bad. She can find mischief anywhere within 4 miles, huh? (never met a puppy that couldn't, right Jerri?). Wrecks earned his nickname by destroying two pair of slippers of mine (foolishly left within his insecure jaws), systematically disembowelling only the right one of both pair, lol. Talk about making a point. She'll grow out of it, but it's an irritating reminder that just because she's "big" and looks grown up, she isn't. I recommend increasing the schedule of beatings.

More babies? we're doomed, Sue.

And I want to send a warm wish to Les. for a happy birthday. Pictures of the birthday bash and the gourmet chow would be great. When's the big garden day?

I will be donning the cleaning hat today, I'm afraid. The house is awash in dust kitties, sand, etc. and in dire need of vacuuming. But it's a good day for it, rainy and I am feeling pretty good about the outdoor work I've gotten done around the Compound. It's time begin getting the inside under control as we'll be spending more time inside as the daylight dwindles and the temperatures drop. The spectre of the remaining work in the Salon is beginning to raise its head, too, though I've yet to bring up that topic with the helpmeet. All in due time... .

Busy at work and that tends to manifest itself in criticism of a minute sort ("if it had been me, I'd have done it this way"). "There is more than one way to skin a cat", Mum always used to say, and the way I see it, if the final result is successful what difference does it make how the result was achieved? It's interesting to me how differently we approach the same project. I'm more inclined to think and plan for 15-20 minutes, working more complex details out before beginning. My boss is more apt to start out and figure out the details as she encounters them. Either way works but I prefer to work within the framework of a "plan". I was always the kid who read the directions and when the last one said, "fold your hands on the desk top and don't do any of the things listed above" I was the kid who sat uncomfortably as my classmates forged ahead. Hence my preoccupation with the importance of hyphens in "anal-retentive".

Hi to all, I'll try to catch up more effectively as the day rolls on. Time to get the banking in order and bills ready to go right now, though.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Next weekend is when the kids are scheduled to come.
Today I am planning on going to the 100th birthday party of a long time friend. She is now in a nursing home, so the party will be there. She never married, and her only close family member is a nephew, but she has many friends in the church. It is the church that is hosting the party. There will be ladies modeling dresses from the 30's on up. (I was asked to model the 1930's dress, but was too large around the waist.)One member is bringing his Model T for her to have her picture taken sitting in. :-)
It should be a fun party. :-)

On a sad note...Eden, I am so sorry for what you are going through. It has been well over 31 years since I faced what you are facing, but I well remember it. I hated that my mother had to be admitted to the hospital, and passed there. She would have certainly preferred being either in her home, or my home, but it was not possible at that time. If there had been such a thing, then, as in home care, that is where she would have been. Two of my sisters and I took 4 hour shifts sitting with her in the hospital.
I hope your mom is comfortable, and not suffering. Now days they can prevent suffering better than back then. ( I think).

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Breakfast and coffee with the Idylls while I break from a flurry of watering activities. Its going to be hot today , with temps in San Francisco even creeping into the 80Âs range. Got laundry going (two loads today, Anita) but still need to hit the grocery store-IÂll do that later today when the A/C laden air will be more appreciated.

So there you are Chelone ! Now maybe we can shake Denise and PM2 out of the bushes-havenÂt heard a peep out of them in a few days either. The looming specter of Âmore time indoors does begin to rear itÂs ugly head here too, my friend . 1st evidence is the ever shortening days-IÂm back to going to work in the dark . But at least we have the beautiful fall season to ease the pain.

Jealous again as Saucy and SunnyD head off to the Tower Hill plant sale. Our two major botanical gardens (San Francisco and UC Berkely) both have sales later this month too, but since I CanÂt Buy Anymore Plants , I will not attend.

All for now-IÂll refill the coffee and head out to move water --- A note of victory: Only THREE yellow leaves on the da%n Brug this morning ! Keep that fertilizer flowing !

Kathy in Napa

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My skill at procrastination is manifesting itself today, no sound of the sub-compact Kirby has yet been heard on the Compound. I've been outdoors twice, once to the bank (without Rex) and the other with Rex (no "dumpage" that I noted). It's overcast but rather bright right now. Dishes in the sink are as yet untouched, too.

It's not easy to eschew the desire to visit nurseries and the purchase of plants. I desperately want to race out and snap up end of season "bargains". But the reality is, only a small part of the rudimentary shrub border is ready to receive them and at this point in the exercise it's more important to direct our "open to buy" to "hardscaping". Not terrifically exciting in an immediate sense, but extremely rewarding in the long range. So, I remain on the Compound, occupying myself with grunt work. Idyll hands bein' the "Devil's workshop" 'n' all...

With an eye to hardscaping I burned some unnecessary carbon fuels last week. I purchased two books, "The Art and Craft of Stonescaping, Setting and Stacking Stone" by David Reed (c.2000, Lark Books), and (for me), "Dearest Friend" by Lynne Withey (c.1981, The Free Press). I want to see a stone wall define a planting area along the barn and broached the idea of actually HAVING it done... . The suggestion was met with predictable contempt, wrapped in "I don't need to have people know I can afford a wall"... (huh?! like we live "large"? like we CARE what people think? when we ALL know they don't really "think", at all... they just talk). You and I both know that building stonewalls is not "rocket science" at its most elementary level. Anyone can DO it, if they're willing to follow the basic rules and spend some time PLANNING. Sure, the amateur attempt may lack the subtlety and elegance of a practiced stonemason but little is lost in an honest attempt that follows the "rules". LOL, the helpmeet groaned when he saw the book in my hands. I'm not sure where it will all end, but the simple fact that lil' Miss Procedure had the book in her hands sent a shot across the "let's just wing it" bow. This has the potential to be a very funny story, my friends (remind me of that later on, OK?). :)

Dishes or Kirby? (or more procrastination)

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I was just writing that I had power and POOF it went out. I closed windows thinking reboot might be needed and lost post. So here's a quick 'hello' enjoy the tropical storm working it's way up the coast! Battery back up, but not much good if cable fries. I'm outta here.

Many warm thoughts to Eden and her mom.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Eden - thinking of you and your family these next days -- your Mom is indeed a lucky person to have such a loving, caring family and Im sure the hospice will be a wonderful place for her to spend her time with you all.

Here in VA, we are getting somewhere between 1/2 and 1 inch of rain an hour -- Hanna is indeed letting loose - Glad it's not happening at V's big party! Hope my yard doesnt slide away either.....

Didnt sleep well last nite and so those weak ideas of energizing for cleaning is seeming a dumb idea - maybe I should look at the ads for cleaning, eh? A lazy, lazy day seems like a wonderful idea. A couple of naps too would not go amiss.....


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SunnyD and I really had a great time and found some great plants to boot! New for my GG: Astrantia. I like this plant in the pot....lets hope I like it in the ground. I picked up another anemone in a hot pink, and the Lemon Queen I needed to go in with Joe Pye :)

SunnyD bought 5 times what I bought, LOL....we've got her hooked :) I'm just not a good shopper....I know I need more plants, but it's hard for me to part with my money until I mull things over, and a plant sale that ends doesn't allow mulling :)

So I spent my money at the new bath mats I needed and some Hanna candles! I used all my tea lights this summer, so I grabbed another bag of 100.

I also got a curved shower curtain rod like you see in hotels these days....I've been wanting one for a'll be a little more roomy in there tomorrow :)

So far Nick and the kids have vowed to camp through Hanna....anyone want to wager on whether they'll be home tonight or not? LOL....I'm betting they'll stick it out just for the tall tales!

I'm really kicking myself because I was going to photo a big painted spider last night and today she is gone....guess what she left, though? A HUGE egg sack dangling from her web. I've dubbed her Charlotte and I'm going to go hunt around a bit for her.....

Jerri, I'm with you....I'm pretty excited about any kind of "clean" I can get in this house. I padded my cleaning supplies today - I'm ready and waiting! Cindy, I say go for it! Maybe you'll find someone you like! I had low expectations going in....maybe that is why I'm always so happily surprised, LOL!



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I just spent some time trying to locate an autumn poem, but couldn't find one that spoke to me. Instead, in keeping with the theme of cleaning ladies, and therefore, messy rooms that must have been neglected during summer gardening chores, here's one that will speak to all of us...and hopefully get us in the mood for fall cleaning.

Messy Room by Shel Silverstein

Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
His underwear is hanging on the lamp.
His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair,
And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.
His workbook is wedged in the window,
His sweater's been thrown on the floor.
His scarf and one ski are beneath the TV,
And his pants have been carelessly hung on the door.
His books are all jammed in the closet,
His vest has been left in the hall.
A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed,
And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.
Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
Donald or Robert or Willie or--
Huh? You say it's mine? Oh, dear,
I knew it looked familiar!


I hope V's party is going well.

((((((hugs to Eden.)))))))

Saucy...I admire your restraint while plant shopping. I love astrania. I only have one, though, that I've been babying along for three years. It must not like it's spot. I think it was Eden who mentioned having one that was seeding all over the place? Your target buys sound fun. Enjoy the peace at home alone this weekend.

Fall photo of 'Gateway' joe Pye Weed and grasses

That's all I have time for now...DGC are clamoring for attention.


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What a completely uneventful day Ive had, assisted Im sure by the oppressive heat (102 right now) and low energy due to having stayed up way too late last night. Looking at the weather on the Atlantic side of the neighborhood and it sounds none too pleasant there either; I see reports of heavy rain for Chelone and all our friends in Conneticut , after having already dumped on Marian , Cindy and Cynthia. Wonder how the Saucy tribes campers are faring ? Wish I could have about 30 minutes of one of those downpours . Natl weather service predicts a cooling trend here starting tomorrow , high 80s are more than welcome after a c-note day.

Saucy , since SunnyDs front garden is already famous around town , one can only imagine what she will have in store next year as she feverishly buys plants. Keep us posted !

Chelone, how nice a stone wall would be on the Compound..brilliant idea and so New England . If you get started right away we can have a wall-warming at IU6 , , using it as a bar perhaps ? Was Kirby let out of the closet today ? If so, you were more ambitious than me by a long shot.

Anita, thats a wonderful grouping with Joe and the grasses. My Joe Pye and I have a love-hate relationship . Thanks for the slice of Shel ! I felt less slovenly by comparison..

Speculating on the V-bash, Michelles vaca , Brendas porch project, Normas pond (come back Norma!) Marys powder room art installation and again I say where is Denise ?

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today was a lazy "me" day. After gathering garbage for the dump and dealing with cat litter, I planted some drumstick primulas. Then I was off to get a hair wash and blow dry, buy a lunch for myself (I like that, I know not everyone does) and then check out the knitting store, the glass mug shop (No, the mugs haven't arrived yet :() and grocery shop. I think this will be another winter of knitting tiny garments.
DH puttered at home watching the burn pile go up in smoke-with hose at the ready, playing with the dog, dealing with a few bills (no stamps...) and solving a puzzle in our new game.
Dinner was steak & potatoes & fresh tomatoes, a man type dinner I think.
Tomorrow I'll try for some photos here as there's a lack of them on this thread so far! OH! I see Anita's great grasses and Joe Pye now! I love those in combination! I am thankful not to have 102 temperatures, I must add! I keep thinking we'll get rain, but none so far to water in my new plants. I may have to soak things myself tomorrow.
There have been thousands of grackles gathering in our tree windbreak. The noise is agitating...and periodically there's a gun shot from a nearby farmer to encourage them to disperse.
Boring post I know. Very quiet thread so far, which is good as it means folks are having fun and keeping busy. :)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

No time to catch up with a proper post right now, but wanted to say (((Eden))). My thoughts are with you and your family.

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I listened to to the incessant drumming of heavy rain on the filon roof outside the bedroom and wondered if the Saucy Tribe ended up at a motel or in the car. ;) (just watched a really good bit on "Beakman's World", do your kids watch it, Saucy?).

It POURED here, I would not be surprised if we received over an inch and hour and the final tally is in the 4-5" neighborhood (we don't have a rain guage but we ought to). My quick walk over to the natal shrub border revealed a lot of standing water and I plan to get a shot of it later this morning and then track its soak in progress. The helpmeet parked the wet umbrella right over my rubber garden shoes and one of them was soaking wet inside this morning. Ick.

I love Eupatorium, Anita (grasses, too), what a pretty grouping you have in your photo. Love the ferns and stump, too, lovely way to naturalize an area. Joe Pye Weed grows wild along the sides of the roads and next to the marshes here. I have a huge variety (can't remember which one, but it can hit 8-9') that has pale, more lavender colored flowers and reseeds like crazy. I'm planning on moving the mother plant and several of the babies to the low portion of the shrub border, next to the crumbling stone wall. I think it will prosper there and its size will be useful in coming years.

I'm partial to Astrantia, too. I think it's 'bug who has a lovely varigated one? I recall that it was varigated with yellow and that's not a varigation or leaf color that usually grabs me. It will great fun to see your GG come to life in the coming weeks and then next spring, Saucy. Lemon Queen gets really tall, too, doesn't it?

I forgt to mention V's party yesterday, but I hope all the preparations lead to an exciting, fun-filled bash. And I did crack up when someone mentioned that they should have turned MIL loose in the garage, lol. Maybe V. could rent her out and send her to the Compound to assist the helpmeet in containing the sprawl of his clutter... .

Yes, indeed, I did back the sub-compact Kirby out its garage yesterday. I vacuumed the galley kitchen, the dining area, sacking out area, the "li-berry", and "the can, man". I did the rugs and under them, too. I called it quits after that and decided I'll finish up the boudoir this morning. I think the upholstery may have to wait for another day, but maybe I'll be filled with renewed zeal at the sound of machinery. (right). I cleaned the kitchen and did two loads of laundry, too. This is one of the weeks when bedding and sheets come into the rotation, too. Incoming high pressure and strong, gusty winds auger well for quick drying!

I'm a little freaked out at the prospect of actually building a wall, you guys. As you may guess there isn't a great deal of support for the project and it's not something one wants to start and then abandon half way through. ;) I was thinking I may go out and layout the arc and take good measurements today/tomorrow. That will allow me to calculate the amount of stone required and that, in turn, will dictate the feasibility of the whole endeavor. It won't be tall enough for a bar, Kathy. But it could prove a good place to park one's can while sucking down a "adult beverage". As I said, I could lose my nerve on this one.

I meant to comment again on Marian's lovely, green, leafy, cool shots of her yard. I have thought of them several times in the past week. Very inviting. And I will be interested in hearing about the birthday party for your friend, too. But I would really have given my eye teeth to see you modelling some of the fashions from the '30s.

Maybe there will be more activity here today.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Up early here, that means before 6. We expect the Bell phone repair guy "between 8 and 5". Just hate when that happens! At least there are two of us here so we can escape periodically if we need something in town.

I adore stone walls. I no longer have hope for one here, though I know exactly where it would go...My friend Judith has a magnificent wall made of flagstone, a dry wall. It was a fairly quick project done by a gardener friend and his wife. (Several weeks, full time!) I no longer can use my hands as well as before due to arthritis, and lifting heavy stones just is so difficult now. You really do have lots of lifting and examining to do for that project! I'll be disappointed if you don't go ahead with it though. A stone wall is high on my list of things of beauty. I also think you'd be very satisfied with such an accomplishment. They do say your second one is feel free to experiment here before building your own! ;)

Very gloomy here now, promises of rain. Wednesday night we are told the temperature will fall to 37F. Gee, already?

OK, time to get dressed in case the guy actually shows up early. Breakfast is a good idea too.

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They rolled in about 11 :) Nick said they would have stayed, but the water rose above the waterproof line of the tent and began to come into the floor.....he's already back at the site checking out the damage.

Chelone, I've been toying with the idea of a little wall, too. I think the key (as always) is a good base. The old stone wall that lines my property is quite messy, too. Don't be scared....lets build one together, we can compare notes! Do you have stone on hand? I have access to some good stones.

I whipped this house into shape yesterday! I changed all the lightbulbs that were out (those new bulbs do NOT last 8 years!)....washed all the area rugs......gave my bathroom a redo with my new ROOMY shower curtain rod and after I steam cleaned the floor, I laid my new bath mats down. Then I took a long hot shower and got in bed with my book....and that's when the phone rang.

Oh, I organized a drawer or two, too, but that wasn't as much fun as that sounded on Friday :)

Kathy, while I was watching our weather, they kept mentioning San Fran's weather :) I already had the inside scoop.

Yes, Chelone, Lemon Queen is taller than I in her pot....I'll knock her down an inch or two when I put her in the ground today.

Anita, I loved the Shel poem....I think Jake will like it too! I might hang it on his door for fun :)

I'm going to try to find Charlotte today....did I say that the gigantic egg sack is hanging to the side of my front door? It's freakishly HUGE!



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I am about 1/3 through the book on wall building and I think I'll purchase the stone for the project if I decide to forge ahead on it. We have tons (hehehe) of rocks and stones here, but they are not the ideal sort for stacking, as they're frequently the round, "field stones". Mr. Reed advises that fieldstone is a challenge and therefore, more difficult to use, though the resultng wall can be very lovely. We have no shortage of "rubble" to be used for the backfilling of the retaining wall (no kidding). My first set of measurements indicates a wall in the neighborhood of 20-24" high, this means it would have to be between 15 and 20" wide seen in profile. And you're dead on about the necessity of a good base, Saucy. A trench about 6" deep and the width of the wall, filled with gravel is the starting point. The gravel bed and the gravel and rubble "backfill" is there to provide a buffer between the soil and the wall, drainage to prevent water and waterlogged soil from freezing and heaving the wall out of alignment. I did not fully realize that the gravel behind the wall also acts as "glue", in normal freeze/thaw cycles it is forced into the gaps in the wall, acting in concert with the "batter" (the slight lean built into every wall) to strengthen the overall structure. It's actually a pretty simple and very cool concept. And the reason stone walls last as long as they do.

We had a handsome stacked stone retaining wall that levelled the front yard of our home in Massachusetts. At its low end it was about a foot high, and at the tallest point it was nearly 6'. My parents worked very hard to pay for it, the mason was a tall, lean Dutch guy, and it was GORGEOUS. Passersby on the street were unable to see into the backyard, and the effect was wonderfully private and quiet. I can still see Mum working away on her garden that ran around its perimeter... and smilingly giving up the sandy portion to the seasonal egg laying of the snappers that lived in the brook behind the house. It was that house that has defined my view of gardens and landscaping. While I adore very formal parterres and layouts it's not terribly practical for me, nor do they indulge my love of native flora and fauna. On a tight budget and DIYers at heart, it makes more sense to work with the native abundance and let that define the overall character of the Compound. (how's that for a "mission statement"?)

Bedclothes are in the washing machine and the kitchen is clean. Wind is picking up nicely and if I'm going to finish the vacuuming, this is probably the time to get out the Kirby.

Save me, please... someone? :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The rains came tumbling I will not be gardening as I'd planned.

DH sliced up some peaches for our breakfast and is now working on our puzzle game, a project that increases in difficulty. I began a knitting project, a sweater for Reed. (Do you suppose he'll become a stone wall expert?) It is navy blue and fuzzy, and of course very difficult to see what you are doing with very dark coloured wool! It will have a yellow duck on the front, yellow duck buttons on the back. Only one row done so far. I actually enjoy lazy rainy days, though a long walk with Phoebe would have been nice had the weather been dry.

Need to defrost puff pastry so I can make tomato tarts later on.

I hope V is recovering from her shindig, that Deanne is having success with her students and that Eden and Bella are passing quality time with Mom. My Mom enjoyed holding hands at this point, which was a treat because she was not a "touching" sort of person.

Listen to the pouring rain
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more

Let it rain all night long,
Let my love for you go strong,
As long as we're together
Who cares about the weather?

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall,
And with every drop of rain,
I can hear you call,
Call my name right out loud,
I can here above the clouds
And I'm here among the puddles,
You and I together huddle.

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall.

It's raining,
It's pouring,
The old man is snoring,
Went to bad
And bumped his head,
He couldn't get up in the morning,

Listen to the falling rain,
listen to the rain

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Anita, I love your combo...and the fence behind it really caught my eye, too! "Gateway" is the variety of Eupatorium that I have, too....

I hope I sufficiently warned you:

Here's the egg sack....about the size of a half dollar!

And the spider (this is actually a different one....suppose "Charlotte" really did die? I would think that practically she'd at least hang around a little while....)

GB, I have a dr. appointment coming up and I'm going to complain audibly about my feet and see if I can get a podiatry referral. I have a sneaking suspicion that my arches are falling.....but lets hope my self diagnosis is way off....

Gotta go enjoy this gorgeous breezy day! Only the elephant ears flopped over in all the rain.


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No major damage here from Hanna except Rich spent most of last night diverting/vacumming/sweeping water into the sump pump. My best guess is about 4" in six hours. Lots of wind, but we had prepared so nothing completely lost.

Almost everyone else on the cul-de-sac has a housecleaning service and it will be my first semi-frivolous investment when Rich is back to work. I have a magnet "A clean house is a misspent life" and couldn't agree more. LOL

Surprise in the mail yesterday. My first issue of "Garden Design" that I must've ordered for some school thing last year. What an incredible mag! Way too upscale for most, but it's fun to see the ideas and ways I could use them at the Park.

Chelone is right!! The lists have been made and I have some work to do!! A stone wall sounds just right for the Compound. My best advice -- invest in really, really good gloves that go all the way up to your elbows. Repeated scrapes are no fun.

What is this plant? Sorry for bad quality but pic was taken right at dusk. Can't find a tag but am sure I planted it since it's blooming in Fall and thus must be part of the moon garden. Variegated foliage means it was carefully placed but I'll be twitched -- no good idea of what this is. Please tell me it isn't invasive!! LOL

While I agree that summer is winding down, my gift Azalea doesn't thing so and whodathunk it would rebloom?

It's hard enough for me to get pics in ideal circumstances, but wanted you to get the idea of the moon garden. It does literally glow at night, and from the dining room window everything seems lit up....

It is a triumph and tragedy weekend for the farmers in the area. "Our" heirloom orchard is opening this weekend and a robust variety and crop is to be had. Apple pie for sure today!

On an incredibly sadder note, The Creamery lost one of its 1860's barns to a fire. Rich saw it before the fire trucks even got there and said it looked like one big 50' tall ball of fire. No injuries to persons or animals.

We give the local volunteer fire companies all the credit in the world for not letting it spread to the other three barns, the ice cream building, nor the homestead which it easily could've done. Strange to see the hill without it, though.

Congrats, Marie (I'm whispering) 'till it's okay to exclaim :-)

(((Eden))) I have no idea what to say, but do know that you and DH and kids and Gkids and your father are in my pensive thoughts.

Off to the orchard!


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Present, Kathy! It's been hot here, too, despite which I drove south yesterday to the salvia sale at the Fullerton College arboretum, something I've wanted to do for ages. Naturally, the job taken on Friday is needed ASAP, so I should've stayed home nailed to the computer but went to the sale anyway. They had other stuff too, and I found the gold/green varieg plectran that I lost in that rare frost a couple winters ago. Found a Salvia microphylla 'Red Velvet' which was actually on my list of salvias to look for. And bought another day-length sensitive subtropical one that drive you crazy waiting for blooms to come. Fresh torment!

I suppose I have "gone to ground" a bit in this political season, which is always dispiriting to say the least. I foolishly got into a heated discussion with my mom over politics, something I know to absolutely avoid, and then the notion creeps in that avoidance of talking over issues is a bit cowardly, so then I go full tilt, feel miserable, and vow never again for 4 yrs or so. Repeat as needed...

I did see Katie's tribute and must confess I had previously copied one of Katie's hat photos into my own album as a keepsake.

Astrantia is one of those special plants I hold so dear as to need to cause its demise every few yrs in my little "garden of doom." This year 'Venice' is on order, supposedly a more heat tolerant astrantia. I found a garden notebook from 2000 and was stunned to learn I really have been trying the same plants over and over, just different cultivars.

That's such exciting news for Nana Marie, and maybe I'll learn to knit this winter too, perhaps an hour each way on the train would get things rolling.

Also exciting to hear more ruminations on stone walls. The spider eggs, tho, Saucy, I can do without, lol. Strange, isn't it, about insect prejudices. Bees are cuddly and clever, spiders sinister. I do grant spiders the air space in Sept, and they are strewn everywhere, except across pathways, where we knock down their webs. Eventually it seems they develop an uncanny instinct for building webs where they won't be knocked down. They learn bwaaha....I did discover recently that hummingbirds need all that nectar for their real job, which is eating stuff like flies and spiders, something I've never witnessed yet.

And Eden, please know your family's many challenges are in my thoughts. I have your little agave ready to be sent, but let me know if it's too late in the season or there's too much going on right now, and I'll send it in spring.

Gee, the rain dance for V's party was a hit. D'ya think a full idyll stomp could get some rain out this way?

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I've persevered. The boudoir is vacuumed and I even did a perimeter "suck" of the laundry closet (scary!). Bedclothes are nearly dry on the deck and the towels are recently draped artfully over the deck railing. I have not attempted to vacuum the staircase, and may just bag that notion for the day.

I am marginally "creeped out" by spiders. They fascinate me, but having 8 legs delictely move over my person does make me shudder and (sometimes) squeal in spite of my lofty pretensions. I'm OK with the notion that they THINK (bwaah!), Denise, because that means we'll be able to carve out a mutually respectful coexistence. I've noted a few of Saucy's spider's cousins around the Compound. There were a lot of what we've come to call "Henry Ford" spiders (all black) in and around the pile of rounds we recently split. We swept them aside and delicately relocated many to the newly split stacks. Live and let live, I say.

As for political discussions... lol. My penchant for reading history and biographies has demostrated that the most effective leaders/rulers were actually pretty "radical", but had the ability to speak to ALL and tread warily through the "minefields" in front of them. A cool head and the ability to think and speak to a nervous populous defines the successful politician. Interesting how my recent readings have made me regard recent political events with a very different mindset... one VERY much in keeping with my parents, though on cursory examination quite different. Funny how an understanding of founding precepts can do that! Hang tough, Denise. :)

Time to get to the grocery store before it's too late.

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Dropping in quick here..

Martie that is a Physostegia,'Obedient plant' and you must go out right now and push one of the flowers on the stalk to the right or left. This is almost as fun as popping fuchsias and impatiens seed pods...I have heard that Physostgia is invasive, but not the case here, in fact I have tried and failed to keep one going many times. Don't think it cares for hot dry conditions much...

Back Later

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That's Obedient Plant...not at all obedient!

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I had zero luck with Physostegia, too, Kathy! Mine was white and it gave up the ghost in just under 3 seasons. Perhaps I ought to be grateful given its somewhat fearsome reputation for aggressiveness in my neck of the woods?

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

How can it be Sunday already? I demand a redo of Saturday!
I'm so impressed with all of the cleaning and gardening going on. It seems we work, come home and care for critters, grab something to eat and go to bed. Saturdays have been devoted to Adoption outreaches so by Sunday we are left with everything else to do (or NOT do) and are exhausted. Hmm... Perhaps it is time to assess priorities.

Could someone send rain my way so I do not feel guilty for not mowing this weekend? LOL

So many of the Idylls have gone through losses in the last couple of years. Is anyone else loaded down with family 'treasures'? My parents put the boxes of 'treasures' from both sets of grandparents in the attic and left them untouched. Now we have stuff from four different areas of the family to decide how to manage. I will have no problem getting rid of things but I do want to keep a few special items. The daunting part is finding time to go through everything to find the special ones.
Le' sigh.....

I'm off, laundry and vacuum first.



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Life first, cleaning later. That's my plan anyway.

Bell has phoned and I think I heard him say he's on his way.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Bug, that reminds me of an article I saw recently:
Too Busy to Live?
I picked up the magazine, but have not taken the time to read it.
My father went out of the way to make sure we had no time to live, or God forbid, have fun. I am not sure why or how he became the way he was.
Thankfully, I have met very few people that bitter and angry. I feel a new topic coming on for Dr. Therapist. LOL

Where is that magazine?


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh geez, I just took a nice run of posts on Obedience plants and stone creations (one of my favorites!) and tanked it. Sorry folks - carry on!
I love thug plants. They are tough enough to live in nice red clay! ;)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

(((Eden))) Bittersweet times, but hang tough and you'll get through it all. Bella will be a big help I'm sure.

Chelone - I'm a stone wall fan too and I'm sure you have what it takes to add drystone walling to your list of skills mastered! Where I grew up, there were lots of stones but never organzed into walls unfortunately. Farmers, including my grandfather, created 'rock piles' with them when they cleared them from fields but didn't bother creating walls. The cellar of our house was made with local stone though. In the hayfield behind the horsebarn there was a HUGE smooth gray rock that looked like a beached whale. It must have been polished smooth by glaciers. As a kid, it was my favorite spot to sit outside and read or daydream. It has a skirt of smaller rocks that had been dumped there from pasture clearing. Wild blueberries grew all around it.

gb - so I hope we should be looking forward ho a visit from Phoebe next spring? :-)

Deanne - an article in our local paper caught my eye the other day and I thought of you. The local Humane Society was appealing for donations and foster care assistance to help with an influx of 50 Bengal cats! A neighbour's complaints had resulted in finding a 'failed breeding operation' - it sounds like the cats had been abandoned in the house. Some of the cats were in need of medical attention and socialization - and spaying and neutering too of course. The humane Society is overwhelmed with cats at the moment so are in need of more foster homes. Too bad I developed allergies to cats 10 years or so ago. Prior to that, we aways had cats and I'd love to have them again. A Bengal or two would be nice! Unfortunately, not possible now.

On the subject of cleaning service... We have used two different ones in the past. They are OK but, of course, don't do the same quality of job you'd do yourself. Now we have an individual cleaning lady (as opposed to a service) every other week. We do the cleaning ourselves on the alternate week. While there's still a lot of cleaning stuff one needs to do yourself even with a cleaning lady, it's nice to shed the burden of routine stuff on a regular basis!

It was a rainy morning here - it stopped about an hour ago. I'm not sure yet how much we got but it'll be nowhere near what some of you have had. Yesterday I was adding up the August rain records. We had 8" in August, bringing our April-Aug. total to 22". Last year we had only 11" from Apr.- Oct. so it's definitely been a LOT wetter this year! I had garden work planned today but that didn't happen!

Martie - the night garden loooks lovely! Pink obedient plant is a bad thug in my experience but the white one isn't.

Has anyone's Heptacodium bloomed yet? Mine usually blooms by the third week of August or so. This year I have lots and lots of flowerbuds but it hasn't bloomed yet. Are they all late or just mine?!

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Oh Jerri, I have so many "family treasures" I am routinely freaked out about what to do with them all! My personal angst stems from the fact that my brother and I are the only remaining shoots from our maternal branch and neither of us have kids. The other remaining branch of Mum's family is not particularly fertile, either. Nor do I know any of them very well (and the meagre communiques have left me less than excited about establishing deeper ties. le Sigh). Mum was always ambivilent about her cousins, as was her elder sister. While I like my 2nd. cousin very much (I only met her when I was in my 30s) I can't quite shake off the skepticism Mum and Betty had (and conveyed to me) about her mother and the circumstances of her mother's life. Is that selfish, or is that brutally honest?

I know my paternal cousins very well and like them all. Neither my brother nor I have any compunction about seeing that family items are passed along to them. In fact, we have discussed making our parents' home available to them for a "good price". To be perfectly honest, I'd prefer to see treasured items from Mum's family passed along to my paternal cousins, OR my dearest friends but that choice can be delayed for a bit, mercifully. To be quite candid, I have deeper ties and connections to some of my lifelong friends than I do with my kin. And I think that passing meaningful items to those most dear to you is oftentimes more meaningful than "honoring" family ties and going that route. An issue that plagues me daily, Jerri, I "get" it and struggle with it on a daily basis. But I don't have a good, concise answer to offer. If one comes to me tonight I'll be certain to send you confirmation!

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Hi Idylls.
Oh I am so sad-I came here to tell Eden I was thinking of her today when I discovered that my Clerodendron is budding up(I associate my Clero with Eden: )-sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. Eden I send you good thoughts and many hugs as you spend time with your mom. I wish her comfort.

saucy-I've discovered some spiders are pretty messy! we've had a large garden spider outside on our livingroom window and it's leaving juicy remnants on the window mostly from moths. Each morning it sits in the middle of the web sucking on its victims then it crawls up to the eaves for the day. A great way for the kids to observe/appreciate nature at work but--YUCK. lol.

Hope you've all had a good summer....can't believe it's OVER.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The party was a great success and a wonderful time was had by all. Would you believe we had almost 100 guests? 1 pig, 2 kegs of beer, 16 bottles of wine, 84 ears of corn and enough baked beans to render bendy straws obsolete. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the yard looked great.

As we were eating lunch earlier yesterday, we were amazed to see not one, not two but TEN white egrets land in and around the wetlands. My camera doesn't have the right lens for this type of shot, but here's three of the egrets in a swamp willow.

Also, I took a pic of the finished path. Too much sun at the time, so there's a terrible shadow, including that of the picture-taker. The table to the left is a rental table getting ready for the party.

And here's a close-up of the Heuchera 'Caramel' on the left side of that photo. This has been an outstanding plant all summer, and it's sited in full sun.

Sadly, we didn't get any party photos, but I had a great time visiting with so many of the guests. And most of the clean-up is now done, so I can relax.

I have to add a little MIL update here. Today she told us that she had a good time at the party, and that she was amazed it worked so well, because she couldn't imagine how we were going to stage it. Then she said that she thought she ought to get us a rental dumpster so we could clean out the garage. OK, so my garage is a disaster, but why is she obsessed with this? I know a lot of people have used garages as overflow entertaining space, but based on the way our house and backyard flow, it really doesn't make sense for us to use that area. I have a feeling that I haven't heard the last of it, though.

'bug, I think I heard a very excited whisper from your corner. Congratulations!

Martie, that is indeed Physostegia, which can be a very persistent perennial. BUT! If that's the variegated form, it is not as strong a grower and you may be safe. I would keep an eye on the vigor of the plant, and if it seems too happy, rogue early and often!

Nice moon garden, by the way. Mine cooperated and looked wonderful last night. Iris 'Immortality' had such a strong re-bloom that most of the gardeners who were here last night were asking what the plant was, because no one thought it could be an iris.

Eden, so sorry to hear the news about your mom. Thinking of you and Bella on your visit.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh V! About 15 years ago I was camping with a friend and we saw a tree at Point Pelee that had a dozen egrets roosting in it. It really was a breathtaking sight!

Babs! Short, but sweet to hear from you!

I've begun a Fall knitting project, a small sweater for Reed with a yellow duck on the front.

Tomorrow DH's first 8:30am class begins. Tra la!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Believe it or not...we got another inch of rain during the night. It was a surprise rain with VERY loud thunder, and of course, lightning. Tommy surprised me with wanting to go out right in the middle of the worst thundering.

Poor Nolon is having a dreadful time getting the pressure regulator on the water line. His sizeable hole that he dug to clear the pipe keeps getting filled up with rainwater !
He made a contraption to bail the hole out, and succeeded in doing that, but it soaked right back in, and last night's rain finished filling it. :-(

I cannot possibly keep up with all that you all post, so will just start with Chelone's kind post about my yard, and her interest in the 100 year old's birthday party. It was great ! I drove to the church building and left my car there. They took their bus from there to the nursinghome, because parking is limited at the home. The brother's model T was parked out front of the home. They brought the 'birthday girl' out in her wheel chair and helped her into the car for photos. The local news was there with their cameras, as well as lots of friends. ( I never thought to take mine) :-(
Before the BD gal was brought in, we blew up red balloons. Punch was made, and a large BD cake was provided, and fresh baked cookies.A table was arranged with several of the BD lady's hats. (She always wore hats to church.) The large room was full of friends, and some of the Home's residents.
The ladies were all dolled up in the dresses from 1908 to the present time. (The 30's outfit would definitely not have fit me!) Most of the ladies were those of the Golden Year's class. The lady who furnished the outfits, from her own collection, read a lot of info about the year, then the model came toward the birthday girl. She was very tickled by the presentations, and made a few comments.
We sang her favorite song, "When They Ring the Golden Bells". Speaches were made by various friends, and her nephew and great nephew. She was asked to speak also, and did say a little, but not much. ( Her mind is still very sharp). Refreshments were served, and we sang 'God be With You", before departing.
It all lasted almost 2 hours, and I could see she was becoming very weary. But I know she loved it all, except some of the speakers did not take into account that she is hard of hearing, and could not hear them. I felt bad about that.

Anyway, Chelone, thanks for the comment about my yard. It will be lust right up to a hard freeze this year, since there is more rain in the long range forecast. I won't be surprised if the latest hurricanes bring us a lot more.

I am sorry to hear of the loses of life and damage done by the latest ones. It looks like this will be a very bad year for them. I am glad Hanna was not a really bad one, espacially since that is our youngest GD's name. :-) (Her name has an 'h' on both ends.)

Saucy. I like those spiders. We usually have them by our house, and elsewhere in our yard, but I haven't seen one this year, nor did I last year. I have some pics I took, but won't freak anyone else out by posting mine. :-)

Denise, I haven't got into any arguements face to face about this year's politics, but have riled some on the other forum that I post on. :-(
I find the entire prospects very scary this year. :-(
Enough said.

I am in the same group who did not have the good fortune for my Physostegia being invasive. I wish it had of been. I lost all of mine. The Eupatorium coelestinum, Wild Ageratum, more than made up for the has taken over the west end of the 'island' planting, and I keep pulling it up from other beds. :-(

Chelone, don't feel bad about your lack of closeness to your maternal cousins. I had the same experience. We just did not march to the same drummer. I knew them pretty well in my childhood years, but lost touch with them when we grew up. (I never knew any on my father's side.)
My mother's only sister was always jealous of mama. Her entire family was rather unusual.... most of the 5 children did not even associate with each other! They did not even want their siblings to be notified when they died ! They are all gone now except the oldest.
All of my 4 siblings are still alive.

Wishing you all a good week .


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On further inspection, my previous statement that the Rudbeckia looked like a Rex-like creature had taken a nap in the middle of it will have to be amended the culprit was the ever germinating Star of Yelta/Yalta which wrapped its tendrils around and about and pulled the poor Rudbeckia clump in several directions, including downward. I waded in today with the pruners and both Star of Y and about a third of the gloriosa are no more. I hate cutting off perfectly good flowers , although they loose a bit of their charm when they are laying on the ground. I also laid waste to numerous asters , cut back S. Black and Blue , deadheaded Nora Leigh. Doing that exposed a horrible looking lambs ear which has been reduced to one small clump.
I also potted up my new Bamboo, and took a pic of its new home,( see below) and cleaned up the area under the bird feeder. I basically did no indoor house-cleaning chores except for the kitchen this entire weekend. I admire Chelones resolve with the Kirby. This may have to be one of those one-chore-a-day after work weeks.
And to wrap up the day , I ordered a new rain parka from Lands End Ive been wearing the same crummy vendor freebies for years, and Im tired of sporting Makita and Bosch logos.

Ah, Denise has surfaced ..knowing that you blew-off a day of computer work to go to a plant sale makes me feel better about my lack of housecleaning. How tall does S. Red Velvet get ? I bought S. Anthony Parker this year and I am currently tapping my foot waiting for blooms- though I know its a fall bloomer. All in good time..

Jerri, theres nothing quite like an impending move to force one into addressing those family treasures. What a lot of stuff Ive gotten rid of this year-nothing that I feel any regret about either.

Well Chelone, if anyone can master a dry-stack wall I bet you can ! Im pretty clueless about how much the stone would cost for something like that.

Hi Babs !

Well V, congrats on your social triumph MIL notwithstanding. My MIL would be unable to find moral high ground on the state of my garage; hers is about a thousand times worse ! If you can fit at least one car in it how bad can it be ? Liking that Heuchera might be a suitable replacement for Amber Waves which was a total flop here both in a container and in the ground

Time to do an evening WALAT , and think I may have left some tools laying about

Tra Idylls !

Kathy in Napa From Garden Sept 08

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OY, I'm up before all the early birds here. Today promises excitement: there's no water at our house. Why? Too early to analyze!

The heptacodium at our house has NEVER bloomed Woody...Maybe some year?

Here we have crocosmia, Caryopteris divaricata Snow Fairy, and other things in the rain.

Later friends-

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - is that last one an Alstroemeria? If so, which one, where did you get it and what conditions is it planted in? I love Alstroemeria! I planted a supposedly reasonably hardy one a couple of years ago but it promptly died:-( Since heptacodium is so late to bloom - especially this year! - maybe fall comes too early for it up your way? While mine has always bloomed, it has never produced the pink/red calyxes (sp?) that are supposed to follow the blooms. But the blooms are pretty and it's nice to have such a late (!) flowering tree so I forgive it that it doesn't preduce the second show with the calyxes.

Marian - that sounds like a fun party! The fashion show must have been very interesting. Were all the dresses provided by one person? - that would be an interesting collection. The textile collection at the Victora and Albert museum in London was a fun thing to see when we were there ages ago and the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto is another fun place to visit.

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LOL, my heptacodium is a stick with about 8 leaves! I doubt it will ever bloom!

Marian, that party does sound like fun....very much in keeping with the type of party my grandmother threw for her mother on her 100th birthday.

Jerri, you don't kill the conversation here, and don't ever think so....

I'm already in a funk today and it's not even 9....I guess I'm going to try to go for a long walk (no piers involved) and see if that helps.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, I picked up the Alstromeria at Lost Horizons a week or so ago. They had both pink and yellow...and I don't know the variety name. I'll look later to see if it has one. I was told it is iffy here, but they suggest planting it 12" deep! That could be because they tend to flop though...

Saucy, exercise could be the answer. I hope so! Your humor is always there though, and I enjoy it! (No piers...Hehehe)

Glad you had a nice time at the party Marian. We have a new game that challenges us with puzzles of different levels of difficulty. I think of you sometimes when we are playing. :) It can be a solo game or with 2 people.

Waiting here for the repair people. I now have buckets adorning our bathrooms, just like in the old days. Except in the old days there was no bathroom indoors here. That only got added in 1967!

Today Sarah is away for a two day meeting. That means DSIL is in charge of getting the boys to day care and school and also picking them up, feeding, homework, etc. Then again tomorrow. In addition, he has a friend's son to pick up from school both days because his Dad cannot do it for some reason. That's in a different part of town. He is working full time too. Such challenges! What a sport. He loves being a Daddy though.

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We are back and after 10 days the garden doesn't look half bad. There is some serious deadheading to be done though. The containers thrived while I was gone :o) But I find out that Kenzie is leaving on the 19th instead of the 26th (sob)

Eden, I just wanted to send my love and prayers your way. I'm so sorry to hear that your mom is losing her battle.

For anyone needing a smile, hopefully this giagantic watering can will do it. From the Gardens at Spring Creek @ Ft. Collins Colorado. We visited 3 gardens and I took 400 pictures. A lot of gardens shots but some of the scenery too ;o)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just love your photo Michelle! Sorry to hear that Kenzie is leaving a week early. Have you checked out ticket prices yet for visits?

A friend of mine from Ontario has wondered about joining the Idylls. I hope we hear from her soon and she can stop lurking! She has lots in common with many of us: new gardens, kids, grandkids, dog, etc.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I'm doing a fair job with keeping up reading, but this will be a quickie post.

Bug, sounds like a whispered, "woo hoo" is in order ;) I'm thrilled for you!

V-Sorry about the MIL thing. I get that quite a bit. Mine is also my neighbor and I get a lot of off-handed comments. What do you have planted with/near your Caramel Heuchera? I have Dolce Peach Melba, and am having a devil of a time finding good companions for it.

Michelle, good to have you home, and I'm so sorry to hear the date for Kenzie leaving has been moved up. ((Michelle))

Marian, the party sounds wonderful! My Mom had a collection of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing gospel when I was little, and I remember her playing it a lot. When They Ring The Golden Bells was one of my favorites. Lol, his voice gave me goosebumps :)

Saucy, I'm including a link for ya. Maybe it will help you with your foot pain. My feet have always hurt a lot, and I used to get cramps in them all the time. There are a few yoga poses that really help. The only pain in my feet currently is from an ingrown toenail. The link should get you to cobra pose. That and childs pose are good for your feet. Go easy raising your upper body at first until your back loosens up. You can also browse by condition, and fallen arches is one. Hope it helps, foot pain is the pits :(

There's much more to comment on...a dry wall? Awesome!
However, I gotta get busy, so will chat more later. We've very nearly got the crabgrass beat into submission, and there's rain headed for us for the afternoon. In a fit of guilt for getting mulch so late in the season, DH is helping me weed and mulch. I think he now has a THOROUGH understanding of why we want mulch early, lol!
Have a good day, everyone and HI to all I missed!

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There's nothing more entertaining than watching the face and gestures of child when they're telling their stories. So I've decided that the going away gift for Kenzie must be a webcam so that Michelle can see her often. (And the ulterior motive is that Michelle can continue to share her with us.)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Cynthia, I have two memories of the kind:
First my son "reading" Madeline, which he in fact knew by heart. My Dad tape recorded him and he was horrified when he found out that someone had stolen his voice! He recovered.

Second was a little girl, a child of a forum friend who came to visit. She recited Goldilocks and the Three Bears to us on our veranda swing...and she was just the dearest little performer! Too bad we couldn't capture it, but it remains a strong memory.

So yes, I'd love to keep up with Ms Kenzie's adventures!


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Back home. It was a bittersweet weekend for sure. Bella was just great with my mom. I was so proud of her. Bella and I went for a little walk Saturday evening and I took a few pictures of the harbor my mom loves to share with you all.

These last two are across the street, the beginning of the sunset on North Bay.


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As someone who struggled mightily trying to decipher the meaning of what my MIL said and did, my sympathies, V! In my case, she had an indirect, oblique, passive/aggressive style I found very perplexing. As did her eight children! But she was game as they come for most anything and always wanted to be included. Loved a party. Loved to organize parties...she'd probably roll up her sleeves with your MIL and get at that garage. What a shindig your party was! The new path is gorgeous.

Kathy, the Red Velvet salvia, from what I've read, will be 3-4 footish. I like these microphyllas better than the greggii at the moment. What a smashing addition your new bamboo makes to that grouping. How will you keep it from escaping the pot? And I spy a mint scented geranium, something I brought home from the sale too. It gets rampageous in the ground here so will go in a pot. Mine's the chocolate one with the dark blotch.

Hooray, Michelle is back. That photo is too clever, and the lavender-colored flrws (petunias?) are perfect against the silver. Cynthia has made a terrific suggestion with the webcam. Of course, when Kenzie turns 13, promptly remove it!

When my kids were small and I worked and went to school, I used to daydream about having a Mrs. Hudson, like Sherlock Holmes, to take care of us all, but have never had a cleaning person...yet. Everyone pitches in, and our standards aren't the highest, so it's not much of an issue. Having a tiny house helps too ;)

Marian, the thought of you riling up a political discussion does bring a smile. We all should know better by now but there's still that occasional faux pas that gets past me.

Jerri, I was mulling over your comments re keepsakes and mementos around 3 a.m., last night, when I realized I forgot to bring the catbox in, dashed outside for it, then couldn't get back to sleep. It's the odds and ends, like the teapot in the shape of a sea captain's chair from a British friend who passed on a few yrs back. Who will want such things when I'm gone?

What a shame you're allergic to cats, Woody, and to develop it fairly recently. Gives me a shiver!

Eden, the photos are lovely and very moving. I hope someone is taking as good care of you as you are of your family during such a difficult time.

I'll welcome Julie here, hoping to soon read a post from her.

Full stop, waving to all.

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What a beautiful spot Eden , thanks for taking those photos and sharing with us. The sky shot is particularly nice, though I am partial to litehouse pics too.

Michelle, love that watering can ! So tell me, will you be posting all 400 pics ?? Welcome back ---I hope you gave yourself a recuperation day before have to return to work. So if I lived near my DD, and we lived near you, we would bring Aiden over to play in your secret garden. Not the same as Kenzie but we would surely try to carry the torch !

bug ..water yet ? I am wowed by C. Snow Fairy , so I googled immediately and learned that the crushed leaves are redolent of cat urine.. What do you say ?

Marian, I enjoyed very much your description of the b-day bash for your friends centennial. You now, I do love hats, and she is of a generation where hats were worn by women more often than not ..think about it, when she turned 50 it was 1958 and nearing the end of the hat era ! I wear hats frequently but there surely arent the choices there used to be..

Denise, the bamboo is allegedly a clumper , but I say more power to anything that can grow in the ground under a Liquidambar. My hope is that it will be a moot point since I will be moving in the 1st quarter of 09(also alleged) , and the bamboo will move with me. One can hope. Spot-on re: the peppermint scented geranium. It dies back to the ground here in winter. But I always take a cutting just in case, and if it comes back I give the cutting away.

OK, Im going to do the dishes, cook some fajitas, and watch the Dodgers

Hi to all !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Denise, that forum that I spoke of does not object to political discussions, in fact it has a couple of forums just for that purpose.
Kathy, My mother wore hats most of her life, at least after I was born. She wore the pillbox types and small ones that fit on the crown of her head.Some of them had small veils that hung down over her foerehead.

The 100 year old lady wore them to church as a part of her belief that women were to have their heads covered when praying. She also let her hair grow very long and braided it, and wrapped the braids around her head. One long thick braid was hanging down her back Saturday at the party, but she had no hat on.

One of the younger ladies at our congregation cared for her at one time, and said it was a real chore brushing out her hair.

You all would love her first name is Magnolia !

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V., I love the brick pathway! Your egrets are wonderful! I don't believe that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing egrets in person. Your party sounds like it was a hit.

Kathy, I find alot of things in the garden smell like cat pee, and I wonder if that is why I find the cat there so often, LOL! My neighbor just bought that Caryopteris while we were at VFN!

My first 2 Caryopteris are putting on a good little show for being so small and I think I'm hooked! At Tower Hill they had a big clump of C. "Summer Sorbet" to greet us at the gazebo.

Denise, my cleaning standards aren't very high, and that is the problem :) I will avoid having company if I think that my house is too messy.....on the flip side, I will kill myself trying to clean up for company. This is a totally exausting exercise in worrying and cleaning futility :) MIL isn't that bad, but my GrandMIL has done the white glove test and reported it to my husband! Of course she thinks I should cut down flowers that attract bees :)

SunnyD and I got the idea for cleaning service while we were at IU5 and came back to the room to find that "magic" had happened....Tomorrow is the first day. If "magic" doesn't happen, I'll go back to my futile ways :)

Eden, your mother has a lovely view! Thank you for sharing your walks with us.

Brenda, that pose looks doable to me! I spent some time browsing that site, and when I get good and warmed up I'm going to try a few stretches! Thank you! There's a yoga class at the Y that I've been eyeing, but just hadn't taken the next step....maybe this will get me in the class :)

I think I've decided against rototilling in the means I'll have to wait longer to add loads of plant material, but I've got time on my side. I think I'll just lasanga over the existing grass and concentrate my efforts on the hardscapes. Nick is trying to push me into getting a poured concrete patio, but I don't think that it is the "look" that I want. He's sweet, but we have totally different taste....luckily he usually comes over to my way of thinking :)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Lots going on as usual, here - even when gardens are "winding down"! Life goes on - I like Jerri's comment about being too busy to live -- by all means we should all try to have some fun.

Im envious of your vacation to Colorado, Michelle - how cool - I hope one year we might be able to do an IU trip there -- if not to the mecca of Portland and Seattle, then Colorado would be 3rd on my wish list in the States.

Eden, - those are such gorgeous photos -- simple pleasures like that are often what count the most I think - which is why I get so constantly irritated w/ blackberrys, ipods, cell phones -- so much of humanity where I live seems to have tuned out on what's real - people and the nature surrounding them -- for some reason it drives me nutz easily... which is why I heartily concur in Denise's decision to postpone those transcript deadlines and go to a salvia sale!

Like you, Kathy, Im still tapping my feet for the salvias I planted in May -- s. van houttii, leucantha, and a couple others. The 2 Argentine Skies I picked up at the lovely IU nursery in NY have settled in and are giving the front garden some color though. I hope autumn and frosts dont disappoint my hopes for the others.

Anita - I meant to comment on that gorgeous combo of Joe Pie and the grasses -- really gorgeous w/ the low wall too. I had to dedicate a summer to smothering my Joe Pie when it started taking over one of my teeny beds; but I miss the blooms.

Saucy - I love astrantias - and like Denise I continue to lust after them -- I plant 'em and they last a couple seasons. I also have the Venice on order -- still living w/ great hopes along w/ a couple of poppies I ordered too. For some reason the whites last longer in my gardens than the yummy reds -- go figure.

Well, Im still digging out at the ofc and best turn to it.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning!

Quiet at work for now, so I thought I'd stop in to say "hi". We are still trying to settle in to the back to school routines at home. It is so much easier that both kids go to the same school this year - I'll get that luxury for one year, then DD is off to high school (gasp!). The kids juggle computer time in the evenings, as both need it to type assignments and to practice their music. I hardly get a "turn" at all anymore.

Looking forward to the cooler weather to come later this week, I need to get outside and play "plants on wheels". Still trying to figure out the sun and shade patterns with those 2 large trees gone. One area that was full sun in spring and early summer is now pretty shady.

V, I love the brick path - so pretty. That heuchera "Caramel" looks delicious! Many of my heucheras looked great in the spring, but they are looking a bit tired now. Have you had that one over the winter yet?

Eden, so glad you and Bella spent some time with your mother. What a pretty area, I love anything on the waterfront. Thinking of you and your family often.

Re: a cleaning service, I'd love it but I don't want to spend the $$. I had a cleaning woman for a short time when DD was a toddler and I was heavily pregnant with DS and we were trying to sell our house. She was a good friend of my next door neighbors, and she did a great job. I did enjoy the "magic!"

Saucy, you are probably smart not to rototill - that can cause problems with certain kinds of weeds - if you don't remove all the pieces the tiller can chop them up and spread them further. Sounds like you and SunnyD scored at that plant sale - good job! Is she spending all of her spare time now with a shovel in her hand?

Chelone, I say go for the wall. If anyone can do it, you can - you are strong, detail oriented and not afraid of hard work. I have faith in you!

Deanne, are you starting to take cuttings of your coleus yet? I am going to try to winter some over one last time, and I thought I remembered you saying that October is too late to start.

Lastly, welcome Julie - looking forward to seeing your posts here!

Well, duty calls as I knew it would - back to work.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning, all!
Eden, it's good to see you back. The pictures are lovely. My favorite is the one with the lighthouse.

Michelle, that watering can is great. Lol, I wonder what DH would do if I had someone install a spout out the side of one of the grain bins?? Not be amused, is my guess ;)

Marian, I offended one of the contractors doing the porch work about politics :) He brought it up, and once he found out we weren't on the same page, he really didn't like me much. I didn't argue, or tell him he was wrong or anything, just said I didn't agree. Personally, I think his boss should have a talk with him because it's not a good idea to go to a client's house and start a conversation like that. The boss still hasn't picked up their last check, and I plan to mention it to him. Fortunately, I have a sense of humor. Unfortunately, the contractor did not.

Saucy, my way around company and housekeeping is this. If I know you're coming, and didn't thoroughly clean the house, it means I consider you family, lol! I detest housekeeping chores with every ounce of my being.
The Y I could go to is a half hour drive from me, and I know me, I wouldn't be good about dragging myself to a yoga class. I would love it if I could spend some time with a good instructor, though. If I don't have much time, I do cobra, cat, cow and child's poses. Seems to loosen everything up. I used to get cramps on top of the arches of my feet that had me in tears.

DH and I made good progress yesterday. We've nearly got everything weeded. One more small section, and that ugliness is dealt with. I'm afraid he's going to have to go after another load of mulch, though. I brought him coffee in bed this morning and we were admiring the "stump bed" from the bedroom window. I mentioned that there probably wasn't enough mulch..just an off-handed comment. We'll see if it "took".

Back to work on the last of the crabgrass. I plan to hoot-n-holler when the last chunk comes out :)

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Back to work today. We got home Sunday night so yesterday was a free day. I took DD and Kenzie out for lunch. We then went to a nursery which Kenzie enjoyed immensely and finally to the park. 40% off perennials. Thanks to all you enablers and you know who you are LOL I picked up a euptorium 'Little Joe', Lily 'Centerfold', clematis 'China Purple' and a variegated Solomon's seal.

After vacationing in Colorado I think I need an alpine garden and need to find a Morden Sunrise rose. I saw it last year in Duluth's rose garden and now again in Denver. We were so high in the mountains that only the alpine plants survive and then the Botanic gardens had some wonderful alpine gardens. I think I have the perfect spot.
Brenda, I was trying to get DH to think of a way to build a watering can like that. I actually have a small collection of galvenized watering cans. He thought a small bulk bin would work LOL

Cindy, the mountains in Colorado are breathtaking. We spent an afternoon at the Denver Botanic Garden.

Eden, I enjoyed the pictures of your parents area. I believe we have been in their area one of the times we went to the UP. How nice that they could enjoy such a beautiful area.

Kathy, I won't bore you all with all 400 LOL

Lunch hour is up, later.


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Gday friends, had a good day at work today , boss and I were able to do something nice for one of my employees, and there were no major issues, only minor ones ! A victory of sorts. The weather has also improved , looking at high 70s for the next few days. The team of choice is in 1st place, word has it that Mr. Baby knows how to sit up(sort of) and my new raincoat has been shipped.

So I hope that Deanne is not in the throws of yet another computer issue- she rapidly approaches awol status. What did those people in CT. do with her ?

Michelle, I havent been to Colorado (except to change planes, lol) since Ive had a nice camera, all my pics are pretty crummy ! My DH and I once drove from Sedona AZ to FT Collins in one day. It took 14 hours and we were very grumpy by the time we got there, even though we drove through some of the most spectacular scenery in the west. Is Rob Proctor still the curator at DBG ? I wish that guy would write more books. Anyway, I hope youll get a chance to share photos of the gardens you visited.

Brenda, isnt it funny how some people just assume that you have the same political views they do (re: your contractor dude) ? There is only one person in my entire company that I ever talk politics with , and only because we both enjoy journalism and reading different views, and our discussions are more in the analytical territory than the ideologue. .So will there be a photo of the crabgrass eradication?

Wendy, competition for the computer is what prompted me to get a laptop ..There are lots of deals to be had out there. I got mine for 350 after the rebate at an Office Cheap-o sale.

Marian, I was a Catholic kid and we were required to cover our heads at Mass -the men were to have their head bare. I always got a new hat for Easter and a new dress too.
Magnolia ! What a wonderful name. I remember knowing older ladies when was a child often named after flowers, Violet, Rose, Daisy etc.

Saucy, you may have something there with the cat pee plants vs. the actual cat pee ! I actually covered and area with black poly for a winter and that worked really well to kill the grass for my new bed. I never rototilled. Once the soil had dried out enough after our winter rains I took off the visqueen and double dug it. I timed myself to only dig for 30 minutes a day (to protect my back) . I dug in compost at that time.

Cindy, when I did my tour of inspection tonight my S. Anthony Parker has buds ! Yay !

Woody, I have an Alstroemeria that I dont like ! They can be somewhat thuggish here and I have it planted where it is surrounded by concrete and unable to escape. Someday I will plant one in a color I like. Mine was mis-labeled .

Thats all for me for the moment, I need to whip up some dinner and view the baseball game.

Maybe well hear from Norma soon?

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

NO dinner time posters tonight?

Yesterday was quite unexciting. DS's fiance's grandmother passed away late last week, so I picked him up from work and spent way too much time driving around Chicago in the rain so that we could go to the visitation. I had never met the grandmother but got to meet most of her 12 children and some of the 34 grandchildren, and I can report that she was a well-loved lady. I just wish it had not involved so much driving in the rain. :0

Wendy, the Heuchera Caramel was planted last fall and is on its second summer in my yard - in full sun, no less. There's a second one on the other side of the bridge that was the same size when I planted them. This spring, I trimmed up the other one but left this one alone. The one that was cleaned up is about one-third the size of this one. Leave 'em alone, I guess?

Chelone, I hope you decide to go ahead with the stone wall. I have no doubt that you can put your mind to this and do a bang up job. Look again at the photo of my path - do you see those two large steps leading to the bridge over the stream? While I had younger backs move them to the general area, I was able to get them perfectly positioned all by myself. I've decided that I enjoy playing around with rocks! I am starting to foment a plan that involves clearing a small part of the woods and ending up with moss-covered cement stuff. This may be a year or two out...

Michelle, welcome back. So sorry to hear that Kenzie is leaving sooner. I know you'll miss her, and vice versa, I'm sure.

Saucy, I hope you experience some magic tomorrow! I've used cleaning services and cleaning ladies off and on over the years. Overall, I'm happier with a good cleaning lady instead of a service, but finding that good, reliable person is always tough. I have a good one right now and I make a point to let her know that from time to time.

Well, I should be writing part of an environmental plan right now, so I will sign off. I wonder if anyone else has surfaced this evening?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Stuff I forgot...

Caryopteris 'Snow Fairy' definitely has an interesting smell to its leaves. Not being a cat owner, I can't attest to that analogy, but I do think they smell a lot like a fresh jalapeno pepper.

Kathy, my team of choice is in first place but they've had a very disconcerting trend of late.

Politics - I avoid it in the work place, but it can be fun among friends. I had a feisty discussion with the "radical fringe" of the family at our party. I live in a county that was heavily one party, but now the demographics are becoming more balanced, and it's always kind of interesting to see people feel each other out in conversations. It used to be a slam-dunk that they were party X, but more and more of those Y people are showing up. I do enjoy the discussions when bashing is avoided on either side.

OK - no more procrastination!

V. again

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, you will probably enjoy the fact that Magnolia grew up at Calico Rock in Arkansas. :-)

Eden, I am envious of the scenery in your area. I would love to be by that beach, and where I could see the lighthouse.

V, I didn't drive in the rain today, but I drove in the fog all the way to town, but it wasn't heavy fog. It misted all day too. The high never got to 70 again today.

I hope it is dry enough to do some mowing tomorrow. I like the yard to look good when the kids are here, but it sounds as though it will be too wet for them to be outside much.
I need to muck out the house some, too. ( I'd rather work outside).:-)

I bought enough food in town today for Cocksie's Army..LOL
I never am sure what they will eat, or how often they will be eating at our house. Only breakfast is a sure thing, and I am pretty good at fixing breakfast. :-)


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Hi guys. I had a rather tough day at work today (the lacking work order 'n' all) and then an afternoon appointment. I'm up too late and have about ZERO to offer that is interesting.

Thanks for the encouragement with respect to the stonewall... I'm still suffering from "performance anxiety". ;)

The "landscape guy" is going to come by tomorrow and I have to run the desired work by him all by my "onesies". I've spent the day comprising the list and will see if I can't get some stakes in place before he arrives in the late afternoon.

Busy and preoccupied, but looking forward to soaking up your fun details... skimmed by the giant watering can and Eden's waterscapes because time is limited. But enjoyed what I saw of them MUCHLY! Later, guys.

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V, Your team of choice is The Team To Beat if you ask me, and if mine wins the west I would be shocked if they advanced any further ! Once we are out of it, I'm Cubs all the way..
Kathy in Napa

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We've just eaten. Heck now that it's dark by 8:15 we can eat after we come in.

Cynthia, Kenzie has already made her webcam debut. They have one because her other grandparents winter in FL and my DSIL is a techy. My DD was showing me her new laptop which has a built in webcam and with her cell phone internet she assures me that I can watch Kenzie swim at the beach. I told her a video would be fine of that type of thing. My webcam which was recently purchased needs to get out of the box soon.

I'm working on a DVD for Kenzie's trip to FL. She loves watching video that I've taken over the years of my garden, so I thought I'd make a DVD with a slideshow of her in her garden and mine over the last 4 summers and add some videos to it as well of her in the garden. Throw in a few butterfly and frog pictures and that should take her at least an hour or two down the road. I'm thinking that a drive that far will be a long sit for that wiggly little peanut. I'm also packing a little bag with markers, a botanical coloring book that I got at the DBG, story books and whatever else I can think that will entertain her.

I'm thinking like Wendy and am going to look for the list of plants that I need to move.

We noticed when we got home that we must have grubs in the lawn. Everything is nice and green except for some largish brown patches that have holes in them. I found out that skunks and racoons like to dig for the grubs. DH bought something to spread.

Did I hear more whispers about future little gardeners - congratulations Nana.


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Kathy, when I lasagna, I don't need to double dig! If I have a lot of good materials, as I will in the fall, then the soil should be ready for planting by early next summer. Just add lots of chopped leaves, lots of grass clippings and kitchen scraps, cover with cardboard and mulch and let the earthworms do their job. It just requires a different kind of effort: gathering materials and lots of mulching :)

It took me a long while to figure out which teams you and V. were discussing....and for a moment I thought you were secretly talking about politics, LOL. I hope your cubs win, V. They certainly have earned it.

Marian, I wondered if my grandma did the same sorts of things before I came to visit as I read your post! I loved to explore her yard and every inch of her house! She was always working in the beauty shop and my sister and I found lots to keep us busy :)

Is there a Southern woman alive who can't cook a good breakfast? I wonder where that comes from? My grandma made the most wonderful biscuits that used mayonaise for the fat in the recipe and just before she baked them she rolled them in melted butter :) Strawberry "freezer" jam was my favorite topper....some liked a piece of ham tucked in theirs.

Wendy, SunnyD asked yesterday if she could come by this weekend and have the plants that I've put aside for yes, she must have a shovel attached at the wrist :) As I drove by her house yesterday, I noticed that she'd planted a new little pink lilac out front! Kathy, I will see if I can snap a picture of her Main Street abode....

Michelle, I know your husband can make you a giant watering can! It would be fabulous! I'm looking forward to pictures from your vacation. Sounds like you've done all the right stuff where Kenzie's concerned. Jake and Sarah always enjoy packages/letters from far off relatives and I know Kenzie will, too.

Nana Marie....the other day when you were posting about Hanna drenching your area in rain, I couldn't stop singing, "and the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down and Piglet starting bailing......he was unaware atop his chair, while bailing he was sailing...." If you haven't snatched up this little goodie for Reed, I think he'd like it. It's Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, and there must be a soundtrack if he doesn't watch'd go perfect with the book :)

I am ready for magic! This person is a local person (her kids go to school with mine) and has a group of women working for her because the business is booming....I guess she's a cross between service and lady :) We worked out a little "no harm, no foul" deal....if I don't like it, I say, "no thank you" and move on.....cross your fingers!

Okay, I'm out of here....have a great day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well we must have had another inch of rain yesterday. That happened right after I finished raking under the Mountain Ash tree and of course you can't tell that I raked prior to the rain event. I think most of the Northeast and part off the central region had this line of rain and storms come through. Of course I had several plants knocked down again, they'd gotten pounded into the dirt over the weekend with the six inches of rain we had while I was in CT. My E. cotinifolia had three major branches broken off and I'm thinking that perhaps its nature's way of telling me that its really time to chop it all off and get it ready for winter dormancy.

Anyway, the weekend was a fantastic visit with Sue, Les and MOnique, good food and wine and conversation interspersed with two days of grindingly difficult work. The class was tough. The work was really above the skill level of several students in the class and that makes it hard for the teacher who wants everyone to be happy. Of course that's something that is never going to happen so I don't know why I persist in trying to make everyone happy. Story of my life. LOL

I'm in the throes of the shortening daylight blues and thrown into that the September gardens just aren't looking too great this year. The terrace border is a disappointment right now. Normally the NOra Leigh phlox is blooming along with the rudbeckia and sedum. Well the phlox is just about finished, and one of the sedums in the front terrace is just barely blooming this year. The heliopsis in the sundial garden got a terrible case of mildew and I'm going to cut it down and that is normally still blooming this time of the year. I know I'm whining but can't help it. Maybe if I run out to HD and tuck a bunch of cheap asters in the blank spots I'll be happier. LOL

Some friends of ours wanted some friends of theirs to come over and see the gardens and that will be Friday evening and I'm wondering why I let them talk me into this. They couldn't come in August and this was the earliest weekend in Sept that worked so now there is zip going on. I told Doug to NEVER let me have anyone come over to see the gardens for the first time in Sept again.

Kathy, thanks for asking, I'm not among the missing just not feeling like an upbeat contributor lately. I'm loving your pics especially that bamboo. What a beauty.

Woody, I read your post to Doug and he asked me if I wanted to go to Canada to pick up a couple more Bengals. LOL How sad for those poor cats. I can't imagine what a challenge a Bengal that hasn't been socialized would be.

V., love your brick path and that 'Caramel' is a beauty. I've got a couple in my East garden and they are real performers. I'm thinking I'm going to find room for a few more of them as they always look great.

Wendy, YES, now is the time to start getting any coleus cuttings you want to keep. I've found if you wait until the nights start getting any colder than this they become more difficult to root. Reminds me that I need to get on that myself.

Eden, thinking of you and your family.... A beautiful spot.

Michelle, love that watering can!

OK time for a bit of breakfast then off to do more garden cleanup.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I may have to start a new tradition.


This has been one of those weeks that are at least a month long.
On the positive side, 3 of the puppies have been adopted out! Two of them to the same family - I just love when that happens!

And the big news, I got the name of a really good but reasonably priced landscape crew (think multiple big burly guys!) I'm calling this week. LOL

I have to go. I'm going to have to hurt one of the guys I work with. ;)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Not the happiest of mornings, but amazingly the world goes on no matter what events -- I always find the resilience of the spirits of the Idylls to be that way as well... thinking of friends near and far today and wishing them well.

Oddly, the sun is shining here and in the 70s -- cool cool weather. I hope we all get to enjoy that.

Jerri - I think it's wonderful when plans come right and nice things happen -- I hope the rest of the pups get adopted very soon too.

Deanne - I cant imagine your garden not looking wonderful no matter what month or season it is -- heck, you have all those terrific birds in the dead of winter, even then - lots to watch. In fact, it might be hard to pick a favorite time? Altho I think you said you have a preference for July. I dearly hope to see them in person next Spring or summer - a promise to myself!

Julie (on your other thread) -- Im envious of that fact that you mentioned you have free bricks -- that's fantastic -- I have to lug mine home from the local "Home Cheapo" in groups of 30 usually... Are you planning on lining all your beds with the brick?

V - I meant to say earlier how very much I love how your Inta path has turned out -- it's really lovely and Im very envious.

Michelle, I look forward to seeing all 400 of your photos of Colorado -- as an easterner who's never been west, I know I'd be fascinated to see them all.

Well, today is certainly a pause and reflect -- Autumn is definitely on its way - I think I may have to start beginning to bring some plants inside -- getting some of those agaves ready for their winter inside. We've had quite a bit of rain this week and I dont want them to rot at the last couple of weeks.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Yoohoo Julie... come over here.... A brick project is familiar territory for me! I edged all the front beds and the living room bed in the backyard with bricks last year. I like the look and I hope never to have to trench edge the garden again! Did you use the metal edging between the grass and the bricks? I think that's a very important thing to do to keep the grass from creeping between the bricks. It took me from the end of May to near the end of October last year to do them all. I know what you mean about setting a quota of a number of bricks to do a day - I aimed for about 6 minimum - more on cool days! Really hot days I was lucky to get any done :-)

We had a relatively productive morning today although we didn't really do anything - the new kitchen stove arrived (it was supposed to arrive this afternoon), a tree service came and gave us a quote on pruning the deadwood out of the ash in the backyard and a contractor came to look at the patio - we need to have part of it removed and then they need to dig down to renew the waterproofing. When they're done that, they will replace the concrete in that area with patio stones that match and are aligned with the stones of the ramp I built last year off the patio. They will have to shift the ramp over by about 6" to make everything line up. I expect it will all be a bit pricier that I'd like! It'll be a few days before we get their quote.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi guys!

OhOh, I didn't think about stuff getting inbetween the bricks, so, nope, I didn't put in that stuff between bricks and grass. But never too late, right? Next summer you may hear lots of moaning and groaning about having to inset that for every garden. But my lot isn[t very big so I need a project every summer so I'll just save that one...

It was too nice to work today so I read instead. Kitchen is still not done. Dinner isn't even thought of yet. DH took DGS to his music lesson, DS came home from work at the golf course and went to sleep.

Gee, I guess I'll read....

Woodyoak, your talk about the patio reminds me...we were going to move the steps from where they are on the deck to the other side where the pond is now...move the pond to where the steps are now...put in a little stone patio (don't need to get a building permit for that!)and then maybe a retractable awning for some shade...almost forgot about that project.

The big attraction for a patio in the back is that I could ask Deanne's advice and put big planters on it.

Adrian planted a seed out of one of his lunch apples this Spring and of course it grew...that could go in one planter....The seed was from a Royal Gala. Are they Hybrids? Could get just about anything....

Well, it's going to be spaghetti and salad. After I read...


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Rex was able to practice is "good boy" manners this afternoon. The "backhoe" guy showed up at 4 PM promptly and we did the "walk about" (helpmeet was sailing). I went over what we had in mind, noting the questions he asked and I was unable to answer. The helpmeet arrived home while he was still here and we were able to answer those questions. The "backhoe guy" is terrific. He's punctual, "knows his onions", and isn't afraid to ask questions/make suggestions. We really appreciate that; he has been accomdating and very thorough and it looks as though Friday is the day. Probably ought to make sure to take some "before" shots tomorrow, huh?

I'm nearly finished with the big enclosure for the restaurant and aside from some unpleasant, "if it had been me" or "I KNOW we talked about this very thing" (wherethehellistheworkorder?) things are coming out as expected. I can't wait until Friday.

It was a beautiful day today, but I confess I barely took notice of it. I'm just sad, and it's not the usual "endofsummer blues". I feel small, insignificant, and foolishly silly for lamenting my trivial woes.

Thinking of Eden, Cynthia, Michelle, and others who have greater worries on their plates. Hoping, too, that they will "come out to play" again shortly.

And who is this "Julie person"? clearly, I have been too wrapped up in selfishness to have taken adequate stock of her! :) (but I will).

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OK, now I know who the "Julie person" is... it's OK with me if you chime in. I'm all for inclusiveness but more importantly I'm all for another person who is has good sense of humor.

We need more of that right now. How timely your arrival, Julie!

Welcome aboard.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI Julie!! Welcome! Great to see you here.

BRENDA AND NORMA Please email me at Deanneart@aol. It's important that I contact you.

I'll be back later.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

We are finally getting some rain here! It's been cool and drizzly all day with more coming as we get the remains of Hurricane Ike on Friday. Sometimes this weather is really nice and it sure makes for good weeding afterward.

The state fair starts here this week. We didn't go last year but I think we'll try to make it this year. I love going through the animal barns and the chance to sit and people watch. :)

I'm off to meditation tonight. It's a needed chance to de-stress so I'm looking forward to it.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, I agree with your feelings.
It was a beautiful day today, but I confess I barely took notice of it. I'm just sad, and it's not the usual "endofsummer blues". I feel small, insignificant, and foolishly silly for lamenting my trivial woes.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Chelone, it's the kind of day that makes you glad to have a dog to beat...

Not much to add here tonight. I had a meeting after work, and although I was home by 7:00 pm, there was precious little sunlight left. There were two deer in the driveway, though.

Julie, I'm glad you found your way to the "proper" thread. What are you reading? Lots of us are dedicated readers. I'm just finishing a book called "Five Things I Can't Live Without", a "chick lit" book I picked up at a used book sale. It's one I can live without! Not awful, but not worth recommending. Next up is "Oak" by William Bryant Logan, a non-fiction book

Chelone, I'm thinking those are some mighty big onions that you are digging if you need a backhoe!

I think I shall make this an early night. We have a group of community college students coming tomorrow for a two-day hands-on experience program, and I have to be perky and inspiring in the morn. OK, at the very least I have to be lucid!


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Wrote this post a few hours ago and will send it along.

Middle o the week has been reached safely and we continue to progress towards Friday.

I see that Julie has wandered over here and settled in. Julie, be cautious about asking Deanne for container advice, as she is a known addict (what was that count ? 153?) and may try to make you co-dependent. As we continue to hear about the mysterious garden with brick edging on a small lot with a wine-deck we will become more insistent about photos !

Lol Saucy, V and I secretly discussing politics ! Only if the Cubs and the Dodgers are running for Pres. But why do that ? They make a lot more $$ playing baseball. I will try lasagna-ing the next time I want to create a new bed. Not here though. Wishing you well on the magic lady/service,

Hi Deanne ..I say go for the cheap aster solution- or maybe some mums. I know how you feel, I have some pretty crummy looking areas too, and I cut back a whole bunch of stuff last weekend because it all looked so bad ! Your visitors will probably be wowed by it anyway-your garden looking sad is probably leagues better than most peoples looking good..

Jerri, you just amuse the heck out of me with your little offhand remarks . A week that is a month longto that I can relate. And its usually the week before vaca !

Hugs and best wishes to all . Gardens are renewal.

Kathy in Napa

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The helpmeet fired up the weedwacker last night and buzzed the overgrown areas so we'll be able to put down day-glo marking lines for Mr. Backhoe. (chuckled about the "big onions" remark, V.).

I can't wait to get to work and finish the big restaurant enclosure. Closure on enclosures is a great feeling. But I really can't wait to get home and just be outdoors with the huge one (who has obliged me when I've felt the need to kick something) and the squadron of kitties.

Julie, listen to Kathy's words regarding Deanne. She's the container "pusher"... she'll get you completely hooked in no time flat and then you'll really be "in the soup". ;)

I'm distracted this morning, a full day on the docket and this is the sort of day that makes me grateful for my work. My hands are occupied, the routine and procedures are well established, and my mind is free to roam and sort things out.

Later, friends.

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Good morning friends.

I don't know what the temperature is outside, but a quick look shows everything still standing....good grief, I should've brought in my this-close-to-blooming-orchid! Yes, Saucy got an orchid to rebloom (mind you it only has 3 lost the others in the spring during our last frost, LOL).

I am currently reading The Shack. All I can tell you at this point is that the foreward was well written, but it put me right to sleep.

Magic did not happen. No one came. I knew when she wrote SunnyD and I down in her appt. book that it said, "Thurs." and I noted to myself.....we'll see.

Actually, in a funny way, magic did happen because my family has had to pick up after themselves twice and the house looks pretty nice....maybe I should run a vacuum, mop, duster and tell them I paid for it :)

There is just the little issue of wanting to be outside instead of running a vacuum.

I bought all new brasierres yesterday....even for the gym. The ladies will stand at attention a little better than they did yesterday. It's amazing what the foundation garment does for the outside, isn't it Chelone?

Wishing a backhoe was coming here.....the daunting task of digging out the paths in the GG is looming over least the weather is favorable for the task and I feel a need for hard labor.


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Welcome, Julie!

Off to New York today and I've decided to drive in but was darn sure I could get guaranteed parking, first. Lots of activity in the city today, I'm sure, but business beckons so will do what I need to do then get outta "Dodge".

Last of the heirloom tomatoes devoured last night and with the rain this year they were few and far between and really enjoyed. Moved a bunch of the tall marigolds out of the raised bed and on to the south side of the house with the hope they'll survive.

Basil is still upright so no frost last night, though there probably could've been.

One more word of caution about Deanne for Julie: If you even think you might like fuchias and need a recommendation, get specific or you'll end up with ten varieties :-)

Talked with Ky a little longer than usual last night and Rich talked with Jen and we ended up making Holiday plans. Early, yes, but comforting....

Everyone enjoy this day!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA


I spent the day yesterday crying off and on because I heard some news about a friend that just shocked me, it was so sudden and unexpected. I was surprised at how much this effected me because I haven't known this friend long. But she has shared so many personal stories about her life, that I guess I feel a connection with her and her family that surprised me. I don't really want to share the details about my friend's crisis here and I don't feel much like making small talk, but I thought you all would understand how I am feeling.

Welcome to Julie...I promise to offer a more enthusiastic welcome at a later date. :-) I'm heading out to the garden today for sanity's sake and sowing cover crop in the veggie beds before I am late again, like last year.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

ANITA please email me at the Deanneart@aol. I need to contact you.

Jeesh, Julie, don't listen to any of these people here. I'd give you perfectly reasonable and rational advice on getting some HUGE container gardens going. He, he.... (Deanne rubbing her hands together here.) Containers and patios just go together.

V. what exactly are the studets going to be getting their 'hands-on'?

Kathy, it's actually closer to 163 this year. I had a few add-ons. te he.... ~~ Yes I agree with the mum/aster solution and that is on my agenda for today along with sprucing up all the edging, cleaning the water features and adding a fresh layer of mulch to any bare spots. After that there will be NO MORE garden tours this year. They can do a drive by of the front containers but the perennial borders are off limits for viewing. I'm really surprised that so much of the foliage has gone dormant earlier this year than in previous years. ~~ RE the lasagna thing, it really does work. I didn't believe Saucy but tried it and it makes a great bed, doesn't lose all that green material and soil the grass provides once its composted.

Saucy, nothing more 'uplifting' than a new foundation garment. LOL.... I'm in need of some myself. ~~~ Bummer that your magic didn't happen.

Martie, safe travels.

The Rajii totally cracked me up this morning. I did my usual door duty at 6 and he promptly ran outside then stopped dead in his tracks, hunkered down, pouffed up his fur then ran like h e - l back into the house. I guess he wasn't expecting 47 degrees. Silly boy. I told him it's time for him to put on a bit more of his winter coat. Yes indeed, the cold weather is coming.

OK off for one last day of garden sprucing. After this it will be garden whacking.... LOL

Have a good day all,

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good morning, all!

Beautiful morning in Eastern Ontario this morning - Ajax (the pup) thought so too and got up at 5 a.m. Did you guys know there is a five in the MORNING too? DDS leaves for work at about that time so the dog must have heard him...

You will note that sometimes I refer to my men as D something or P something. The D means that they are being nice reasonable people, the P means they aren't (D as in Dear, P as in Philistines). I wouldn't want anyone to think that I am a saint for living with six guys when there are really only three :)

It's gonna rain here for the next three days. Of course it's a week-end. Of course, DS who works outside is scheduled for all three days. Of course DH has his final all day golf tournament on Saturday. And of course there is no school on the week-ends. Groan!!

Have been giving my little guy an extra hug every day as per instructions from a friend....

My plan for today - more bricks, harvest tomatoes, get a recipe for grape jelly so I can use the fruit of my labours, look at the junk room in the basement so that I can start to gear myself up to shovel it out and return it to it's intended functions as a plant winter hime (no greenhouse now) and a wine-making room (never really gave up that function *LOL). I had kind of hoped to get this done this week-end, but with everybody in the house, I won't be able to throw anything out - you know - we might need that dried up polyfiller sometime....

I thank you all for the Deanne alerts - but I know about her addiction problems from another forum...I thought I was safe, but then I went to a seminar this Spring about container planting and tried a large one on my front patio and it really worked well and....oh dear, I can feel it in my bones....

PM2 I know the feeling....

Saucy - I am an orchid lover! I have about a dozen, and I get most of them to rebloom. They got kind of roasted in my solarium window this spring because I forgot to open it, but they have revived very well sitting outside under the patio table on the deck - shady but breezy there, and we have had lots of rain this year so the humidity level has been good for them. Those are the guys who have to spend the winter under lights in my junk aka plant room.

Chelone, are you going to open a restaurant? Cool. I specialize in P food - meat and potatoes, a few veggies, dessert only if it has chocolate in it. You don't want my advice.

V. I've been reading a lot of James Patterson lately but now I'm getting tired of him. I tend to binge on authours - find a book I like and then ready everything that person has written. I usually find that the first several books are pretty good and then either I become jaded or the authors start to get a little carried away, so then I have to find a new one...We have a good library here in Hicksville (Perth Ontario)

Well, I had better going or there will not be any new bricks. Hopefully I will get the photo thing organized. DD is coming over on her bicycle today - 90 kms. round trip for her, so if she can still walk I'll get her into the office and I know that she will figure it out. She has her own set of challenges but technology is not one of them :)



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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Deanne, that's too funny about Raj! I can just see him now. The dogs always love it when the weather turns cool. It's so fun to watch them ramp around.
Julie, how old is your DD? That sounds like a fun bike trip. I'm ashed to admit I have to look up the conversion for kms. LOL
There's a lot to be said for Idyll diversions during tragedies. Hugs to all.


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LOL Julie. My motto? "No cookin', no kids". I am well known in "these paHts" as someone who hates kids and dogs and our's is a household that has long championed regular beatings for both. I do not cook. I clean up the trail for the helpmeet who is a good cook. Hmmm... maybe I should hire myself out to clean houses for "alltherestayas".

I am now going to rant about the necessity of maintaining capital equipment because my generally glum mood has made me more cross than I usually am and Wrecks has taken quite a hit in the past few days (scroll down to by-pass). I have worked very hard over the years to purchase equipment that makes my work easier to perform. I know how much it costs to invest in capital and being "anal" (Hi Sue, Hi V., Hi Eden!) I take good care of it and get very cross when it's appropriated without my permission and ESP. when it's treated badly. ALL my machines (I have several) are oiled, timed, and adjusted properly, and in good working order in spite of their age (some are nearly 100 yrs. old). I clean them regularly and when they operate poorly I have the mechanic look them over. The "workhorse" machine at work has been operating poorly for over a month now and nothing has been done about. I had to rethread the machine at least 3 times each for the 6 stitching runs required of my latest project. I have tried repeatedly to correct the problem, but know this is job for the mechanic. I've mentioned it frequently and have been told, "the machine doesn't like you". OK. It took me over 2 1/2 hrs. to cut and join 4 panels of fabric for an awning. It shouldn't have taken more than 1 hr.! I did not have the luxury of moving to another machine because I needed the tabling to support the runs that were over 12' long. I did as much sewing as I could stand then cleaned the floor area where I will have to do the layout tomorrow morning. I left 1/2 hr. early because I was so frustrated and my co-worker need to do her layout on the floor, as well. grrrroowwllll.

But! I just picked up my next book at the library. It's "Innocent Traitor, a novel of Lady Jane Grey" by Alison Weir. I have ready nearly all Ms. Weir's biographies on the Tudors and the British monarchy and while I couldn't get through one chapter of Philippa Gregory's, "The Other Boleyn Girl", I'm willing to chance this novel. I'll try again on PG's novel, but it will be work (too loose with the facts, IMO).

OK, probably time to don the "thinking cap", wrangle the garden hose to set a pleasing curve, and break out the day-glo paint.

Thoughts to Eden today, hoping you're holding up as well as can be expected, and wanting you to know I think of you and your family every day, too. ((hug))

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Hello all. Twins are down for a nap and I feel that I could use one, too. I went shopping with the two of them for the first time. They were as good as a two year old could be, I was very proud of them. No nagging for things plus they said 'thank you' to the cashier when she rang up their HotWheels cars and handed the cars back to them to carry out of the store. I'm not sure how much was luck in that they weren't use to being in a store with Grammie, thus they weren't sure what they could get away with ;o) and how much was that they are still not completely in the terrible two stage. I also took them over to my mother's house for a visit. My other two grands arrived with their mother (my oldest daughter) so all 4 grands were able to play together for awhile. James is almost 5 years old now, the twins are two and Thomas is 15 months, so their ages are sufficiently apart that they seem to have their pecking order sorted out (for now anyway).

We picked apples from mom's trees so that we can make some apple crisp later today. I had just been thinking a few days ago about how long it has been since I've had fruit directly off of a tree...I miss that. Mom's Italian Prunes aren't quite ripe yet, but I did eat one and look forward to those being ripe next week.

Our weather here has been warm and dry. There is no rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. I have been working hard at getting the deck roof/supports painted in preparation for gutters being installed. I absolutely love having the deck covered-----which is great as as soon as we started the project I realized that I was loosing my view of the trees in the upper back yard, from the kitchen and dining area. No longer would I be able to stand at the kitchen sink and watch the elk grazing nor see the tree line. Thankfully the deck roof looks very nice (not the ugly 'add-on' to the back of the house as we feared) along with shading a portion of the back of the house (it faces east) and keeping the deck dry. I think Deanne asked about whether we were going to enclose the deck with screen or windows? Yes, we do hope to do that next year and also install lighting along with ceiling fans. The house makes a little 'L' shape around the deck and we have a little concern about whether in the heat of the summer we may have dead air space there---thus the ceiling fans. It has been a great project (so far). Next on the list is to put up the fishscale siding on the peak of the family room (next to the new deck roof). It has only been 18 years since we put the siding up and meant to do the peak (groan!!!) so this is a big deal to me that it gets done before summer's end. In the front we have rows of *U* and rows of *diamond* shaped fishscale siding, but DH didn't like the *U* he wants to do squared off shingles......I do not care......I just want it done. I would prefer that the back matches the front---but heck, done is better than seeing plywood & house wrap on that area any longer. Just get it done -- pretty please?!

My mind has been flying all over the place these past few days.....I spent the entire day yesterday with my mother at the hospital. She was getting an IV infusion that took hours, I sat in the waiting room for Day Surgery and it was heartwrenching to see families coming with loved ones for chemo, for small surgeries that turned out to be big problems (thus tears and phone calls on the waiting room phone---no privacy for them unfortunately), hearing the life flight helicopters arrive and leave----imagining the many tears that fall in a place such as that. It is impossible not to have your heart ache for their heartbreaks, but also impossible not to mentally count my many blessings when I see what others have to contend with. I have absolutely nothing to grouse about in my own life in comparison to so many others. best to each of you today. I'm so thankful for such a great and supportive group.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh man ! I have never had anything like this happen to me! I was mowing the lawn and encountered a yellow jacket's nest. They got me on both hands, on my right ankle, and inside my t-shirt on my upper right chest. I jumped off the tractor and made a mad dash for the back door. Two came in with me...the one in my shirt, and apparently the other was in my hair. OW ow ow ! I dabbed meds on all the stings and took two antihistimines and two pain pills.
My company is coming tomorrow night. They may be taking care of me !

Nolon took spray out and sprayed them enough to get to their hole with gasoline.
I did not get all the mowing done...but I think it can wait !


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Oh Marian, that is terrible! I hope that nothing but healing developes. While I love my bees, I have a healthy fear of ground nesting wasps and bees!

Today was the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. I thought about her a great deal. I miss her letters dearly. She used to have a habit of "saving paper" and would write you a letter on any old thing, lol! The really good ones came on the Kipplinger Letter, where she would underline and write things in the margin like, "you should get into this line of work, Lisa."

She was truly a pioneer of her time....out to make as much out of everything that she worked so hard for! Had her first home, car, and business before she got married....of course there was a war going on...husbands were scarce :)

I thought that today would be best spent on manual labor and began to dig out the path for the Goddess Garden (Julie, I recently purchased statues of the Goddess' of the Four Seasons - lest you think I'm some weirdo with a G. Garden :) and I made it about 15' or so. I turned the sod soil side up on to the future garden area, and placed a layer of shredded paper in between (browns :)...the lasagna has begun.

Manual labor was allowed some outlet for all that I'm feeling right now.

So my path will be lined with brick, LOL! I'm going to do a decomposed granite path lined with brick....I don't know where I got the idea :) Actually, I'm copying Tower Hill's pathways, and they get more traffic than my ladies will ever see.

I'm taking pictures and will reveal soon.

T., I'm happy for you! I have so many undone projects around here....I feel downright giddy to know that you're getting something wrapped up!

Chelone, I hope tomorrow will be a sound like you need that ((hug))

Oh, Magic was in the hospital! Gall bladder...just like Nick. You mark my words...Gall bladder problems are on the rise because of the new (not so new anymore) acid reducing meds! Your gb has to work harder because there wasn't as much acid to break foods down. I read the tiniest snip-it somewhere, and I think it makes sense.

Anyway, someday you'll say you heard it from me, first. Just like the drier sheet advice, right V?


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Hello Idylls !

I was thinking today how important my friends here (met and unmet!) have become to me even as a relative newcomer to this group. Kindness, respect, humor, camaraderie and knowledge all offered readily every day in every season.

Julie, assuming all guys in your household were named Phil there for a moment-thanks for the clarification ! So whats the deal with this wine-making operation you have going on in the basement ? Sounds vaguely disreputable, but Im confident its all above board. Chelone opening a restaurant ?? Are there restaurants that serve only gin and tonic ? I think thats her specialty

Marian, hope you are feeling ok ! We had a story from our hostess at one of the IU gardens that sounded quite a bit like what happened to you ! Thanks goodness you dont have allergies. Do the stings swell up ? I have never been stung by a yellow jacket and my last bee sting was when I was a teenager.

Saucy, what progress youve made ! Those Goddesses will shower you with favors for your diligent attention to providing them with a place of honor. Poor Magic ! I guess she had a good excuse.

Chelone , I actually viewed the film of The Other Bolyen Girl" last weekend. I liked some things about it, mostly the art direction-I liked that the interiors were darkish and didnt look as though Henry was burning 100 watt bulbs in all the rooms at the castle. Ending scene showing Liz #1 as a child running through a field, dead rip-off of the end of Anne of a Thousand Days. Liked Natalie Portmans performance.

T , so glad to see you come by ! Denise and I have been doing our best to hold down the fort for the Pacific Time Zone. I love fish scale shingles of any kind-are yours wood or a composite of some sort? It sounds like youve had a very productive summer in spite of the visible house wrap

Deanne, I do remember you saying you had some empty containers behind the shed awhile back ..I was resolved to keep most of mine empty with the alleged move and all but they have slowly trickled out to position filled with Plants I Must Not Buy. You may wish to review your last post, as I was wondering why V had stud-ets coming to her house . Is this similar to a dudette?? I can see why you asked what sort of hands on training her Studettes were receiving.

All for me tonightBest wishes and peaceful thought to all the Idylls

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It has been over 4 hours since the stings, and the pain is constant even yet, dispite all the pain meds that I have taken. It is one of the worse pains I have experienced, and most of you know I live with pain daily. The one on my chest isn't bothering me at all, but my ankle and hands are excruciating! The swelling isn't bad.

I was afraid to try to get to the tractor to mow some more, because there were still yellow jackets flying around the hole, so Nolon moved it and I went ahead and mowed a lot more. I may not get any inside work done before the kids get here, but at least the yard looks pretty good. :-)

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Marian-sorry I haven't read above but have you tried a baking soda paste? That draws out the 'venom' and might help some with the pain. Amazingly straight ammonia will also neutralize the bee's saliva. Sorry you are hurting. I do know that pain after whacking into my hedge with the lawn mower and suddenly I was face to face with a hovering posse of white faced hornets. I probably looked comical when I screamed and ran for my Honestly I'm amazed I only got stung by one but it hurt like the dickens.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Students, they were students! And they were at work, not at my house. They got to see all aspects of whatever it is that we do at my mysterious workplace.

Saucy, I didn't realize Cleaning Fairies had gall bladders. If it's any consolation, my current really good cleaning lady missed her first date because she was in the hospital, but it all worked out. And I don't use anything stronger than Tums.

Marian, my DH had a similar experience about two weeks ago, but he got away with only one sting. Nasty things!

I never had a sting of any kind until my 40th birthday, and then I got a yellow jacket sting - yowzers!

Almost as painful as trying to solve my DD's cellphone problems. Her phone died, and I am having a dickens of a time getting the phone replaced. The cell phone company wants me, her and the phone in the same place. Can't happen... And then they tell me telesales is open until 10, but they close at 9. :(

Running out of steam, and Chelone has not appeared to clean up the dishes, so I'd better go.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sorry Marian about your run in with the yellow jackets. Definitely very painful. I did the exact same thing when in my twenties. Ran over a ground nest with the mower. Only time I have ever been stung that I remember. I hope one of the remedies offered might help with the discomfort and that it feels a whole lot better tomorrow.

Eden...I didn't get a chance to say how much I enjoyed the photos of the area near your Mom. I am so glad she has such a beautiful area to look out on. My favorite was the one with the lighthouse.

Kathy...I was just thinking today that I basically started posting here right after Christmas last year. It feels like a longer time than that. I guess I am not the new kid on the block any more either. Anita and Julie I think get that distinction now. Most people here have known each other a lot longer than that.

Nice to see 'T' again! Your post reminded me of why you might not be posting too often! Wow, what a busy busy life you have. :-) Glad to hear all is well with you.

Hello to Babs too. It's been awhile, I hope to see you more often. :-)

Other than that, I am hopelessly behind and hope I will be forgiven for just picking up where I am...

This is late for me, so I am off to bed...good night.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning,

Well after working on sprucing up the gardens all week to get ready for my garden tour tonight it looks like its going to rain. Go figure?! LOL

I did pick up a few cheap asters for some color and it made a huge difference. I also moved one of the larger containers into the middle of the second tier and that filled a gap there. So now that all is looking as good as it can for this time of the year it will rain so we can't do a walkabout. Jeesh....

Julie "Deanne alerts"! Jeesh! LOL Glad to hear you did a nice large container for your front patio. PHotos please????

Chelone, I don't think there is anything more annoying than a sewing machine that doesn't work properly. I used to sew (in a past life) and it made me crazy when I had to re thread the machine because I couldn't get the tension right. I can't imagine having to work with machines that aren't working right. I'd be ripping my hair out and cussing.

T great to hear from you. Neat that you are going to have a screen porch.

Marian, so sorry about the yellow jackets... I got stung in my mouth last fall and it was excruciating. Hope you're feeling better today.

Saucy, can't wait to see your finished paths.

Kahty, LOL about the 'Stud - ets' for V. I've been typing in Notepad instead of Word so it doesn't catch my typos. ~~ LOL about the containers that get filled regardless of "plants I must not buy".

OK I've got to go and water the containers then clean the house up then go to the grocery etc. etc. etc....


Let's all hope that that storm lessens in intensity before it hits the Texas coast. The National WEather Service has told people to evacuate or they are taking their lives in their hands. Horrible.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - how are those stings this morning? I was stung by a wasp or hornet (not sure which...) two summers ago while just minding my own business, reading on the lounge chair on the back porch. It hurt like the dickens for days and it was only one sting! Multiple ones must be agony. I'm impressed that you could still mow shortly afterwards! Whatever it is that has set up housekeeping in my deck box is very protective of their space so I haven't been able to use the lounge chair lately. We will not attempt to do anything about them until deepest winter when hopefully they are solidly dormant! Nolon is either brave or foolish (or both...) to tackle them so soon after they were riled up.

Re bricks... Julie, and others - one disadvantage of putting the metal edging between the bricks and the grass is that it would make changing bed shapes much more work. (As soon as I finished the brick around the beds in the front last year, I thought of some changes that would be good - but it's not going to happen because I'm not taking it all apart again!) Without the edging, Round-up may be an essential maintenance tool I think. Actually, even with the edging I'm keeping a close eye on the grass as it tends to flop over the edge of the bricks and I'm concerend that some of the creeping sorts may still be able to flop and root into the beds, so I keep watch for that.

Damp morning here so far. I needed to do some deadheading but it's not going to happen this morning!

Saucy - we need progress shots of the GG....

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning all!

Chelone, you posted something about finishing something for a restaurant enclosure so I thought you were opening a restaurant! Now I get it - it has something to do with the work you do...Oh well, I'll learn!

My DD is thirty years old and is very independant. She recently bought a 100-year old house in a small city on the St.Lawrence River - did the research, chose the house after a few false starts, organized the money stuff. She has a good job - she is an Emergency Dispatcher for the Ontario Provincial Police. She's that calm voice on the pohone when you call 911. And she is absolutely excellent in an emergency. However, get her at a party - well, perhaps it is sufficient to say that she won the "doesn't need coffee" award at her college HAHAHA. She is very energetic and very funny, can be very abrasive at times, especially if she is hungry. She is a phenomonal aunt Kay to Adrian.

Raining today. Didn't get the bricks done yesterday - Sister and her husband dropped by - they haven;t been here for a year and a half - and then DD arrived on the bike. Had to spend some time teasing her about the flourescent orange spandex and the twinkie little shoes before we could actually have a visit. Then the school bus arrived and that pretty much blows away any further stuff that I want to do.

Did harvest the tomatoes, and got carried away and spent two hours cleaning out some of the raised veggie beds, digging them over, and treating with sulfur to try to get the tomato blight under controlfor next year.

Going out to take some dampish pictures now as I have insisted that DH walk me through the positng of photos thing, Gee Whiz, even Adrian will sympatheically pat my hand and say "it's O.K. Nana, tech-no-logy just isn't your thing. You're a gardener"!

Back later..

And yes:: TGIF

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning all....

My stings are all better, but the one that is right on my ankle bone is still painful. Deanne, I would think a sting inside of the mouth would be much worse than mine !How could you doctor it?
Susan, you are very wise to leave the deck box alone until very cold weather. It's a shame you cannot use the deck chair.
Nolon did not get one sting. He has dealt with the little monsters many times, and is aware of how to handle the situation.

Deanne, I didn't mean to send that last message to you. I copied and pasted it back to the same group email page, and sent it to 'reply all'. It is in my 'sent' box, but hasn't showed up in my in box yet???? I left my address in the group, so it should come to me also. If it does not make it to the group, can you forward the one you got? I would sure appreciate it.

Hurricane Ike is predicted to deluge us Saturday night and Sunday ! Nice ! Right when Tim and the girls will be here. I hope the road holds.


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'morning all.

I've got to figure out how to teach 'tufa at an Arts fair for a one hour time many people do you suppose would want to get their hands dirty (with gloves of course) at a public event? That is a tough sell, I'd say. Even tougher to guess the number of premixes I'd have to prepare.

Hmmm...all on short notice and I need to come up with an answer NOW, and my brain is sort of short circuiting at the moment. I think it is in my best interest to try to pull this off, though.

If you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate them :)

I'm going to bring some paper and pen out to the GG in case ideas magically pop into my head. I will bring the camera, too.

On the subject of metal edging: I am choosing not to use it because I read that it can be dangerous to those in bare feet. Now I don't allow my kids to go barefoot because of all the junk I've run across (and the constant destruction/construction) around here, but it struck me as something I could do without in this instance. I think it was Les and Monique's garden that I admired the technique....Les, don't be trotting around the garden in your bare feet, okay!?

I have some quick things to move off my desk before this day is mine.....I'll be back later with progress to report!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Saucy - the metal edge I used is called Curve-Rite and the top edge is rolled, not sharp. It sits no more that 1/2" above the bricks, enough to discourage the grass but not enough to trip over, and is maybe only 1/4" or less away from the side of the bricks. It would probably be uncomfortable to step on in bare feet but it wouldn't cut.

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Good morning

Saucy - I taught a Tufa class to a garden club of 20 in our garage. I divided them into half and had one group walk around the garden and share refreshemnts while the other worked. They mixed up the tufa in pairs from a giant bag of perlite, a bale of peat moss and we went through just over 40lbs of portland cement. Each participant had come with a cardboard box or bowl to use as their mold, and once they were done they lined them up outside the garage and covered them to cure. I removed the inner molds after 24 hours and had the club return 2 weeks later for pick-up. They all turned out great, though some had needed a little help in adjusting the moisture content in the mix.

It is really had to guess how many of the public would want to try or quantities to supply. At the garden club I had one lady who despite being a gardener did not want to get dirty, another who was undergoing chemo and chose not to work with the materials but watch. But my kids couldn't wait to get their hands in it! I found having lots of gloves and dust masks was important. Also, don't forget copies of the "recipe", your business card and things you have made out for show. Good luck!!

I have been so distracted the last couple of days I've achieved very little. I'm back at work 2 days a week but yesterday found staying focussed incredibly hard. Fortunately I had some mundane paperwork and unpacking suppplies I could do. This morning I just returned from one of my garden jobs (the new 8000 sq ft house). The plan was for me to return in the spring to put in a perennial bed but I just found out they would like everything mapped out now to enable the contractor to put in a drip irrigation system. I'll be busy this weekend.

I'm also mid-way into the reno of the bathroom and am hoping the rubbed bronze faucet I ordered will arrive from Ebay today. I'm putting in one of those new vessel sinks which will look very cool and is actually easy to install - yay!! First I have to construct the new vanity top which I will be tiling with granite. For a nominal charge the tile shop can cut the tile and drill the sink hole for me which saves a lot in renting equipment. The greatest moment of this whole project will come, possibly later today, when I get to throw out the hideous mustard yellow sinks and gold flecked formica top. Good-bye to the sixties!!

Before I go I'd like to give a warm welcome to Julie and say how nice it is to hear some of T's news again. Marian - glad those stings are better. Hugs to all.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Saucy, people will love doing the tufa! I did this once for the Hort Society. Used a light mix similar to Mary's.
We had small boxes and plastic bowls for people to use and lots of plastic bags to allow proper curing times, etc.
Don't forget the plastic straws. In addition to their normal Idyll useage, they can be put in the bottom of the tufa to form drainage holes.

I wish we were close, I would come help. Make sure and print out some color photos of planted tufa containers so people will be lured in even more! It will be so much fun.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Only those of you with really funky hair will appreciate this. I got a postcard in the mail saying that my hair stylist is MOVING!!!! :(

Texas doesn't sound so bad, wonder if DH would go with me?? LOL


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Jerri, I wouldn't head to Texas today if I were you !

Kathy in Napa

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all! Today is overcast and drizzling, so I thought I would catch up.

Michelle, A small bulk bin would be perfect for a watering can. Lol, I'll have to show that picture to my MIL. She'll get a kick out of it, and the bulk bins are at her house. I bed DH would love a project ;)
I've been to Colorado a couple of times, and just love it there. DH has never been, and if I ever get him over his fear of flying, I'd love to go again.
The DVD for Kenzie is an excellent idea!

Kathy, for sure there will be pictures now that I've beaten back the crabgrass! Hm, maybe I should find out where DH dumped all those cartfuls he got rid of for me. Bound to be an impressive photo op!
I'm used to being outnumbered in any political discussion. I'm amazed at how rabid folks get talking about it, tho. I love a good debate, and don't see any reason for anyone to go away mad. My best friend and I went out for dinner last night and had a good discussion over Mexican food and a couple of Coronas.

V, driving around Chicago in NICE weather is my idea of a nightmare, lol! I imagine the citizens of the Windy City are better off without me in their midst ;)

Marian- Magnolia, from Calico Rock..she sounds like she should be a character in a book!
Oh, no! I'm so sorry about the yellowjackets! I've never had that happen to me, and it's really a wonder, some of the places we mow. Take good care of yourself, and I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.

Deanne, it's hard to imagine that there is a time of the year when your yard isn't a treat for the eyes. It is, however encouraging to hear you say that ;) This is the time of year when I'm tempted to dig up absolutely everything and rearrange it all.
Lol @ Rajii! I felt this same way when I opened the door for the dogs at 5 a.m. I quickly brewed a pot of coffee and scuttled back up to bed with the pot and two cups when the beasts came back in. The TV in the bedroom is great, but makes it too easy to stay in bed late. Since it was cold and drizzling this morning, though, it was a good place to be.

Jerri, glad you got some puppies adopted out. I always thought it would be fun to raise two litter-mates.

Chelone, the backhoe guy sounds like a real jewel! I've got the farmers for BH operators, and sometimes they get a bit carried away with themselves.
I would gladly hire you to clean, and would cook a giant meal of fat farm comfort food to boot..just let me know when you're coming and what kind of pie is your favorite. Oh, and while you're cleaning, feel free to berate my DH for his poor organizational and put-it-back-where-you-got-it skills :)
I feel for ya on your day at work. When I worked "on the outside", I was very territorial about my work station and tools, and reeallly impatient when something needed fixing in order to work properly. Well, let's face it, I'm the same way on the farm ;)

Julie, good to have you! Deanne's containers are indeed spectacular. You couldn't have chosen a better enabler ;)
I read the same way as you. One author until I can't stand them anymore, then on to something else.
I keep waiting for DH to go on a fishing trip so I can clear out some stuff around here. It's beyond shameful the amount of junk that accumulates on a farm! magic?? I'm disappointed for you! Yay for you on the new undergarment wardrobe. If I never had to shop for shoes or bras, I would be very happy.
Ah, catching up reading, I see what happened to the magic. Bummer. Makes good sense about the acid reducing meds and gall bladder problems. I abhor the idea of having to go on any prescription meds.

Oh, my, Martie! If I don't need to be driving around in Chicago, I for sure will stay outta NY City.

T, good to hear an update from you. I need a nap just reading that first paragraph!

Yesterday, I did manage to get more mulch spread and some plants moved. Also reduced the pot ghetto a bit. I wasn't really in the right frame of mind for bed design, so it remains to be seen how it will all come together.
DS and his GF rode their bikes over in the afternoon. It's a good 25 miles from where they live, and they decided they really didn't want to bike back, so I gave them a ride home on my way out to supper.
Speaking of going out to supper, I must fess up. Poor DH was at home power-washing the pig house while I was sipping beer and gorging on Mexican food. We're due for the next batch on Monday. Maybe I'll manage to get pictures of the little cuties this time, before they turn into HOGS. So, next time I'm grumbling about him....well, he's not such a bad guy ;) He managed to get along on leftover chicken and noodles, and truth be told would prefer that to Mexican food anyway.
This has gotten far longer than I intended, and I really should do something constructive. Not sure what that will turn out to be...
Later, all!
PS. The Idylls rock :)

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The offending machine was missing when I unlocked the dorr this morning. (a good sign). I labored along today, suffering the lack of tabling with reasonably good humor. UNTIL, a customer came in whining that we'd "promised" his canvas and he was going "home" today. (From his oceanfront home here to Greenw(h)ich, CT.). He continued to piss and moan whereupon I looked at him in the eyes (after telling him I'd do it and apologizing for the oversight!) and asked him what he wanted me to do immediately. More whining, to which I replied very tartly (since my perspective on what's important is different these days); "if I were able to spin straw into gold believe me, I'd do it right now. Boats are actually designed to get wet. You need to go away and have coffee and a pastry and return in an hour". He blustered some more and I told him the more he grumbled the more he diverted my time from the necessary repair. I have a pretty long rope with those lookin' for a fight; mostly I view them as amusing. But that guy really hit a nerve with his grousing today. He backed right off, I did the repair, and when he came back he apologized. I told him I didn't like to lose my cool with people either.

More machinery issues today, too. But it's over and I returned home to newly spread stonedust and a lot of newly spread loam. Better yet, the helpmeet took a bunch of pictures of the "before"! I'll have to sort through them and put some of them up for your "enjoyment"/boredom.

Marian, I haven't been stung in long time and then only once. And it hurt a lot, lasting a long time. You tell us you hurt a lot, but clearly you're still able to "kick in the afterburners" when the need arises. I laugheda the picture of Nolon with gasoline... did he drop a match down the hole, too?! Hope your rainy weekend with the family is fun.

And nice to see "t" resurface, too. If you only knew how many half-finished projects we have on the Compound you'd feel a lot better about things, lol. I thought a long time about your post yesterday. Yep! I think you really nailed the sentiment for me, too. Nice work.

I'm outta juice right now. We're having dinner with friends tonight and it'll be fun but right now I'm tired and don't want to go anywhere. Gotta shake this off...

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

O.K. just so you know: JAK and Julie are ONE and the same.

Sr.P and Inter.P sat on the deck and discussed GOLF BALLS for an HOUR. SHEESH! It is only golf balls. And recovered ones at that.

We had "make your own pizza" for dinner - I make the dough in the bread machine, put out all the toppings, everybody makes their own. My family just love this.

Any leftovers are baked and taken by DS for lunch or frozen uncooked for later use. A Friday night special here, for sure. DS is getting fed up with the golf course. He needs some time off - he has worked literally non-stop since March. He is actually looking forward to Unemployment Insurance as he looks for winter work. But I think he will be working immediately when this current job shuts down - he has made so many contacts at this job...

Anyway, bricks aren't done, house is o.k.; a bunch of kids here now on the Play Station - my night for bedtime which includes reading and music...can't complain, I am so blessed...Oh dear, tears again..awful to be such an emotional person....


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Heads up to Julie ! A little Idyll procedural info-we usually try to wrap up our numbered threads after reaching 100..often our threads are very photo heavy and loading can become an issue for some. So come on over to Idyll #399 !We await more news of the Phils..

Kathy in Napa

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