Has anyone had Total Hip Replacement lately

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)August 27, 2007

I will be having another THR on Sept 17th.

I had the right hip done back in 2001.

the Dr. told me I will notice a big difference in the procedure now---He said instead of a 10 in. incision it will be about 2 in. and the surgery will only take about 35 min..

recovery is quicker-----they don't have to cut the tendons and muscles---.

this time it will not be necessary to donate my own blood as there is less blood loss.

Has anyone heard anything about this new method ??

Do you know anyone who has had it.

We will be going to the hospital on Wed. for a discussion and I would appreciate any information anyone has-

I'm really sick of surgeries----first the right hip ---- then back surgery---- and now another hip---

As they say getting older is not for sissies---LOL

Thanks a heap for any information


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Florence, the MIS (minimally invasive surgery) was still a gleam in someone's eye when I had my left hip replaced 5 years ago; I ended up with something in between and had a single 4" incision where one major muscle was cut.

I think you're going to be very pleased with the improvements that have been made and with how quickly you will get back to your normal routine. Better than your current 'normal' if you are in pain....Let us know what you find out on Wednesday, you'll be pleased with the newest options available to you.

I've kind of followed along and still get a newsletter from Zimmer, who made my parts :) There are probably other manufacturers of the newer components, but there is information for you here on their website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Zimmer MIS

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Not since 2005 but I'm sure I will need the other hip done sometime.
Florence, that sounds great with the minimal incision and quick surgery time.
I was wondering today when your date is.


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Morz------thanks so much for the Zimmer information----I'm pretty sure that is what my surgeon will be using-----
We didn't learn too much today---It was basically just a talk about what to expect after surgery ---- each case is different so the instructions were pretty general.

Carla---I remember when you had your hip done------As I recall you didn't have any problems.

Are you still OK ??

My surgery date is Sept. 17-------

I've been told that most people who have hip replacement usually need the other hip done.

However I have a friend who had THR a few years before I did and so far she has no pain in the other hip----

She is 81 and looks about 60------and moves great.

Hopefully this will be a "piece of cake"----LOL

I would just as soon never go in a hospital but thank goodness they have all these surgeries ( I had successful back surgery in Nov 2005 ) or I would be in a wheelchair
Take Care,


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Florence - my recent neck surgeries have been done with lasers and microsopic instruments - MIS all the way! Same deal with smaller incisions, less blood loss, shorter recovery time. I was able to walk and talk almost immediately upon entering the recovery room, as opposed to a 10 week recovery in 98 when I got the plate in my neck. I hope it will be a breeze for you! We'll both be going under the laser on the same day - we can send each other warm fuzzies!

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Paga---your date is the same as mine and it is fast approaching----

I hope all goes well with you-----I will be thinking of you.


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I can't give you any info on hip surgeries but I can wish you good luck! Where will your operation be done? I am sure your honey will take good care of you.


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I know people who have had this surgery; they claim to feel 100% better for having had it.

Florence, best of luck. Six months down the road I hope we're hearing stories about how you're doing cartwheels while gardening.

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Carol------my surgery will be at St Mary's Hospital---

on Sept 17

I've been told that this one will be much easier than the one I had in 2001

DH was just asking about you the other day-----

We enjoyed our visit at the beach.

Hope to see you again in the not too distant future.


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After your surgery I hope you and DH will come back and visit again. The fall and winter are nice down here! It is great down here now after Labor Day. I will be thinking of you on 9/17. My mother had hip surgery at Frankford/Torresdale years ago and did rehab at St. Mary's and did well. No worries for you!

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Carol I think the shore points are much nicer in the fall and winter----

We will try to get down but it will be sometime before we will be taking any trips LOL

We enjoyed our visit andyour beautiful roses---

Bob is still talking about your fantastic deck------He was just telling someone about it the other day.

Hope to see you in the not too distant future--


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I am glad your getting the minimal invasive this time. I am an Xray tech at an Arthritis Doctors. I met a patient (In his 40s!) today who got the minimal invasive one and he was very pleased.
I wish you well.

PS I have 2 zeffys now. Not many blooms. Maybe with time. 1 is new and 1 is 2years.

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