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sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 30, 2008

Do any of you know what the difference is between a blog or page?

I have a web site for my students, and I have those two choices when I want to write. I don't know the difference. It is, but of course, I don't dare write the name here.

Do any of you have kids who need to go to a web site to get their makeup work? That is what I have started doing, and it seems to be very easy for them, and for me. My kids are 15-16. Does that seem objectionable to you? I was thinking about putting an early parent survey online. They could only communicate with me, they could not see what others were writing. Would you find that to be an annoyance or would that be ok with you?


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A "page" would be most likely a person's personal entry on "FaceBook" or "My Space" sites.

A blog is more like an online diary--periodic entries first organized by date or date/time. There may be a secondary form of organization by topic with links on the side of the page.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thanks Barb,

The program lets me choose whether I want to set up a blog or page. I have a blog, and some pages with different titles. The one I started today was how Parents could help the student. I needed to choose either blog or page.

The guy who showed me how to set it up said he liked the program because unlike other teacher web sites, this is also a blog, and you can blah blah blah. (I don't have a clue what he said after that, he was talking to fast.)

The page he said to make a blog is the one where I put in the exact work we did in class. I put this in daily. Aha that is like a diary, isn't it.

If I choose blog for everything, I wonder if I could go wrong.


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Sammy, have you checked out your

As a parent, it was very easy to use. One of my daughters teachers used to use it, I still have her information, I don't doubt she'd be ok with me giving you her page and you contacting her.

She also used to use teacher web

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

roselvr, thank you. Teacher Web was not friendly for what I wanted. Our science teacher used it and loved it, but her goals are different from mine.

Weeblie has worked just fine, and gives me more of what I want. I think that what Barb said is my answer, that a blog is dated, and like a journal. I want a running journal of what we have done in class. Therefore if a student moves in, has not been in school so far, and needs to catch us or cannot get credit, that student can go online, see what we have done day by day, and catch up if he/she wants to. Otherwise I must spend hours digging through what we have done and explaining work to him. If he/she brings me a page, I know exactly what we did. This also goes for the student who decides to go live with another parent, then returns a month later.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I wish you the best in your work. Teaching is a tough job!

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