Sheila I thought about you last night!

rob333November 19, 2010

LF and I were watching one of those ocean documentaries on our new big screen tv. There were highlighting the sea otters (and I was taken back to Monterey, almost in person!!! it was awesome), when they moved under the water to show the otters held themselves on the kelp. I said, "LOOK! It's bull kelp!" and LF was bewildered. I realized, he didn't get it, but you would. Still playing your bull kelp musically?


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LOL! What a memory you have, Robin! I don't play the bull kelp concerto much any more, the older I got I found I didn't have as much breath for it. It's quite an effort to produce music out of a piece of seaweed. However, I did play a few bass notes that resonated nicely a few weeks a go, to demonstrate to a friend just how it was done. They were amazed. So was I!

Monterey - wow, what an amazing Aquarium. One day you must take LF there. A bit spendy, but worth every penny. Put that on your bucket list.

It's nice you thought of me, Robin:-) Happy Thanksgiving!

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I remember the bull kelp concerto too and thought about it not too long ago, but could not remember who wrote about it. Reason for my thinking of it, the Vegetable Concert Group of Vienna.

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I had a dog who loved to eat bull kelp, but it always made her barf! Not a tune I was happy to hear.

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Look what I found. That could be some serious music under the right circumstances.

Here is a link that might be useful: bull kelp

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Brilliant! Thanks, excellent example of this fine instrument. This fellow has a good set of lungs!

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I remember your post too,

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F U N N Y Steve in Baltimore County

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We will someday make the trek to my childhood home. I've promised him. For now, we watch the aquarium online :(

Love that link Marda! Cool. Brilliant is right Sheila. I can't imagine trying to blow that hard for that long. Oy!

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