And so it begins

lilod(NoCal/8)November 19, 2010

Appears that winter got tired of waiting for Indian Summer to go away and is going to just take over.

Hard to imagine that I sat on the deck in 80� sunshine a couple of days ago, now I am under a Winter Storm Warning, heavy snow is forecast for tonight through Sunday morning. Snow level is @ 1500 feet, I am @ 1700feet.

I have stored up on water, ground several days worth of coffee, Joann brought lots of firewood in, so I am fine.

Expect power to go out, no one knows how to drive in this stuff and someone will hit a power-pole.

This is a weekend of heavy traffic, I pray that all travelers be careful and safe.

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Lilo, I'm a winter fan, but am sorry yours is starting so early and with a bang. Stay warm and safe.

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Yes, winter is on it's way here in CA. There are snow reports for the high sierras, and the ski resorts are getting ready for the ski season.
When we were a young family we were the first on the slopes to enjoy the snow.
DH & I are happy to stay home these days, but our children and grand children are hitting the slopes. So, yes, the winter begins again. Happy Memories.

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We had a dusting of snow last night and I'm at a sea level. Yesterday was bitterly cold so the snow did warm things up a squidge. Parts of Western Washington have had actual snow storms. One power outage last week owing to extraordinary winds, first one for about five years.

Keep warm, Lilo. I know you will.

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Just saw the weather report. Hope you still have power and are snug and warm.

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Woke up to a Winter Wonderland this morning. Power had gone out for a bit during the night, alarm clock was blinking. I snuggled for a while in my warm bed, then cats started to stomp around and I knew it was "time" - sure enough, I guessed correctly, it was 6 o'clock.
Kicked up the fire, fixed cats' breakfast: canned food diluted with warm water, they love a warm breakfast in the morning.
Took a couple of pictures -

Here is a link that might be useful: As seen through my windows

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Snow turned to rain, it's cold, but nor as bad. we are settling to the usual, going to have a little sunshine

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It started snowing here yesterday afternoon but it quit around 4. When I got up this morning it was snowing again and the temperature was 25 degrees. I wish I could stay home today, but have too many things to do. I think winter is here. We did have a lovely fall this year.

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Snowing heavily here now - woke up to just a few, tentative, flakes. By the time I'd fed the dog and read the news headlines it was coming down thickly. I think I'll be staying home today. It's pretty and I have by camera ready!

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Can't even imagine it--snow. We are in the high 70's or 80's by day, 60's at night, and not a raindrop in sight. We haven't had rain since last Easter and we anxiously watch clouds: will they/won't they? Too cool for the AC (usually!!) but we're still collecting water in the shower for the struggling garden. Things I've planted like bulbs and sweet pea, waiting for the normal winter rains to kick in, and.....nothing. The only good thing is that my 4-flat is getting a whole new roof, and so we are actually hoping for no rain for the time being, until they get that sucker sealed. But oh, we need it bad, and after reading here how you are all on the slippery slope towards real weather, I can only yearn. We are drying up, the Sea of Galilee(where we get most of our drinking water) is shrinking by meters a year, and aquifers are running low. Now if we could just get the Powers That Be to manage the water we do have wisely; but wisdom is in short supply here. So I compost and plant seeds and water by bucket. And the roofers just dumped the entire thing - slate, rotten wood and all, the entire old roof, an 8' pile of moldy, rusted rubbish - onto my new lasagna garden.
I'll mail the wool scarf I knit (and sweated under) to my son in Vermont. At least they get real winter! A delightful and peaceful Thanksgiving to you all. Batya

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I like your picture. Wow. It's too early for snow. We're unseasonably warm. I haven't worn a coat yet. Today, I am in short sleeves. Cannot imagine ice and snow. Be safe and warm!

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Oh my gosh. The weather report shows a huge snow storm still going on. Hope all is ok at your place and that you can get around.

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