Back on this side of the Atlantic.

anneliese_32(6)November 21, 2010

Was reading the Garden Party entries on Wednesday morning, believe I gave my 5 cents worth to somebodie's post, when my phone rang. Call from Germany. Death of a family member I dearly loved, the last of my generation. Also that due to his will, known to the rest of the family, I was included and they needed the addr. of a lawyer here and a certified translator. The upshoot, it was easier and cheaper if I would come over.

Left Wednesday afternoon, arrived in Frankfurt at 8 AM Thursday, caught train from airport to my destination, waving hello to Frankfurt for Lilo and got to my old home at 7 PM. Key to house in KY. Hoofed it to the next hotel, 1/4 mile down the road, ate and hit my bed. Traveled to funeral at 11 AM, lawyer and transferring my part of the inheritance to another family member (what was I to do with 15 acres of woods over there) at 3 PM. Took nighttrain to Frankfurt, arrival at 5 AM, flight out at 11AM and my son picked me up yesterday evening at 7 PM, drove me home. Got in the house, said hello to husband and cat, put down suitcase, went bathroom and to bed.Woke up an hour ago. Now I have to read what happened here since Wednesday morning.

I used to like to fly even under hectic circumstances, but now it is an ordeal. Besides the savings measures by the airlines, the security procedures make it even less enjoyable. I think I retire my passport.

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Thanks for waving "hello" to Frankfurt on your way to your destination. That was what usually is described as "whirlwind" travel, you did it so fast that you didn't even get jet-lag it seems.
I am glad there is nobody close in Germany any more and I can in good conscience say: No more flying anywhere.

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About that 15 acres... newly cleared forest bed ought to have the richest dirt around. Good farmland runs about $3k an acre in these parts, no clue about Germany.

And.... sitting across from a couple of good old boys dressed in their work scrungies, sweaty, greasy, and ill-kempt from labor, talking how a black walnut log is $1200 each. Truckers, as it turned out, one had a load of
newly cut trees to deliver somewhere.

So, you may have been nicer to your relative over there than you intended. Congratulations on making it back in one piece.


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Whew! I got tired just reading about your trip. Glad you made it to and from, safely.

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Thanks for sharing your adventure.

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Shilty, 15 acres of woods at various ages on a hill you have to crawl up on all fours, which cannot be clearcut due to errosion problems and in the middle of other privately owned woods, do not much for my pocketbook.
It adjoines other family owned woods and hopefully stays for another 400 years in the family.

Would have liked to stay a bit longer but my husband has a cataract op on Tuesday.

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I'm sorry about your relative.It must be hard to lose someone who is the last of your generation. No one else has your memories now but you. Hey..did you get patted down at the airport,or scanned?

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I am impressed. You have a lot of stanima to do that fast travel. I hope you got to visit some with family. Just one question - did you miss the new full body scan that seems to have everyone in an uproar?

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No, had the scan twice, going and coming, oh what fun. Maybe I should have opted for the pat-down(smirk).
Met some of my relatives at the funeral and for a couple of hours after. Thanks to e-mail, we are in ongoing contact.
Yesterday I tried all day long to figure out what I left somewhere over the Atlantic, my brain or my body. They did not seem to share the same space.

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gandle(4 NE)

after a trip like that I'm not surprized you are wondering about body and mind. I would be wondering if parts of me were all together.

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