Cigar Ediquette

iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)August 23, 2007

In case some of you decided to pick up an "Inmenso by Perdomo" rather than a coffin nail, I, in my infinite wisdom thought I would share the "Right Way" of smoking a cigar. What was it: OH! Let me see here ----Foghorn "is that an Inmenso in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"Davidoff featured the following Dos and Don'ts for smoking cigars in public.


Warm the foot of the cigar slightly before starting to puff on it. (Keep it out of your mouth, or a soggy bird it will be!)

Remove the band carefully after lighting the cigar. (They say this is to NOT embarrass any one UNABLE to afford their superior smoke. It is actually so they can fondle the overpriced wrapper that feels as soft as a woman's breast on a real good cigar.)

Take your time in smoking it; a puff a minute is about right. (What are you a Locomotive?)

Hold the cigar between your index finger and thumb. (I prefer not dropping them on the ground too often, myself.)

Let the cigar die a dignified death. After it's smoked half way, it will go out on its own. (if you are through fondling it, that is.)

Dispose of the dead cigar discreetly and quickly. (I stuff them in mole runs, myself.)

Wait at least fifteen minutes between cigars; anything less indicates obsessive behavior. (Also the fact you have way too much money.)


They were boring so I deleted them. Cigars cause mouth and other cancers and the really good ones cost more than rose plants.

Also when one smokes a cigar, one is supposed to smoke a cigar and nothing else. Well, watching weeds grow, or paint dry is OK, I guess. We don't seem to take time, or have time to enjoy life.

My son, the DINK knows, how to spend money on eating out, but it is not the long relaxed process the Mexicans and Latinos enjoy.

I do not think that either my daughter's family, or sons', eat meals together on a regular basis.

Do you break bread together with your family?

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pete41(9ab FL.)

At my age eating is the most exciting thing my wife and I do together.
So its become a hobby.
We dine out at a medium to up scale place every Saturday nite.Hi-point of week.Fortunately in Daytona area its still very affordable.I look at prices up north and can't believe how they get ripped off-suckers.
Wed. we have lunch out at some place nice.Breakfast its everyone for themselves.I have become hooked on breakfast breads.Walmart and Publix have good ones.One slice[double normal] keeps me going.The rest of the meals we have together.She cooks and I wash dishes.
I used to be a serious cigar smoker back when you could get good hand rolled from Tampa for about a dollar each.Now they go for $10 to $50 and up.Time has passed me by.
I smoke four cigarettes every time I go Fishing.12 a week and that has become the big secret thrill of my existence.
Exciting life,huh.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

We were in the UK and forgot to buy Cubans. Bad move :(

The pace of things is a challenge for me in many ways [and why my past recent dates were all Latino here]. My classmates in the UK [from all over] were horrified that we only get two weeks of vacation a year... they asked me that as if it had to be myth.

I just read on MSN that lunch hours are out of vogue at work, too - a fact that I detested doing computer work for years [but if there are ABENDS while you're out we can't have that! You can eat at your desk for an hour but mind your system...]

Anyway. Not quite moving to Ireland though as love is complicated there are well, yet they are beginning to work like Americans... h*ll is looking chilly and I for one am unamused ;)

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Iowa Jade, enjoyed the read. My wife and I eat out a couple times a week. Tomorrow we will eat lunch at Copelands' restaurant, here in Lafayette on "restaurant row." Usually when my son (from Houston)and his two terrorist LOL(our Grand Kids 4 and 5) we eat out more, a lot more, because the kids only eat chicken nuggets. LOL. So we eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch, followed by Chuckie Cheese and sometimes Piccadilly cafeteria and all at Papa's expense.
The rest of the time my wife does the cooking and I assist and do the dish washing and load them into the dish washer. Unless if we're grilling, then I'm the grill master. I love grilling. Last week I grilled a couple of really good rib-eyes. Poo-Yie, Ca c'etait bon, ouais!
Years ago when I was young and foolish, I smoked cigarettes, about 2 1/2 packs a day. Then I quit and started smoking cigars, but the wife said, "hell no"!
So, I started smoking a pipe with some really good aromatic smelling tobacco. Did that for a few years then gave it all up. Give away all of my pipes, tobacco and accessories. That was about 23 years or so ago and never regretted it.

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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

We don't eat together often, mainly on weekends. DH, DS, DGS, and I all have different schedules. Don't get vacations often either.

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Eating together is one thing I am adamant about. With a teenager now, it is getting more challenging, but we still try to as often as possible. No TV is allowed, we don't pick up the phone (unless expecting a call from DH's doctor, who often returns calls after his regular day is done), and don't even THINK about bringing that iPod with you to dinner! Everyone stays at the table until all are finished (well, unless someone is particularly dawdling). Studies re-enforce what I have always known - one of the most important factors in raising good kids is to eat meals regularly with them.

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I hate both cigars and be honest they really do stink. The smell gets on everything. And I can tell someone smokes, the smell on their clothes gives them away. But saying all that, I do have compassion on smokers....the manufacturers of cigerettes put addicting chemicals in them and it very difficult to quit.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I used to smoke cigars. Then I started to really enjoy them, so I had to quit.

There were only a few points of etiquette:

Only smoke really big cigars.

When smoking in a crowded elevator, make friends by passing it around and encouraging others to take a big hit.

Grow a big beard and mustache so the aroma can be enjoyed continuously by you and others around you. Optional for women.

Finishing a fine cigar requires technique. When it is down to about two inches, yell "watch this" and then swallow it.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

LOL, harry.

I was one of those women who tried to smoke cigars in a local 'cigar bar'/pub [trying desparately not to be a bar-bar].

Eh. Good for 2 puffs but too pricey for that. So what else is new? ;]

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Macanudo Claybourne Cafe was the rare treat after Sunday dinner that and 2 packs a day require 2 inhalers todau ah well

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Cigarettes just stink.
Pipe Tobacco, those that smell nice taste awful. Those that taste good are really rank.
Cheap cigars are foul. Give me a double corona for a buck! (sorry Pete!)
My best friend's father in NYC had a recliner and an ashtray set up in his living room and chain smoked cheap cigars. Hades on earth for sure. I couldn't see across the room to see if there was a TV or radio in there also. We did not linger.

It takes me about two 1/2 to three hours to smoke a robusto which is about 5" long.

Who has 3 hours a day that they could devote to just smoking a good cigar. Besides one would get tired of riding the elevator all of that time.

Now with Mary Jane you have got it Harry. Now that would be some trip (tongue in cheek firmly pressed!)

Now I have been guilty of eating lunch at my desk, most of my life except for one job where the entire office adjourned to the bar Friday afternoons. The job or at least, I, only lasted a year there. Too much for a friend of Bill W.!

Whenever we visit the kids they never seem to take time out to eat dinner together at home, always on the run.

We, at home, played games like 20 questions, or animal, vegetable, or mineral etc. during dinner. Now Empty Nesters we still eat together.

Looking at my weed patch I know should spend less time smoking and more time weeding, but it would be nice if my children could live less hectic lives.

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I used to like to go in a certain tobacco shop in our town. I loved the smell of the place and its deep wood cabinetry and brick floors. You could have imagined Bilbo Baggins rnning the place. Now it's gone and all I have is my memories... Never smoked anything myself but loved the scent of cloves outside a certain dance club in the 80's.

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To this day, I cannot stand the smell of a cigar nor the sound of a football game. A hundred years ago, Uncle Charles visited regularly for the holdidays when I was a kid back in New York. He had to have the football game on all day and had to smoke a cigar as he watched. Mother never knew why the house stunk for weeks after he visited, until she realized he had been stashing the butts in decorative vases on the bookshelves. I will forever more associate the sound of football with a terrible stink.
(So sorry to ciggie lovers.)

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Iowa - I've been looking at this thread for a few years now and I always think the typo was intentional because I don't see how cigars and etiquette have any relationship.

I most certainly don't want them lit in my house. But that said, I do like going into cigar stores - the smell of unburned tobacco is actually very appealing for some reason. And when my neighbor would sit outside and smoke his, although the smell drifted across the street to my stoop, somehow I didn't mind it - it just seemed to be correct.

So I'm glad you enjoy them and wish you the best and hope that the occasional cigar doesn't cause you any long-term ill. Best!

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