P & P got adopted

lilosophieNovember 21, 2013

Got the god news last night: the kittens are adopted together, that is particularly good news, they are so bonded. The new owners didn't even ask for a discounted adoption fee, they paid the $75.00 each, kittens are indoor only.
Joann and I are happy for the good outcome and it did not take long.

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That's wonderful! Looks like they have found a good forever home.

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What great news--for both the kittens and the people who have adopted them! They'll have double the joy and fun of two precious kittens.

Again, thank you , Lilo and Joann

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That is such great news. You and Joann did the heavy lifting to keep the kitties alive and thriving so they could be adopted, It would not have such a good ending without you two.
Thank you for sharing the whole story with us.
Thank you, lilo and Joann.

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Awesome news! It's good they're together...God bless the both of you for the incredible work that you do!

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Yay! Happy news! All around. That they have a forever home and that they are together.

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