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kittymoonbeamAugust 11, 2008

I was up late watching the Americans swim the relay last night and I got so into it I woke everybody up with my loud cheering. What a race! Jason Lezac was amazing! Where did he get the willpower to win like that?! Truly inspiring. I am still thinking about it today. Phelps makes it look so easy when he wins, we almost expect him to. But wow! That race was something to see! Congratulations in the highest to them all!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I enjoyed the opening show when the man ran across the top with the torch. I enjoyed the lighting of the torch also. How could they do that?

I also enjoyed Sarah Brighton, not spelled correctly, and she is one of my favorites. She and the man sang a beautiful duet, and I wonder how they were tied down.

The parade was awesome. They were preparing us for the American team, and mentioned ahead of time that they were wearing Ralph Lauren jackets. Isn't he French?

Oh, and the drums! The green costumes!

I really liked everything in the Opening Ceremony, but have not watched the games. (Today was my first day of school -- poor me.)


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Kitty, I don't think I have any fav moments yet, but no doubt I will :)

It's been a busy-elsewhere few days and I haven't had a chance to view much, none of the opening, and only a little of the swimming and preliminary gymnastics but I'm going to try to catch up with what's going on.

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Mine's gotta be when the men's swim team won the 4-man relay the other night. Loved Michael Phelps reaction - he was genuinely excited, there was no mistaking that (although I've seen that footage a ga-zillion times now, and it's starting to get old). I think the trash talking that the French team did made the victory all the sweeter. None of those guys had taken for granted that they were going to bring home gold.

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I too think the relay has been the most exciting event so far----

It was all the more wonderful after the Frenchman said he was going to "smash" the American team

These swimmers are amazing to watch.


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The lady gymnasts have been amazing----they are repeating them tonight at 8 on NBC and Phelps will be swimming after 10 P.M. EDT

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Ryan Lochte winning the Gold medal! He is truly great. I wish he had not had to race Phelps 40 minutes after winning his gold medal. I think he would have gotten silver easily( auggh!-only 1/100th of a second away from silver!), and maybe even beaten Phelps for the gold. What a great personality as well. Looking forward to seeing him go for another individual medal 4 years from now as well.

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