Bad scenario on my windowsill

erasmus_gwAugust 25, 2008

My daughter discovered a little squirrel on our windowsill upstairs being attacked by another squirrel who seemed to be trying to scratch it to death. Our dogs were frantically barking at the mean squirrel, which my daughter scared away. Once the mean squirrel was gone, the dogs quit barking, so I think they actually were upset with the attack. The little squirrel doesn't seem badly hurt but is too scared to move. The mean squirrel keeps coming back to get it and my daughter scares it off or throws walnuts at it.

We don't know any way to rescue the little squirrel on the window ledge without maybe getting bit. Googling aggressive squirrels, I've come up with pages and pages on it, with some tales of squirrels attacking people! I thought maybe this aggressive squirrel could have rabies, but apparently they rarely get rabies.

Maybe the victim squirrel has some genetic weakness that the other squirrel senses. Maybe it's Darwinism...weeding out the unfit. It is not pretty. I guess thinking of wild animals as cute or beautiful is only part of the picture.


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Well, we took a big trashcan into the bathroom, thinking we'd nudge the squirrel into it, turn it upright, then relocate the squirrel. But we scared the squirrel off of the windowsill, onto a grapevine, where it escaped to a tree. I think it'll at least be able to hide from the other squirrel now. It had been cornered on the windowsill and too scared to move.

It looked like a fine squirrel..if it had any weakness maybe it was just fear. My dogs only barked at the mean squirrel..I think they were showing empathy.

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Glad it worked out well. Sometimes a big soft synthrtic broom works well to gently guide animals or shoo obnoxious ones without hurting them. I have thrown rolled up hand towels at mean birds- just near to them does the job.

If you put plenty of food out, maybe the mean squirrel will be too busy to bother the little one. Squirt guns worked well when we had a pesty neighbor cat jumping over the fence to bother my kitty in the backyard. Just keep it up and chase the pest way off the property if you can. Animals get so possessive about territory rights.

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I think the watergun idea is very good. Never dreamed I'd have to intervene in a squirrel fight! I kind of doubt that squirrel is hungry because we have lots of apples and plums I think they're eating, and there are pecans across the street and walnuts here. I bet it's territorial. I think he has claimed the walnut tree.


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Even though squirrels are a nusiance in our yard I still would be upset to see a little one in trouble..

I love the way your dogs seem to understand the situation.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I love nature and dislike it sometimes also. Once when I was walking my dogs in the back, there was a helpless little bird that had fallen from its nest. My dogs were drooling and really pulling on the leashes to get to it. They had no empathy whatsoever.

I do think squirrels are on the list of carrying rabies, so I hope you are careful. They also can get into attics and cause a lot of trouble.


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Well, it's debatable whether my dogs wanted to run the mean squirrel off or were just excited. I do think animals have feelings. Some researchers say that a wagging tail signals anxiety, and that when a dog licks you they are not being affectionate. I don't believe either of those claims. I think dogs can sense feelings, illness and know what death is. They seem to me to have many of the same feelings people have. There are some good books about animals by Jeffrey Moussaif Masson, like When Elephants Weep. But I know too that animals can be mean, and that sometimes what looks like meaness is just the instinct to survive. My cat kills baby rabbits around here. I guess I should thank him for protecting my roses.
I don't think of him as a mean fact he has been a nurturing cat to any other cat who has come to our house. He also can be affectionate to our dogs even though they like to chase him.

Squirrels can get to be a nuisance..I have a friend who had them in her attic. I wouldn't want to encourage more squirrels to live in our yard. I just never imagined aggression in squirrels. I had a cute image of them in my head.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I caught 1/2 a squirrel in my "Have a heart" waaabit trap. My neighbor was POED at me. What else is new.

Another walnut was planted next to my poor waaabit eaten Scarlet Moss last night.

Good puppies!


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