A Walk... (Photo heavy!)

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)September 9, 2009

Yesterday DH and I went for a fine walk, exploring various trails in our rural area. We began in the town of Hawkesville where we asked for directions from the Mennonite woman of this shop:

This is the parking area. See the clothes line pulleys?

She drew us a small map and we began by walking "Mac's Way, a small beautiful area.

I took pictures of some of the things that caught my eye, plants and otherwise.

Modest homes with glorious play areas for the children. Many of the people are skilled wood workers.

An emotional moment...a bike needing a little one to ride it.

A garden I wanted to explore, but the dog would not allow it!


Nettles? A huge expanse of them!

Autumn color-

We move on after completing this trail at the Conestogo River.

A farmer patted his pony in passing, a gentle touch!

We head toward Wallenstein, passing the Bricker Road Schoolhouse.

A giant rabbit?!

And the trail begins. OOPS! Not this way...

This way!

Several buggies pass by.

OK, we can start walking now!

Mostly Autumn scenery here.

Then the Feed Mill.

The end of the trail..for us:

As we drive to a spot for lunch, we meet these three handsome fellows. They were so surprised by us stopping to see them that they ran! How strong and impressive they are!

A fine morning out!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Fabulous images of a marvelous walk Bug. thanks for sharing your day.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It looks like a fine walk indeed! We didn't know about the trails in your area - Randy likes taking long walks and that looks like a perfect walking place for him. Something to check out another year.... :-)

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What a wonderfully, albeit, emotional time you and DH had, as evidenced by the great photos. I hope you took the time to kiss on the bridge? :) I especially like the schoolhouse, and the fall colors. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

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What a lovely walk, bursting with rich detail, the schoolhouse, the fort...and what I wouldn't give to shop in the Mennonite village hardware/general store. I'm so glad the walk brought you both such beauty.

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I wanted to see the sewing machines inside the shoe repair shop. :)

I paused long at the tricycle shot, remembering that the sight of one had a very pointed and poignant effect on his parents. And then I thought about Reed and what sorts of things he'd be doing now because I really have no idea, at all. All I know is that he would have been superb at everything because he was TWMPB. ((('bug))).

What a lovely pictorial. You really live a beautiful area, and you captured it so nicely for the rest of us.

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Marie You are so good with pictorials. Each photo is thought provoking. I of course enjoyed the horses, from the giants to the pony being petted. The schoolhouse, the garden you wanted to explore, the huge tree you were standing by, the humor of the stuffed rabbit on the wood pile. We harvested 58 of those big bales of hay your DH is standing by, ( a record for our fields.). Isn't it amazing how many wildflowers there are? I noticed so many on my walk. A lovely way to honor Reed.


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A beautiful walk, Marie! The horses certainly do steal the show.


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Wonderful Marie ! I would hesitate to even pick a favorite, each one has it's attributes. So evocative and thoughtfully composed.

Thanks for sharing this walk with us.

Kathy in Napa

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What an interesting walk you had. Each picture is so interesting. So much of it reminded me of the area in which we live. Its fun to have a mental picture of where each of the Idylls live. Thanks for sharing with us.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Late to see these, but just as impressed. You have a lovely area there, Marie. I think the idea of walking on the 8th was really ideal. Do people really repair shoes still? [g] I can't remember having a shoe repaired since high school. I love the clothes line pulleys. I keep wanting to put up a retractable clothesline in the yard. Nothing like clothes that have been hung out to dry in the sun. Is that a cat on the fence in that photo? I'm wondering who Mac is? I always enjoy seeing rolls of hay in the field. I love that old schoolhouse. Asters and goldenrod, one of my favs. That first horse looks like a draft horse. Love the gentle strength of that type of horse. .....Marie, your photos can easily be viewed as a walk through the eyes of a child. Everything that would fascinate them. An unexpected moment coming across the tricycle, I'm sure. Hope the day was renewing for you. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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