Woohooo... got a new camera!

msjam2August 9, 2007

So I FINALLY bought a Dslr, after waiting 3 years for one! I am so happy about my new toy, however, it's sitting on my desk right now doing absolutely nothing. It's too hot to be outside taking pics, it's 97 degrees and it is so humid.

Actually the truth is, I left the manual/cds and whatnot at the office. I have no idea how to use this camera and I'm so scared to touch it. >lol

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OH, you will LOVE it! I love mine...

Read the manual, practice, and soon you'll be dazzling us with wondrous photos!!!

I can't wait!

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I forgot to ask...what did you get?

I'm a Canon person - if you got something else, I'll try not to hold it against you...

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Sis, ha ha ha... I have a lot of Nikon lenses so I HAD buy a Nikon, I got a D80. I bought mine today when I was supposed to be "working".

I've been on so many websites trying to learn about SLRs. I still don't understand 90 percent of it, ha ha ha.. So far, I'm lovin' the "Auto" dial. Maybe I should stick with my good old coolpix?!

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I'm no expert but I have started a part-time photography business. And I haven't been on "auto" for a long time! lol -

Saying all that to say, if I can help you, I will - ask me anything - but I ain't promising that I'll know it, LOL!!

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Excellent choice!

I "played" with one the other day at Best Buy. Very nice.


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awww, thanks Sis! You are so sweet. DH taught me about apertures, metering etc last night. I guess I had that blank look on my face and he asked me if I wanted my 12 yr. old niece to explain it to me. LOL!! I will be on Auto mode for a while, I did take some photos yesterday on Manual mode, I didn't see any difference!!?? What gives????? I will read the manual, maybe I'll learn something.

Michael, I've been very patient and waited for the 'right' camera for me, I almost got a D70s but the megapixel is so low. I'm enjoying my new toy.. :)

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