First trip ever to a Spa-----

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)August 22, 2009

DH gave a spa trip to my daughter and for Christmas----I was a little apprehensive about it but we had a great time.

I will be 80 in Nov and this was my first ever Spa and pedicure-----I could really get used to it--It was very relaxing.

Of course then we had to go for tomato pies----Robyn lives in Lancaster Pa and she can't seem to find good ones like we have here and across the river in Trenton N.J

So we always "pig out" when she is here

BTW----she is a lot stronger now but the divorce is still dragging along---Her DH is not forthcoming with the necessary information--It will be 2 years in September since he walked out---It has been a mess--

Hope everyone is OK


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Glad to hear that your spa day with your daughter was enjoyable. What is the name of the spa and more importantly, what is the name of the place in Trenton where you got the tomato pies? Was it in Chambersburg? I am also glad to hear that Robyn is healing. I hope you are feeling better also.

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Hi Carol--nice to hear from you--The spa name is " the Spa at 710-----address is 710 Floral Vale Blvd

There is another one close by but we had a great time at this one----

One of the best Pizza in Trenton is DeLoenzos on Hudson St but lately we have been going to "Joey's in Hamilton Twp---

this last time we tried the "tomato pie" instead of the "pizza"it was delicious----my daughter loves tomatoes so the more the better to her.

How are things by the ocean?---I miss going there since Dave and Linda moved to Delaware


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Florence, there are tons of nice spas in California. I'm just embarrassed to go! I'd just die for them to see my worn out old hands and nails and calloused feet. Then there are the ones where everyone goes nude. When I was young and pretty I didn't mind so much but not now. I once went to one that did the nicest facial though and they massaged my neck. It was very pleasant. We live fairly near to Calistoga where they do mud baths. That seems rather intriging. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I hope all goes well for your daughter.

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Pam---You have no idea how I dreaded going to the spa---but I didn't want to hurt my DH's feelings---He gave this as a Christmas gift and my DD said "poor Pop-Pop has been holding his breath since Christmas"

It turned out to be a lovely relaxing day which is what my DH was hoping for---especially for DD because she has been very stressed with all the divorce problems.

We had a lot of laughs .

Pam---You should go---I'm sure the people who work at the spas are used to worn out old bodies like mine----and since I'm older I don't worry so much about what people think.

I would not like a nude spa----that would make me very uncomfortable but I'm sure many people love it.

just bite the bullet and go--you might be pleasantly surprised.


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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

It would proably be more fun if I went with my daughters.

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You and your DH don't need an invitation to stop by any time in BL. Just let me know when you are coming down so I make sure I have clean clothes on this time!

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