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farmgirl(9 NoCA)August 2, 2007

I am hoping someone out there can help me untangle a mess on the web. I will try to be brief in my explanation. In my latest effort to list the ranch property for sale, a prospective agent ran a quick search of our property using a real estate information site. The report, called an Instant Merge Report, was bits and pieces of information gleaned from tax records, deeds, etc. The info that came back was old (1990), incorrect and had some damaging references made, such as one parcel was foreclosed on. I also found that there was another person with the same name that was/is a real estate developer and that opened another can of worms. After many hours of research, I contacted the info company to dispute their data and was given a verbal run-around until I informed the "data manager" that I also researched his company and found that the FTC had fined his company in the past for failure to correct bad information. In the conversation, he said he "verified" his info with a competitor's site. Same info, meaning same wrong info.

Here's the nightmare and my plea for help: I know of at least three RE info sites that have shared the same wrong information. Can anyone suggest what paths I should take to try to find the main source? The California Dept. of Real Estate has nothing to to with internet info sites. The FTC home page was only marginally helpful. Most of these RE info sites are fee based and only release info to licensed RE agents. Agents accessings these sites will get the wrong infomation and this may be why the property never sold.

I would be most appreciative of any advice, suggestions, positive vibes, maybe a prayer or two.



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Can you re-submit an entirely new ad? Or have them re-print the information but only the information you provide to them.

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Take your post to the buying & selling forum. There are a lot of realtors there that can probably give you ideas. Give the post a better title so that it catches the agents eyes, making sure it pertains to the subject of the post

Here is a link that might be useful: buying & selling

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Thanks for the advice to post on the buying & selling forum. I didn't even know it existed. Anything is worth a shot.

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