Who lives in Minneapolis?

sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 1, 2007

We need to hear from you.


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aprille(z9 CA bay area)

I was thinking of this when I saw the news. Hope everyone and their loved ones are safe.


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twohuskies(z4A Mpls, MN)

I do. Everyone that I know is fine. Thank GOD they were doing maintenance work on the freeway which had several of the lanes shut down in each direction or there would have been lots more cars on there.. I've been watching the news all night and it just looks horrible. And traffic in the morning will be a nightmare as well with that bridge gone. I live on the North side of Minneapolis just a few miles from the river. I work in downtown and am seriously considering riding my bike to work because I have a feeling traffic crossing the river will be all backed up. Or I may just take the city bus (as usual) and get off before downtown. Either way I'm planning on walking across one of the bridges near the area to see it for myself.

I still can't comprehend the fact that the freeway bridge is GONE. Not gone today and fixed tomorrow, but really gone for a long period of time. I get sick thinking about how terrifying it must have been to fall that far down and into the river. I'm in shock, that's really the only way to put it right now..

If I can get some worth while pictures with my camera I'll post them on here.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Laura, thanks for checking in. I have never heard of this happening before except for an earthquake. I, too, am glad the bridges were closed except for one lane.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I'm so glad you are o.k....I was just about to email you to make sure. My thoughts are with all of you in MN right now. God bless.


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Glad you are ok, Laura. Take care now.

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My daughter's best friend since childhood, and now boyfriend, was on his way yesterday to the Canadian boundary waters with his dad and brother. I don't suppose that their route took them over this bridge, but I could help but think about that when I heard the awful news. They would also have been long gone by the time it happened even if it was in their travel route, still it gives me goosebumps . . .

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Happened in Seattle.More deaths I believe.
The bridge started swaying and viberated itself to self destruction.

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What a terrible disaster! It must be so heart wrenching for all of in Minneopolis! Everyone that I have talked to is very concerned. My best wishes for all of you! Missy

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I alway thought the checked all bridges every couple of years---what a horrible tragedy--

Stay safe everyone----


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Florence, I agree. When the news reported that the bridges needed care, I thought it was cosmetic. Somewhere in my totally uninformed thoughts, I felt safe that the powers that be were looking after the bridges.

I am going to look up the Chesapeake Bridge. I just heard that 4,000 people a year (?) ask someone to drive them across that bridge. The news reporter that I heard said that she was one of them. (At least one of the ones that feared the bridge)


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twohuskies(z4A Mpls, MN)

I still haven't been down there to see this disaster with my own eyes. I think somehow seeing it in person will help the reality of it sink in. I did stop at a spot last night near 35W that I thought would give me a few pictures to capture the eerie quietness of the shut down freeway. This spot always has a beautiful view of downtown as the sun goes down. I was there a little too early to capture the sunset but I still got a few nice pictures of the skyline to share. The empty freeway is just above the grassy area in the picture but is hard to see.

Northeast Minneapolis near 35W and Stinson Blvd.

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I am glad you and friends and family are OK. Keep us posted.
We had a NY state thruway bridge fall when Mario Cuomo was Governor In the spring of 1987, It was due to Scour from the creek below. And then, after that all bridges no matter big or small were repaired . Its still going on many years later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recalling the deadly 1987 Thruway bridge collapse

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