rap THIS mom!!

pagan(8b)September 6, 2007

Having funny dreams lately where I wake up with songs stuck in my head; or will dream something and wake up telling myself "THAT would make a great book!" Usually it is a combination of several books I have read, all jumbled together... usually so funny (to my sleeping brain, anyway) that I awaken myself laughing... to find Ron and Ted and Max all staring at me with puzzled expressions on their respectively furry faces!

Speaking of... yesterday I was playing at being a rapper (the guest on MAD TV was some rapper dude, hence my inspiration) and Max was asleep at the end of the couch... he raised his head and STARED at me for several long, penetrating seconds, looked at Ron, then heaved a great sigh and went back to sleep. Ron and I were ROTFLOL!!! the dog is a critic!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

The sigh's the clencher, bwahaha!

Mine [cats included] have a certain rude angle to the ears that lets me know that I shouldn't exactly be on American Idol ;)

Actually, Peppy Le Pew Kitty is the best perfume critic ever, and I always trust his reaction, lol [really!]. He should work at a French Perfumery, sitting atop his own velvet pillow, the rascal ;)

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