Got an x-ray done today

rob333November 8, 2010

I had a bone scan done, blood work, and my feet x-rayed in order to get something done about my aching bones. As the tech told me to stand in one of those silly positions one takes in order to get the right angle... I started giggling and I couldn't stop. Today is the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays. Doesn't everyone get an x-ray done to honor it?


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I had a "dexascan" a few weeks ago. My bone density is good, but what bothered me is that--according to the height measurement thing in the doctor's office--I've lost 1/2"! I was aways 5'4", but this measurement said 5'3 1/2"! BUMMER!! I have good posture, but guess I'll have to stand a little straighter in the future. :>(

I've always wished I were a few inches taller, anyway; I sure don't like getting shorter.

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Mwheel.....I hate to tell you, but it's a sign that you are getting older. The vertibrae shrink and compress. Sooo, you lose height.

That's where we get all those little old people that can't see over the dashboard of their car. I know, I'm married to one.

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Had a bone density scan done a couple of month ago and I also found out that I am 1/2" shorter than I used to, at 5'1 1/2", I am the proverbial little old lady.

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