I'm learning!!

agnespuffinNovember 25, 2012

Thanks to the Internet, I am learning more and more about people.

Now, I know that people that spend all day on the Internet on certain forums are not always the typical neighbor.

BUT.... I never knew that people that had the sense to use a keyboard were so unusual. I can't believe some of the ideas and thoughts that I find about Style and Fashion. Religion. Parenting. Morals and Sin. Makeup. Relationships. You name it...there are kooks out there in LaLa land that post on the Internet.

It's been an education for me. I did not believe that I was unusual. But now? I think I must be.

Has the Internet changed the way you think about others?

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Others used to be those in my immediate environment and in my small town. One is much more categorized in the home environment, usual thought of belonging to a certain group or age bracket and stereo-typed by that. I am not criticizing this, but it puts limitations on who one speaks to.
I have been on the Garden-Party and so on the Garden Web since my first computer (think it was '89)and it is obvious not every one is what they seem to be, but the phonies usually don't last, you can't invent an image and live up to it for too long, cracks begin to show - it really strengthens ones' B/S detector.
Age differences don't mean near as much, shared interests are more important. I learned to enjoy different cultures, particularly after I ended up on Facebook and connected with the world of writers and poets. It all has been good,
I don't drive any more and don't get around all that much, so it's a window.

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I've learned that I meet people on the internet that I would not have met in real life. Both good and bad, but mostly good.
I've had an absolute ball being on the net.

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I never do think anyone has a fake persona. I have often wondered how others know it? What gives them away? I just think those people are being themselves, they're just as odd as they seem? Maybe. Everyone I've ever met in person was exactly as they seemed on the web, but the, I've only met GardenWeb people. Could be they're just an ordinary bunch not out to put one over on me, or maybe, I've only met those to whom I've spoken for years.

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All my working life I spent in "people" jobs where I had constant contact with the public and met people from every-and anywhere and from very intersting to amazingly annoying.
I thought I had it all figured out and the internet taught me that there are a whole lot of persons out there I had never contact with who could teach me about other aspects and experiences than my own.
It also taught me that there is much more intolerance and hate in everyday life than I had run into.

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